My Wife – Part 25

On a Sunday morning, Ayushi received a call from her mom. Her mom Ragini instructed her to come to Mumbai and that her brother had booked her ticket for that night. Ayushi asked what for, but her mom didn’t say anything further than that.

Ragini then talked to her daughter-in-law Kavita. She told Kavita that the talks were going well here. Mr. Reddy wanted to meet Ayushi once before taking things any further. Mr. Reddy’s son couldn’t come because he was in the US.

Kavita was delighted to hear that. But she had no idea what was happening in Mumbai between her mother-in-law and her lover Reddy.

Ragini instructed her daughter-in-law to pack a good dress for Ayushi to meet Mr. Reddy, i.e., her future father-in-law, for the first time. Kavita assured Ragini that she would take care of everything from her side.

After Kavita cut the call, she looked at Ayushi sitting by her side. She could sense that Ayushi was angry. Ayushi now understood the reason behind her mom’s visit to Mumbai.

“I always knew that I would have an arranged marriage. But I had no idea my family would do everything behind my back. And bhabhi, you knew about this the whole time, yet you didn’t say anything to me. Why did you do this to me, bhabhi? I thought we were friends. I had loved and respected you from the moment you came into our life.” Ayushi got all emotional as she said this to Kavita.

“I am sorry, Ayushi. I wanted to tell you, but Arun and mom strictly told me not to.” Kavita said as she placed her hand on Ayushi’s shoulder.

Ayushi pushed her bhabhi’s hand away and stormed off to her room. She shut the door behind her. Kavita felt bad for Ayushi. She was a sweet girl. Kavita didn’t know what to do now. She thought of giving Ayushi some time to calm herself down.

Back in her room, Ayushi cried because she thought she was being forced into something she didn’t want to do. They didn’t even ask her if she was ready for marriage. They just decided between themselves for her. Ayushi felt betrayed by her own family.

Ayushi then called Suresh and told him everything that had happened. She wanted to meet him right away. Suresh listened to every word that Ayushi said, and he started making his plan. Ayushi pleaded with him that she wanted to meet him today before going to Mumbai.

“I will come to your house in the evening around 4,” Suresh said after thinking for a bit.

“But my bhabhi will be there in the house,” Ayushi said in a concerned tone.

“Don’t worry. I will tell her I have come to drop you at the airport. Everything will be fine. Trust me,” Suresh assured her.

“Ok. I will wait for you.” Ayushi said and cut the call.

Suresh smiled wickedly as he drove towards Ayushi’s house that evening. He had thought of a plan. He knew that it was risky, but he had decided to go after that plan. He called Ayushi as soon as he reached her place. Ayushi came out in the hall and saw her bhabhi sitting on a couch.

She got scared a bit seeing her bhabhi there. Kavita looked at her with sympathy. She knew how terrible Ayushi must have been feeling. She was in the room the whole afternoon.

“Suresh Jiju is here,” Ayushi told her bhabhi as she walked towards the door.

“Suresh? What? Why? Iā€¦ I mean, is everything alright?” Kavita’s eyes went wide as she heard his name. Flashbacks from that morning’s incidents replayed in her head. She had jerked him off in the bathroom the last time Suresh was in her house.

“Yeah, bhabhi. I called him and asked him to drop me at the airport.” Ayushi said as she opened the door.

Suresh came in smiling. He was dressed formally, and Ayushi hugged him almost instantly. Kavita was surprised to see Ayushi hug him this tightly. As they separated, Suresh looked at Kavita.

Kavita was dressed in a yellow suit. She had no dupatta as she wasn’t expecting anyone in the house. Kavita could feel his eyes piercing her body as he checked her out.

Ayushi held his hand and dragged him toward her room. Suresh was more than happy to go into Ayushi’s room.

“Bhabhi, why don’t you prepare something for Suresh Jiju while we chat,” Ayushi said. But it felt more like an order to Kavita’s ears. Alarm bells started ringing in Kavita’s ears. She saw Ayushi closing the door behind her.

What the hell was happening? Why has she closed the door? And when did she get so close to Suresh? Kavita thought hard but couldn’t think of any answer. She finally told herself that she was thinking too much and Ayushi probably just enjoyed the company of her jiju.

Kavita walked towards the kitchen, but her eyes were glued to Ayushi’s room. Inside the room, Suresh pulled Ayushi towards him as soon as she closed the door.

