My young sister wanted white man – Part 2

Hello, I’m Avi and welcome to the next chapter. In an attempt to break the monotony of our non-stop sex, I and my sister decided to spice things up by watching porn videos. The idea of a threesome came up. We identified Michael, a visitor from Denmark, as a potential participant.

Despite the awkwardness of involving a third person in a sibling dynamic, I discreetly share the fantasy with Michael, framing my sister as a girlfriend. Michael, intrigued, agrees to the idea. This leads to a plan to head to Goa and book a fancy hotel with a private beach for their unconventional adventure.

Upon arriving in Goa in the afternoon, we indulged in a romantic session in our private pool. We enjoyed the warm sun and cool water. Later, I fucked Siddhi in the doggy style. Michael got a fantastic blowjob on his huge white dick in the luxurious bathroom.

The mischievous Siddhi replied, “I’d like a break from your dicks, so let’s check out Goa.” Michael replied, “I’d love to see Goa with you both. I want to explore you, Siddhi,” Michael whispered seductively. Still filled with desire, Michael eagerly caressed Siddhi’s boobs and kissed her cheek.

Siddhi, my slutty sister, immediately sat on his lap as soon as he kissed her, grinding her hips against him and letting out a soft moan. Michael leaned in closer, biting gently on Siddhi’s neck, trailing his lips down to her exposed boobs.

Siddhi gasped in surprise as his tongue traced circles around her sensitive skin. Michael lay her on the bed and continued to explore her body, his hands moving with purpose and desire. Siddhi surrendered herself to the pleasure, her moans growing louder with each touch.

Michael said, “Don’t worry, I won’t give you dick now.” He gently removed Siddhi’s panty, teasing her with his fingers instead, building up the anticipation for what was to come.

Michael leaned down and used his tongue to explore Siddhi’s clit. He was gently parting her folds and reveling in the sight of her pink pulsating. Siddhi moaned and said, “Oh, Michael, that feels amazing. Please don’t stop.”

“Wow, you’re such a dirty little slut,” Michael replied with a wicked grin, his fingers still teasing Siddhi’s clit. “I can’t wait to make you beg for my cock.”

Michael continued to skillfully use his tongue, bringing Siddhi to the brink of orgasm multiple times. Finally, giving her an explosive release that left her breathless and shaking with pleasure.

Finally, we decided to take a break from our passionate activities and went outside the hotel to explore Goa. We rented 2 activa and ventured out to discover the beautiful beaches. As Michael was unfamiliar with driving a scooter, he sat behind Siddhi.

He held onto her tightly, enjoying the thrill of the ride while engaging in playful banter and intimate whispers. They rode along Goa’s scenic coastal roads. Michael couldn’t resist stealing kisses from Siddhi’s neck. Occasionally giving her playful squeezes on her boobs, further fueling their desire for each other.

After a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters, Siddhi found a cosy spot on the less crowded beach and drifted off to sleep. Michael couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore her body with kisses playfully. Relishing in the intimacy of the moment as the sun began to set over the horizon.

Siddhi opened her eyes and smiled. They kissed passionately, their tongues intertwining as they embraced in a passionate embrace. They stayed in each other’s arms, watching the sun disappear behind the horizon. The sky was filled with a mesmerizing array of colours.

My sister’s romantic escapade with a foreigner on the beach in Goa was an enchanting sight. They embraced and shared passionate kisses. The sunset behind them added a touch of magic to the moment, painting the sky with breathtaking colours.

Michael continued his exploration of Siddhi’s body, leaving love bites along her neck, cleavage, and breasts. Each bite sent shivers of pleasure through Siddhi’s body. It intensified their desire for each other as the sunset painted the sky with breathtaking colours.

However, the realization that they needed to head back to the hotel interrupted their passionate moment. Siddhi craved Michael’s cock inside her wet pussy. But they knew they had to return to their room. They could continue their passionate escapades in the privacy of their own space.

After reaching the hotel, they went to their suite. Siddhi excused herself to the bathroom for a refreshing shower. Michael and I waited in the room. Siddhi emerged from the bathroom. Her body glistened with droplets of water. She was wrapped in a red robe that barely covered any of her curves.

