New Country changed my Parents – Part 1

Hello, My name is Mitesh. I am a 32-year-old Marathi man settled in Canada. I am 5″7 with a nice 7-inch long and 3-inch thick boner. This story is about how Canada changed my sober Indian parents into sex-loving parents. Let us begin.

Let me introduce you to my parents. My father, Mahesh, is 59-year-old. He is fit, has no athletic body, and has no bulging stomach. He walks a lot and has a well-balanced diet.

My mother, Kamini, is 51-year-old. She is a trendy woman, and her vitals are 36DD-34-38. She is like any other Indian lady in her 50’s. She keeps herself up-to-date with the trend but wouldn’t wear anything with deep necks or anything that showed too much skin.

My parents had their differences. Their sexual life stopped after me, and they were not on good terms either. They moved to Canada with me. I stayed in a mixed neighborhood where there were people from all countries. My next neighbors were Danish.

The lady Samantha was the same age as a mom. But against her, she wore clothes that covered nothing. Hot shorts and crop tops were every days, and dresses had cut from the hips showing her legs or ending just below her ass.

Her husband, Sebastian, was also a very outgoing person. They both would sit on their porch and smoke weed at times.

Now in Canada, the houses are made of wood, which means you can hear through the walls. I heard Samantha’s moans and the sound of her thighs clapping for quite a few days. They both still had sex and loved partying around too.

The summer had started, so I called my parents to live with me. It took a while for them to settle in, but they adapted well. In the first month, I did take them sightseeing. But later, I got busy with work, and they would be home alone all day.

They gelled in well with Samantha and Sebastian. I saw Samantha at my place quite a few times, and Sebastian loved my mother’s food. Samantha and Mom were like best friends by the end of two months. She would take mom out with her shopping and stuff.

My mother never in her life wore padded bras, and my father never wore shorts, either. But I could see them changing. Initially, my mother the full-length gowns she brought from India. One fine day I returned from work and saw mom wearing a knee-length, sleeveless dress and dad in shorts.

We talked about it, and they were relieved to see me fine with the clothes. I saw them changing and spending more time with the neighbors. Mom started going to the gym with Samantha. Her body started toning up, and her boobs and ass started looking hotter.

Even dad was getting more fit by the day. At first, she started going to the gym in her leggings and long T-shirts. But by the end of that month, she was wearing tight-fitting shorts and a sports bra to the gym. From home, she would wear a t-shirt and leave.

But I was in the same plaza the other day. I saw her walk out in those shorts and a T-back sports bra that failed to cover her boobs. I was watching silently. Now the gowns at home became shorter till mid-thighs, and the sleeveless became spaghetti. They were of thin material and deep-neck, showing ample cleavage.

At first, I could see the bra straps with the spaghetti, but by Friday, the bra had come off. Her desi-style panties became thongs, and you could see her naked body in the extreme sun. It was Saturday morning. Dad was sitting on the sofa in his boxers.

My mother bent and gave him tea showing him a view of her ample boobs. My father was checking my mother’s figure. It was the first time I saw it. I also got used to seeing my mother in such gowns. She went to the gym in her shorts and sports bra every day.

While going out, she started wearing knee-length skirts and tops, giving ample cleavage. My house was a one-bedroom house. Mom and I slept in the bedroom. She was on a bed, I was on an additional bed on the floor, and dad was in the living room.

It had been three months now. My parents moved in. They got used to the open culture here quite well. But I sensed something was fishy. When I came home, I often saw the bedsheet messed up, mom’s hair would be messed up, etc. But I behaved as if I did not understand.

One fine night I got up to some noise. Now here, it is so silent that even if you speak in another room, you can hear it. The house that I was in had no locks to the room. The voice felt closer, so I got up. Mom was not in her bed. I thought she would have gone to the washroom, but the light was not on.

I heard the murmur. I went out into the living room. There was light coming from the street light and what I saw in the dimmed light gave me a straight hard-on. My parents were making out. My mother was sucking my father’s dick. I watched them in action and heard them talk.

Dad: “Aahh! Kay mast chokhteys tu. Aah. Aai zhavadi, udya sakal paryant rahavala nahi ka? Aata sandhyakali mast chut marli and Sebastian ne. Porga uthel halu kar zara.”

(Aah. You suck so well. Bloody bitch, couldn’t wait till morning? Sebastian just fucked you good in the evening today. Be slow, or else he will get up)

Mom: “Ho, jasa tumhi Samantha la jhavat hota. Tumalach pahije hota na mi randi banu ,aata vijva majhya chut chi aag. Ani haa majha lund aahe, hyaala nahi ghetla tar kay majja. Slluurrpp. Uthla toh tar uthu de, lahaan nahiye aata toh. Live porn milel tyaala baghayla.”

(Yes, the way you were fucking Samantha. You wanted me to be whore right, now satisfy my pussy. This is my dick. I can take it in whenever I want. Let him wake up. He will witness live porn.)

Mom got up, removed her gown, went over to dad, and took his dick in her pussy. She let out a moan. Ahh!

Mom: “Changlach taatla aahe tumcha, and fukat natak kartay.” (You are so hard now.)

Dad: “Aata tu naagdi jhaali tar taatnarch na toh, kiti oli jhaali aahe chut, shegdi sarkhi garam aahe. Aahh.” ( Obviously I will be, if you stand naked in front of me. Your pussy is soaking wet and hot)

Mom bent forward and kissed him. He held her boobs and started moving her hip faster now. They were kissing like newlywed couples in heat.

