New Country changed my Parents – Part 2

Hello, Mitesh here with the next part of my story. We saw in the last detail how my parents fucked at Samantha and Sebastian’s house and then how mom changed her clothes in the walk-in closet, exposing her naked body to me.

She changed into her new spaghetti gown with nothing beneath. The gown was shorter and ended below her ass, so it would show me her naked ass when she bent. It was getting hotter, and she saw me watching with my boner in the pants. She watched the tent in my shorts and smiled.

Mom: “Khup garam hotay aj. AC ne pan fayda nahiye. Tower fan lavte.” ( It is too hot today. I am putting the tower fan on.)

We went to the living room, where dad sat and read his book. My mother brought the tower fan and kept it in such a way that the tower fan blew at the bottom of her dress and blew it, exposing her naked ass. I was hard now and so went to the washroom to release.

It took me a few minutes, and I heard their murmur. I slowly opened the bathroom door. I saw my mother kissing my father and rubbing his dick over the shorts.

Dad: “Kay karte baghel toh.” (Be careful he might watch)

Mom: “Nahi halvayla gela toh, vel laagel tyaala. Toh yei paryant majhi chut chaata.” (He went to masturbate, he will take time. Lick me till then)

My father was licking her cunt, and I was masturbating looking at them now.

Mom: “Evdha signal dila, naagdi ubhi rahili, gaand dakhavli tar nusta halvayla gela chutiya. Pan tyaachi pan size vaadhleli distey. Motha vaatla tyaacha shorts madhye.” ( I am hinting at him so much; still, he went to masturbate, idiot. But I believe his size has increased.)

That ten minutes were erotic. He lapped her like a dog, and she released her cum on his face. She kept her mouth closed not to make noise, but I could hear her moans. I also released my cum. I cleaned myself and flushed the toilet, and came out. Since that day, a new era of seduction has started.

She kept showing her body to me. She stopped locking the room while changing, and I walked into the room once when she was topless. She tried to cover herself feebly, but it showed me her body.

One weekend I broke the Ice. I told them I would sleep outside as I wanted to watch TV and dad and sleep in my place. They were delighted. That night they fucked twice in the night. Since then, dad has started sleeping inside, and they fuck every night.

As the days progressed, their frequency and timings increased. They would do it when they wanted. Some days they would fuck twice a day. Some days thrice.
One evening I returned from work and saw no one in the living room. I thought they would be out.

So I opened the bedroom door only to find my mother naked on her knees, sucking my father’s cock, who was sitting in ecstasy on the chair and enjoying the blow job. Mom saw me watching but did not stop and continued sucking him, and he started moaning and fingering herself.

Our eyes met, and she kept sucking him, watching me, and giving me a sexy expression. I was hard down there watching them naked and fucking. Then mom pulled his shorts down and started riding him.

Dad: “Kiti oli jhaali aahe tu! Kay garam jhaali aahe tujhi chut.” ( You are so wet and hot down there.)

Mom whispered something in dad’s ears, and then he matched his hip with her rhythm. He was sucking her boobs, and she was looking at me. I pulled my dick out and was masturbating. I could see her watching my dick like a hungry lioness.

I could see her breathing heavily, and she released her cum in another two minutes. But dad was not done yet. They moved to the bed, and he bent her on the fours and started pounding her like a bitch. They both had an excellent 20-25 minute session. I was amazed at the sexual appetite they had.

Dad came out wearing his shorts to drink water and behaved as if nothing had happened.

Dad: “Tu kadhi aala? Jaa fresh ho.” (When did you come, go get fresh)

Mom was standing there naked when I entered the room, cleaning herself. I stepped back.

Mom: “Are, lajto kay. Ye. aata kay lajayla baki rahila aahe.” (Come son, there is nothing left to shy away now.)

She was purposely wiping herself slowly to be naked in front of me. I also gave away shame looking at her and got naked in front of her. She stopped for a while and watched my body. We both were naked in front of each other for quite a few minutes. Then we wore our clothes and went out.