“Ummmmm.” Ayushi moaned as Suresh pulled her t-shirt off her body and kissed her neck.

Ayushi wrapped her hands around Suresh’s neck and pulled his head towards her. The next moment Suresh placed his lips on hers and kissed her vigorously. Ayushi responded by pushing her tongue into his mouth. Suresh unbuttoned his shirt and left it open on his body.

They both fell on the bed as they kissed, and Ayushi fell on top of her jiju. Suresh moved his hand on Ayushi’s back and unhooked her bra freeing her boobs. Her boobs fell on his chest.

Ayushi slowly went down, licking his body. Starting with his neck and then to his chest. She took each of his nipples in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, making Suresh moan in pleasure. She moved further down, licking his body.

Ayushi stood between his legs and bent down to unbuckle his belt. Suresh moved his hips up as she pulled her pants down with his boxers. Suresh’s 7 inch hard cock sprang out, and Ayushi held it in her hands. She then bent down on the bed and licked the shaft of his cock.

She licked his balls one by one as her thumb pressed his cockhead. She looked into his eyes, pulling the skin back and exposing his red cockhead. She pressed her tongue on his cockhead and slowly guided his cock inside her mouth.

She started bobbing as he took his cock inch by inch in her mouth.

“Oh, Suresh Jiju, I don’t want to get married now. I am in love with this cock,” She said and squeezed his cock.

She could feel the pre cum oozing in her mouth as his cock went deeper and deeper.

Suresh held Ayushi’s face and started humping his hips upwards. He was now fucking her mouth. Ayushi’s spit fell on his thighs every time he thrust his cock deeper inside her mouth.

Suresh looked towards the door as he fucked Ayushi’s mouth. He wondered if Kavita was on the other side, trying to listen. He looked at the Ayushi, who had completely become his slut now. He didn’t even have to instruct her what to do. She was gladly gagging on his cock. She enjoyed taking it in like a slut.

Now was the time to put his plan his action. He knew it was risky, but he decided to do it and consider the consequences later. Suresh stopped and turned Ayushi around. He got her below his body. He pulled out her shorts and panty in a go.

Ayushi lay completely naked on the bed. Suresh stood between her legs, admiring his wife’s sister’s naked body.

“I need some water,” Suresh said.

Ayushi pointed towards the bottle on the side stand by the bed. Suresh needed a reason to go out.

“Cold water,” Suresh said and moved towards the door.

“Bhabhi will be there outside,” Ayushi said, getting scared.

Suresh opened the door and peeped outside. He saw Kavita standing in the kitchen. Kavita looked towards the door as soon as she heard the sound. She noticed Suresh peeping in her direction.

“She’s is not in the hall. She must be in her room,” Suresh then turned back and told Ayushi.

“I will be back in a second,” Suresh said and came out of the room.

Kavita was shocked to see Suresh walking naked out of Ayushi’s room proudly. She could see his cock standing erect and dangling as he moved toward the kitchen. Kavita held the kitchen slab for support because she felt she could fall at any moment.

Suresh smiled wickedly as he reached the kitchen and pulled out a water bottle from the fridge. He glanced at Kavita but didn’t say a single word. Kavita found it hard to breathe in front of naked Suresh. Suresh took the water bottle and walked back.

Kavita stared at his naked ass and back. It was more muscular than her husband’s, she thought. Suresh stopped at the door of Ayushi’s room and turned back. He found Kavita’s eyes on her body. He smiled and went inside. He left the door ajar.

Suresh was that Ayushi was still in the same position he had left her. Her hand was in between her legs and on her boobs, pressing them slowly. He drank a sip of water as Ayushi looked at him seductively and went near her. He threw the bottle aside and got on top of Ayushi.

He kissed and licked her neck and slowly moved down to her boobs. He took her nipples between his fingers and pulled them hard, making her cry out in pain.

Kavita heard those cries. And she found her steps moving towards Ayushi’s room. Her heartbeat increased as she peeped inside to the sight of Suresh sucking Ayushi’s boobs while his fingers pulled her other nipples.

“Aah, jiju. Yes.ā€ Ayushi moaned and raised her chest in excitement.

Kavita clutched her legs together as she saw everything in the room. She wanted to judge her sister-in-law, but she couldn’t. She felt very odd seeing them together. How on earth did this happen? Does Avantika know?

