Nine Nights of Navratri

Hello everyone! This is Sundae Saturn writing my stories on the ISS for the first time, so please ignore my mistakes.

As this is my first story, I will be writing a fictional story.

In this story, you will see how a 19-year-old teenager discovers a new way to live with his loved ones. So basically, Manish will be enjoying his Suhagraat with his loved ones and sex goddesses during Navratri’s 9 days.

Here, I welcome you all to the world of Manish. Manish is a boy who discovers new ways of living with his loved ones. In today’s story, I will be telling how he enjoyed each of them individually on the nine nights of Navratri. Manish narrates the story.

We live on the very isolated or inhabited island of Lakshadweep. Here, there are not any settlements, around 40–60 km away. There is a city, so for our daily needs, we depend only on that city.

In our village, only six to seven families are there. On the festival of Navratri, there is a tradition. When a boy turns 19, he must choose nine women within our village for his marriage and be with them for a lifetime.

A boy must choose his nine wives before the week of Navratri. He can marry each of them every day and have sex with each of them on the night after marriage (each night). If a boy fails to choose his wife, then he must marry the girls or women chosen by the Chief for the boy.

The Chief of the village will choose a girl to be the primary wife. In my case, I chose my elder sister Priyanka and my cousins Renuka, Aishwarya, Rashmi, and Nandini. But I failed to choose nine girls for my wedding. So, according to the rule, I was to be presented in front of the Chief.

I told him about the girls I had selected. The Chief of our village is my friend’s grandfather, a very old and energetic person who has 14 children, 8 girls and 6 boys.

On the court day:

Chief: So you are the one who can’t choose the girls for the wedding?
Manish: Yes, my lord.
The Chief: First, let me know what the girls have asked for and let them stand beside you.
Manish: Sure, sir. With my elder sister and four cousin sisters (Renuka, Aishwarya, Rashmi, and Nandini). I chose these five girls as my wives.

The Chief: Okay, Manish, now I will search for the remaining four women for your wedding. I choose Malini (my mom), Veena (my friend’s mom), Shailaja (my mami), and Samuyktha (my neighbour’s widow wife) for you. These five girls and four women will be your wives.

Manish: I accept your decision, and I think it’s time to choose my primary wife from these nine females.

The Chief: Okay, my boy, As our tradition says, the girl who is younger than her groom and more beautiful will be the primary wife. So, I chose Nandini as your primary wife. She is the youngest and most beautiful. A week from now, your marriage will be held at your ancestral house. As per tradition, the primary wife will be the first to get married, and others will be as per the groom’s choice.

I was happy that my dream of fucking my friend’s mom and my neighbour’s wife would come true. My neighbour’s widowed wife, Samuyktha, is a bombshell. She has a figure of 38-28-36. I loved her juicy boobs. After her husband died, she was very depressed.

It’s been 3 years since her husband died, so she is now eligible for marriage. My friend’s mom is a copy of South Indian actress Shriya Saran. Her dusky, hot body makes any man fall for her. Her husband died while in a cyclone, so she’d also be eligible.

My Mami Shailaja is one of the women who has the biggest booty in our family. She is a whore. She used to lust for cock every day, even though her husband fuck’s her a lot. She has too much lust in her.  My primary wife, Nandini, is her second daughter.

But I never expected that Chief would tell me to wed with my mom. My mom, Malini, is a very decent woman with a normal figure, with small boobs. She, too, is a dusky beauty. Her curves are amazing, and she keeps her physique quite neat, so because of that, her curves are perfect. 33-27-35 is her figure.

After the court, everyone was sent to prepare for the wedding and the festival.

So below is the table of whom I am marrying.
Day 1: Nandini (cousin’s sister or mami’s daughter)
Day 2: Priyanka (my elder sister)
Day 3: Veena (my friend’s mom)
Day 4: Renuka (Cousin sister)
Day 5: Samuyktha (the neighbour’s widow wife)
Day 6: Shailaja (My Mami)
Day 7: Malini (my mom)
Day 8: Aishwarya (Cousin Sister)
Day 9: Rashmi (Cousin sister)

A week before the wedding ceremony, some rituals should be conducted, like at every wedding. The rituals were Haldi, Mehendi, etc. Haldi and Mehendi were important rituals because, in these two rituals, the groom as well as the bride will be needed.

On the day of Haldi, both the groom and bride will be coloured with Haldi. Both the groom and brides should be seminaked. The groom should be in briefs, and the bride should be in lingerie. They must reveal 95% of their bodies. All the families of our village and their relatives apply Haldi to the couples.

At last, the groom applies the Haldi to the private parts of the bride, and then all the brides should apply the Haldi to the groom’s body. According to our ritual, all the brides, one by one, should give a handjob to the groom. The cum that is out of his dick should be drunk by them.

After that, the groom should finger the bride’s cunt, and he should drink the cum of his bride. At first, Nandini, my primary wife, came in front of me and sat down on her knees. Seeing her only, I already had a raging boner in my briefs. She started to remove and then stared at my raging bull of 8 inches.

Then she first touched the tip of my cock and rubbed her hands over the cock. I moaned. Her first touch made me moan then she started to stroke me, her hard stroking. I started to moan after about 20 minutes. I still didn’t cum. So someone told us to use oil so that I could cum easily.

I had stroked for about 30 minutes using the oil. But I wasn’t able to cum. Then suddenly, her other hand went to my balls. She grabbed my balls and started to caress them slowly. Suddenly I felt something strange sensation, and suddenly I cum on her face. Her hand was still on my shaft, rubbing and pressing it.

Now it was my time to finger my bride’s cunt and drink her cum. Then, I removed her lingerie. The beauty of her naked body was like God having sent some Apsara from heaven. As I stared at her boobs, my cum from her face started to drip on those white boobs with dark areola.

