Payal, Sensex and Sex

Hello all, I am here with a real incident. This story belongs to Payal Patil. This is the male version of I am posting this story on behalf of her boyfriend.

I am Madhan. Payal told me about this portal, and we both mutually decided to post our story here. Don’t ask for her details, and kindly respect her privacy.

I will share the real incident with you all without wasting any time. I moved to Pune from Hyderabad because of my job. My job is a semi-night shift, which means my login time starts at 3 pm and ends at 11:30 pm.

I managed to get a flat for rent, but the flat is not good. I didn’t have any option and agreed to rent. It’s an old flat with some cracks in the walls. But I got privacy and was happy. I do trading in the morning hours, and I used to get a profit.

I used to believe that the house was lucky for me, so I am making a profit daily. I stayed calm inside my flat and used to focus on the stock market. Additional income from the stock market shifted my lifestyle to another level. I lost my virginity to the office girl inside my flat.

I stay on the second floor, and my apartment is 3 floors without a lift. I used to listen to arguments with high-pitched voices regularly inside the apartment. I understand these arguments between wife and husband from my top floor and adjacent flats.

Sometimes I used to listen to the bad words arguments at night time. I didn’t bother with arguments. But I understand that my top-floor aunty and adjacent flatmate are not satisfied with her hubby.

One day, I visited the nearby departmental stores for groceries. I saw a beautiful aunty at the billing counter. Her first impression attracts me with good ass cheeks and big boobs. I imagined her nude, and my dick started soaring after seeing her.

I was 23 years during that time, and it’s acceptable to feel the heat of aunties’ assets. She left the store. I completed my grocery shopping and left. I was thinking about her on the way to my home. I spotted her at the staircase with her heavy grocery bags.

She was looking for help to pick up her grocery bag. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity and picked up the bag and started to climb the stairs. I put the bags on the first floor, but she moved towards the second and third floors. I carried her bags to the third floor, and she stopped at her residence.

I put her bags in front of her door, and she didn’t even say thanks. She closed the door in front of my face without saying anything. It was arrogant behavior from her side, but I love her ass cheeks and boobs. I noticed her relationship with her hubby is not great. I used to hear fights between wife and husband.

After a couple of weeks, I spotted her in the grocery store again. But this time, she looked more seductive. Her boobs were stiff, and she wore a new bra on that day. I can see her panty prints through her tight jeans.

Her ass is tempting, and my dick is heating up by sighting her ass. She left the store, and I left it too. Again, I got the opportunity to lift her bag. Again, she didn’t speak a single word and closed the door without having a single word. I masturbated that night, but my dick wanted more than masturbation.

I started to forget her as I engaged with new office girls for sex. After a month, I was busy with stock market analysis. Suddenly, I realized that someone was ringing my calling bell. I opened the door, and it was a surprise for me. It’s a top-floor aunty with slightly wet clothes.

She was wearing a nightdress, and it was wet. I can see her waist and brown nipples because of the wetness on her nightdress. She was looking desi hot in that dress, and I became horny.

She: Sorry to disturb you, my clothes were hanging on your balcony rope. Can I pick up my clothes with your permission?

Me: Yeah, sure.

She went to my balcony and picked up her clothes, and left. Her ass was striding up and down while doing the brisk walk to pick up her clothes in a hurry. She upset my mood with her wet clothes. I left my place and fucked my girlfriend by thinking of her.

Later, She visited my flat for a week for the same reason, but she didn’t show any intention of having sex. She picks up the clothes and runs away from my flat. Her sexy and wet dress makes me hard on every day. After that, she stopped coming to my flat. I thought it was the end of my desi dream with her.

Later a few days, I spotted her in the grocery store, and I decided to introduce myself to her. I smiled, but there was no reaction from her. She just ignored me and picked up her grocery. My dick wanted her treasure, and my hands were itching to press her boobs and ass cheeks.

But her response is nowhere to fulfill my desi dreams. She didn’t say hi till now. I have decided to introduce myself again to her as a final chance.

I blocked her way in the grocery store and said, “Hi!”

She: Hello.

Me: I am Madhan. Working in a software company.

She: I am Payal.

Me: Nice name.

She: Are you a stockbroker?

Me; no, I do trading. It’s my interest.

She: oh! I saw your computer monitor with many charts while picking up my clothes from your balcony.

Me: ok

She: It’s gambling and a fluke. Tell me a good stock that can raise in the long run as per your analysis. I will pay the brokerage for you.

Me: It’s not gambling, and I don’t want to prove my analysis with you. It was nice meeting with you.

She: Ok, bye.

She spoke with me in a rude voice, and certainly, it was heartbreaking for me. I thought of impressing her on the bed, but her attitude and rudeness were not acceptable to me.