The sight left Michael speechless. His desire for her reignited as he imagined what awaited them in the privacy of their suite. The aroma of the sea breeze mingled with the fragrance of the lotion Siddhi had applied. It created an intoxicating scent that filled the room.

Michael couldn’t resist pulling her close, inhaling deeply. He was losing himself in the captivating combination of scents that enveloped her. Michael gently guided Siddhi towards the bed and laid her down. He positioned himself on top of her. Their eyes were locked, filled with a passion built throughout the day.

Siddhi whispered seductively, “I need you inside me, Michael. I want to feel your big dick filling me up.”

My sister enjoyed the white dick. So, I didn’t participate in the action but watched the live romantic session. It was rather cool watching your sister fuck with a white dick.

Michael’s hands roamed over Siddhi’s body. Slowly removing her lingerie piece by piece as their kisses grew more passionate and intense. Each touch and caress ignited a deeper desire within them. Making the anticipation for their intimate connection even more intense.

Siddhi, unable to contain her desire, guided Michael’s hand towards her wetness. Sensing her urgency, he obliged. Using his saliva to lubricate her entrance and his erect dick before positioning his dick on her clit. Siddhi eagerly pulled Michael’s ass, lifting her own as he positioned himself to enter her.

He simultaneously sucked and caressed her melons. With each thrust, Michael took his time. Sliding his dick head slowly in and out of Siddhi’s wetness, savouring the tightness and heat that enveloped him.

Siddhi moaned and impatiently said, “Please, Michael, don’t tease me any longer. I need you inside me now.” Michael chuckled and gave Siddhi a passionate kiss before sliding his dick half inside her. He then thrust in and out of her, faster and faster, until Siddhi cried out in pleasure.

Michael obliged Siddhi’s plea, picking up the pace of his thrusts as his dick slid in and out of her. His foreskin caressed her clitoris, creating a rhythmic ‘chap, chap’ sound. It echoed through the room. Siddhi’s moans grew louder. Her pleasure built to a crescendo as Michael continued to fulfil her desires.

Siddhi closed her eyes and pulled Michael’s hips closer, urging him to go deeper. Her moans grew louder. “Ah, oh my god, faster and harder, you fucking big dick, oh, no,” Siddhi cried out, her voice filled with ecstasy and desire. Siddhi’s exhaustion grew.

She whispered to Michael, “Let’s try a different position, baby. I want you to take me from behind.” Michael shifted Siddhi onto all fours and positioned himself behind her. With a firm grip on her hips, he entered her from behind, thrusting deeply with each powerful movement.

With each forceful thrust, Michael’s hand came down on Siddhi’s ass, creating a sharp stinging sensation. It mixed pain with pleasure. Her ass turned a deep shade of red. He continued to spank her, heightening their intense sexual experience.

“Yes, don’t stop like that,” Siddhi moaned as her orgasm approached. She arched her back and clenched the sheets, feeling waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Michael sensed her climax and increased the intensity of his thrusts. Pushing her over the edge into a mind-blowing release.

Siddhi’s body trembled as she experienced a powerful climax, her legs shaking uncontrollably. Michael, feeling her convulsions, held her tightly. He was unwilling to let go as he relished in the aftermath of their intense lovemaking.

Michael wanted more. His desire for Siddhi was insatiable. He whispered in her ear, “I want to take you to new heights of pleasure.” With a mischievous smile, he gently lifted Siddhi onto the edge of the bed, positioning himself between her legs.

Siddhi, exhausted but still filled with desire, looked up at Michael and said, “I need a moment to catch my breath, but I want you to keep going. I want you to make me come again.” Michael continued to thrust into Siddhi, the intensity of their lovemaking only increasing.

He skillfully brought her to the brink of orgasm once again, pushing her pleasure to new heights. Siddhi thought she couldn’t take anymore. Michael finally released his pent-up desire, covering her body with his warm, sticky cum.

Siddhi lay in pleasure, her body still trembling from the intense sensation. Michael kissed her neck and held her close. He allowed their breathing to return to normal. They lay in the afterglow, their hearts still racing, and their bodies remain joined.

To be continued.