Navaratri ke Navarasa – Part 4 (Raudra)

As they got closer to the window, I could see the night city and the stars. I was in a different state of existence. The silhouette of the cityscape, the sound of dandiya music in rhythm to the desi dandiya in my pussy and ass. The reflection of me in the arms of two lusty men worshipping my body with their cocks.

It made me feel my feminine energy at the highest. After all, dandiya is played to celebrate and honour the divine feminine inside us. At that moment, a different feminine awakening was happening inside me. My mascara dripped from my eyes.

Ilyas started to cum in my pussy. I felt his warm semen in my pussy, and slowly dripped out as he removed his cock. Prakash continued with his slow thrust to release his semen in my rectum. He released his 4th load inside another one of my holes. He used my mouth, pussy and ass for his pleasure.

He spanked my ass as Ilyas held me and kissed me. I was still spasming from pleasure and dripping cum on the floor like melting ice cream. I had multiple orgasms, maybe 6-7 times during this session. I was very dizzy. Ilyas took me to the bed and laid me down as he checked on my pussy and butt.

“Pura bhar diya isko humne.”(We filled her up) Ilyas stated as he caught his breath. Prakash sunk into the couch with fatigue. Ilyas felt my body caressed my breasts and offered me water. He then started to feel my pussy clit to see if I was still reacting.

But my body was awake more while my mind had switched off. I was a mindless slut at that point, with my body in autopilot or slut pilot mode. My legs automatically parted as he started to feel me and slowly finger my pussy. I started to feel pleasure again.

He pleased me, and I felt him rub his penis now against my pussy again. He also started getting turned on. We slowly pushed his cock in my pussy again as I spread my leg. We started doing slow sex in missionary as he sucked my breasts. His cock pushed in to ooze out the remaining cum in my pussy.

“Arre kitna chodega usko. Mar jayegi.”(How much will you fuck her? She’ll die.) Prakash chuckled as he saw his friend thrust into me. But we were busy in the moment of getting hot pleasure again. He stopped and said, “I haven’t gotten to fuck your ass. Can I?”

I looked and agreed. He lifted my hips a little higher into the air. He opened my legs to spread them again and slowly put his cock into my butt hole. My legs rested on his shoulder as he put his thumb on top of my clit. He rubbed it while thrusting slowly into my already creamed rectum.

Prakash walked up and took a pic of us. His cock was hard seeing us, so I caught it with my hand to rub it. My head was at the edge of the bed. I tilted my head back and slowly guided Prakash’s cock into my mouth. Prakash slid his cock inside my mouth easily as the inverted position allowed it.

“All your holes are fuckable, ” he said as he felt pleasure in his cock. Ilyas had put my leg together to get better access to my butt. He was slowly thrusting in it. His one hand held my legs at the ankle with my heel straps. Prakash caught and spread my legs so that Ilyas could enter while gripping my hips.

Ilyas shifted his thumb onto my pussy clit. He rubbed with each thrust while one hand fondled my breasts. My body was positioned like a slutty gymnast, ready to get points for a new posture. I also enjoyed the fucking. Ilyas then took out his cock from my butt and then put it into my pussy.

I let go of Prakash’s cock from my mouth and moaned, “Ah! Slowly, please!” as he entered. Ilyas pulled me onto him as he went down on the bed, making my back reveal to Prakash. Prakash got up on the bed and squatted to get his cock into my vacant butthole.

He slid it in with some resistance. But my anal muscles were now loose from Ilyas’ use just a few seconds back. Prakash entered my butt with a pop, and he rested his knee on the bed to continue. They both started thrusting in rhythm inside me again as the dandiya songs played outside.

Sunaina was next to us but could barely be bothered by the sex engine running next to her. The cocks ran as pistons inside me. I was moaning and screaming while the men grunted and sighed. “Kya mast randi hai tu!” (What an amazing slut you are!)

Ilyas held my hips and thrust his cock into my pussy. Prakash released his last cum into my rectum and collapsed back into the couch. He went to get his drink. Ilyas continued thrusting me as I dropped onto him with warm semen pouring out of my butt.

Ilyas turned me over as he got on top as he wanted to finish. But I was too used to reciprocating. He gave up and stroked his cock with his hands. He sprayed his cum on my body and some on Sunaina, who was out. I was full of these men’s load and was creampied fully.

We all passed out, and Prakash turned off the lights. Ilyas continued sucking and fondling my breasts in the dark room. He whispered in my ears, “Aaj so ja, kal se tera kaam hi hai mera lund lena.” (Today, you sleep. From tomorrow, your job is to only take my cock.)

In the morning, I walked into the washroom to find my mascara and lipstick all blotted in my face. All my holes were filled, and my body had cum crusted layers. I was hungover badly and just went into the shower to start the warm water.

I was so hungover I forgot I was wearing heels. I slowly took them off and sat on the shower floor with water pouring on me. After what seemed almost forever, I felt better, and my head stopped whirling around. I got up to use soap and clean my body.