Mom: “Tumchya lund saathich oli aahe. Samantha ne dilelya golyanni aag laagte chut madhye. Haan porga nasta na tar mi tumcha lund baherch nasta kadhla chut madhun.”

(It is wet for you. Since Samantha’s meds, my cunt is always wet and wanting a fuck. I would have taken your dick in me the whole day if he were not at home.)

Dad: ” Ho, mi pan tula nagdach thevla asta. But konacha lund jast avadla, majha ka tyaacha?” ( Yes, I would have kept you naked. By the way, which was better? him or me?)

Mom: “Tumcha. Tyaacha tumchya evdha motha nahi aahe . Samantha la tumcha lai avadla, roj navre swap karu mhantey mala. Ticha farm aahe kuthe lakeside la mhane, mala bolat hoti a weekend la tithe sex party karu apan choughe mhanun. Pan hyaala kay sangaycha toh prashna aahe.”

(Yours, I loved yours more. Even Samantha loved your dick. She said we would go on a fuck trip to her lakeside farm)

Dad: “Tyaala pan jhav ekda. Te kase aplya pori samor bindass sex kartat and ti pan join karte. Tasa tu pan tyaala seduce kar and join karayla laav. Toh pan tujhyvar gela aahe, ekda sutla na tar nusta jhavat rahil.”

(Then fuck him once. Look how those two fuck openly in their house in front of their daughter. She also joins them very often. He is as horny as you. Once he gets started, he won’t stop fucking you.)

Mom: “Aah! Pani sutla majha toh mala jhavtana vichar karun. Samjhat nahiye kasa seduce karu tyaala ajun. Evdhe ball dakhavte, naagdi aste mi gown khaali, ajun kay karaycha.”

(Aaah! Thinking of him fucking me made me cum. I don’t know what else to do to seduce him. I am already wearing so few clothes, show off my cleavage, and my gowns are transparent.)

She had her orgasm and collapsed on dad. Now they changed positions, and she was going in missionary when dad stopped her.

Dad: “Kutri ban. Lavkar hoil mag.” (Come in the doggy style, I’ll cum faster.)

Mom turned on fours into a doggy position, and dad pounded her hard. She pressed her face to the pillow to suppress her voice. Dad fucked her for ten more minutes, and both collapsed.

Mom: ” Sarka, mi ithech jhopte. Kapde naka ghaalu” (Move aside and sleep naked, I want to sleep with you).

They slept naked. I went into the room shagged, and slept. Now, this has become an everyday thing. Both my parents were getting hornier by the day. They fucked for the next three nights after that day. It became a routine once they were sure I was in sound sleep.

They had sex every night and slept naked in the living room, and she would come back before I got up. The gowns became smaller, ending just below the ass. While going out now, the tops became thinner kinds of spaghetti and skirts.

Cleavages turned into a boob show. 30 percent of her boobs could be seen from the tops. Gym shorts became hot shorts that covered her ass, and sports bras came to seductive bras.

They would go to Sam’s house when I was home and fuck there. Or have quickies in the washroom or walk-in closets. One fine day I was home earlier than usual. I saw they were not in the house. I went around Sam’s house. The back door was not locked, so I entered the house.

I heard moans coming from the bedroom. There were four glasses of wine in the living room and cigarette buds in the ashtray. I moved slowly to the bedroom and peeped. I saw mom getting double penetrated by dad and Sebastian. Dad was doing her in the ass, Sebastian in her pussy.

Samantha was sucking her boobs and consoling her; it would be fun. It seemed like mom was getting double penetrated for the first time. A few minutes later, she enjoyed it, and both men started plowing her holes.

Mom: “Aah! kay majja yete don lund gheun. Mara majhi gaand ashich maara. Jhava mala.” (It is so much fun with two dicks, keep fucking me like this)

They fucked her for 10 minutes. Then both men made the ladies go on their knees and came in their mouths. Those ladies sucked their dicks and changed the cum with each other. They cleaned themselves, and I moved out of the house and watched from the window.

Sebastian was in the living room, picking up his shorts, and mom walked in naked. He pulled her and kissed her hard on the lips, and she held his dick and stroked him. Meanwhile, dad came out, and behind him came Samantha. They saw them kissing and were okay with it.

I went back home and was rock-hard with it. My mother had started giving me medicines that increased my horniness. They came back and opened the door. My mother was in her hot shorts and short zipper, showing her flat navel, and my dad was in his shorts. I had a hard-on that needed release.

She came to the bedroom, removed her zipper before me, and was just in her bra. She saw me watching and saw my hard prick. She smiled at me and went for a bath. When she was done with her bath, she came out and covered herself with a towel that barely covered her ass.

She went into the walking closet to change her clothes. I was in the bedroom. She left a little viewing gap and did not close the door entirely. She removed her towel, wiped her body, and stood naked there, purposely playing with her hair to let me have a good look at her.

She turned her ass towards me and bent with the pretext of drying her right leg, then another side to show me her boobs. She wore her gown without her garments, and this one just ended at her ass. It had the shape of a bra at her neck and clearly showed her ample busts.

She saw the tent in my pants, and I saw her smile. I will tell what happened next and how my parents started openly fucking in front of me in the next part.