My Wife – Part 20 (FIL Surendar fucks Avantika)

Surender had slept after cumming in her daughter-in-law’s mouth. When he woke up, he looked at the time. It was around 4 PM. He quickly searched for his phone and tried to call his son Suresh.

Luckily the phone rang, and he asked him how long it would take him to come back. Suresh replied that he had already left the city and would be back in about an hour. Surender hurriedly cut the call.

Suddenly Surender felt an urge to act fast if he wants her daughter-in-law. He realized that this might be his only chance.

Now the only thought in his mind was of his daughter-in-law’s. He quickly went down and saw Gayatri in Avantika’s room. He noticed that Avantika had changed her dress. She was no longer wearing that yellow chiffon saree.

Avantika looked away as soon as her father-in-law walked in. Gayatri stood up while Avantika looked up at her father-in-law. He was still wearing nothing but just a dhoti wrapped around his hips. Surender looked at Avantika and noticed that she had changed her saree.

She was now wearing a normal saree, but she still looked elegant. Just some time ago, she was in his room sucking his cock. His cock twitched as he thought about it.

He couldn’t wait any longer and walked towards Avantika’s bed. Surender moved his hand forward towards Avantika. Avantika looked at him and then held his hand, getting up from the bed.

Gayatri moved a few steps back, not knowing what to do. Surender then slipped his hand towards her daughter-in-law’s waist. Then slowly, he moved his hand down, feeling her ass. He gave a nice squeeze on both her ass cheeks.

Then suddenly, Surender lifted Avantika onto his shoulder, looping his hand around her waist. Then he carried her, caveman style and walked out of the room. This took Avantika by surprise, and she held onto her father-in-law’s back for support.

She then looked at her mother-in-law, who winked at her as Surender carried her out of the room. He went up the stairs carrying her, and finally, they were in the room upstairs. Surender threw Avantika on the bed and stood in front of her. Avantika’s boobs heaved heavenly as she fell on the bed.

Before anyone could say anything, Surender untied the knot of his dhoti, and it fell on the floor. Avantika looked in awe at the 8” long and thick cock she had sucked with passion.

Avantika sensed that her father-in-law was in a hurry to fuck her. Frankly, she had been waiting for this moment for the last couple of days. Since the first time she saw her father-in-law fucking her mother-in-law while she slept on the same bed.

Surender held the pallu of her saree and pulled it slowly, feasting her heavy boobs with his eyes. He jumped on her daughter-in-law as soon as the pallu was off. Avantika felt her father-in-law’s naked body against hers.

She was still wearing her bra and petticoat. The remaining part of her saree was tucked inside her petticoat. Surender started by licking her neck while his hard chest crushed against her soft 36D sized boobs. Avantika could feel his hard cock grinding against her thighs as he hungrily licked her neck and cheeks.

Avantika crossed her hands around Surender’s neck and pulled his head right on her face. They both looked into each other’s eyes with nothing but lust. Surender placed his lips on hers. He kissed her, taking her upper lips in between his.

Surender pushed his tongue inside Avantika’s mouth. Avantika sucked onto her father-in-law’s tongue. Their tongues danced together inside Avantika’s mouth. She sucked every bit of saliva that came inside her mouth.

Surender caught her right boob and mauled them roughly as they kissed with his hand. He came back down to her boobs, licking her neck and tried to suck her nipple from over her blouse. Avantika’s hard nipples poked out of the blouse as she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.

Surender sucked onto her nipple area, making her blouse wet with his saliva. Surender then sat just below her daughter-in-law’s stomach with his legs on either side of her. He had held both her boobs in his hands. Avantika pushed her hand down to hold his big cock.

She held his hard cock and placed it on her stomach. His thick and long cock rested nicely on her. His balls were placed perfectly on either side of her belly. His cockhead rested just below her heavy boobs.

Surender pinched and twisted her daughter-in-law’s nipple, making Avantika moan in a pleasure-filled with pain. Avantika, too reciprocated her passion by pulling his foreskin back and rubbing her thumb on his cockhead.

Surender moaned in pleasure. That only made him play with his daughter-in-law’s nipples even harder. Avantika’s body slithered below her father-in-law. Her pussy was already very wet and waiting for a release.

Surender then moved his hands a bit upwards and held Avantika’s blouse. He pulled his daughter-in-law’s blouse so hardly that it tore into two pieces. Avantika’s boobs jiggled up and down as soon as they were freed.

“Oh, fuck,” Avantika abruptly shouted as soon her boobs got freed.

