My Village Diaries – Part 3

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This is the continuation part of part 2. I hope you all read that or at least some read and stroked or fingered.

After our little session on the terrace, I was thinking about tomorrow’s session and slowly rubbing my dick. It was morning, and I waited for my chance to go to my neighbour’s wife Geetha’s farm.

I asked my mother, “Can we go to Geetha’s farm? I am bored here and I wanted to spend some time outside!”

My mom agreed and I went to Geetha’s home.

Geetha was preparing meals for the afternoon and her mother-in-law was collecting all the milk from the buffaloes to send to the dairy center.

Usually,Geetha’s husband used to take the milk to the dairy farm. But last night, he didn’t return home. So, Geetha’s mother-in-law had to take it to the dairy. She and Geetha were planning to take those milk cans by walking. It was 1.5 km from their home. So I asked her mother-in-law if I should drop her. I knew she wouldn’t get on my bike and that way, I would get a chance with Geetha.

I got my bike and waited outside their house. Geetha and her mother-in-law brought the cans and gave me one can to keep in the front. Geetha held another can and to my surprise, she asked her mother-in-law to get on my bike. I was shocked like that! Geetha was teasing me. I had no choice but to ride with her mother-in-law to the dairy and return.

On the journey, I told Geetha’s mother-in-law I too would like to come to their farm and help them as I was bored sitting at home. She was okay with it. Then I told her we both could go to the farm by bike and let Geeta come by walking. She laughed a bit and agreed.

I told her to call me when she would be ready and went home. After 15 minutes, her mother-in-law called me and asked me to take both of them because the luggage was heavy, with gunny bags and pesticides. Geetha said meals would take another 20 minutes, and she would come after that. I told her mother-in-law to sit on the bike and asked Geetha to give her the luggage. She was smiling from the inside.

Then we started and reached the farm in 10 minutes. I dropped her on the farm and came back to Geetha. Then I went into her house. She was just standing near the wall and waiting for me.

Once I saw Geetha, I went close to her, held her face in my hands, and kissed desperately on her lips, kissing, smooching, and biting her lips. She too was in full horny mode and enjoying the kissing.

My neighbour’s village wife was inserting her tongue in my mouth and I was sucking it. I too pushed my tongue into her mouth, and she too sucked it. We were closing our eyes and enjoying each other’s lips. I broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck, lick it, and give it a small love bite. Her sweat was flowing drop by drop from her neck and I was licking it.

We both were desperate and didn’t think about the things. Slowly, I passed from neck to ears and bit them. In the meantime, I held her ass and pressed hard. She too circled her hands on the back of my head and pulled me closer to her. Our lips were buried in each other’s lips.

I just lifted her by pressing her ass, and she crossed her legs on my waist. I was a bit heavy so I could lift her easily and go to the bedroom. She thought I would put her in bed, but I went there and made her sit on the table so that it would become more exciting on the table.

Then I saw into her eyes, those eyes were filled with lust and hunger for sex. By seeing her, I again kissed her on her lips and moved my hands toward her boobs. Then I removed the hooks for the blouse and held both boobs and pressed hard. She moaned a bit with a smile on her face.

I sucked one of the nipples and pressed another. You can’t imagine how I love to suck boobs and press them. It would be much harder. Sometimes, I was biting them.

After some time, I lifted her saree and touched her pussy. It was already hot and wet. I placed one finger in that pussy and started to stroke. She was hugging me with pleasure on her face. Then I adjusted another finger and rammed fast. I pushed the index finger and middle finger in her pussy and circled my thumb on her clitoris. She was moaning, “Ahhh hmmm haaa uhmmm..” and I was sucking her nipples.

Due to my fingering, some juices flowed out from her pussy. Then I went below and placed my lounge on her pussy, and licked her juice. I removed my fingers and placed them on her lips. She was in a full mood, and she sucked all the juices from my fingers.

