Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 1

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I’m Alex, a 30-year-old man living with my mother in a gated society on the city’s outskirts. I have an elder sister, Amy, who is happily married and lives a few miles away with her husband.

My father passed away a few years back but left us in a very good financial condition. We live in a 3 BHK villa, and the society also belongs to some high-class residents. Recently, a new neighbour had shifted in our society and bought the villa right next to us.

It was a family of 3: Priti Dias, a 48-year-old working-class woman. Vance Dias, a 53-year-old businessman and Chris Dias, their 24-year-old boy. The boy had just graduated from a well-reputed college but was looking for another higher education degree.

We welcomed the Dias family by inviting them to dinner at our house. After a dinner and chit-chat session, we learned that the Dias family were professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Priti was a director in one of the companies. Vance owned a well-reputed Pharma business. Chris was in search of another degree to be added to his academics. A few weeks passed, and the Dias family got close to me and my mum. Even my sister, Amy, liked them.

I work in a reputed MNC as a Senior Consultant and have a well-paying job. My office hours on paper were 9 am to 5 pm. But I always reached home by 10 pm, sometimes later.

One fine day, I finished my work early and reached home around 4 p.m. I saw my front door wide open, which was very unusual. Priti’s shoes were at my doorstep. I heard soft moans inside my house as soon as I reached my door. One of them was my mum.

I walked towards her room with soft toes and peeped in to see the shocking sight. My mum was lying on the bed while Priti Aunty was between her legs. Both the ladies were naked, and Priti Aunty was feasting on my mum’s pussy.

For a minute, I felt guilt in my veins, looking at my Mom in such a compromising position. But that guilt was immediately taken over by my horniness. My blood started rushing towards my crotch, and my dick had now risen to life.

I saw my mum climax right in front of my eyes by Priti Aunty. Once she climaxed, they switched places. Mum was not eating our neighbour’s pussy. She slurped all the juices for 10 minutes, and Priti Aunty squirted her juices on my mother.

Both the ladies were satisfied now. They both cuddled each other and dozed off out of tiredness. My mind was racing with thoughts now. I wanted to understand when all of this started and by whom.

A few days passed, and I was so engrossed in my work that I didn’t get time to think about this incident. One fine weekend, I was relaxing at home when my Mom asked me to drop a parcel at our neighbour’s place.

I took the parcel and started walking to my neighbour’s villa. I saw the main door open as I entered the gate and went inside.

“Priti Aunty, you at home?” I called out.

“Yes, beta, I’m in the room next to the kitchen,” Aunty replied, and I started walking towards the room.

As I entered the room, I saw Priti sitting on the bed, trying to find something in the closet. She was wearing an almost transparent black satin gown, and I could see her breasts right through it. For some reason, Priti didn’t find hiding her body from me necessary.

“Hey, hi Alex,” she greeted me

“Hi, Aunty. Mum told me to hand you your parcel.”

“Oh, so it finally arrived,” Priti said and got up to collect it from my hand.

“Thanks, beta,” Priti said and, to my surprise, gave me a soft kiss on my cheek.

“No problem, Aunty,” I replied

I was gazing at her beauty. Her boobs were perfectly shaped. I could see her nipples right through her gown. For some reason, her nipples were visibly hard. She wore panties, so unfortunately, her pussy was not on display. I was admiring her beauty from top to bottom.

“Like what you see?” Suddenly, I returned to reality and stared cluelessly at Priti’s face.

“I’m sorry, Aunty, I didn’t mean to offend you,” I said and turned back in guilt.

“Offend? Who told you I’m offended? I’m happy that you liked my body. I hope you liked it when it was on top of your Mom, too,” Priti said casually and winked at me.

I was shocked to know that she knew about it all this time. I didn’t know how to react now.

“It’s okay, beta. It is natural to get turned on by seeing 2 women pleasuring each other,” she tried to convince me.

“Even if one of them is your mum,” she continued.

“Aunty, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything,” saying this, Priti moved closer to me. I instinctively leaned in, and we both started kissing each other.

It was the wettest kiss of my entire life. When our lips met, Priti pushed her tongue inside my mouth and started eating out my face. We kissed for over 10 minutes, and my hands naturally grabbed her boobs. She let out a soft moan as soon as I squeezed her breasts.

Her kissing got intense after this, and she jumped on me. I regained my balance and aligned myself to fall on the bed behind me. Priti climbed on my lap and pushed me. My upper body was lying flat on the bed while my legs were down from the side.

Priti seductively raised her hands and removed her nightgown, revealing her naked body. I could feel her wetness leaking from her panties to between her legs, on my lap.

“Do you like watching your Aunt naked?” she asked me.