From that day, the scenario at home. My father and mother also had sex when they felt it during the day and stopped locking the door. My mother opened up totally. She would wear skin-fitting tops, one piece. At home, she would sometimes be in her satin robe, especially after the fuck, or wear her negligee.

Her clothes showed 40% of her boobs and exposed at least half of her bubbly ass. They would go out with Samantha and Sebastian on weekends for parties.

One night, they came back home. My mother wore a tank dress with a top tied by a knot in the front and then connected to the frilled skirt, which showed half her ass by a thin piece of cloth. They both were drunk and horny, and as soon as they came home, both started making out.

My mother was sucking my father’s dick. I heard the moans and was watching them. Dad closed his eyes, and her ass was towards me, showing her wet pussy. I had a tent in my pants and was busy imagining my dick in her cunt when dad called me.

Dad: “Are tithe kay halvat basla aahe, ye aat.” (Come in, don’t masturbate.)

I went closer, but mom was at it. She held my dick over my shorts and started rubbing it.

Dad: “Party madhye teen lund ne jhavla hila tari tila tujha pahije. Bagh kashi randi jhaali aahe tujhi mummy.” (She fucked three dicks in the party, yet she wants yours. Look what a whore she has become.)

Mom: “Ho tumhich banavla mala randi te pan saanga. Tujhya baapa ne mala randi banavlay. Aag laavli na majhya chut madhye, aata vijhva doghe milun. Chaadi kadh tu madharchod, mokala kar tyala.”

(You only made me a whore. Tell him that too. You made me an addict, so you both keep fucking and filling my cunt now. Motherfucker, give me your dick)

She held dad’s dick and started sucking mine. I was in seventh heaven. She was excellent at sucking dick, better than all the girlfriends I have fucked.
I was stiff as a pole in two-three minutes. She spread her legs and asked me to lick her while she sucked dad’s dick.

Me: “Kasa banavla tyanni?” (What did he do?)

Mom: “Sam ani Sebastian, he sex addicts aahet. Te naagde rahtat and nuste sex kartat ardha time. Sebastian donhi maay-leki chi chut marto and tya doghinna pan lund hawa asto. Ek Sebastian ghari aala, hyanna baghayla. Mi bedroom madhye kapde badlat hote, and tevha tyanni majhe ball baghitle and veda jhala. Aaah! asach karat arah Aah.! and she had her orgasm.”

(Sam and Seb are sex addicts. They are nudists and love having sex all day. Even their daughter joins in. Once when I was alone, Sebastian came in looking for your dad as the door was not locked and saw me naked. Since then, he has been mad about these boobs.)

Mom was taking a breath while dad and I were standing with our dicks in her face. Dad was ready to go and inserted in her pussy.

Dad: “Tya nantar Sebastian majhyashi jast maitri karu lagla. Sagla discuss karaycha, kasa tyachya bayko la jhavla vagaire sangaycha and mala roj ek juice pajayla laagla. Tya juice ne majha uthaycha roj and mi halvun jhopaycho. Ekda nehmi pramane mi gelo ghari tar toh Samantha la jhavat hota living room madhyech. Mala baghun te thamble nahi and karaykram purna kela. Samantha majhya samorch nagdi jhavat hoti and tila baghun majha taathlela pan.”

(Sebastian became good friends with me, and we discussed sex also. He gave me juice which started making me horny. Once when I went to his house, I saw him fucking Samantha. They continued in front of me. It was hard watching them”)

He started pounding her now, and she was moaning with my dick in her mouth. She removed the dick and said, “Ho hyaancha uthayla laagla, and mag jhavla pan Samantha la.” (Yes, and he fucked Samantha too.)