I poured shower gel onto my hands and cleaned my hands. I went to my crotch area as it was crusted with cum, and I scrubbed. I started to slowly clean my butt and pussy, which felt sensitive from all the pounding last night. I got up and dried myself.

I was looking at my reflection and remembering all that happened last night. I couldn’t help but smile at the way I felt satisfied inside after the vigorous use. I walked into the room to find Sunaina out in bed. No Prakash and Ilyas in the room.

It was around 10 AM when I checked my phone. I found a tray covered with breakfast and a note from Prakash saying, “Eat and relax. We’ll be back in sometime.” I dried my hair and woke Sunaina up. I told her to get ready as we should be leaving.

It was difficult for me to walk straight. But thankfully, there was ice in the mini-bar. I iced my pussy and butt while I collected my clothes into the duffle bag. We had, thankfully, some toiletries and makeup, an extra pair of footwear and a few casual clothes like tees, crop tops, shorts, skirts and summer dresses.

We were packed weirdly for a 3-day vacation. Most of our footwear and bottom wear were the same size. Sunaina showered. I wore a pastel green summer dress with a gathered middle and flare at the bottom. It was mid-knee length and covered just enough of my butt if I bent down.

I decided against wearing any bra or panties for now to ice and air my raw used pussy and butt. I paired the dress with my white strap heels from the previous night. I had experienced my debauchery, and hence, they felt fun to wear. I touched up my makeup and decided not to wear any mascara.

Sunaina walked out of the shower and whistled and chimed, “You seem ready for a fun day. What happened last night that I missed?” I said, “We continued playing dandiya, actually,” with a wink. She was confused but was too hungover to ask anything.

We both hydrated as she got into shorts and a crop top. We giggled and looked at the room, which had a stench of sex. Sunaina just realized that I might have fucked around the room while she was out. But I didn’t reveal much as I was also replaying some of the happenings from last night. I was getting wet again.

The room door opened with the voices of men. They walked in and saw us on the couch, ready. Prakash lit up and said, “Areh wah! Tum larkiyon ko party aur maze lena ata hai aur uske baad wapas normal jo jana bhi aata hain? Kisi ko khabar bhi nahi hogi ki kal raat is room mein kya hua. Isko toh aur jada.”

(Wow, you girls know how to party and have fun and clean up well! No one would suspect what you guys were up to here last night, especially you.) Pointing at me.

Ilyas was quiet as he smirked and looked at both of us again with hungry eyes. Sunaina and I giggled and got up.

“Prakash and Ilyas, thank you for the fun time, but we have to go,” Sunaina said.

“Arreh, so fast! Stay today. We can plan something fun,” Prakash said, looking back at Ilyas.

“No, we have some other work also,” Sunaina continued

All the while, Ilyas looked at me with intense hunger, standing behind Prakash. I was shivering at how he still had energy but didn’t mind the attention.

“Let’s do this. Let me at least show you girls a good time and take you shopping and get you some lunch,” Prakash said.

“It’s the least we could do for you, fun ladies,” said Ilyas.

Sunaina and I got the picture that they won’t be easy to leave. But we could avoid them if we were in a more public setting and not in their hotel room. We both agreed, and we walked down to the lobby with them as the valet got the car.

This time, Prakash sat in the front driving with me and Ilyas at the back. Prakash was cheerful as he drove us. Ilyas sat close to me with his hand over my shoulder, touching my skin.

He whispered in my ear, “I’m still hungry. I want more.”

I had goosebumps with that statement. I whispered back, “Sunaina is not interested. Maybe we let her go.”

His other hand was now rubbing my exposed thigh as he was thinking. I caught that hand and led it to go higher up. My dress moved up as his hand touched my pussy. He looked down and lifted my dress to see the exposed pussy.

“No panties? Then we can try anywhere.” He whispered.

“Sure,” I said with a wink.

“But I like to share my fun things,” he whispered back. “Want to continue our fun with Prakash also.”

“I don’t mind. After all, there’s always room for more,” I whispered back

He realized what I meant and got excited, and started rubbing my clit. I was rubbing his tent over his shorts. We stopped as we entered the mall. As we got out and entered the mall, I asked Sunaina to come to the washroom with me.
“What do you want to do?” I asked her.

She said, “Leave off course. I was done with this yesterday only. What do you want to do?”

I pondered and gave a look to her, which she understood, “Seriously, you had fun? What did I miss when I was sleeping?” she said, surprised.

“I’ll tell you later, but for now, is it okay if you go and I’ll come home by night?” I asked for permission.

“Okay, but share your live location and be safe,” she said like a worried mother. I thanked her, and she actually left via the other exit, and I walked back to the guys waiting. “Where’s your friend?” asked Prakash.

“Usse kabab mein haddi nahi bana tha.” (She didn’t want to be a third wheel) I said with a wink as I got between the men. They looked at each other, realizing what I meant and said fine.

