The Manvi Saga – Part 1 (Behind the tea stall)

Hey all! This is a story between me and my high school friend, Manvi. This happened in Nagpur when we were 19. Both of us had lost our virginity by then.

We were extremely mature about sex for that age. We knew we loved sex, but we didn’t want the drama of a relationship. And most importantly, we were experts in talking dirty. And making people uncomfortable with the filthy talk.

Manvi had a thin waist and a tight round ass. Her boobs were like light bulbs, with pointy nipples. We both were in the school basketball team. We used to spend a lot of time practising in and out of school.

While playing, we both used to touch each other’s private parts whenever we got a chance. Sometimes, I used to spank her when she was shooting a basket. She used to wear cute thigh-length shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt while playing.

She had incredibly sexy thighs. The type that would want you just to spread apart and start shoving your cock in. This particular story was when we were 19. She started going to a commerce college, and I pursued science.

It was all very new for us since we don’t see each other every day now. But I used to play basketball every day. There, I used to be around a lot of pretty girls. But none gave me a high that Manvi did. She was some goddess.

We didn’t have smartphones back then. It was all about SMS packs and word limits. But we both were too bored of that crap.

One day, we stumbled upon each other near Hislop College, Nagpur.

She said, “Ooh, l sense a throbbing cock somewhere, lol.”

I smirked and responded, “Well, it salutes a dry pussy when it sees one.”

Manvi (chuckled): I have missed you, Mr.Black-Cock.

It’s exactly as it sounds. I have a black pulsating 5.6-inch dick which Manvi was obsessed about.

Me: Me too, Miss Velvet Pussy.

She laughed. Manvi looked around, biting her lips and came a bit closer to me.

Manvi whispered: Want to soak my pussy right now?

I was thrilled, and my cock actually started throbbing. I am sure it remembered her lips.

Me: Of course. I see your boobs are almost the size of my palm now.

She came a bit forward and gave my cock a wild rub. And gave me the horniest expression. She was wearing a salwar kameez. So she had the most Indian cleavage ever.

Manvi: Want to see my new panties? Bummer, I’m not wearing any, lol!

She laughed maniacally. She held my hand and walked me to the nearest cigarette shack. She went seductively to the shopkeeper and showed just enough cleavage to get his blood running.

Manvi: Bhaiya, 5-6 minute ke liye tapri ke peeche jaana hai. Kisiko bhejna mat. Nahi toh aapka lauda kaat dungi haha

(Uncle, I need to go behind the shack for 5-6 minutes. Make sure no one comes, or else I shall cut your cock)

She gave him a 20 rupee note.

He said: Jaiye madam. (Go, madam.)

I looked at my cock and said: And that’s why we love Manvi

The shack was at the end of the road. There was a little space behind it, just enough to make Manvi lean and spread her legs a foot wide. She was walking furiously. Damn, she was horny.

Manvi: Mandar jaldi yaar. Foreplay wagare ka time nahi hai. Bus ghusa ke paani pila de.

(Quick Mandar, there’s no time for foreplay. Just push your cock in and feed me your fluids.)

As soon as we reached the spot, I pulled her stroll down and cupped her buttocks. Gave her a loud spank.

Manvi: Ahh!

Me: Turn around, slut.

I turned her around and bent her a little. She was so perfect that her cute watermelon ass came right on my cock. I held her shoulder and pulled her kameez off them. I could see her straps. I lifted her kameez and started removing her salwar strings.

Manvi: Smooth, huh! Faster babe. Or are you just stalling to get a hard-on hahaha

Me: I was hard the minute I fucked you in my mind.

Manvi: Shut up and fuck now.

I pulled her salwar in one go to her heels. The bitch wasn’t lying. She wasn’t wearing panties. I quickly pulled my pants down and slapped my black dick on her butt.

Manvi: Mandar, you ass, stop watching too much porn. A lady doesn’t really like to wait.

I spat on my finger and, without any mercy, entered it forcefully in her ass. That was our thing. Finger the ass, fuck the pussy.