Her boobs started to glitter and shine. She had already shaved her pussy when I touched her pussy walls. She moaned, and her sound made me go hard. I wanted to tear her tight pussy walls and fuck her hard enough. But I controlled it, and then slowly, I started to insert my one finger. She was moaning heavily.

I started to finger her fast, one by one. I totally inserted three fingers in her juicy pussy. On the other side, she was moaning very hard and was begging me to stop. Ah, and finger fucked her hard. After about 10 minutes, her body shivered, and suddenly, she started shaking as if she were close to an orgasm.

I had never seen something like this. She let go of a big moan and started shuddering. She orgasmed, and then she lay still for a few minutes and went towards the bedroom. I had never seen a girl orgasm. As per the rituals, I drank some of her cum. Actually, no men were allowed in the Haldi except the groom.

Next was my elder sister. She came forward and sat in front of me, the girl with huge jugs and asses. The cum, which I orgasmed from my cock, was stored in the jar so that all nine brides could drink it. I started to remove her lingerie. Her boobs pooped out suddenly. They looked like milk was filled in them.

Someone needed to drink the milk. Suddenly, after I removed her lingerie, her shaved pussy, though it was not pink, was clean. She gasped at my first touch on her pussy. I was fingering her, and I was loving how she was moaning and gasping.

After that, I inserted my two fingers in her pussy until it went, and she loved it. I touched her clitoral area with my thumbs, and she jumped at it. She was really enjoying it. I wanted her to orgasm in my mouth. Priyanka was shaking uncontrollably. She was moving her hips at impossible angles.

I was having a hard time matching her moving hips. We continued like this for 15 minutes until she cum. Then, the third was my friend’s mom, Veena. Her pussy was wet as hell, and the juices were dripping through her pants. I just went near her, laid down beside her, and looked at her.

She was looking at me too. I went near her ears and whispered, “Aunty, you are completely wet.” She was shy. I started fingering my friend’s mom’s pussy, and one by one, I pushed three fingers inside her. It kept going deep inside her pussy.  She started moaning, “Aah,” and she secreted her juices on me.

The next and fourth was my cousin sister Renuka. The hourglass figure woman in her 30s with charming beauty and a heavenly cute body. Any man can go crazy. I pushed one finger into her cunt. Renuka screamed, “Aiyyo!” so I stopped. I asked her what happened, and she said it hurt.

I told her to relax her muscles, and she refused. I told her to trust me and that she would really enjoy it. Renuka relaxed her muscles, and my finger easily entered all the way inside. I kept fingering her hole.

A few minutes later, I pushed two and then three fingers into her pussy, bringing her to a powerful orgasm. She cum a lot on my face. She was fucking tired.

The fifth one was the neighbour’s wife, Samuyktha. Her hot, juicy body and the way she was walking in front of me drove me crazy. Her hip movement with her wheatish body and fleshy thighs made the water in my mouth leak after seeing her. She was already wet down there.

I soon removed her lingerie and threw it away. I was uncontrollable after seeing her flesh, and suddenly, I pushed my thumb. She was gasping for breath. She was moaning very hard and started inserting my middle finger. She was holding the bedsheet tightly. I had not been fingered like this.

In front of me now was a clean-shaven pussy. She was wet already! So I slowly touched her tight pussy walls, and she was gasping by then! After 10 minutes of finger-fucking her pussy, she came. I drank all her juice.

The sixth was my Mami Shailaja, the whore. I will not go into much detail about her. She was not like other women. She always had lust in her. I guess after seeing my hot rod, she would have thought of having sex with me. Her pants were already wet. I entered two fingers, and suddenly, she started to jump.

Suddenly, she started to twitch. I understood that she was nearing her first orgasm. I sucked her hard, and she was raising her ass from the mattress as she was nearing her orgasm. Within 25 minutes, she came.

Now was my mom’s turn. But if a boy marries his mom, then she cannot follow this tradition. She can only be fucked by her son after the marriage.

Next was my cousin sister Aishwarya, a sight to behold. I always lusted at her and saw those white, small boobs and hard nipples. I went crazy after that. She was very beautiful. She had a very pinkish-white body. I pushed my fingers under the pants band.

I slid further in to feel the fresh, virgin lips wet like a morning flower with dew, with her legs trying to hide them tightly. My forefinger rubbed lightly on her virgin petals. It was the touch of a man for the first time that brought magical waves to her.

She started shivering with excitement and trembling her body with goosebumps all over. As I rubbed a few more strokes, her legs gave away their strengths and started to loosen, falling apart to open the access for me. I slid my fingers over her virgin petals and encircled them with a light massage.

Her wetness started flowing out. I pushed lightly my forefinger inside those petals to feel the inner moist flesh. She was enjoying my every touch. I moved my hands out and, with both my thumbs inside the pants band, pushed them down. She lifted her hips, and suddenly she came with a huge load of cum.

The last was my cousin sister, Rashmi. Rashmi was a very innocent and decent girl. She never knew anything about these kinds of rituals or something, and her body stats were 32-26-33. Then I take my finger near her pussy and make a circle around her pussy.

I also lowered her pants, too then I pushed my pussy inside. It was totally wet inside pussy, and my finger got inside easily. Then I take out my finger and put two fingers inside her pussy, and she moans a little. Then I started increasing my speed and also kissing around her pussy.

She was moaning heavily and enjoying finger-fucking, too. She was feeling very hot. Then, I increased my speed to the fullest, and her moaning was also at its highest peak. She was moaning loudly as her pussy was tight. I was stroking at my full speed, and she was moaning. Then, after she cum heavily, I drank all the juices of the pussy and licked it.

Guys, in the next part, I will tell you about how I fucked them individually every day.

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