I decided to move away from her because of my self-respect. I felt bad because of her rudeness. I stopped thinking about her on the bed and in the bathroom and focused on the stock market and office girls.

After a month, I had just crossed the path with Payal at the staircase, and I was surprised that she said hello to me.

Me: Hi!

Payal: Would you be able to teach the stock market? I am interested to learn the charts and other tricks.

Me: It’s gambling for you. Still interested to learn?

P: Sorry for that day. I was upset with some other issue. I wanted to focus on new things, and the stock market is interesting. I can shift my focus to learning about the markets.

Me: You have to work hard. And don’t criticize me for everything.

P: I will learn.

Then I asked her to visit my place at 9:00 am every day until she learned about the stock market. The next day she came to my flat, she did not know the stock market, but she was a hard nut to crack. Her commitment to the stock market is great. She was itching to learn things and was a hardworking lady.

In two weeks, she learned many things. After two months, she opened a Demat account in invested 5L in that amount. Her parents gave her that amount, and her hubby is unaware of her secret amount.

Her first trade was profit. After two months, she got reasonable profits, and her investment has raised to close to 10% of the profit. Later, she added another 10L to the Demat account and started buying and selling the stocks with minimum profits. She is intelligent but not a greedy lady.

She started to visit my place daily, and I used to sight her cleavage. Sometimes I used to see her deep cleavages. Sometimes, her pallu was detached from the shoulder. My dick used to stay up, and I don’t wear underwear at home. I used to have a bad eye on her body, but Payal focused on the stock market.

She is getting rewards from my knowledge, but my dick didn’t get any reward from her. I thought of forcing her into my room, but that was not my behavior. Time is passing on, and I have seen changes in her dressing and attitude.

She started to wear an expensive bra and panties. Her perfume fragrance became good and turned too expensive. She changed a lot in 3 months, and I dreamed of her in the bathroom. Her costume becomes a little seductive to moderate seductive. I can see the color of her panty.

She makes me hot, and I used to fuck my office girls at my place. I fucked hard by thinking about her. I purposefully left a condom on the bed and corner of my bedroom. Payal used to see my unused condoms in the room but never showed any intentions.

One weekend, I was on the balcony at nighttime. I started to hear dirty arguments between Payal and her hubby.

P: You are spending the whole time in the bank and don’t know why you were married to me.

Hubby: I married for children. I fucked you for that.

P: You never respect me as a wife.

Hubby: you never suck my dick for respect.

P: Haha, tumhala mahita ahe ki tumacha dick ubha rahila? (Do you know your dick will be stand up?)

Hubby: It will stand up in the bank. I work in a bank. You don’t know the pride of it.

P: Tumacha Manager or grahaka te tumacya gadhyata ghalata the kay? (Does your staff or customer insert it in your ass?)

Hubby: (with raising voice)I fucked you like slut. That’s why you were pregnant.

P: Slut! Haha. I have seen your caliber. You didn’t do anything on the first night. It took 2 years to fuck me. For that, you have taken a viagra tablet with the consultant of a doctor. It was a pathetic experience.

Hubby: I work in a bank and am a government employee. You are lucky to get married to me.

P: It’s not lucky. You didn’t know my pussy hole. It’s been more than 10 years since we had sex. I need love from you as I am feeling alone.

Hubby: I love pride, not sex. Bank is important for me. Don’t shout like slut.

After that, her hubby left home. I understood that she needed sex, and her hubby was not fucking her even though she was asking openly. I felt sad for her, but her hubby should spend time with her.

It’s close to more than a year, and her investment value has increased to more than double. I have seen changes over a year from her. I have decided to fulfill my dreams with her. As usual, she came to my flat in the morning. She put on red lipstick, and her perfume fragrance tempts me.

I was horny and decided to move forward with her. She wore a saree and sweater. I asked for a cup of coffee, and she agreed to prepare it. She went inside my kitchen, turned on the gas, and put the coffee utensil on the stove.
I was looking at her, and her back view made me wild.

I took deep breaths and slowly walked inside the kitchen. She poured the milk inside the utensil, and suddenly, I put my hand around her waist and rubbed her asscheeks with my dick. But I was a little nervous and breathing a little faster.

Later Payal’s facial expressions were awesome. She was making small moans, and I saw her lustful eyes. Her face is glowing with a naughty smile. I moved my hands towards her boobs and kissed her neck. She held my neck and said, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard.”

I moved my hands on her boobs and started to press her boobs hard. Without wasting any time, I started the lip kiss. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth, and our tongues got twisted. She is coordinating and kissing me passionately. We both were kissing passionately and twisting our tongues.

Our saliva was exchanging, and we both were hugging tightly. We both were not breaking the kiss, and her hands were rubbing my hair and neck. Her sweet little moans are making me mad. I got a full license on her, and I thought to fuck as hard as possible.

