The Secret Affair – Part 1 (Cuckold Feeling Watching Wife Cheating!)

I was married to Kriti by arranged marriage. I liked her figure (34-26-37) as she had a huge ass. Other than that, we never really had the connection.

After marriage, I tried to have a connection with my wife but our tastes never matched. Our sex life was also poor. We had sex every weekend but I always felt that she wasn’t really interested in it.

One day I introduced her to my friend Rajveer. We went for dinner together. Surprisingly, my wife and Raj got the connection and started talking about their interests. I felt happy that she was enjoying it.

The next day, she said that she got a request to follow from Raj and she accepted it. It seemed great that she was having friendship and someone to talk to as I was not available to her because of my job.

After a few days (a Sunday), I had to attend a marriage function and I had told my wife about it a few days ago. But when I was getting ready, Raj came home. I was surprised and asked him why he came. Then Kriti said that she invited him to come over and she had forgotten about the marriage.

So I told him about it and he said that he would wait till I get back. I asked Kriti if she was ok with this and she said she would be fine.

I left my home, attended the function and came back. The door was closed and I rang the bell. Kriti came and opened the door but she was wearing a different dress. I was confused and asked if Raj left.

Before Kriti could reply, my friend Raj said that he was still there. I got in and found him on the sofa watching tv. They said that they were watching a movie together. Then I joined them and before the movie was over, he wanted to go home saying some excuses.

At night, while we were in the bed, I hugged her and kissed her neck from behind. But my partner seemed uninterested and said that she was tired from work and she needed to sleep. I never doubted her before but that night I was anxious.

Some days passed and there came another Saturday. I had another marriage function to attend that day and I had told her about it. Just like last time, Raj came home to hangout. My doubts got stronger. My wife said that they can watch a movie till I come back. I agreed with a smile but there was anxiety inside me. Anyway, I went away.

When I came back, Raj was already gone and I could find Kriti in different clothes again! So my doubts got stronger again and I planned to capture what goes on at home when I am not there. So I secretly brought some hidden cameras and setups. I placed them in the living room and bedroom where it was hard to find.

I told her that I have a marriage function to attend on Saturday as a lie and waited for the day. As expected, my friend came home. I told them that I was going and I had switched on all the cameras before I went. I attended the marriage while my mind was still thinking about what would happen at my house.

I came back and found them watching a movie together. I joined them and as before, even before the movie ended, he went home. I couldn’t wait to see what happened so I waited for the moment that my wife went to sleep at 3 pm.

I rushed to the computer and checked for the footage. I played from 10 am, the time when Raj arrived.

Video: I was getting ready and my wife was going to get the door. Raj came in while I came out of my bedroom while wearing a shirt. I welcomed him and he sat on the sofa.

Kriti went to the kitchen to make tea. By then, I was ready and I was leaving the house saying bye to Raj and Kriti. Kriti came from the kitchen and gave Raj the tea. She went to the front door and looked out. Then she closed the door and locked it.

Raj placed the tea on the teapoy and got up. Kriti went toward him and directly kissed him so passionately and they both lie down on the sofa while kissing continuously! Then they undressed each other and my friend started sucking my wife’s boobs while pressing them so hard.

He was rough on her and he slapped her many times on her boobs and ass. She stayed there like a helpless kitty while he was enjoying her beautiful body.

Then my buddy went down on my wife and started eating her pussy like a hungry dog. She was shaking and making her head up and eyes roll while he was eating her as if he was showing her no mercy. He then took his cock out from his underwear and that was when I saw his huge massive cock! He pushed it in my wife’s pussy so roughly.

My friend was fucking my cheating wife Kriti so roughly that she was crying in pain. Then, after a while, he cummed inside her. (I think she was taking birth control pills).

They stood up and she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself, got into the bedroom, wore another dress, and came back to the living room. Raj got himself dressed. And when she came back, they stayed on the sofa kissing each other and they switched on the TV.

After some time, I came back and before she got off the sofa, she kissed him along kiss and came toward the door to open it.

Strangely, I was aroused by all the acts on the video! I took out my cock and played the part where my friend and my wife were fucking and masturbated shamelessly! I had a strange heartbreak and also the arousal and the feeling were something different. I couldn’t sleep that day.

The next Monday, I went to the office after switching on the cameras to know if this happened regularly. After I went away at 9, Raj came home at 10. Kriti welcomed him being naked. And was dancing for him.

My wife removed her pant and underwear and was sucking his cock passionately. They were taking it so slowly as they knew I would arrive at 6 pm only. She was sucking him happily as it was a huge cock. He then hugged her and started kissing her.

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