My Sali, My Love – Part 5

Hi, this is Avi, from Mumbai. My age is 35. This is in continuation of the last story which I posted about my love making with my saali Anki.

Just to give you a brief of what happened last time. My sasural is in Delhi and I travel to Delhi quite a lot for my work as a financial consultant to an MNC. My job entails me to travel to quite a few places in India and abroad.

At the start, we opened up on quite a few topics like sex, porn, and masturbation when I last came to Delhi after my wife delivered. I had gone to Delhi for some work a month after that and I and my saali ended up fucking each other.

As said in the last story, my in-laws sleep in the ground floor of their bungalow and my saali has one room and other room on the first floor is reserved for me or my wife whenever we come to stay in Delhi. So now lets continue the love tale.

I got up the next morning with headache due to lack of sleep because I was fucking my saali Anki the last night. I got up at 9 am. Then I straightaway went into Anki’s room. She was sleeping soundly.

I just peeked downstairs on what my in-laws were doing and making sure that they were downstairs and the house helps weren’t on the floor. Then I re-entered my saali’s room, bent down and gave a nice little kiss on her lips. She was startled to say the least. Well, I wasn’t expecting such a reaction. But I saw a smile on her face when she realized it was me. And I just hugged her tightly, and started kissing her.

Then I told her: It was lovely whatever happened last night.

I asked her how was her first sex of her life. She said she enjoyed so much. Masturbation helps in relieving the sexual tensions, but it can’t replace real-time sex.

She said: Talking about sex is making my pussy so wet.

And then my saali took hold of my hand and put it inside her shorts. She wasn’t wearing the panties, and her cunt was moist. Then I entered a finger in her pussy and was fingering her a few times.

When I heard my mother-in-law calling Anki to wake me up, I removed my hand very fast and turned to go to my room. While going back, I just put those fingers soaked in her pussy juices in my mouth and winked at her. She also smiled and went out of the room.

Later, I had my bath. She was also coming out of her room. I pressed her tits over the top. She smiled and pressed my dick over my pants. We smiled and went down together.

Then I had breakfast and spent some time with my in-laws. After that, I left for my office, and Anki went for her job. During the day, we were in touch the whole time. I couldn’t concentrate much on work. Finally,, I told her, “Let me complete the work fully today, so that I don’t have to go for work tomorrow.”

I then asked her whether she could too take a leave and we could spend some quality time together. She agreed.

I completed my work, and left office at around 9 pm. Anki generally used to come back home by around 7 pm. I had to buy a few things from a shop near their house. I picked those things and went home around 9:45 pm. I had my dinner and by 10:30 pm, my in-laws retired to their rooms. Then I asked Anki softly in her ear –

Me: Are you ready to get your pussy licked?

And I rubbed her vagina from above her pants. She smiled.

Anki: Upar se kya dekh rahe ho, hath andar daal ke dekho, meri chut ka kya haal bana hua hai since the whole day. Ghar aake ek baar panty change kar chuki hu. But ye wali bhi itni si der mein poori geeli ho chuki hai.

I inserted my hands in her panties and her pussy was definitely waiting for me. I told her, “Let’s not waste more time” and rushed up on the first floor to our rooms.

Me: I need to have a bath. It’s too hot.

She: Why not, I will also join you.

I got my things from my room. When I entered her room, she was lying on the bed fully naked and waiting for me. I locked the room, kept my stuff near her and bent down and gave her a nice kiss.

We both then went to the bathroom. There was a nice fragrance in the air. We entered the bath area and started the shower. My saali started feeling my body with the water flowing. I started kissing her face.

She turned off the shower and she had got that liquid soap. She took a good amount of soap and started rubbing it on my body. It was feeling so great.

I also took a good amount and started spreading on her body. I started with her neck, then came down to her boobs. I spent considerable time on her breast. I was pinching her nipples lightly in the middle too. Meanwhile, her hands had reached my cock and she was rubbing my cock with all the soap. She was able to slide her hand on my cock with ease. It was such a great feeling!

Then I turned her around, and started rubbing her back with the soap. I came down to her ass cheeks. I opened her ass cheeks and was rubbing her ass hole with my soapy fingers. One or two time my fingers got stuck on the ass hole and I was able to enter a few centimeters in her asshole. She exclaimed.

With so much soap, she didn’t find any discomfort with just a small finger entering such a small fragment of her asshole. Then, from behind, I got my hands in front of her and started rubbing her pussy with the soap.

I can’t describe the feeling! The clean-shaven pussy secreting all the juices. She started moaning. My saali took her hands at her back and took my cock in her hands. I started the shower, and continued with my fingering, and she was about to come.

Then she started moaning loudly. I wasn’t scared of any voices going out because we were in the bathroom. With all the fingering, she came on my fingers.

After a while, I was just rubbing her breasts from behind. She turned around, went down on her knees, and took my whole cock in her mouth in one swift action. Soon, she was sucking like a pro, taking the whole of my cock inside and then taking it out till my head and then going on again and again. She was using her hands too on my cock. I cleared her face and her hair and took one of my hands to the back of her head.

Then I guided her on the pace of the blowjob. I was nearing to come now. I moaned loudly and came into her mouth. She drank all my juices. She then got up and we kissed and had bath for some more time. We washed each other and then soaked us dry in the washroom.

She asked me to stay in the bathroom till she didn’t call me in the room. I asked what was the surprise. She said just wait and watch. I agreed and she went out. To pass some time I opened her wardrobe and found some of her bras.

The curiosity got the best of me and took one up to see her size. It was 34C”. I was just fucking around in her wardrobe noticing what kind of lingeries she had. After some 5-7 minutes, she called me into the room.

When I entered the room, I was delighted. She had switched off all the lights and had put on some scented candles all over the room. It was so romantic.

Actually, I had done this for my wife after our first anniversary. It was amazing to be on the other side of this gesture. The room was dimly lit. It was amazing, to say the least. I found her lying on the bed with a transparent nighty on her. I whistled as I entered the room and straight went to her.

She was lying on the bed looking for my reaction. I had a big smile on my face and she was pleased to see that. Then I went and laid down with her.

Her nightie was black in color. Her fair skin was looking so lively with all the candles light burning and transparent nature of her nightie. Then I put my arms below her head and gave her a nice peck on the cheek.

She turned towards me and hugged me tightly. We just started talking.

I said: I always appreciated your being around. You are the only reason why I enjoyed my stay in Delhi. We share such good chemistry. I love your sister. But I love you too. If you can understand. Is it possible to love 2 people together?

She just replied: You don’t need to give any explanation to me. I know your place in my sister’s life and I am not going to do anything to damage your relation with her. But I want you to promise me that you will never make me feel like a short change. You will always treat me with respect and whatever happens between us, it should happen because you want it. Not because I want it.

I told: Anki, listen, I love you. I have always respected you. We share a very peculiar type of bond. I may be breaking you sister’s trust by being like this with you. But we all have one life. And I really want to spend time with you.

Me: Whenever you will get engaged, we will talk about our relationship that time. But till the time you get engaged, I want you to be my girlfriend. I don’t want you to feel like a mistress. I travel mostly to Delhi. So, we can spend some time together when I come here. The rest of the time, I will try and take it out for you.

Me: We can be in a long-distance relationship. We can have sex calls and masturbate to our hearts content. I don’t know what will be Tina’s attitude towards sex with me.

She just smiled and put her legs over mine and we were just laying down with each other in each other’s arms. The scented candles were spreading a wonderful aroma all over the room. I could see her face clearly and it had huge content smile on it.

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