Complete submission to mistress aunt Maya – Part 1

Hello readers. My name is Ajay. I am 27 years old from Salem, Tamil Nadu. This is a true story about my aunt Maya (my father’s sister). This is a long story, so I request your patience. Kindly forgive me for any flaws.

So, let me give a quick background before going into the story. All this incident took place 8 years back when I was studying in college. I got placed in an engineering college in Coimbatore. My aunt Maya was living there, so my parents decided that I will be staying with her since the college was only a couple of km from her home.

And about my aunt Maya, she was 34 years old, brown-skinned and wasn’t married at that time. She had a relationship while she was studying and later, she broke up with him. After that, my aunt didn’t want to get married. When my grandparents forced her to get married, she left Salem. She then got a job in Coimbatore and settled there.

Since I hadn’t spent much time with her till then, I was clueless about how she would act with me. Even my parents haven’t seen or spoken to her for a long period. My mom always used to tell me that she was an arrogant lady and only did what she liked the most. This had some questions in my mind.

Then we reached her home in Coimbatore. My father rang the doorbell and within minutes, she opened it. I saw her for the first after many long years. She was in a saree and was looking beautiful.

My aunt invited us in and then we had the usual chats till the evening. She was living in a 2 BHK single house and had prepared a bedroom for my stay. After settling all the things, my parents left. At night, we had an early dinner and went to bed as the next was my first day in college.

My college timing was from morning 7 to noon 2 and she worked from home mostly and rarely went to the office. She didn’t hire any maid or servants for the household chores and she did it on her own.

Since I was staying with her, she started giving me some household chores as well. I was pissed off because of this. Even my parents had never told me anything to do such things.

In the initial days, I was really annoyed and got irritated with her because she will always say do this and do that. Whenever I get a chance, I will go to my parents’ home. My parents gave me no other option than to stay with her as the hostel expenses were higher and were not affordable for them.

Then about 5 months went by. In the the meantime, I got used to her and we even became close like friends. I started enjoying living with her. During holidays and weekends, we used to go out and have fun. She taught me cooking (later only, I realized it was one of her plans to make me her personal slave) and I would help her with chores.

Whenever I did the chores perfectly, she would say she was lucky to have such a good personal servant (which became real in the future). And whenever it wasn’t much to her satisfaction, she would tell me I needed some punishment so that I would do it properly the next time. But till that time, my aunt hadn’t punished me.

Things really started to heat up at the end of my first semester. After my exams, I got a vacation for a week. And my birthday was on the next day of my last exam, so my parents came to my aunt’s home. We decided to celebrate my birthday over there and then head to my home to spend my vacation.

From the morning of my birthday, I was nagging my aunty for my birthday gift, but she told me she will give it to me while I was leaving. My birthday celebrations went very well, my aunt had arranged a special lunch at a fancy restaurant and we had a great time.

Then we returned to her home. When I was about to leave, I went to her room to say bye. She handed me two gifts. One was wrapped in red color and the other one in blue color. She asked me to promise her not to mistake or judge her for what she was about to say. I promised her.

She then told me she was fond of ‘Femdom’ and always wanted a personal slave! I was shocked to hear this. She told me whenever I was helping her with the chores, she would fantasize about me as her slave and was enjoying inside herself! Since she thought it was wrong, she hadn’t brought it up till this me. But she wanted to give it a try, so she decided to tell me this on my birthday.

I was stunned to hear this. My femdom-loving aunt then told me, “Take this week’s time to think at home. If you want to be my slave, you can choose the red one or if you don’t, you can choose the blue and we can continue the same relationship as it is.”

She asked me not to open the gifts till I came back as she wanted me to open them in front of her. She told me to bring the one gift back based on the decision I made. Then she sent links to some videos of femdom (foot-worship, CBT, strap-on, cross-dressing and human toilet). She told me, “This will be our relationship if you agree” and promised me not to worry about this as this will be a secret between us and only till my college stay and after that, we will become normal.

With a confused mind, I went back to my home. Till that time, I didn’t have any sexual feelings for my aunt but that night, I was imagining her dominating me! I usually like to watch normal porn and I was not a big fan of BDSM. But when I watched the videos that she had sent me, I became horny. I was imagining myself in the position of a slave and her as a ‘mistress’ and cummed a couple of times that night!

After a couple of days, she texted me asking whether I had decided. I replied to her, “I am still thinking and need some time.” She then asked whether I liked the videos she had sent. I said her the truth that it wasn’t my kind but after seeing the videos, I got horny and masturbated a couple of times on that night. I asked her, “I am even okay with your other fantasies. But are you serious about using me as a human toilet? Because I am not sure of it.”

She said, “I will go easy and once after trying it, you will beg for more.”

Meanwhile, my mom called me for help, so I texted her bye.

Finally, the day to return to my aunt’s house came. Even though I was hesitant at first, I finally decided to try it out and took the red gift with me. I had a mild sense of fear along with the feeling of horniness while traveling.

