Omegle steamy roleplay of hot college sex

Hello ISS readers, I am a 30-year-old guy from a south Indian coastal village. I read a lot of stories here. This is just an Omegle chat in which I played a role-playing game that led to humiliation and sex on campus. The story is IMAGINARY, but the characters are played by real people. No wasting time, enjoy!

Stranger: Hi.

Stranger: What’s up?

Me: I’m good.

Me: Up for a role-play?

Stranger: You male or female?

Stranger: ASL, please.

Me: Female, 24, India.

Stranger: Male, 19 US.

Stranger: Am I too young?

Me: Okay for me.

Stranger: What do you want to role-play?

Me: You assign roles.

Stranger: Hmm, I don’t have any in mind.

Me: I’m your senior at college. You find me in the boys’ washroom, topless!

Me: Now, start.

Stranger: What are you doing in the boys’ washroom?!

Me (covering my tits in hand): Sorry-sorry. I was following the orders of my BF.

Me: Please don’t tell anyone.

Me: I had to wait here like this.

Stranger: Where did your bf go?

Me: Is he still here? I have my top with him.

Me: He was supposed to give it.

Me: But I am here for an hour. Please don’t tell anyone, I will do anything you ask.

Stranger: Well, if I am not going to tell anyone, I’m going to need some favors from you.

Me: Ask me, please.

Me: And please don’t take my pics.

Stranger: That’s funny because that’s exactly what I’m going to need.

Me: What?

Me: Oh no, that can’t happen. My life will be ruined.

Me: I beg you.

Stranger: Well, maybe if you just get down on your knees and show me who is daddy, then I won’t share them.

Me: Okay (getting hands down, boobs swung free, getting down, opening zipper).

Me: You better not tell anyone (taking your dick out).

Stranger: No, I won’t.

Stranger: This is going to be our little secret.

Me: (Slowly licking the precum and taking it in).

Stranger: Oh my god, you feel so good.

Me: (Slowly moving in, starts in and out).

Stranger: Please go faster.

Me: (Looking at you and going faster, very faster.)

Stranger: Oh, not too fast!

Stranger: I’m gonna cum early.

Me: (Little slowly).

Me: (In and out).

Stranger: (Starts grabbing my boobs tightly).

Me: Ah…

Me: (Feeling lost).

Stranger: I want you to get on all fours and let me fuck you now.

Me: No.

Me: It’s not fair. I won’t get naked.

Me: I have given you a blowjob. You need to let me wait for my boyfriend.

Stranger: But he isn’t here yet. So unless you want people having these, you should get on all fours. I want to eat you out first.

Me: You won’t tell anyone, no?

Stranger: I won’t even tell your lover.

Me: Thanks, so nice of you (getting naked, getting on all fours).

Stranger: Your body is so smooth and sexy

Stranger: (Starts to rub your pussy).

Me: Thank you.

Me: Ah… So niceee.

Me: Please don’t stop

Stranger: (Slowly inserts finger).

Stranger: Feels so warm.

Me: I feel so hot. Your fingers are magic.

Me: Make me cum.

Stranger: (Inserts two fingers and goes faster).

Me: Aah..Ah..Oo..

Stranger: I’m gonna make you cum, baby.

Me: Aah.

Stranger: You are all mine for taking.

Me (cumming so hard like a bitch): Thank you so much!

Me: Please fuck this worthless cunt.

Stranger: I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you will scream my name.

Me: Make this pet pay for coming to the boys’ washroom topless.

Stranger: (Slowly rubs dick on your pussy).

Me: Please fuck me HARD.

Stranger: (Slowly starts going in and out).

Stranger: Your pussy feels so warm and wet.

Me: (2 other boys come in and start taking video. I feel shameless and my face goes red).

Me: Omg. What the fuck!

Stranger: Um..

Me: What am I gonna do? I should have locked the door.

Me: Ahh..Please don’t stop.

Stranger: You sure?

Me: I need it.

Stranger: But they are right there.

Me: Let them enjoy this.

Stranger: Okay, baby.

Me: My boyfriend wants this to happen maybe.

Stranger: (Starts going faster).

Me: Aah..Arr..Oh..Tear it apart..Come on.

Me: Let the college know what I am.

Stranger: (Starts grabbing your boobs and fucking you faster).

Me: Aahhh..

Stranger: You are my dirty little slut. I am gonna make you cum so hard for me.

Me: You are so fast.

Stranger: I love your pussy so much.

Me: You are tearing me up.

Stranger: It is so tight.

Me: Please make me pregnant.

Me: I want your hot cum inside me.

Stranger: I am gonna cum for you, baby.

