Naughty Neighbour Lady Seduced Me – Part 2

Hi friends, this is Rajesh. I am writing with ISS after long 4 years. I am 52 years old, a software engineer working for a company as a senior analyst and residing in Bangalore with my wife and son. After completing his B E graduation, my son flew to the US to do his M S.

So my wife and I are presently residing in our flat near New Airport road. This incident happened when my wife went to her native to see her ailing father a few months back.

The story continues.

Roshni gave me a peck on my lips. Looking down at my still-hard cock, she said, “Sorry, Uncle, I forgot about your release while I was enjoying myself. I was very selfish, my poor Uncle.”

“No problem, kid, I can take care of it myself. It’s time for you to leave.” I licked my middle finger, tasting her cum, “You, too, taste good, Roshni.”

Roshni smiling, said, “You can taste it from the source if you wish, Uncle. I would be glad to have your lips on my pussy.”

I was shocked to hear her offering her young pussy. This siren was going to ruin my sex appetite and marriage too. “No, Roshni, what we did was wrong, and I don’t want to aggravate it. Please go.”

“How can I leave you with a hard-on cock? I have to release your cum from your balls, or you will have blue balls. Ok, I had offered to help you with my hands, now I will suck you, and you can shoot your cum in my mouth. I don’t mind eating your tasty cum. What do you say, Uncle?”

Before I replied, Roshni got up and kneeled before me. She removed my lungi and pulled my briefs down, which I assisted by lifting my ass. She caught my still-hard cock in her right hand and took my cock head in her mouth.

Her tongue was lapping up my pre-cum. Her lips were tightly closed around my head. What a slut she is, I thought. Roshni looked up at me and saw my eyes on her breasts again.

Roshni took my cock off her mouth and said, “Sorry, Uncle, I forgot how you were eyeing my boobs while finger fucking me. Let me reveal my babies to my dear Uncle.” She took off her T-shirt, reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and threw it on the sofa.

Roshni’s magnificent breasts popped out. She looked at me and said, “Please help yourself, Uncle. You can play with them, press, pinch or torture them. I don’t mind. It’s all yours, Uncle.”

Saying that, she started licking my cock, pulling her tongue out. I looked at her hanging treasures within my reach, waiting to be touched, fondled and played with.

Roshni Mathews was licking my cock from the base to the top, wetting it with her saliva. Her naked breasts were resting on my knees, and her nipples invited me to touch them. I brought my hands to her boobs and gently cupped them in my palm.

OMG, they were a handful, firm yet soft, and both my thumbs flicked her sharp nipples. Roshni’s tongue was on my cockhead, licking the juices off it. Her right hand fingers had parted my piss hole. Her tongue was devouring my dripping pre-cum.

I pressed her breasts hard when Roshni took my cock into her mouth and sucked its head hard. She looked at me and started lowering her mouth, taking my cock inch by inch deep. She stopped when my cockhead hit the back of her throat.

Still 3 inches were left to be taken. I knew that this girl couldn’t take it, as many of my women were unable to swallow it fully. But to my surprise, Roshni lowered her mouth further, taking the whole of my 8 inches down her throat!

Her lips were resting on my pubic hairs. My loaded balls were hitting her chin. Oh fuck, this bitch was a hell of a cock sucker, I thought. Roshni kept my whole cock in her mouth for a few seconds and tried to breathe without gagging herself.

Resting her hands on my hips, I saw her position herself and start to move up. She was down again in another instant. Roshni’s throat had aligned itself to take my cock deep into it. I released my left hand from her right breast.

I placed it on her head to assist her in her mouth fucking. My left hand pressed her left breast as if to milk her, which was not there. I had closed my eyes and enjoyed the deep throat blowjob from this sultry seductress Roshni Mathews.

She gave me a wonderful blowjob for about 5 minutes. I knew that her mouth and throat would be sore from the sucking. I was nowhere near cumming, and after another minute, Roshni stopped sucking.

She took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me. Her face was a mess with my per-cum, and her saliva. My cock was glistening with her saliva.

Wiping her face clean using her T-shirt, Roshni said, “My hubby would have shot twice by now. You are still hard despite me taking so deep and sucking for so long. That too at this age. You are incredible, Uncle.”

“Your mouth was too good, and your sucking skills are awesome. I wanted to enjoy for some more time, so I controlled myself, Roshni,” I said, smiling.

Roshni moved up, resting her breasts on my still-hard cock. Bringing her face close to me, she asked, ” So you can control your orgasm, Uncle? How long can you fuck?”

Wiping the sweat from her forehead, caressing her face in affection replied, “Maybe half an hour and can stretch it. An hour if the pussy is as wonderful as your mouth.”

“Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to be drilled by such a gorgeous cock for an hour. Why don’t you fuck me and see for yourself if my pussy is as good as my mouth, Uncle?” Roshni pleaded like a baby asking for candy. I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to fuck such a sexy bitch.

To be continued…….

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