Navaratri ke Navarasa – Part 1 (Shringar)

Navratri is always fun to dress up and go out playing dandiya and garba. I love the season, the shopping for it, and the attention I get from boys during the festival events. This year, of course, I took the festivities up a notch or two.

Usually, I’ve mostly been busy during this season due to work. But as I’m away from family and staying alone in Pune for work, I wanted excitement. I had one roommate. We stayed in a 3.5 BHK apartment. The owner was a distant relative of mine, and I got the flat at a cheaper rate.

This also helped us during COVID-19. I was working from home, and we had office space without eating into our room space. For all those who know, COVID has destroyed any hopes of freedom or enjoying independence as we were all stuck at home.

So, for me and my friend, the lack of socialization was getting to us. Once things opened up, we did look forward to the festivities this year. The lack of boyfriends or hookups was also causing us to go crazy with the work pressure.

We even started watching porn together and doing mutual masturbation because we didn’t get enough fun. We never engaged in physical activity with each other. But we were comfortable being naked in front of each other while masturbating or doing other things.

We both had many times discussed getting boyfriends and swapping them for sex. But like everything else during lockdown, it all felt like a dream away. But this year, we decided to enjoy more and make up for lost time and youth.

I dressed in my customized lehenga and deep V-cut plunging front choli with backless threaded ties. The plunge made sure to accentuate my breasts. The cleavage showed a little bit of my chest. It was light peach and pink, with gold work in the lehenga with a plain choli.

I got it made by my new tailor, who I had to discuss at length the need to show skin. He obliged and enjoyed measuring my assets while I was in a bra. He finally did the fitting according to my needs. I paired the strap with a 4-inch white strap pencil heels and payal.

It’s difficult to play dandiya with heels. So I was also carrying sneakers just in case, along with a black pair of stilettos as backup. My roommate Sunaina and I both got ready to leave for the disco dandiya event near our place. We had bought the tickets.

We got into the Ola cab only to be ogled by the driver using his rearview mirror. Sunaina and I obliged with our cleavage and having a lewd conversation. We spoke of how dandiya play makes us sweat. Thankfully, we’re not wearing any undergarments except for panties. But our nipples might start showing later.

Sunaina reached out from between the seats to change the radio station. But she was actually making the driver feel her closer as we waited in traffic. We made sure he was having some fun as well. I asked the driver if he had accepted online payment or preferred cash.

He said anything would be fine, and we also asked if he wanted a tip. He asked if it was our wish. We were having fun teasing the driver, who definitely wanted to stop the car from shag at us. So, me and Sunaina asked him if he played dandiya before, and he replied sometimes.

Sunaina then replied, “Hamme bhi dandiya khelna pasand hai, chahe woh do dandia ho ya ek.” (We also love playing dandiya, whether it is with both dandiya sticks or even one.) I started giggling as the driver when red with realizing and almost fainted. We stopped at our destination and got out.

Sunaina bent into his car window, showing her cleavage as she asked him to show his QR code for payment. He was so hypnotized by them he was having difficulty looking down at his phone to show the QR code. She thanked him, and we left the dazed driver in his car as we walked to the venue.

Once we walked in, it was apparent that we were going to get a lot of attention. Older men, young men and even boys just started gawking at how good both of us looked. We went around the hall. This was a higher society type of event where there was a bar, and the place was well decorated.

The music was on point, and I think the ambience was good. The bouncers let us in, gesturing to go to the ladies’ line for checking. He was some 6 feet giant, almost 7 feet in his black suit. He continued pointing to go to the ladies’ screening area.

Sunaina and I got ourselves the dandiya from the counter and quickly went to the bar for a quick shot of vodka before we began. While we were ordering, many guys tried to also come to the bar to order. They were ogling at us. We kept ignoring most of them and went to play and joined a group of girls.

It wasn’t like we were the only ones dressed to show. But we did stand out among the women and young girls. As the group grew, we got men joining in and a few boys trying to play with us. In the hustle, I and Sunaina got separated. I was playing with a boy who was probably younger than me.

He kept flirting by saying stuff like, “I didn’t know angels played dandiya.” But I kept him engaged as I scoped for men. When I got bored, I went to the bar again and ordered a drink. One balding uncle came and was also ordering. He asked if he could buy me a drink, and I obliged his request.

He was in decent shape with a nice beard. He asked if I would like to join his group for the next round of dancing. The group mainly had 4 older men and 3 women in it, all young. It felt weird, but I joined in. As we went around dancing, the play became fun.

I swapped partners and enjoyed the spin of things as I was also high. I excused myself to go to the ladies washroom. I saw a huge queue, so I asked the staff, and they pointed out a second set of washrooms inside the building. I went to the elevator, but it was not coming anytime soon.

I really needed to use the loo. Hence, I decided to take the fire escape stairs up. I opened the door and unstrapped my heels to make walking up easier. I couldn’t be heard as I went up the levels to the first floor. As I exited, I looked around to see the washroom sign. In the corner, I saw the washroom.

As I made my way, I suddenly glanced into the lounge in the corner. Someone was kneeling in front of a guy giving the man a nice blowjob. This girl was none other than Sunaina. The man, rather boy, looked very young with his kurta-pajama down.

His hand was on her head and down her blouse. His head was back, and his eyes closed as Suniana sucked his soul out. I just took a quiet pic from my phone and went to the washroom without disturbing them. I was also getting turned on and wanted some fun. I decided to join them in the escapade.

I walked slowly back toward the lounge area. It was well hidden due to a wooden blind and no light. I could hear the low moaning of a man. I slowly walked over a said, “Looks like Sunaina is doing a great job.”