Surender threw away both the pieces of her blouse. He moved his body upwards, sliding his cock between her daughter-in-law’s 36D sized boobs. Avantika held both her boobs together and welcomed his hard cock with the squeeze of her boobs.

Surender started fucking her boobs. Avantika enjoyed every bit of it. She loved it, particularly when his big balls dragged up and down against her stomach every time Surender pushed his cock between her boobs.

She looked down and wished to taste his cock every time it came up, tearing her boobs apart. She had never felt this. Even when her husband Suresh had fucked her boobs before. Avantika pushed her tongue out, hoping to taste her father-in-law’s cock.

Surender looked at her and understood what her daughter-in-law wanted. This time he pushed a bit harder, and his cockhead touched the tip of her tongue. Avantika tasted his precum. It felt like drops of heaven to her at that point.

Surender continued this for a while and then pulled his cock back. His cock was wet with his precum and a bit of sweat. He got down from the bed and started pulling her saree. He didn’t know how much more time he had. His son, Suresh, would be here any moment now.

As soon as her saree came off, he pulled her petticoat and there she was. Her daughter-in-law is naked, lying naked on the bed. Hiding her pussy in between her thick thighs. Surender held both her legs and turned her around swiftly, bringing her big ass in view.

He had feasted her boobs enough. He now wanted to take her pussy from behind. Surender quickly took a pillow and placed it just below her stomach making her ass and pussy come in full view.

Avantika lay comfortably on her stomach and threw her hands above her head. She decided to surrender her body to her father-in-law. Surender spread her asscheeks wide and mauled them with his rough hands. He circled his finger around her asshole and slowly ran to her pussy lips.

He spread her pussy lips with two fingers and pushed his thumb inside her wet pussy. Avantika moaned in pleasure as her father-in-law’s thumb slid inside. Surender rubbed his cock with his other hand. Now he had slid two fingers inside Avantika.

He was finally ready to conquer her. He had dreamed of fucking her ever since he saw her. He had often fucked his wife mercilessly, thinking about his daughter-in-law. And now his daughter-in-law was there for taking.

He spread her thighs wide and positioned his cock right on her pussy lips. Avantika bit her lips and embraced herself for her father-in-law’s cock.

Surender climbed on top of her daughter-in-law’s back while his hard cock still lingered at the entrance of her wet pussy.

Her whole body was beneath her father-in-law. Surender kissed her neck from behind and licked her earlobe with his tongue.

“What do you want me to do with you, bahu?” Surender whispered in her ears.

“Fuck me, babuji. I want your cock inside my pussy.” Avantika answered seductively.

“Do you know that I cut the wire of the AC in your room so that you had to sleep with Gayatri and me?” Surender said again and let her know that this was his plan.

Avantika was surprised when she heard that. She tried to turn her head and face him, but Surender didn’t let her do that.

“I wanted to fuck you from the moment I saw you. I sent your husband away so I could successfully seduce you here.” Surender said and licked her ear again.

“I knew you were watching Gayatri and me every time I fucked her on the bed beside you. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have you beneath me. Do you still want me to fuck you, bahu?” Surender asked.

Avantika didn’t answer anything. She stayed quiet. So far, she had thought that all this was an accident and everything happened so fast. She never thought that had father-in-law had planned all this from the start.

“You know what, bahu… It doesn’t matter. I am going to fuck your pussy anyways.” Surender said and gave a hard jerk.

Avantika came back to her senses when almost half of her father-in-law’s cock was inside her. He gave another jerk, and more than half of his cock was inside Avantika.

“Aah,” Avantika squealed in pleasure as felt her father-in-law’s cock inside her.

Surender pulled out his cock and only left the tip of his cock inside her.

“Tell me, how do you feel now, bahu?” Surender asked her again.

“Stop talking and just fuck me,” Avantika shouted at the top of her voice. They were both sure that Gayatri must have heard her downstairs.

Surender placed his hand on Avantika’s neck and pulled her neck back, and again gave a hard push. Avantika cried out as Surender started fucking her.

“You want me to fuck you? I will show you how it’s done,” Surender started thumping his cock in and out of her wet pussy.

“Aah,” Avantika kept moaning on top of her voice as Surender continued fucking her pussy while holding her neck from behind. So far, he was giving her small shots. Surender changed the rhythm and fucked her with small and long shots.

Avantika’s felt his cock reaching the deepest point of her pussy. She enjoyed how her father-in-law was handling her by grabbing her neck. She liked being ground beneath his huge body. She enjoyed the slaps that his hips made every time his cock went deep inside her pussy.