Me: Pleaseee..

Stranger: I am gonna cum so deep inside you.

Me: It’s so exciting.

Me: Please.

Stranger: (Cums deep inside your pussy).

Stranger: Hopefully, you don’t get pregnant.

Me: I am a shameless girl. Getting fucked by Junior naked in the boys’ washroom. Getting shot by others.

Me: It’s warm. Thank you so much. I need my dress.

Me: Can I have it?

Stranger: I think I might just hold onto it.

Me: But I need to go out.

Me: My parents will be waiting. I can’t go out naked!

Stranger: With your pussy full of cum and no dress, you are going to have to explain that to your parents.

Me: No way! They will hang me.

Me: They are Indians.

Me: Please, I beg you.

Stranger: Well, maybe if you let me have more fun, I can give back your dress.

Me: Anything you want, but I am not naked walking home.

Me: I need to go on a public bus.

Stranger: I want you to suck my dick again, but gently.

Me: But they are still taking the video.

Me: They will think I am a slut.

Stranger: You are my slut now.

Stranger: Now, suck my dick.

Me: Can you tell them to stop?

Me: I am feeling shameful. (Starts sucking again).

Stranger: Yeah, that’s right.

Me: (BF comes with top).

Me: (Surprised by my state).

Stranger: Is that your boyfriend?

Me: Yes. Please don’t tell him you fucked me.

Me: (BF leaves with anger).

Stranger: Only if you let me fuck you whenever I want.

Me: I am ready for you always.

Me: What to do with these 2 boys?

Stranger: Maybe they want some fun?

Me: I am your slut.

Me: I will do what you say.

Stranger (Calls over the two guys): I want you to suck all of our dicks.

Me: Really?

Me: What will they think of me?

Stranger: I am sure they will be having fun. Like you said, you are my slut.

Stranger: Okay.

Me: I obey you.

Me: (Taking out their dicks, two dicks in two hands, one in mouth, starts suxking slowly).

Stranger: You are such a good little slut, baby

Stranger: Boys are having their best time.

Me: (Faster).

Stranger: Oh my god.

Me: I want a cum shower.

Stranger: I’m gonna cum all over your face.

Me: (Taking the whole dick in) Please cum. Drench me in cum.

Me: I’m feeling so slutty. Satisfy this cunt. Come on.

Stranger: (All three of us cummed at the same time on your face).

Stranger: You feel so amazing, baby.

Me: (Having difficulty in opening eyes).

Stranger: You are covered in cum and it looks so hot.

Me: (Licking cum by tongue).

Stranger: Does it taste good?

Me (trying to open eyes): Yaa.

Me: It’s so yummy.

Stranger: Now you two boys go.

Me: Thanks a lot. My top is still with him.

Me: Can I wash my face? Or do you want it to dry on me?

Stranger: I want you to let me lick some off and let the rest dry.

Stranger: You look so sexy covered in cum

Me: As you say. I am your property.

Me: I have no right to object.

Me: Should I go out like this?

Stranger: Yes, just so everyone knows how much of a slut you are.

Me: It will be hard. But I will have to obey my master to show my BF what he missed.

Me: (Going out)

Me: Can I go on two legs?

Stranger: No, you have to crawl.

Stranger: As I walk behind you like a good dog.

Me: As you say, master.

Stranger: Dog.

Me: I’m your dog. Your cum-slut.

Me: Do you want to write anything on me, sir? So that I don’t need to answer every people.

Stranger: Yeah, I think I do need to write something.

Stranger (writes I am a ‘cum slut’ all over): There we go.

Me: Thank you, master. So thankful.

Me: You made me your slut.

Stranger: I want to fuck you again outside the washroom.

Me: Now I am naked with your cum in my face and on all fours with a boldly written ‘cum-slut’. I am yours.

Me: Please fuck me in public. Humiliate this, cumslut.

Me: Degrade me.

Me: (getting out of the washroom, looking in shame).

Stranger: You better hope nobody walks past.

Stranger: People may come.

Me: I am so scared.

Stranger: Even better.

Me: Do you have anything to cover me if anyone walks in?

Me: I was horny. I was lost.

Me: Now I am scared.

Me: Please let me get up.

Stranger: All you have to worry about is making me cum.

Me: Now, lay on your back and let me fuck you.

Me: Okay, make it fast.

Stranger: (Puts one hand on your throat and another on your boob).

Me: Pleeease..

Stranger: You are going to love this.

Stranger: (Shoves dick in your pussy).

Me: Ahhhh…

Me: Fucking me out in the open. It’s so hot.

