Sex With Cousin While She Drives The Car – Part 3

Hey everyone, I am Diganth, 25 years old from Bangalore. Please read the previous part for more details about me and for continuity.

I hung up my dad’s call and my cousin Usha complained that my dick wasn’t getting erected or harder as earlier. So, I asked her to recall how she made my dick harder and erect earlier. Usha remembered and gave a kiss on my dick and it was becoming harder and erect.

To make it more harder and erect, I asked her to place her boobs and nipples on tip of my dick to make it further harder and erect a bit. Usha bent down to my lap and placed both right and left boobies and nipples alternatively on tip of my dick and in between her cleavage. It became harder and more erect and she was beginning to rub my dick skin to and fro in motion.

I asked her to wait and made her sit on my lap just a few inches away from her pussy. Then I took my dick and began rubbing my dick on her both thighs alternatively.

When I touched her thighs, my dick got more erect and harder than earlier. Usha whispered, “Wow!” and began sucking my dick. She knew she couldn’t take it completely inside. So, she was sucking slowly and partially taking my dick inside her mouth.

After a few minutes, my cousin took my dick completely inside her mouth and began sucking it vigorously. I knew if she kept on sucking like this for a few more minutes, I would come inside her mouth quickly and become tired for a few minutes. So I asked her to stop.

Usha stopped and made a sad facial expression. To cheer her up, I said –

Me: Don’t worry, darling. You will be happy and have more fun.

Usha with a surprised expression was about to whisper, “How?” I quickly pulled her toward me and guided my dick completely inside her pussy. Usha moaned, “Ouch baby! Ouch! Haha ahhh ouch.”

Then she whispered: Baby, it is paining more. Ouch, haha.

So I was trying to remove my dick from her pussy.

But Usha said: Baby, please stop don’t remove. It is paining and hurting more.

So, to ease her pain, I began french kissing her lips. She responded and then I began licking her earlobes and was pulling her furthermore towards me. My dick was much deeper in my cousin’s pussy. Then Usha whispered –

Usha: Digi, you are making much worse the pain.

And she closed her eyes. I was trying to ease her pain, but it was reversed. So, I waited a few minutes without moving my body or my dick.

Usha after a few minutes said she was feeling better and asked me to continue. So, I began ramming her pussy at a slow pace. I asked Usha to look at me with her eyes open and she did as I said. I was relieved and kissed her forehead and said sorry to her.

Usha said: It’s ok darling, but you could have informed me that your monster was entering the nest.

I laughed at her comparison and she asked me to increase the pace of ramming her pussy. I agreed and began ramming her pussy at a slow to fast pace. Then Usha asked to further increase the pace.

I said: Darling, are you sure?

She replied: I am 100 percent confident that I am only yours, not for others.

I liked her reply but was confused for a second. Then I asked her –

Me: I didn’t get you.

She said: I will explain it later. Let’s not waste this moment.

I too agreed and began ramming her pussy as fast and as hard as possible. Usha was moaning more loudly, “Haha aha aha oh haha hmm ha aha darling haha..” Then I told her I was about to cum, but Usha didn’t hear properly and held me tighter.

Before I could pull my dick out, I flooded my cum deep inside her pussy. Usha loosened her grip on my body to pull my dick out of her pussy. But it was too as late as I had flooded all cum inside and still, a little amount of cum was dripping inside her pussy.

Usha tried quickly to remove my dick from her pussy, but it was paining for her.

Usha: I can’t, Diganth. It’s paining a lot. Please somehow remove your dick without hurting my pussy further.

Then she said: I need to clean the cum quickly.

To ease her pain, I began sucking her earlobes and neck region and removed my dick from her pussy. Then I checked the surroundings and opened the car door to let Usha clean outside.

Usha was shy to go out naked outside and cleaned her pussy. With some courage, she went outside the car and went a few meters away from the car to the bush. I had closed my eyes and was thinking about my mistake and her confused statement.

Usha immediately screamed asking me to help her. When I went towards her, she said that she saw someone coming towards her with a torch light. And flashing the light on her face and boobs. Even I saw someone flashing a torch light toward us. So, I quickly lifted her in my arms and ran towards the car.

Then, I started the car and placed her near the gearbox, pulled the car in reverse, and began driving quickly to the normal road. I was worried and then asked Usha –

Me: Did you see them? Or did they see you?

She replied: I was busy cleaning the cum and suddenly, someone from a far distance flashed a torch light toward my boobs. Then he held the torch light on my boobs for a few minutes and was slightly moving toward my face. I was busy cleaning the cum from my pussy. And hadn’t observed the torchlight he had flashed on my boobs, but I noticed when he had flashed once on my face.

And I heard he was saying, “Guys, look there, we got a hot chick to roast.” So, I suddenly ran changed the place and called you.

Usha was breathing more heavily and said she was scared. So, I assured her nothing would happen and asked whether she cleaned my cum from her pussy.

Usha replied she couldn’t and said she was in safe days and had nothing to worry about. But I said –

Me: I’ll get you pills tomorrow morning, don’t worry baby.

Then I again asked: Did that guy see your face?

She said: No, but he has seen my boobs for a few minutes, and maybe once he must have seen my face.

Usha was getting confused and said: No, he maybe not because I observed when he was running light upwards to my face. But I ran quickly to a different place.

To my curiosity, I asked: What if that someone came running toward you? And you didn’t see him and he started fucking you? What would you do then?

Usha was shivering to imagine the situation if someone came and fucked her. She was uttering nonstop “no-no”. So, I said –

Me: Don’t worry baby, no one will fuck you except me now.

Then I switched on the inside car light and said –

Me: See, no one can play with my mangoes except me baby.

And I mauled my cousin’s boob. She quickly turned off the inside car light and said-

Usha: Baby, are you crazy? We escaped from a horrible situation. We both are naked and in opposite vehicles, people can see me naked.

I immediately said: Sorry baby, I want to play and rip my mangoes.

The story is to be continued.

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