My Son and His Friends – Part 2

This is a fictional story about lust for mom and grandmother. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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In the previous part we have seen how Radha met her son Manoj’s friends and their moms. She got the shock of her life when she actually got to know them and their secrets. And how, eventually, she was convinced to have sex with her son. This is the continuation.

After having the best sex of my life, I wanted to get some rest and talk with my son. As I was about to ask about his friends, He continued kissing all over my body again. I said, “What? Aren’t you done?” He replied, “Already? Not yet. I still didn’t even get to my favourite part.”

I asked, “What is that?” He replied, “Your beautiful ass that I love so much and have been waiting to ravage.” With that, he turned me around on the bed and started licking and kissing all over my back. I felt ticklish, but I loved it. Then, he kneaded my buttocks for a while and kissed and bit them.

Then, he got me into a doggy position. I inquired, “What are you doing?” He replied, “I am going to destroy that asshole of yours.” I begged, “No, please. It hurts. Your dad tried a couple of times, and it hurt, and I stopped him.” He said, “Good for me then. I am going to take your asshole virginity.”

It was then I realized that he was not like his father and was not going to give it up. So I gave in and pleaded with him to be delicate. He obliged and slowly pushed his cock into my asshole. It hurt like crazy, and I shouted at the top of my voice. But he kept going.

He fucked my asshole for a few minutes before pushing his cock again in my pussy and fucked me till I had another orgasm. Later, he cum all over my pussy and buttocks. I was tired like shit from all the fucking and fell asleep on his chest, hugging him tightly.

When I woke up in the morning, he was not there next to me. I freshened up and went into the hall to see Zoya and Jenny sitting and chatting at the dining table. When they saw me, they giggled and welcomed me with a smile.

Jenny said, “Welcome to the Incest club, Radha. How was it last night? I heard some real screams?” I was too shy to answer and was silent. Zoya said, “It’s OK, Radha. You can share with us. In fact, we already know, but we want to hear it from you.”

I replied, “It was amazing. I never thought sex could be so great. I didn’t know that Manoj could be so amazing.” Zoya replied, “I know. After all, who trained him,” and winked at me. I was surprised and asked her, “What do you mean? You trained him?” She smiled and replied, “Not just him. All three of them.”

I was astonished. I replied, “I would like to know more. How did it all start? Will you tell me?”

She replied, “Of course, Just like your husband, my husband was also bad at sex and never really satisfied all my needs. But I, on the other hand, was a very horny woman. I was longing for sex and ended up having an affair with a neighbour. We used to be very careful while having sex.”

“But to my bad luck or actually good luck, maybe, I was caught in the act by Ayub. I got really scared and begged Ayub not to tell his father. He agreed on one condition. He wanted to fuck me. I was shocked, too on hearing that. I refused, saying that I could not do it with my son.”

“But he kept telling me how he loved and lusted after me for a long time. How he has been fantasizing about me and fucking me in his dreams. After a lot of begging and blackmailing, I finally gave in hesitantly and agreed to have sex with him. I really enjoyed fucking him.”

“It opened up a new can of worms and kinky thoughts in my brain. The thought of doing the forbidden stuff really excited me. I always thought of incest as a taboo. But when I actually experienced it, I felt it was the best thing in the world. No man can love a woman in the world like her own son.”

“After having sex with him, I thought to myself. Why go and find some stranger to have sex with and have a fear of getting caught? I can train my son to do all the things I want to, to fulfil all my desires. I started having sex with him regularly.”

“I made him do all the crazy stuff that I always wanted my husband to do. Like licking and eating my pussy. Giving me multiple orgasms. Having sex in the bathroom and on the dining table. Get sexy massages from him. I have a big fetish for role-play.”

“We used to have sex regularly, imagining ourselves as different characters. Like Superman and Bat Woman or master and slave when we even tried bondage. One day, he told me how his friends lust after me and their moms, too. That gave me an idea. I always wanted to try group sex.”

“I asked him if he was OK if I had sex with his friends too, to which he gladly accepted. So I invited the three of them over to my home one day. I dressed up in a really raunchy black saree. The saree was transparent, and the blouse was a low neck one which showed a lot of my cleavage and bare back.”

“I smiled to myself when I caught them ogling at my tits. I could clearly see the bulge in their pants. I could see the desperation and lust in their eyes. They looked like a tiger which saw a deer in front of it and ready to pounce on it. We were chatting in the living room.”

“It didn’t take much to seduce them as one thing led to another, and within no time, I was fucking all three of them on the same bed. The bed that my husband should have been fucking me on. I really enjoyed it. But as they were still virgins, they needed a lot of training to get to the stage where they are now.”

“Once they were ready, it was time to let them fulfil their desires, and here we are because of that.” I was shocked to hear that. I replied, “You nasty bitch. So it was all your doing then. But I am glad you did it. I am so thankful to you. How about you, Jenny? How did you get involved?”

