Prits transforms James into a French Maid

James grunted in embarrassment. He was grabbed by a group of guys and stripped down to his girly panties. He was tied over a spanking bench as his hands and feet were restrained. A ball gag was placed on James to keep him quiet.

James had his butt pooched high into the air. He wore only a pretty pink stringy thong panty. Then James noticed that the door to the room swung open, and into the room walked 40 Indian people. 34 Indian guys and 6 Indian girls.

Among the girls was his ex-girlfriend Prits. James blushed with embarrassment when their eyes met. Prits smirked because she had a plan for James. It was revenge through Girl Power.

One of the guys carried a large wooden sorority paddle and stepped behind James. With a sudden thunderclap, the paddle whacked James’ butt cheeks firmly. James’ whole body jumped and shook, and James nervously anticipated the next swat.

Over the next 10 minutes, James’ butt cheeks were repeatedly pounded with authority. Prits leaned over and whispered, “James, you stupid fuck, you are going to be humiliated beyond belief!”

Prits removed the ball gag as an Indian guy approached James from the front. The guy pulled out his big cock. James’ mouth dropped open in shock, and he murmured, “What a man!”

The guy stepped forward and rubbed the tip of his cock around James’ lips like he was applying lipstick. Then James, in a demonstration of submission, opened his mouth wide. The Indian guy inserted his cock deep into James’ throat.

James blushed with great embarrassment as Prits laughed and clapped in approval. The guy began to low-key pump his hips as his cock jetted back and forth in James’ mouth. As James’ throat clicked and bucked, his eyes watered hard.

Prits and her female friends laughed and took pictures with their phones. It was intensely humiliating for James. Then it got even worse. Prits noticed that James’ lips were sucking and slurping the cock. She began teasing James about his cock-gobbling passion.

James could not deny that he was sucking the cock. Just then, the cock in James’ mouth exploded and filled his mouth with cum three times. James swallowed each time in another display of blatant submission.

Prits and her friends gave each other high-fives. Another guy stepped forward and began feeding James his large Indian cock. At the same time, another guy stood behind James and spanked his butt cheeks with firm power. James could only submit and slurp cock in obedience.

Prits took James’ phone and took a video of James getting throat fucked and then forwarded it to everyone in his contact list. His humiliation went to new levels. Guy after guy fed James Indian cock and cum as the spanking continued.

It was a Girl Power domination session that James would never forget. After 4 hours of non-stop hilarious action, James had been fed 28 Indian cocks and had been spanked 1200 swats. Everyone knew that he would be unable to sit down for a while and would have the taste of cum in his mouth for days.

As James was being tonsil-pounded with a large Indian cock, another guy stepped behind James. He grasped the tiny girly thong panty that James was wearing and ripped it off with a hard yank. He then stepped forward and pushed his large hard cock up James’ butt.

James groaned as a cock plunged his throat ferociously. In minutes, Indian guys were pumping James down his throat and up his butt. James was a cock sandwich.

Prits rolled on the floor with laughter as she watched James surrender and accept his role as the sissy bitch of India. For the next hour, James was throat fucked and butt fucked simultaneously. He blushed and blushed with utter embarrassment.

By this time, James had sucked off 34 cocks and been drilled up the ass by 6 guys. He was a blushing little cock-hungry sissy. James blushed and panted to catch his breath. He glared at Prits, who laughed so hard that she had tears in her eyes.

“Prits! Ugh! You are not funny!” growled James.

“HA HA HA HA! It is so hilarious, and you are the sissy of India. But tomorrow, you will be the sissy of Australia. A bunch of guys from Australia are going to fuck you silly!”

James blushed and whimpered as he glared at Prits in total embarrassment. Besides everyone in James’ contact list seeing him slurping cock, Prits posted the video on social media. Over 3.3 million people viewed it worldwide.

Prits held to her promise and later made James the sissy of Australia as well. She then made James the sissy of England, the sissy of Greece, the sissy of the USA, the sissy of Brazil, the sissy of France, the sissy of Spain, the sissy of Italy, the sissy of Egypt, the sissy of Canada, the sissy of Germany, the sissy of Russia, the sissy of Netherlands, the sissy of Japan, and the sissy of Sweden.

By that time, James owned every cock-sucking record in the world, and Prits was very satisfied with that. James’ butt was spanked and fucked so frequently that his poor butt was constantly sore.

James whimpered and marched in circles while rubbing his butt. He grunted in embarrassment while stomping his foot and shoving his fists on his hips.

“Prits! I cannot believe that you had me force-fed so many cocks in so many countries!” whined James.

“I know! You are a total sissy, and it is hilarious!” giggled Prits.

James blushed and rolled his eyes. He knew it was true. He was going to suck every cock in India. Prits made James strip down to his tiny thong panties and plop on the floor on his butt. She then dumped a large vat of sticky honey over James’ head.

He was completely covered. Then she dumped feathers over his head, and the feathers stuck to the honey. She then marched James through the streets like that.

Prits then made James open a cleaning business where he would go into people’s homes to clean. He would wear a French Maid uniform as he cleaned. Indian woman would bring Jamey the French Maid in to clean and would pinch his butt cheeks repeatedly.

Every weekend, Prits and her female friends would tie James to a chair and throw 100 whip cream in his face. He would become such a creamy mess. The girls would laugh at him and give each other high fives in victory. Their Girl Power ruled James’ sissy world.

James was so sissified by Prits that he changed his name to Jamey and decided to become a female. Jamey began wearing sissy dresses, make-up, and a wig on a daily basis. Jamie continued to be the cock-gobbler that Prits wanted and surrendered every aspect of masculinity to her.

Just days ago, Jamie’s tiny penis and balls were removed in surgery. Surgery is scheduled for the construction of a vagina and breasts. Jamie takes daily hormones to enhance his femininity. There is no hint of masculinity left for Jamey.

Prits declared, “I am so very proud! The ultimate revenge for Girl Power is to feminize your ex-boyfriend so thoroughly that they become your ex-girlfriend. Jamie is a full female and is known in 85 countries on the planet as a sissy cock-cobbling cumslut!”

When asked about it, Jamie blushed in embarrassment and whimpered, “Prits wins again!”