The guy was in a blue embroidered kurta. He opened his eyes and jerked in fear, seeing me. But Sunaina held his hand and, taking a breath, told him, “Chill, woh meri dost hai.” (Chill, she’s my friend). She then turned to me and said, “Sorry, main bolna bhul gayi yahan pe hu.” (Sorry, I forgot to inform you I was here.)

“No worries, waise ye kaun hai?”(No worries, by the way, who is this ?) I inquired. She continued holding this boy’s uncut love shaft. She looked at me and said, “He’s a new friend. We had a bet, and I lost, so I’m keeping my side of the deal.”

She then looked at him and then back at me and said, “Want to join?” I was standing cross-armed. I nodded and sat next to this guy on the couch while Sunaina was on the floor on the carpet. The guy was younger than us and cringed at the prospect of me also grabbing his cock.

I looked at him and said, “Kabhi do ladkiyo ne milke tumhara lund choosa hai?” (Have you ever had two women suck your cock?) He just shook his head with a shocked look. “Toh aaj tumhara lucky day hai.” (So today is your lucky day.) I said as I got closer to him.

I opened my blouse from the front to unfurl my breasts. He had a ‘deer in headlight’ expression seeing my C cups. Looking down to see Sunaina also with her breasts out, working her tongue on his cock. I said. “Pyase dikh rahe ho. Ao dudh pilti huin.” (You look thirsty. Let me give you milk.)

I raised my chest to his face level and pushed my breasts into his face. He latched on immediately like a hungry baby looking for his mother’s milk. His hands reached them as he sucked my breasts and squeezed them. I allowed him to play a few more seconds.

I then whacked his hand off and bent down to sit next to Sunaina on the floor. We both went to work on this boy’s hard desi cock. Even though we had never done a shared blowjob before, we were a pretty good team. I was working his cock with my mouth and tongue while she licked and suckled his balls.

Then we would switch with me sucking his calls like I was slurping candy while Sunaina licked his shaft. The boy couldn’t believe his luck. A few times, we both ended up running our lips and tongues down the sides of his cock. A few times, our tongues and lips touched, and we went with it.

I had her saliva in my mouth, and she had mine as we covered his cock with our mouth and licking. Sunaina had him in her mouth when he just caught her head and thrust his hips as he was about to cum. He was face fucking to reach his climax. I watched as she let go, and he erupted on her face and mouth.

She was covered in cum around her lower face, some on her hair and some in her mouth. The guy just went quiet, saying, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Sunaina was wiping some of it from her face. I put my finger to get some cum from her chin and tasted it.

“Good job, babes,” I chimed with a wink. “Go, you need to clean up and retouch your makeup. While this guy packs up.” I said. He was tired, but he wanted to talk and hang out more. I also told him to go to the toilet and clean up.

I took Sunaina to the ladies’ washroom and handed her the bag with our backup clothes, shoes and makeup.  I was like, “Bahut jaldi thi lund choosne ki, rukh nahi payi?”(You were in such a rush to suck cock, couldn’t you wait ?)

She winked and said, “Kya karu garmi bahut hai.” (What to do, I’m in heat.) She gargled with mouthwash and winked at me. I left the bathroom to find the boy standing there and realized we had a puppy problem. He came up all shy and wanted to talk.

But I raised my hands and said. “It was a one-time thing. Don’t get all friendly. Maybe we can talk on Snap, but for now, that’s all you’re going to get.” He smirked and asked if he could take a selfie with me and add us on Snapchat. We did, and I gave him our Snap ID.

We introduced ourselves. I realized he was just a 19-year-old college boy. Because of his height and boyish looks, Sunaina must have just gone with the flow. Sunaina joined us and continued talking. But I was not interested in him, so I excused myself and went down to the event floor.

He was very eager to take us out, but I just walked off and said, “Maybe some other time.” I reached the dance area and bar. Many heads started turning as I was alone, and it was usually the time when I got approached. I declined a few offers for drinks, reached the bar, and asked for a lime soda.

While I was waiting at the bar, someone approached me, offering to buy me a drink, like much of the evening. But I, without turning towards him, declined. I was looking for Sunaina to be back.

“Then how about some coke, and I don’t mean the soda?” he said in a more casual one. It made me turn to look at this individual with shock and interest. It was a man much older. He was around his late 30s to early 40s, bald with a greying beard.

He was big-built but had a slight paunch showing. He wore a nice pastel kurta with an ornate embroidered Nehru jacket. He was taller than me and was looking over me as I turned around in his direction. Looking at his mischievous smile, I paused.

I looked at him before making a decision based on a wet pussy. “How about some cock, and I don’t mean the chicken?” I had my best poker face on as I said that. I saw his jaw drop while a person behind him started coughing. He might have choked on his drink after hearing me say it.

The drinks and sexual pent-up energy may have just released my bitchy nature. When I think back, it was very embarrassing. After what felt like an eternity, he came to his senses. He choked out that he may have a fix for what I wanted. I also smiled and said, “Oh really?”

He introduced himself as Prakash. He was from out of town here for some business work. He also introduced his friend behind him, Ilyas, who was actually from our city. Considering Sunaina wasn’t there, I continued flirting. They both looked middle-aged and weren’t at all fit in any sense.

But the mix of drinks and a wet pussy made everything look fine for that moment. I continued flirting with both. It didn’t help that I had just sucked cock a while back and had not gotten any fun back. “So you guys have run away from your wives and are here peddling drugs to young girls?” I asked jokingly.

“Nothing like that. We came out to party after closing a recent deal in town. Well, you look really nice, so I approached. But yes, I am married and have a kid back in Bangalore, while Ilyas here is a divorcee,” said Prakash.

He was appreciative of my beauty and was fawning over my attire. I accentuated my breasts by bringing my arms closer to the sides of my chest. It pushed up my breasts and created deep cleavage, which had their stares fixed. After all, it was a night of Love and Beauty (Shringara).