Jenny replied, “As I am a widow, I haven’t had sex in a long time. I have been suppressing my sexual cravings and desires. It didn’t take much for my son to convince me. When he came home for Christmas vacation, he intentionally exposed his big cock to me and made it appear like an accident.”

“Then I caught him once while he was masturbating. I got to know later that he intentionally got caught. This awakened the sexual feelings in me. And then, on Christmas Eve, He slowly seduced me over drinks by telling me about his sexual adventures with Zoya and his friends. I got me really aroused.”

“I couldn’t control myself any longer. He grabbed the opportunity and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. For the first time in many years, I had an orgasm. In fact, multiple orgasms on the same day. I loved it. Since then I have been having the best time of my life.”

I replied, “That sounds great. Hope I can experience the same.” Zoya replied, “Don’t worry. You will, Radha.”

We later chatted about various things for a while. Then, the boys returned from the office. They freshened up, and all of us sat in the living room cuddling. I felt like a teenage girl again cuddling with my son. Zoya and Jenny were cuddling with their sons.

Ever since Zoya mentioned that group it was stuck in my mind. It sounded interesting and maybe something that I would like to try. As we were cuddling and chatting about various things, Zoya asked, “So, Radha? What would you like to do next?”

I was surprised and replied, “What do you mean?” She replied, “Since you already fucked your son, what is something that you would like to try next?” I really wanted to say group sex, but my shyness stopped me. I replied, “I don’t know. Whatever you guys say, I guess.”

Pointing towards Ayub and Sunny, Zoya said, “These two idiots are dying to fuck you. What say?” I looked at Manoj with a question mark on my face. He said, “Go ahead, mom. They helped me fuck their moms. Now it is my turn.”

As soon as I signalled OK, both Ayub and Sunny pounced on me. They pushed Manoj aside, and both sat on either side of me. They were taking turns to kiss me while fondling my boobs over my dress. While I was busy being groped by Ayub and Sunny, Manoj started kissing Zoya while fondling Jenny’s boobs.

It was a strange feeling to see your son make out with other women while his friends are enjoying you. Within no time, both of them took turns to remove all my clothes. They made me sit on the couch. While Ayub was busy eating my pussy, Sunny was busy sucking my tits.

On the other end of the couch, Manoj was getting his cock sucked by Zoya. He was sucking Jenny’s tits and fingering her. After a while, everyone in the room got naked. I had never seen so many naked people, and it was really something.

Both Ayub and Sunny had amazing cocks too. Pretty much the same size as Manoj’s. They took turns to tongue fuck me and finally gave me an orgasm. They sucked all my cum.

Now, Manoj was tongue fucking Zoya while she was tongue fucking Jenny. I was shocked to see both women do this. But I was too busy enjoying my pleasures. Ayub pushed his cock into my pussy, while Sunny tried to push his cock into my mouth.

I took it in my mouth and sucked on it, just like how Zoya sucked Manoj’s cock. After a while, they changed positions. I was sucking Ayub’s cock while Sunny was fucking my pussy. I was really enjoying this cockfest. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would do something like this.

After a while, while Sunny was still fucking me in pussy, Ayub got me into such a position that he could fuck me in my asshole. Slowly Ayub entered his cock into my asshole while Sunny’s cock was in my pussy. Looking at this double penetration, Manoj decided to join us as well and pushed his cock into my mouth.

Three cocks in three of my holes at a time. It was a great feeling. Both Zoya and Jenny took each boob in their mouths and sucked on them. After a good few minutes, Manoj ended up cumming in my mouth. Sunny and Ayub cum in their respective holes. I was tired like shit and collapsed on the bed.

Then, Zoya kissed me on the lips and sucked them and licked the excess cum that was flowing out of my mouth. Jenny licked my pussy clean of her son’s cum. While the boys were sitting and enjoying the show, Zoya continued kissing me while Jenny ate my pussy.

Then, Zoya placed her pussy in my mouth and demanded to lick it, which I kindly obliged. It was a weird feeling to lick another woman’s pussy. But I was ready to do anything now. Then, Zoya and Jenny traded places, and I tasted Jenny’s pussy as well.

This got the boys excited again, and pounced on all three of us. I was too tired and lay down on the bed. Sunny was fucking his mom while Ayub and Manoj were fucking Zoya’s both holes. After a while, all of them cum and I was made to lick both Zoya and Jenny’s pussy clean of cum.

It was too much sex for me in two days. The number of orgasms I had in the two days was more than I had over the years with my husband.

All of us got super tired and fell asleep. We woke up early the next day. The two days felt like a long time, and I didn’t feel like going back to my husband. But I had no option. From that day I visit my son and his friends once every week or two weeks to get ravaged by them and have the time of my life.