“Hell, yes,” I said and pulled her closer to me by grabbing her boobs.

She fell on top of me, and we again started making out. She slowly crawled down my body, kissing me from the top of my clothes the entire time. She unbuckled my belt as soon as she reached near my crotch and swiftly removed the buttons of my jeans.

Her eyes glowed as she opened my fly and pulled down my undies. My 8 inches was right before her eyes, and she stared at me like a kid staring at candy.

She took it in her hand and pulled back my foreskin. I was leaking precum from my dick. Priti hungrily stuck out her tongue on my tip, licking as much as she could.

“That’s delicious,” she said and continued sucking on my tip.

She licked and swallowed all my pre-cum hungrily. As I became bolder, I kept my hand on Aunty’s head as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft. I was enjoying the blowjob. No girl had ever given me such a satisfactory blowjob, but then, I guess experience does matter.

Priti continued for 10 minutes as I pushed her head down on my dick. I gagged her, and she loved it. She was asking for it more. I pinched her nose as I pinned her down on my dick. I could feel the back of her throat pulsate as she struggled to breathe.

After a few seconds, Priti started to tap me to release her. I didn’t show mercy and kept her pinned down for a few more seconds before leaving her out of her misery.

As soon as I removed my hand, Priti gasped for air. She took all the oxygen she could down her air pipe. Her saliva drooled down her lips onto her gown, and her face looked like a fucked up slut.

“That was amazing,” Priti said, which shocked me. I was expecting a slap on my face, but I guess Priti was a slut. I got up from the bed and removed my clothes. I moved closer to Priti and tore her gown, revealing the milkiest boobs before me. I pulled her panties down, exposing her pink lips between her legs.

“You want to fuck this slut?” She asked me, and I gave her a look of surprise.

“What? Never seen a slut begging before?” She said after a short pause.

“Didn’t expect that from you, Aunty,” I said.

“Oh, you thought I was some high-class woman? Well, I’m a whore when it comes to sex. Now I want to know, will you treat me as a whore or a high-class woman?” She said

I didn’t say anything but grabbed her by her neck, pulled her closer, slapped her face before I spat on her face and threw her on the bed.

“Whore it is then,” she said and immediately got on her fours.

I spanked her ass as hard as I could. I could immediately see my fingerprints on her cheeks. I grabbed a fistful of her hair in my hand, lined my dick to her pussy and BAM, shoved it deep in her fuck-hole.

Priti loudly moaned as my 8 inches dick easily went right into her womb. I started fucking my neighbour Aunty with pace. It looked like I was fucking a roadside whore. I spanked her ass, pulled her hair, slapped her face and continued fucking her.

When I looked down, I could see her asshole oozing. I understood she gets fucked in her shit-hole from time to time. Without any announcement, I spat on her asshole and stuck my finger in it. Priti screamed but in pleasure as I explored her rectum.

I continued fucking her cunt as I kept on fingerfucking her asshole. Maybe that took her to the edge.

“Oh God, I’m cumming,” she announced loudly, and I could sense her pussy walls grabbing my dick. She came, and I could feel her squirt on my dick inside her pussy. As I pulled out my dick, her squirt splashed out like a clogged toilet.

I inserted my dick back in her pussy and continued to fuck her in the same position. After another 10 minutes, I pulled out my dick and rolled her over.

“Fuck me more, Master,” Priti begged

“You want me to be your Master, Whore?” I asked

“Yes, Master, getting fucked by someone who owns me turns me on,” she replied

“So I own you now?” I questioned

“Yes, Master, this slut wants to be your cum bucket. That means you, my Master, can fuck this slut wherever, whenever, however and with whoever you wish to. This whore will get naked and spread her legs at your command,” she said, and I got pumped up listening to this.

I immediately pulled her legs, aligned myself between her legs and shoved my dick in her cunt. She let out a moan as I continued fucking her like a bitch. I choked her and slapped her face, which she took elegantly.

“Slap this bitch more, Master,” she begged.

I fucked her for another 10 minutes as she came on my dick. I, too, was getting close now, and she sensed it.

“Cum on my face, Master,” she said.

I pulled out my dick, and she immediately went down on her knees. With just 2 pumps, I ejaculated a shit load of cum right on the face of my cum bucket whore.

“Yum, that’s delicious,” Priti said as she scooped and licked her fingers.

“Amy will love this load,” she said, and the next shock hit me.

“What?” I asked out of surprise.

“Yes, your Mum, she wants to be your cum bucket too.”

“Are you crazy?” I said and grabbed her neck in frustration, “Tell me the truth whore?” I asked.

“Turn around, Master,” I heard a voice from the bedroom door.

As I turned around, the floor underneath my legs turned to hell.

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