No Way Out – Part 2 (The ‘Sex’ Solution)

After the doctor left our house, my husband (Dev) and I were thinking how to find a way out of it as it was a matter of our beloved son Rohit’s life.

Me: Dear, you heard what the doctor said?!

Dev: Yes, but it is really an unexpected solution.

Me: I know, but we have to do something. We can’t just ignore what the doctor said.

Dev: So, how can we make our son fuck a woman daily?!

Me: We could get him a wife.

Dev: I know, but how do we expect our son to marry and have sex with a mature woman? Also, our son is only 18 years old.

Me: You are right. No mature woman will marry a young boy like him. But can you think of anything else?

Dev: This one is also unpleasant; we could send him to the brothel.

Me: Oh God, no way I am sending him to a dirty place. It will ruin his whole life.

Like this, I and my husband were thinking and thinking. But there was no way out. Every possible idea was worse than the situation already was. I was running out of patience. Then my husband said, “Don’t worry, honey. Have faith in God. He has a plan for everything.”

Then I remembered that this was the same thing he said earlier when we found our son’s problem. Gradually, everything that happened after that was running through my mind. How we tried our best to find the cure and now we know a way out, but don’t know how to start.

Suddenly, I remembered the handjob which I gave my son earlier. It was so nice when it touched his dick, and also it helped my son a little. Then something was running into my mind. So, I said,

Me: Alright. As a mother, I will take this responsibility.

Dev (shocked): What are you saying, honey? This is TABOO!

Me: At this point, I don’t care. I must help him.

Dev: But, what will people say?

Me: People don’t need to know. If I do this, then we can keep it a secret and save him from every worst possible outcome.

Dev: You are not wrong, but it is incest.

Me: I know, but it is better this way. Remember you always tell me, “Have faith in God. He has a plan for everything”.

Then my husband started to think. Although it was for the sake of my son, it was also an unpleasant thing to do. Dev had come up with something then.

Dev: Alright, if it is best for our son, then we will help him.

Me: So, what am I going to do?

Dev: Don’t worry, honey, I will arrange everything. We will do it together.

I was curious at that time about what my husband was planning. We executed his plan at night when he returned from his work. He went to my son’s room after dinner. Then he explained our son the situation.

Dev: Son, your mom and I had a conversation with the doctor today. He said he found something helpful to you.

Son: What is it, Dad?

Dev: Well, it is unpleasant to say. If you have sex regularly, then you can get relief from this pain.

Son (shocked): What?! Who am I going to have sex with?

Dev: I know it is hard, but as your parents, we decided to help you.

Son: Is there no other way out?

Dev: Unfortunately, there is no other way out.

Then I entered my son’s room. I was dressed in a way that I had never worn in front of my son. Loose hair and a sleeveless blue nighty, showing off my big yummy cleavage. It was like I was about to seduce my son. Looking at my husband, I said, “I am ready, dear.” Then I sat near my husband and he said –

Dev: Don’t worry son, we are with you. Just sit and watch.

Then my husband started to kiss me in front of our son. I was also responding to him. Doing it in front of my son was really making me aroused. Even, Dev was touching all of my sensitive body parts. Our son was shocked at what we were doing in front of him. By seeing this, my son got a boner. It was like his dick would come out by ripping his pant.

Dev: Son, it’s okay, you should pull down your pants.

Son: Okay dad, but my dick started to hurt again.

Dev: Don’t worry, we will cure it for you.

Then he took out a packet of condoms from his pocket and asked Rohit to put it on. At that moment, I was almost sure that today I was going to have sex with my own son. My heart started to beat faster just thinking about it. Then my husband parted my legs and started to show my vagina to our son while fingering.

Dev said, “Son, now you may enter your dick inside here.”

Rohit was puzzled because he never expected this kind of thing. But he was a brave boy and he did as my husband said. However, he failed at his first attempt, his dick was too big for my little cunt. So, I helped him, grabbed his dick, and set it on my vagina. Then he gave the first stroke.

Me: Ahhh… Ahhh… (in pain).

Dev: Honey, are you okay?

Son: Mom, does it hurt?

Me: It’s okay, I can do it.

Dev: Okay son, you can start moving now.

My son started patting his dick in my pussy. My pussy was so tight compared to my son’s dick and I could barely take each of his strokes. My pussy walls were closing in and squeezing his big cock and inside my cunt, I felt extremely warm. I started screaming with pleasure and pain.

Mom: Ahhhh…Ammm… Ahhhh…

The noise was so much that my husband started kissing my lips intensely. My son’s cock was completely inside my cunt. I was experiencing extreme pleasure and pain for some time inside my pussy.

Dev: That’s my boy. I knew you could do it. Keep it up.

On every hard stroke, my whole body was moving and sending electric lust throughout my body. I was literally moaning like a whore in pleasure. Even the room was filled with the sounds “thap thap thap”. It was the sound of his cock hitting dip inside my pussy.

Finally, after 20 minutes of intercourse, we both moaned loudly and my son fell on the bed. Now, his pain was gone and was feeling good. My husband and I were happy to see this. We were kissing each other out of joy. Then he asked –

Dev: How are you feeling now, son?

Son: Super, dad! Never have I felt better than now (in joy).

Me: Thank God, I am so happy that we could find a way out of this great problem.

At that moment, my whole family was happy. And after a short time, me and my husband left the room and went to bed.

This story will be continued.