Dad: “Ho, tya divashi Samantha ne baghitla majha tathlela. Tya nantar Samantha mala seduce karayla laagli. Ekda mi nehmi pramane gelo tar Samantha ne daar ughala, ek fakt robe ghatlela tine. Ti high hoti and tya divashi mi tila jhavla. Tila majha lund avadla, and mag roj jhavu laaglo amhi. Ekda mi nehmi sarkha jhavayla gelo tar Sebastian hota ghari, ani amhi tighanni threesome kela.”

(Yes, Samantha liked my tent. From that day, she kept seducing me until one day, I gave in and fucked her in the absence of Sebastian. That was a lovely fuck. She loved my size, and we started fucking every day. One day even Sebastian joined in, and we had a threesome.)

Now we switched positions, and dad was getting his dicked sucked and mom guided mine in her pussy and let out a moan Ahh! Tujha jast motha aahe. Jhav mummy la.” (You are bigger than your father, fuck mommy now.)

She moaned for a while, and then mom started narrating.

Mom: “Tya divashi Sebastian ne deal keli hyanchya barobar, k te Samantha la jhavu shaktat pan tyaala jhavaycha aahe mala. He mhatle k mi tayyar nahi honar. Mag Samantha majhya shi close jhaali. Amcha workout karaycha plan jhala, gym madhye ti mala ek goli dyayla laagli k hyaane vajan lavkar kami hoil.”

Mom: “Amhi roj gym karaycho ekatra and ti ardhe kapde ghalun karaychi. Tya goli mule majhya chut madhye aag lagaychi and hi mala touch karun seduce karaychi. Ekda amhi doghe washroom madhye hoto and tine mala seduce kela.”

Mom: “Amhi tithech bathroom madhye sex kela. Mi pahilyandach eka bai barobar kela and mala avadla pan. Tya nantar ti mala pan bra madhye gym karayla lavaychi.”

(That day, he made a deal with Sebastian that he would let him fuck me for his wife. Samantha said she would make me do it and started befriending me. We started gyming, and she would always be half-naked there. She gave me pills, saying they would help me with weight loss.)

(It did, but It also made me horny. One day we were in the washroom, and she seduced me into having sex. I had lesbian sex for the first time and loved it. After that, we started having regular, and she even made me wear bras in the gym.)

I was pounding her now and sucking her boobs; she was in heaven. We changed positions. She approached me, started riding me, and told dad to insert her ass. Now we both were fucking her, and she was sharing her story.

Mom: ” Pan majhya chut la lund chi aag lagleli. Mi tila mhatla ka he kahi nahi karat and amchyaat kahi nahi hot. Tar tine mala tichya and Sebastian cha life baddal sangitla and kase te roj naagde jhava jhavi kartat te pan sangila. Ekda tine sandwiches aanle amhala. Amhi te dupari khalle and doghan madhye aag lagli, tya divashi tujhya baapane mala jhavla.”

(Yes, but my pussy needed a dick. She told me about her sex life and how she fucks her husband. I also wanted that. The next day she brought us sandwiches with an Ecstacy tab. After eating that, we both went mad and fucked each other.)

Now we were fucking her like a bitch, sucking her boobs and dad licking her back. She was in seventh heaven.

Dad: “Tu yei paryant jhavat hoto mi tila. Dusrya divashi pan tu gelyavar hi naagdi jhaali and amhi jhavat hoto, door lock karayla visarlo tar te doghe aat aale ani amhala baghitla jhavtana. Tyaani pan amhala join kela and amhi choughanni ek mekan samor sex kela. Tujhi mummy la khup avada lokan samor jhavtana.”

(We fucked until you came but couldn’t do anything until you left the next morning. As soon as you left, she pulled her gown and got naked, and we were fucking again. This time they both came in and saw us as the door was not locked, and we all had a foursome. The two ladies kissed each other while we pounded their pussies like a bitch)

Mom and I were so hot hearing this that we all three released our cum simultaneously. We lay there with mom in the middle and panting for breath.

