The Whore’s Corridor

Hello readers. Drawing inspiration from a very recent encounter in my society in Bengaluru, here is a psychopathic story for you all.

A little bit about myself. I am Mandar, a relentless and ruthless sociopath who loves to control the sexual scenarios in my life.

Blessed with an average body but prodigal sexual stamina. I love to have loads of sex with any and every woman I fancy. I do not get emotionally involved, but I try my level best to give a lady the best orgasm of her life.

Coming to the story now.

It was January 2023. I was staying with Radha, a recent office acquaintance who I used as my cum dump. She has a lean figure with boobs the size and squish of oranges. She was a crazy girl in her twenties who got me a boner and drained my junk in every hole in her body.

On the New Year’s Eve, I was playing ‘Call of Duty’ on my phone while Radha was giving me a blowjob. I had come twice, but Radha didn’t stop to drain me. Suddenly, we heard a knock on our door. I pushed Radha away to open the door.

When I opened the door, a lady with a busty figure was standing. My drained dick was again starting to salute. She was wearing an expensive green saree with a slight cleavage. Her boobs were huge, and her nipples were sharply visible from her cotton blouse.

She had blonde streaks and dark lipstick. I could see her freckles and gothic black eyeliner. She has big eyes, and I am sure she had given a boner to all the creeps in my building.

And what did I just see? I was ogling at a violent hickey on her cleavage. Someone must have buried themselves in her jugs to do it.

She introduced herself, “Hello, I am Kanchan, and I just moved to the house next door.” I stared hungrily at her that. I was trying to fancy how enormous and tight her ass would be.

I didn’t let my thirst for her boobs reflect on my face. I played poker face. I responded, “Hey Kanchan, welcome to the building. I am Mandar.”

Kanchan: It’s all my pleasure. I am sorry, I can’t really catch up right now, but I just wanted to drop this extra key to my house. In case I lose mine.

Me: Yeah, why not? (I wanted her to leave, too, since I wanted to look at that bouncing ass)

Kanchan: Thanks, bye! I will see you around.

Needless to say, I wanted to fill her ass with my load. I wanted her to scream in pain. I wanted her to beg me for a quickie every hour.

I started tracking her routine from next day. She was married to a guy who looked much older. Possibly a sugar daddy. They didn’t have any kids. She was around 40. But her skin was tight, and her body was vicious.

Her husband was a builder and used to come home late at night. Drunk as a skunk. Kanchan was a homoeopathic doctor. She used to take patients at her home.

I observed their life for a week. One day I finally found an opening for my dick in her life. On a late Saturday night, I was humping Radha against the apartment door. I heard a loud noise in the corridor. Radha eyed through the peephole.

Radha (laughing like a maniac): Looks like the busty bitch is having some action.

I threw Radha away and ogled through the hole.

Kanchan was lying on the floor in the corridor with her legs open. A very young boy, probably sixteen, was on top of her. He was pumping her in a missionary position.

She was spanking the guy’s ass for faster penetration. The guy was squeezing her tits hard with his thin fingers. He was violently thrusting her.

But Kanchan had no expression on her face. She was blankly staring at the ceiling. I realised she wasn’t feeling his dick at all. Must be a loose cunt.

The dude came in a short while. He lay bare-bodied on her. Groaning. I had a strong urge to go outside and make her suck my dick. But I waited. I wanted her to be an addict to my cock.

Kanchan pushed the guy aside. I thought they were done for the night. But Kanchan didn’t move. She stayed in the same position. On her back, with her legs open in the air. She was completely naked. I could see her busty thighs and hips.

Kanchan uttered and gestured: Next!

Another skinny dude wearing nothing but underwear came out of her apartment. He came on top of her and adjusted his dick on her cave. In no time, he started his game. He was pushing ferociously.

Like before, Kanchan had no expression of ecstasy. It’s like she just wanted them to get done with dumping their cums inside her whore-hole.

This all was an extreme turn-on for me. While I was peeping through the door, I grabbed Radha by her hair and forced her on her knees. I shoved my cock inside her mouth and pushed deep inside her face.

I was fantasising about Radha’s mouth as Kanchan’s ass. Radha started choking, but I didn’t give a damn. Meanwhile, Kanchan’s cunt had sucked the life out of the second dude. He was lying lifeless on top of her.

Kanchan held him by his hair and kissed him wildly. She was passionately writhing. She bit his ear and threw him aside. Meanwhile, Radha had fainted on the floor. My cum oozing out on her lips. But I had another round left in me.

But I continued peeping through the peephole. Kanchan was digging her cunt with her fingers. I could see her pussy didn’t get enough dick. She was aching for more.

In a while, she got up, licking her lips. She made the two dudes stand next to each other. She squatted on her knees. Her butt cheeks giggle.

The next moment she started stroking their cocks furiously. The boys were in pain but weren’t resisting. Kanchan was extremely violent with their cocks. The boys started moaning in pain. Now she started sucking their dicks with her luscious lips.

Continued in the next part,

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