Secret Sex Story – Part 3

The next day, I stalked my cousin’s Instagram account. Let me tell you, guys, that I didn’t even know she had an Instagram. Maybe it was because of the age gap. I was never close to my sister and our cousin. I think that’s understandable.

Looking at her Instagram pictures, even a slight showing of her skin, cleavage, thighs, and navel was turning me on. I couldn’t help myself and sent her a text. We just had a casual talk where I made sure to call her beautiful.

I was hoping to make a positive impact on her, and it looked like I did. We talked a lot that day. She even sent me her pictures and her selfies. She looked gorgeous in all of them. I was so much into my cousin by then that I had a picture in mind of me fucking her pussy.

I told everything to Tinder girl that night, and she suggested visiting my cousin’s house so I could see her more. The regular session with Tinder girl was on. But even in her, I was seeing my cousin, and she felt the same, she said.

She said she saw her cousin in me. Whenever she sends me a snap of her pussy, her boobs or her ass, she feels like she sends them to her cousin. I was feeling the same. I felt like my cousin was watching me jerk off my cock.

The next day, I visited my cousin’s home in the afternoon. She had just returned from college. She was still in her college dress. She had a short skirt, tight shirt and socks up to her knees. I could see a little of her thighs and the shape of her boobs, which turned me on.

She was surprised that I was there and asked if I had come to meet her parents. I am close to her father, and we often drink together, but this time, I was there to see her, my cousin. No, I was walking by, I said. We chatted briefly, and she said she would change and come back.

No one was home, and I just waited for her in the hall. After a few minutes, she came and god damn, she was looking so hot. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I could feel she hadn’t put on a bra. I could see the shape of her nipples on her crop top.

Her navel was showing, and her shorts were loose but very short. A slight bend, and one could see some of her ass from behind. Maybe that is how she dresses up at home, I thought, but it was already heaven for me. I felt like I am seeing a goddess.

Nothing much happened after that. Her mother came back, we had a little chat, and I left. Another week passed by like that. I visited my cousin’s home sometimes, and she came to meet my sister. I also had fun with the Tinder girl at night while sharing everything with her.

It was Sunday, and I had gone to my cousin’s place. But unfortunately, only her mother was there. It was not so nice to leave, so I stayed there and talked with her mom. She insisted on making some food for me which I couldn’t resist. I just sat there on the sofa, bored.

Suddenly, I got a text from the Tinder girl. She asked me where I was, and I told her I was at my cousin’s place. She then asked me if my cousin was there too. I replied no and just told her I was getting bored there. I have a kind of panty and bra fetish which I had told the Tinder girl.

‘So why don’t you go into your cousin’s room and see if you can find something interesting?’ She asked. That was something I wasn’t able to resist. My cousin had a room on the top floor. So, I told her mom I would be on the terrace until she finished cooking.

I went to the top floor with the hope of finding something interesting. Luckily, the door wasn’t locked. I went inside and closed the door. I went straight to her wardrobe and looked into the drawers. It didn’t even take seconds to find her cute panties and bra.

I sniffed all of them, and that turned me on so much. I got hard that I unzipped my pant and took out my cock. I told the Tinder girl that I found her panties. She asked if I could see them. So I wrapped some of my cousin’s panties on my cock, took a snap, and sent it to her.

‘Why don’t you jerk off and release your cum on one of her panties?’ The Tinder girl asked, and it was too tempting to refuse. I did exactly that. I masturbated hard and cum on her panty. I took a snap of that and sent it to the Tinder girl.

‘If I were your cousin, I would wear that all day. That would make me so sick that I will be wet all day,’ she replied. ‘Such a slut you are,’ I texted back as I arranged my clothes and went down. Then I ate the food with my cousin’s mom and left for home.

Later in the evening, I was at home waiting for my sister to return from college. My mom has diabetes, so usually, my sister helps her with everything. Since my sister hadn’t returned, I went to the kitchen to help my mom.

“Priyanka (my sister) has asked Kriti (our cousin) to come here to help. Maybe she is on the way,” my mom said as she started preparing food.

“Why? Priyanka won’t come home today?” I asked my mom as I helped her cut the vegetables.

“She is at Angel’s (my sister’s childhood friend). It is her birthday today,” my mom replied. I got so much happy that Kriti would be at my home. I could already feel a hard-on inside my shorts. I felt like I was going to fuck her today.

After half an hour or so, Kriti arrived. She was wearing blue jeans and a white crop top. Her curves were showing. I could see her navel and a little cleavage from her deep neck. I smiled at her, but my dick wanted to do many things for her.

My mom, Kriti, and I prepared the food together. I made sure to stare at Kriti’s ass and her body all that time. I was finding it difficult to hide my boner, but I managed to do so. Later my father came, we ate dinner together, and everyone went to their room. Kriti went to my sister’s room.

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