After finally reaching her home in the evening, I rang the doorbell. Aunty opened the door with a beautiful smile. She had worn a yellow transparent saree. She was looking stunning in it and that was the first time I was seeing her in a sexual way.

She invited me inside and we chit-chatted for some time as she was asking how my vacation went on, etc. Then there was a silence in the room for quite some sometime and I decided to break it.

I stood up and went near her and kneeled in front of her and showed the red gift to her. Believe me folks, my heart was pounding really fast and I was literally trembling! Even she was shocked for a second and then she said smilingly, “I knew you had a submissive character; don’t worry, I train you better and you will enjoy being my slave.”

I looked at her and told her, “Even now, I am not sure how I will handle the pain.”

She replied, “You won’t be feeling any pain. All you will have is a great pleasure while being my slave and very soon, you will beg for more and more.”

Then she asked me to open the gift. I did as she told me. Inside the gift box, there was a dog collar and it had written, “Maya’s Slave.”

She asked me to stand up and told me to strip completely naked. I was hesitant at first. She understood that and came near me and said, “It’s okay, all you have to do is have complete faith in me. Now, strip for your mistress.”

These words comforted me and I said, “Yes, mistress” and stripped all my clothes. She then put the collar around my neck and told me, “From now onward after you come from college, you should remove all the clothes and should wear this collar only. Is that clear?” I said yes in a husky voice.

My aunt gave me a tight slap on my naked butt and asked, “Yes, what? Tell me louder.”

I said, “Yes mistress, as you wish” loudly.

That slap gave me a hard-on. She saw it and held my dick in her hand and said, “I know you like to be treated as a dog and my slave and this is the proof of it” and started laughing. Even though it was humiliating for me, I was feeling the pleasure of being controlled and not knowing what will happen to me.

She then asked me to remove her pallu. With trembling hands, I did as she said. She then ordered me to kneel down and lick her feet. Without thinking, I kneeled in front of her and started licking her right foot. She kept her other leg on me and was trying to press me to the floor. After that, I did the same to her other feet. Her feet were so beautiful that I literally wanted to spend more time there.

Then, after like half an hour, she said enough and then she asked me to follow her to her bedroom. I followed her with a fear of what my femdom aunt was planning.

Maya: As today is the first day and you have come here after traveling, I don’t want to push you. Today, we will do some shopping for you. For the next two days, apply for leave to your college saying you are sick because of travel.

I said, “Okay mistress” and took leave from my college and informed my parents too, to avoid any confusion. She then asked me to log on to her laptop and then she gave me a BDSM store link.

After going in it, she asked me to order the following items: Two Chasity cages – one with small spikes and the other a normal one, two strap-ons (One was black in color. It was thick in size and the other one was pink in color and it was about 7 inches in length), a dog cage, some paddles and whips, nipple clamps, a couple of butt plugs, a vibrator, ropes and human toilet furniture. I added all these to the cart as she said.

Then my aunt took a look and verified everything and placed the order for a quick delivery by the next morning by paying extra cash. She then took some measurements of my body and ordered half a dozen panties and a couple of maid dresses from a clothing store.

We then had dinner and she asked me to sleep in her bedroom. All this while, I was naked in front of my dominant aunt, just wearing the collar she gifted me. She was in her blouse and petticoat. While going to sleep, she asked me to kiss and lick her feet for some time. I happily agreed and started kissing and licking her feet.

Then she asked me to come and lay beside her in the bed. I did as she said. She then thanked me for accepting to be a slave. She said it was her long dream to dominate someone.

I said to her, “I was afraid at first, but I have a feeling that you will take good care of me and will train me to be a good dog of yours. I am so lucky to have you in my life, aunty Maya.”

Hearing this, she said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of you” and then gave me a lip-lock. I was surprised but I didn’t hold back and started responding to her. Our tongues collided and we exchanged our saliva with one another. Within no time, I got a huge erection. She noticed it and said, “Someone needs to be taken care of, it seems” and started giving me gentle strokes with her hand while kissing me.

After a while, she got up and removed her blouse. That was a beautiful sight. Even though it was the light was dim, I could see my aunty’s cleavage nicely. Her boobs were waiting to get out of her bra. She looked like an angel at that time. Then she started giving me a blowjob. She was using her tongue greatly and did it like a pro.

Within minutes, I wasn’t able to hold any further and told her I was cumming. She asked me to cum inside her. I did as she said. She then came near me and kissed my mouth and shared my cum with me. It was the first me I tasted my cum, it was mixed with her saliva and it tasted weird but I swallowed it.

She then laid beside me kissing and placed my hands on her boobs. She then asked me to press and play with it. I started pressing her boobs over her bra and we were kissing madly each other. With that and after some time, we went to sleep. I slept by hugging her tightly like a child.

I am ending the story right here and will continue the remaining in the upcoming parts. As I said, this is a long story. So please be patient with me. You are welcome to provide your valuable comments in the comments section as well to my email ID

Please do write me what you like and don’t. The second part uploading soon. Till then, cheers, bye!