“Kabab choro appko toh sausage platter chahiye,” (Forget kabab, you seem to want a sausage platter) chirped Prakash, putting his hand over my lower waist.

We went to a restaurant and had lunch, post which they wanted to take me shopping. I suggested some shows as I tested out sexy outfits and dresses for them. Prakash bought me a sexy black dress along with nice stilettos, while Ilyas bought me a very sexy blouse and saree.

They also bought me jewellery. I suggested that we could go and try getting me some lingerie so I could maybe model for them. They salivated at the thought. We went to a shop where I asked them to choose from the collection. I got quite a few in the size that fit me, along with a few roleplay costumes.

They just paid for it, wanting me to go back as soon as we could to the room and model for them. I joked, asking how I pay for these gifts. They laughed and said, “I can pay however I like.” I then asked them to follow me to the accessible toilets.

They usually are empty in the malls and have bigger booths. We suspiciously entered. I had Prakash stand outside the stall while I pulled Ilyas in and closed the toilet stall door.

“I heard you were hungry,” I said as I lifted my dress to show him my pussy. I made him sit on the toilet. I lifted one leg behind him to bring my pussy to his face level. He grabbed my hip and waist, pulling my pussy closer as he started licking my clit.

It was still a little numb from last night’s session, but he started eating it and using his tongue to lick it. I grabbed his hair and started rubbing my pussy on his face. It didn’t take long, and I came on his face. His glass had droplets of my cum.

I bent down and kissed him and opened my dress top to show my breasts. I pulled his shorts down. I started licking his love shaft, kneeling in front of him. He grabbed the booth walls as he couldn’t hold back and came in my mouth.
There was a knock on the booth door as I got up to straighten up my dress.

“Kaun hain?” (Who is it?) Ilyas asked.

“Tera baap,” (Your father) chirped Prakash as he wanted to get into the action.

Ilyas opened the door, and Prakash smiled and said, “Ab mera kya hoga?” (Now, what about me?)

I pushed Ilyas out, grabbed Prakash’s collar, pulled him in, and told Ilyas to keep watch. I latched the booth door again. This time, lifted my dress over my head and put it on the door hanger. I was standing in front of Prakash in the nude with heels again.

What a déjà vu moment for him, yet he looked as enamoured as ever. He opened his pants again and took out his familiar desi brown uncut cock. I grabbed it and bent down to lick it as it grew hard. I licked a few more times and then got up to straddle him in the booth.

As I sat on his lap, which became a familiar seat, I found his cock and helped him enter my pussy. We then faced him, and he looked into my eyes and said, “I wish I could take you with me and fuck you every day.”

As we started to get into a rhythm, I was moaning. Hearing me, Prakash started thrusting faster. I was enjoying him fuck me again. It was a now well-practised position between us, and we kissed and shared saliva. He then came inside me and was holding me as I felt his warm cum fill me again.

At this rate, I should get my birth control pill taken, or these old men may end up making me pregnant. I got off Prakash and started to wear my dress. His cum trickled down my inner thigh. I scooped it up with my finger, licked it, and winked at him.

“You’re a goddess,” he said with awe. We got out of the booth to find Ilyas standing and waiting for us. He looked at me as I went to correct my makeup and hair.

“We should go back to the hotel if we want to continue,” Ilyas said to Prakash, who was adjusting his pants.

Right then, a man walked into the toilet and saw them first and then looked at me and was confused. He looked around again to understand where he was and asked Prakash, “This is the gent’s toilet, right?”

“No, this is the accessible toilet, actually,” Stated Prakash to the man.

“Oh, so both genders are allowed here?” he asked as he looked my way, checking me out. I bent over the sink to put on my lipstick. His stare lingered on my dress as he was hoping to get a peak under.

“Maybe we just came in to use it as one of us can’t walk well,” said Ilyas to the man.

“Oh, so you have a disability? I’m sorry I couldn’t understand,” he stated, looking at the men and then looking back at me.

“She is the one unable to walk, you see, so we came to support her,” Ilyas stated. He came next to me to help me by my waist to guide me to the man.

“Oh, that’s sad to hear. I hope you find a way to get it healed,” he said, looking at me and down my cleavage.

“What disability?” I asked with actual confusion.

“Actually, the disability is caused by us, you see. She can’t walk because we fuck her holes all the time.” Prakash said as a matter of fact and lifted my dress a little to show him my bare pussy.

The man’s jaw hit the floor as he and Ilyas started laughing. I pulled down my dress with a red face as the man could barely look away.

“Uff, you two, let’s go!” I said as I walked away towards the door.

Prakash and Ilyas followed, laughing as we walked down the hall of the toilet lane. I turned back to see the man walking out and looking after us. I walked between Ilyas and Prakash. Ilyas looked back to see the man also. He lifted my dress to cup his hands on my left butt.

I also looked back and winked at the man and then smacked at Ilyas’ hand. I fixed my dress and looked while pouting at him and Prakash with some anger (Raudra). I was enjoying this type of attention and this adventure of Navratri.