I decided to break the kiss, but she was not in the mood to leave my lips. I know she has been away from sex for nearly 15 years. I lifted her and made her sit on the kitchen platform, but we did not break our kiss. Finally, she broke the kiss, and I started to remove her buttons from the sweater.

I removed her sweater and dropped her pallu down. I was eagerly awaiting to see her milky boobs, but she started to lift my shirt up. Without wasting any time, I removed my tee and shorts. I was nude, and my 8+ inch dick was standing high. Payal sight is on my dick, and she was breathing heavily.

Payal’s eyes were lustful, and I loved her sight on my dick. She looked desperate and said, “Mala tujha Lund hava.” (I want your dick). I placed her hand on my dick. Her delicate touch made my dick harder. I started to remove her blouse hooks. I removed her blouse easily.

Then I unhooked her bra, and she was massaging my dick with her sensitive hands. I removed her bra, and I saw a naughty smile on her face. Finally, I have seen her nude boobs. It’s huge with brown nipples. I couldn’t control my lust and started to lick her nipple with my tongue.

She moaned in Marathi, but I didn’t leave her boobs. I had a huge hunger for her boobs and started to suck and lick her boobs. I was sucking her boob one after another. She was rubbing my head smoothly, and with another hand, she was doing a hand job.

I bit her both the nipples and sucked her 36-size boobs. I left love bites on her boobs and started to kiss her waist. Then, I put my hands inside her gown and touched her panty waistband. Payal was in a horny mood and signaled me to remove her panty.

Without wasting any time, I dragged her panty from waist to thighs, calf, and into my hands. Her panty was wet. I sniffed her panty, and Payal’s facial expression became horny, and she said, “Fuck me.”

I moved her legs wider and pushed my head inside her gown. I licked her thighs and around the pussy area. She was nervous and making sexy moans. She holds my head and moans fuck me. Suddenly, I touched her pussy with my tongue, and her moans became louder.

I could hear her lusty voice, and I started to lick her pussy smoothly and rapidly. I increase the pace. Her hands around my head were moaning like, “My hubby never kissed my pussy. Kiss my pussy.”

Her moans were so sexy that makes me wild, and I licked her pussy for some time. Then I stopped, and I pushed her down for a blow. Payal was hesitating, but I was pushing her down. She said I had never done this before. I don’t like it. But I pushed her down and put my dick inside her mouth.

I was pushing her head towards my dick. She could not take my full dick, but I started to push my dick inside her throat. Slowly, she started to roll her tongue over my dick softly, and my dick started to stretch further. She closed her eyes and held my dick with her sensitive fingers.

She started to suck and lick my dick so perfectly. My legs started to shiver, and I cum inside her mouth. I cum heavily, but Payal enjoyed the cum and gave the best blow. I put her on kitchen granite as soon as she completed the blow. I moved her lower gown up to her waist and spat her pussy hard.

She moaned and said, “Bina condom ke daalo.” (Fuck me without a condom). I just rubbed her pussy and pushed my dick inside her cunt. She moaned and held my back tightly, and I pushed my dick completely. Her pussy was wet, and my dick went easily deep inside her cunt.

Then I started to, and fro thrusts and her moans became louder and hornier Her moans made me hard. I fucked her for 10 minutes. Later I moved to her in the doggy style and raised her gown. Quickly I started to fuck her pussy from the back.

She was moaning badly like, “My hubby never fucked me in the doggy style, fuck me, hard baby.” Her moans were in a lustful voice and insulted her hubby. It’s making me hard, and I fucked her in doggy style for more than 15 minutes. Then she removed her gown and was standing nude in front of me.

Later we had coffee, and again we both started hard sex. She gave me a blowjob, and I fucked her in women on top, doggy, and missionary positions. Later we had lunch, and I fucked her ass. I spanked hard on her ass cheeks, and she was moaning.

I pressed her boobs hard and fucking her ass, and dropped cum in her ass. Later I dropped cum on her face, boobs, and waist. She looks dirty with cum on her face and all over her body. She wiped her cum with her panty and wore her dress.

Finally, she left at 3 in the afternoon, but she came to my flat at 8 pm. Her hubby works in the State bank of India, but he always reaches home at late hours. Her kid is growing and spending time with his age group.

She gave blow again at night, and we had around 30 minutes of sex. After that, Payal used to visit my place daily. She removes her clothes most of the time. Daily she used to give blow for at least 10 minutes and swallow my cum.

We had our affair for the next 5 years, and we both enjoyed each other company in bed. But Payal becomes financially independent in the stock market. She has shown great commitment to learning the stock market.

Payal earned more money in 12 years of trading and enjoyed her sex life with me. She doesn’t depend on her hubby for small reasons, and it’s good to become financially independent.

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