“Fuck me harder, babuji,” Avantika moaned.

“Does my son fuck you like this?” Surender asked

“Oh, he fucks me better.” Avantika lied. She wanted to add fuel to the fire. She was having the best sex of her life. She wanted to see how far her father-in-law would go.

And her answer hurt her father-in-law’s ego. He pulled his cock out and threw the pillow away beneath her stomach. He slapped her ass hard, signaling her to go on her fours.

Avantika quickly got in that position. Surender then climbed onto the bed, held her waist, and rammed his cock inside her. Avantika shouted. Suddenly she felt his cock grow bigger.

Surender grabbed her hair and pulled them back and spanked each of her asses one time. Avantika kept moaning. Just as he was fucking her. They both heard the horn of a car. Surender knew Suresh was back.

“Looks like ur husband is back,” Surender said, spanking her ass harder this time.

Avantika became terrified, and even though she wanted to scream at the top of her voice, she bit her teeth hard to suppress her moans.

“Leave me babuji, please. Suresh is here,” Suddenly, Avantika pleaded with guilt in her voice.

“You wanted a good fuck. Here’s a good fuck. I am not leaving you until I am done.” He said, staring back into her eyes.

The next moment Gayatri came running into the room.

“Suresh is….” Gayatri stopped mid-sentence as she saw her husband fucking her daughter-in-law in a doggy position with her hairs being pulled mercilessly and his hand’s imprints on her milky white ass.

“Keep him downstairs until I am done. You won’t be spared if he comes up.” Surender said as he continued to fuck her.

“But…” Gayatri tried to say something.

“Go.. now..” Surender shouted.

In the meantime, Avantika understood that Surender would not leave her until she was done. Even she was having the time of her life, and she didn’t want this to stop. She was sure her mother-in-law would find something to keep Suresh busy while they finished this session.

“Leave the door open. I want to give this bitch the best fuck of her life.” Surender said as Gayatri tried to close the door. Both Gayatri and Avantika were shocked as Surender called her a bitch.

Terrified, Gayatri left the door open and went downstairs.

“Where were we, my bitch?” Surender said, spanking her again.

Avantika looked back at him, terrified, and she couldn’t say anything. He started taking hard strokes. Although Avantika’s body was reacting to her father-in-law’s cock, her mind could only think of her husband downstairs.

What if he comes up? What if he hears her? What if he sees his father fucking her? Too many questions and no answers.

Avantika realized that her pussy was flowing like a river with the father-in-law fucking her and her husband downstairs, having no idea. She just wanted him to be done as soon as possible now.

“Babuji,  I want to look into your eyes while you fuck me,” Avantika said.

“Say that again bitch.” Surender said.

Avantika moved forward, and Surender’s cock slid out of her pussy.

“Babuji, this is the best anyone has ever fucked me. Now fuck me by looking into my eyes,” Avantika said as she turned around and lay on her back, spreading her legs.

Surender had a proud smile on his face. He again pushed his cock inside her pussy, this time in a missionary position. Avantika quickly pulled her father-in-law on top of her and kissed him wildly.

They were both sweating. She could feel his hairy chest grinding her big boobs. Surender started fucking her slowly and sensually. He kissed him back nicely, their tongues twinging together.

Avantika squeezed his cock inside her pussy, making him cum as soon as possible. She licked his neck and nibbled on his ears as he edged closer. They both wondered how long they had before Suresh eventually searched for Avantika.

His cock grew harder as Avantika dug her nails on Surender’s back. Surender came inside her daughter-in-law. Avantika bit her father-in-law’s shoulders hard to keep herself from making any noise.

She closed her eyes as warm cum erupted deep inside her pussy. Surender, too hugged her and stayed in that position till his cock went limp. They were both breathing heavily. Surender moved from the top of her and lay beside her.

Avantika looked at her pussy and saw Surender’s cum flowing down her thighs. She looked at his cock and remembered what her mother-in-law had thought of her just hours ago.

It was indeed the best fuck of her life, and she wanted to finish what they both started. She quickly held his cock and took it in her mouth to clean it completely.

Surender smiled and caressed his fingers through her hair as she cleaned his cock. Avantika tasted his cum for the second time in the day and scooped it.

After cleaning her father-in-law, Avantika looked at her torn blouse. How is she going to go downstairs? There’s no washroom upstairs, and she only has her petticoat and saree with her. No blouse, no bra, no panty.

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