Me: This was my fantasy. I didn’t know it would come true.

Me: But please make it fast!

Me: I might just take my time. I am really enjoying this.

Me: I may go to jail for doing this. Please..Faster..

Stranger: (Starts going faster).

Stranger: You are so wet, baby.

Me: I will be obedient. Fuck it harder. Aah.. ahh..hmmm.. ahh..

Stranger: I’m gonna cum soon for you, baby.

Me: Faster. Make me pregnant. I’m all yours. Come on.

Stranger: (Cums deep inside pussy again).

Stranger: You are such a dirty slut. And I love it.

Me: I am cumming too. Thanks.

Me: Give me something to hide now at least. I’m begging you.

Me: The whole college will know.

Me: (Professor coming towards us).

Stranger: Oh no!

Me: Something, please.

Stranger: It would be a shame if he saw you like this.

Me: I have no answer.

Me: Please.

Stranger: (Professor sees you naked).

Me: I will die now.

Me: Sorry professor, you will have to pardon me.

Me: (Covers boobs and pussy in hand).

Stranger: I think he likes what he sees.

Me: (You act like a professor).

Me: Sir, I was supposed to follow some orders.

Me: I am just doing my duty.

Stranger: You do understand what I am supposed to do, right?

Me: Please don’t ask me to come to the dean. I will do anything you ask in return. But not Dean. Please.

Stranger: Well, as long as nobody is around, I think we can work around it.

Stranger: You said anything, right?

Me: Anything that can be done by me. I have money.

Me: I can give it.

Stranger: I don’t want your money. I want your body.

Me: Please take the money and leave me. I need to go home.

Me: It’s late already.

Stranger: Well, unless you want to go to the dean, then maybe we can work out a deal.

Me: Okay. What deal? Please let me go. You are my teacher. Please show mercy. I am like your daughter.

Stranger: You make me cum and I won’t tell the dean.

Me: Can I give a boobjob?

Stranger: Your body just looks so warm and seductive, I can’t hold myself back. Use your boobs and mouth.

Me: Okay (takes the monster out). Your dick is so hard for me, sir. I am lucky.

Stranger: You are very lucky.

Stranger: I am about to show you what a real man can do.

Me: Fuck this bitch, sir. This bitch should learn a lesson.

Me: What happens by roaming naked on campus with cum on face (taking it deep).

Stranger: You love this dick, don’t you?

Me (choking): Ann mm..

Stranger: Make sure you use your boobs too.

Me: Sure. Cum over my boobs.

Stranger: I’m almost there, baby.

Me: Please, I want to bathe in cum.

Stranger (cums all over face and boobs): Wow, I haven’t cum that much in a while.

Me: (Shocked by the amount of cum).

Stranger: You felt so good.

Me: Oh… My…

Me: Thanks for the precious cum, sir.

Stranger: Make sure you enjoy some.

Me: I need to go home now.

Stranger: And I’ll be sure not to tell the dean.

Me: Please. Thanks, sir.

Me: You are so sweet.

Stranger: Anyway, I have to head to my class and finish some stuff.

Me: Okay. Can I go home?

Stranger: Looking like that?

Me: Sure. Anyway, I am soaked.

Me: If I wear anything, it will get dirty.

Me: I need some money for the bus.

Me: I have no bag here. It is in the boys’ washroom.

Stranger: I guess you will have to go back hope nobody is in there.

Me: Please don’t make me go back, I’m already tired.

Me: I will return the money tomorrow.

Stranger: If you want some money, you have to do more than ask.

Me: It’s late already. Tomorrow, I will do anything. Let me leave.

Me: Or else I will just run out.

Stranger: Just one more round and you can go.

Stranger: (Grabs arm).

Me: No, noo.

Me: Please.

Stranger: (Starts grabbing your boobs).

Stranger: But, who else is gonna do it?

Me: Please sir, I have a BF.

Stranger: I am sure he won’t mind.

Me: He is already angry.

Me: Please, sir.

Stranger: Just a little longer, won’t hurt.

Stranger: Faster.

Me: Please.

Stranger: (Starts going deeper and faster).

Me: Uh.. aah mmm..

Stranger: Cum inside.

Me: Fill me. Your pussy feels so warm.

Me: I love it so much..ahh.

Stranger: I am almost gonna cum.

Me: I am at your mercy. Please cum.

Stranger: (Cums inside of you).

Me: Aw, I am so relaxed. Thank you very much, sir.

Me: It is getting pretty late.

Stranger: Ya.

Stranger: Maybe you should head home. I’ll be sure to look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Me: Do you think I can go home naked?

Me: Can I make it?


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