My Mom’s Unknown Life

Hello readers, I’m new to writing stories here. I am going to start with one of the very first experiences of sexual arousal I got when I was a teen. As I am new to story writing, I want you to send your feedback to my mail address, .

In this story, I am going to narrate about the unexpected things happening around me during my younger days which made me this horny today. Before going into the story, I will first introduce the few characters in my story.
In this first story of mine, I will tell you how I got to watch my mom’s sexual adventures. A part of my life from went watching her sexual escapades.

So, my mother is the main character of this story. As these incidents happened when I was around 19, she was 49 during that time. She is very fair and had a sexy body. She was the most beautiful MILF in our area, and everyone had eyes on her. She looked very homely when I was younger.

But then everything changed. My dad was a government servant, and he had a pretty good salary. They had a very happy life, and they never had fought up to my knowledge. There will be other two main characters which we will see in the story.

It was the beginning for me in porn and I used to watch porn with my best friend. One time we got to watch porn between a 45-year-old and 20 years old. We liked it very much and used to watch it more. Then we started to talk about the aunties in our area and started masturbating together talking about them.

One day my friend while doing masturbation told me that the best aunty to fuck in our area would be my mom. I was shocked and scolded him. But he said to me that my mom is also just like other aunties for him. So what is wrong if he thinks about her while masturbating.

And without giving much time, he started to describe how sexy my mom was. How he liked her milky skin and how he used to watch her huge sideboobs while she wore saris. I didn’t stop him and started to get aroused by him. He continued to say that when he sees my mom with low hip saree, he always wanted to feel her.

He also went on to say that even many other guys in our areas always talk about fucking my mom as their best interest. Like that he continued to talk about my mom and masturbated together. After masturbation, he left the house without saying anything.

I met him again after two days and he was very ashamed. He said sorry for the things he did on that day. But I said to him that I like what happened on that day. I wanted to do it again and asked him to come home. He was surprised, but he was very happy and he came with me.

We went to my house, and my mom was in a sari and she was doing general household works. We sat together on a sofa and started watching my mom. We both watched her hips and boobs while they are visible. After some time we went to our room and masturbated thinking of it.

And that day he asked me about the time she takes to bathe. I said she bathes in the mornings. So the next day he came early in the morning stating we had a lot of projects for the weekend. We both were pretending that we were doing the project. Then the time came and mom took her towel and clothes and went towards the well.

Our well was behind our house and was surrounded by trees from three sides and by a wall on another side. We set ourselves in a place where we can see her without her awareness. She first removed her sari and then blouse and she was standing there with blouse and petticoat.

We started to touch and feel our dick after seeing it. She had beautiful and huge boobs. Then she took her petticoat up to her chest and tied it there and let her hands inside it and removed her bra. Now she is only covered with the petticoat and it was covering her from chest to thighs.

But still half of her thighs visible and it was very hot to watch. Then she started pouring water on her. As her petticoat became wet, we were able to see her nipple pinching out of it. This wet view of her was very hot. I completely forgot that she was my mom and it was like watching a porn actress.

Next, she started to put soap and put her hands inside and put soap to her boobs and then to pussy. We never got to see them naked on that day, but seeing her touching boobs and touching pussy inside the petticoat was breathtaking. After the bath, she put her clothes and came back.

We went into the house before her. Inside the room, we talked about her and completed our masturbation. This continued for some days and one day an unexpected thing happened. We set ourselves as we do generally to watch her bathe and were watching her.

She changed to petticoat and started bathing. After a few minutes, our neighbor on the other side of the wall was watching her from the wall and called her. She looked at him and smiled and both started to talk. We couldn’t understand anything from our place.

But both of them were very happy and my mom was enjoying talking with him. She also poured water on her in between talking with him. And then it seemed he was asking her something with a begging face and she was not agreeing to it.

All of a sudden she lowered her petticoat and showed him her boobs and quickly covered it again. I was in shock and couldn’t understand why she did it. My friend was saying that we are unlucky as we only got to see her back and not boobs.

Then someone from his house must have called my neighbor. He left after hearing the calling. We went back to our room and started thinking about it. It became clear to me that my mom must have a secret affair with him. And seeing them talking that much I thought it has to be a long one.

At that time many of the things started to flow through my mind. I will stop this part. In the next part, I will tell about the next escapade of my mom which will be her fucking session with the neighbor near the well and how we got to see it.