Mom: “Tya divashi pasun, Samantha mala change karayla laagli and aardhe naagde kapde ghalayla shikvayla laagli. Tya golyan mule amhi bhuk vadhat geli, pan tujhya samor karu nahi shakat mhanun amhi tyachya ghari karu laglo.”

Mom: “Tyanchi mulgi Kamila pan join karaychi and baapala jhavaychi. Te baghun majjhyaat aag vadhi and gym madhe exercise kartana ekda Samantha ne navre swap karaychi goshta keli.”

(From that day, she started making me wear sexy clothes. Those meds made us hornier, and since we could not fuck in front of you, we started fucking at their home. Their daughter Kamila would also join us. Once while at the gym, she talked about swapping husbands.)

Mom: “Tine mala evdha excite kelela, k gym pasunch majhi chut oli hoti. Mi tujhya baapala phone kela tar te tithech hote and jasa amhi ghari pohachlo amhi kapde kadhle and ek mekancha navryanna kiss karu laglo and lund chokhat hoto.”

Mom: “Tya divashi amhi swap sex kela and ghari yeun tujhya baapane jhavla mala. Mag tar ajun open jhalo, jyaala jevha mann karaycha toh tyala jaaun jhavaycha. Kadhi sebastian ghari yaycha and tujhya baapa samor jhavaycha, tar kadhi Samantha yeun tujhya baapashi jhavaychi.”

(I called your father and found that he is at their place. We went back and straight started sucking each other’s husbands. After that swap sex, your father fucked me again at home. After that, we fucked freely. Sometimes Samantha would come home to fuck with your father, or Sebastian would come to fuck me. Threesomes became regular, and one day they double penetrated me, and I loved it.)

Mom: “Evdha jhalya nantar, mag Samantha ne mala sangitla k he tyancha plan hota. Te ase sex addict aahet and swap sex pahije hota tyanna mahnun te pori la jhavtat kadhi kadhi. Tila pan ajun tichi chut satisfy karnara boyfriend nahi milala so ti pan jhavte baapa barobar.”

Mom: “Kamila ne tula khidki tun halavtana baghitla aahe, ani tevha pasun tila tujha lund tichyaat ghyaycha aahe. Tine tula seduce karayla prayatna pan kela pan tu bhaav nahi dila. Mhanun tya doghanni amhala hya rang madhye rangla.”

Mom: “Tyanna aplyashi naata joadaycha aahe mhanun aadhi tyanna patavla and majhi bhadvegiri karayla laavli. Tyanchya sex addiction mule koni jawal karat nahi pan jevha Kamila ne tula roj halavtana baghitla tevha tyanni tharavla k tuch aahe te.”

(She told me the truth later that it was their plan from when we came in. They are sex addicts and love to do it with multiple partners. Kamila saw you masturbating from the window and looking at your time. She has been behind her mother for your dick. So they made us a horny couple. Nobody in the neighborhood brings them close to this sex addiction. They wanted a groom for their daughter, so they gave us medicines to increase our horniness.)

I was hot again with her talks, and so was she. She kissed me, and we were again in our second session, with her riding me.

Me: “Kiti lund ghetle aahet hya chut madhye tu?” (How many dicks have you taken in this cunt?)

Mom: “Tujha pachva lund aahe ajcha. Sebastian and tyache don mitra mala party madhye Jhavat hote. Majhe teeni hole bharlele tyanni. Pan mi ani Samantha ne juice ghetlay mhanun amchya chut la aj lund have aahet. Jhavat raha. Aaah!”

(Your’s is the 5th dick today. Sebastian and his friends gangbanged me. We both took the ecstasy tabs, so we want dicks in us. Keep fucking.)

Then I turned her on her fours and started pounding from behind. We fucked for 20 minutes while she was sucking dad and had her orgasm. When we both were about to cum, she released it in her mouth and gulped it down.

That night we all slept naked with mom in between both of us. We both were up in the afternoon, but she went back to sleep and woke up only in the evening. What happened next, and how they got me married to Kamila and became one fucking family. I will tell you in the next part.