Manvi: Ah! Mandar, you are my favourite boy toy. I see you remember. Finger the ass and fuck my pussy.

I pushed my dick into her wet tight pussy mercilessly. She suppressed a scream.

Manvi: Uff, Mandar, fuck you for letting me dry all this time.

Me: Come on, babe, twerk that booty.

Manvi started shaking in rhythm. She was biting her lips. And her face was pushed against the wall. I started humping her hard. There was no condom. She was a sucker for naked dicks and a pill addict.

She had an abortion already. And we still don’t know whether it was my doing or someone else’s. Isn’t that hot? I squeezed shoulder with one hand and fingered her ass with the other. My dick was doing the rest.

She was thumping me back. Thap thap thap thap. The sounds only got wetter. Phach, phach, phach. Suddenly, there was a sound of a twig cracking through the bushes. I almost stopped

Manvi: Ah, don’t worry, Mr Black-cock. It’s the shopkeeper.

Me: Lol, should we call him to spank you too?

Manvi: Nah, not today. My dad’s coming to pick me up.

Me: Such a bummer.

Manvi shouted to the shopkeeper: Bhaiya, aapko bhi ek lauda chahiye kya gand mein? Bhago idhar se nahi toh chilla dungi!

(Uncle, do you want to get fucked in the ass too? If not, then fuck off, or I will start screaming.)

The shopkeeper ran away.

Me: Such a tease!

Manvi: Just keep humping.

I cupped her boobs from behind and started ramming her like a horse. Her body was writhing like a snake. Her bangles were making sounds like it was some brothel.

Manvi: Ah, harder.

Me: Babe, I think your father will have to wait. My balls aren’t in the mood to drain today, lol.

Manvi: Maybe I should have given the shopkeeper a chance while I suck you dry.

Me: Hahaha, let me go deeper.

I lifted her one leg against the wall and thrust hard inside her. She almost lost her balance.

Manvi: Aah, where did you learn that? Which slut are you banging nowadays?

Me: Just the usual, Anushka comes in handy. One hell of a nymph that bitch is.

Manvi: Aah that slut. Maybe I will do her one day, hahaha.

Me: Hahaha, sure, she once drained me in a cup and drank it naked.

Manvi: Shit, that makes me so wet. Mandar, cum fast, I want a drink too.

I knew what I had to do. I removed my cock in one thrust. Manvi shrieked.

Manvi: What the fuck do you think you are doing?

I got hold of her kameez end and lifted it. Shoved the same in her mouth. I spat heavily on my cock and shoved it inside her ass without a warning. Manvi writhed and suppressed a miserable scream. Her back arched and started shaking. She was so so so tight that my cock was suddenly squeezing life.

Me: Ah, bitch you are so tight. Get a dildo and practice your ass, babe.

Manvi: Ahh, hmmm.

She couldn’t utter a word. I held both her hands so she couldn’t remove the gag from her mouth. And started humping harder.

One stroke, two strokes, three, four, five……

…13, 14, 15 and so on.

I felt a gush of cum rushing itself into my dick. I quickly removed her gag.

Me: Quick, choose mouth or ass or cleavage

Manvi: Mouth now.

I withdrew my cock at once, and Manvi quickly went on her knees. One boob of hers was popping out of her kurti. I bent a bit and squeezed that tit.

I unloaded a huge squirt on her face. Her eyes were closed, and she was humming.

Manvi: Aah, Mandar.

She started licking her lips and stroking my cock.

Manvi: Aah, babe, you are the best fit for all my holes

Me: Now fuck off, or that old geezer of yours will make a fuss.

She quickly got hold of her things. Adjusted her cleavage and started walking off. She started walking towards the shop. I spanked her extremely hard as she left. She let out a moan and wiggled her ass.

I sat behind the shop for a while to let go first. I was still stroking my cock. Over the years, Manvi and I had a lot of such endeavours. Stay tuned for more. Do read my previous stories.

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Disclaimer: I am a guy with a straight orientation. So, if you are a guy pretending to be a woman, kindly stay away. I am on a mission to normalise sex. I don’t want cowards hiding their identity behind their fetish.