I lifted her and placed her on the bed, spread her legs, and started to eat her pussy while she was sucking my fingers. I started to lick her pussy and twinkled her clitoris with my tongue. I was kissing her vertical lips with my horizontal lips. Sucking those vertical lips made her more horny and more juice flowed from her pussy. She pushed my head forcing her pussy, so I gave it a small bite.

My dick was fully hard and precum was leaking from it. She too moaned very loudly. If there were anyone in her house, they would have noticed that. We both were out of control and desperate to fuck. Then I took her to the table and made her sit on it. I removed my shorts and placed them on her pussy.

I started to rub it on her clitoris and the walls of pussy. Slowly, I pushed a bit and my top was in and I could feel it was very hot inside. Then I pushed the remaining, and it went easily inside. I placed it for 15-20 seconds so that I could feel the warmth of it.

Then slowly took it out and again penetrated it fully. For every stroke, there would be a different enjoyment. If it is fast it’s one type of enjoyment and if it’s slow, it is another type. She was saying to do it fast so that we could go to the farm.

To her surprise, I removed my dick slowly and with full force inserted it in her pussy. She screamed, “Ahhhhhhh!” It was a loud sound. Again, I took it out and rammed with a great force. She made sounds of, “Ahhh huhhh uhmmm fast..” Every time, I took it out slowly and rammed it again with great thrust.

Now, I too couldn’t do that. So I increased the pace and started fucking hard. “Tap” “tap” sounds were coming while our thighs met. She started to shiver and opposed me to fuck. Within 10-15 seconds, she cummed. My dick was fully wet because of her juices. Then I took it out of her pussy and cleaned it with her petticoat.

We then went to her bed and I made her bend in doggy style. I took a napkin and placed it inside her pussy and cleaned it. It was not as wet as before. Now I started to enter Inside her, started to fuck hard, continuously ramming by holding her navel. In between, I was slapping her ass. Her boobs were bouncing for every stroke. One side “puch” sounds from pussy and “tap” sounds from the thighs and on the other side, she was moaning.

Then I stopped and spat some saliva on her asshole and inserted one finger. Again, I spat some more and applied it on her asshole. I started to fuck her pussy with my dick and asshole with my finger matching the rhythm. Whenever I was about to cum, I suddenly removed my cock from her pussy and waited for a while to prevent from cumming.

After a while, I again started to insert into her pussy and dipped in it fully. I placed my fingers in her pussy and took some juice to apply to her asshole. She knew what I was thinking. Her husband used to fuck her in the ass too. So, she was not surprised by that. I inserted my fingers in her ass and rubbed it all around the hole and then I slowly started to insert my dick.

I just placed my tip on her ass and pressed slowly. It was a bit tight and my dick entered with some force. She moved a bit forward and said, “Do slowly, I am not going anywhere and too like to take it in the ass”.

I stood there for a while and fingered her pussy. Then I again started to insert in her ass. This time, it went half and she again moved forward. Then I removed my dick and applied some saliva and again inserted it. It was half inside.

I slowly started to move forward and backward while fingering her pussy. She relaxed a bit. By slowly fucking and slowly fucking, I inserted some more 3/4th of the dick inside. Then I increased the pace, holding her navel and inserting fully.

My dick was fully inside her ass. I didn’t take it out and just stood without movement, fingered her pussy, and circled her clitoris. It was a great feeling placing the dick fully in. Now I removed my fingers from her pussy and held her hips and started the movement. I slowly increased the speed and it was moving freely in her ass.

Then I removed my dick and again plunged it in her ass. And I again removed fully and again plunged it inside.

Now I was feeling like a tight pussy. With a few strokes, I was about to cum. I started to plunge hard and plunge again and again. I plunged my dick fully inside her ass and my cum filled it. I didn’t remove it until every last drop of my cum dripped in her ass.

I then removed my dick from her ass and inserted my finger inside. It was freer than before. The cum was flowing out from her ass. It was a great scene to watch. If you have done it only you can feel how it would be.

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