Many questions were in her mind. But no answer.

“Turn around, my little slut.” Suresh ordered Ayushi. She gladly smiled and went on her fours with her head on the bed.

Suresh then held Ayushi’s hips with one hand and his cock in another hand. He looked towards the door, and their eyes met. Kavita couldn’t look away. She kept staring back at him as Suresh rubbed his hard cock against her wet pussy.

“Jiju. Please fuck me,ā€ Ayushi moaned as she felt his cock stretching her pussy lips.

“Say that again, Ayushi,” Suresh teased her.

“Fuck me with your big cock, jiju. Your saali needs it inside her wet pussy,” Ayushi said seductively.

Kavita looked down at his cock. She should have felt disgusted with what Ayushi was saying, but that turned her on. Kavita bit her lips hard as Suresh slid his hard cock inside Ayushi. She looked intently as every inch disappeared deep inside her pussy.

Ayushi moaned at the top of her voice. Suresh was so turned on seeing Kavita that he started fucking Ayushi with long thrusts. Kavita stood at the door with her eyes glued on them as Ayushi’s body went forward with each thrust.

After every 6-7 thrusts, Suresh had to pull Ayushi back towards him. Suresh had one hand on her hips while his other was on her ass.

In between, suddenly, Suresh raised his hand and spanked Ayushi very hard. The sound of the spank was so loud that Kavita clutched her ass muscles seeing it. She could only imagine what Ayushi must have felt.

“Yeah, jiju. Fuck me harder. Spank that ass, ” Ayushi moaned.

Kavita was surprised to see Ayushi’s willingness for Suresh. He spanked her ass again a few times while he fucked her. And then looked towards Kavita. Her mouth had gone dry. She stood like a statue in that place.

The next moment Suresh held Ayushi’s hair in his hand and pulled her head back. Making Ayushi scream out. Ayushi felt the pain with pleasure, but she did not attempt to stop him.

“Come on your knees, my slut,” Suresh ordered, pulling his cock out of her pussy.

Kavita saw his cock shining in Ayushi’s cum. Ayushi kneeled on the floor and tied her hair back in a ponytail.

“Give it to me, jiju. Give me all your cum,” Ayushi moaned.

Kavita couldn’t see Ayushi’s face and Suresh’s cock. She could see Ayushi’s sweaty back. Ayushi waited patiently for Suresh’s cum as he jacked his cock in front of her face.

Even while Suresh jacked his cock on Ayushi’s face, his eyes were on Kavita. Kavita, too, looked back at him as if he was going to cum for her.

“Aah,” Suresh made a huge grunt and came on Ayushi’s face. The first glob fell on her lips, hair, boobs, and all over her face. Ayushi’s face was drenched in her Jiju’s cum. As Ayushi rushed to the washroom, Kavita managed to look at her face.

Kavita felt her pussy leaking as she looked back at Suresh’s cock. She could see a few drops still on his cock and a few on the ground. The first thought that came to her was to go and lick him clean, just like she licked Reddy’s cock after he was done with her.

But Kavita took a few steps backward and went to her room. She locked her room, and very quickly, she pulled her salwar and panties down to her knees. Kavita cum hard as soon as she cupped her naked pussy. Her eyes went blank, and she fell on the floor with her hands between her legs.

“Bhabhi. Bhabhi.” Ayushi called her out.

Kavita was in her bathroom, where she had masturbated for the second time, thinking about Reddy. Somewhere in between, even Suresh came to her mind. She cum again intensely. She wrapped a towel around her body, opened the door, and saw Ayushi smiling.

“Where is Suresh?” Kavita couldn’t help but ask this as the first question.

“He left just some time ago. Actually, Avantika di had called. So he had to go.” Ayushi said.

“Why did you call him today?” Kavita asked, hoping that Ayushi would tell her the truth.

“Umm. I don’t know bhabhi. We have grown quite close since my birthday party. And today, when I was upset, I wanted to talk to someone. So I called him,” Ayushi replied.

“I hope he cheered you up. You look so happy and different now,” Kavita said, looking at her from head to toe.

“He did cheer me up. He just gave me what I needed,” Ayushi smiled in her mind as she heard her own words.

“Ok then, let me get ready. I have to drop you off at the airport too.” Kavita said.