Priya and Sripriya – Part 1

Hi friends, this is Rajesh again with my new sex experience in God’s own Country, Kerala. I was deputed as a Project Engineer in Kochi for one of the major infrastructure projects. I had taken a single-bedroom house for rent and was having food from the hotel. At night, I used to order dinner from Swiggy.

I was staying on the third floor, which was 1BHK, and the rest was used as a terrace for hanging clothes by the owners. The owner was staying in the G. Floor and F. Floor, which was a duplex house.  The owner, Ajay Nair, was in his mid-fifties.

His wife Sripriya was in her mid-thirties. They had a daughter, Priya, who was in her first year of Engineering. I learned that Sripriya was Ajay’s second wife, so the a big age difference between them. Priya was Ajay’s daughter from his first wife, who had passed away long back.

I used to leave the house by 8 a.m., have breakfast in a hotel near the site and return by 2 p.m. after having lunch in a hotel.

Let me come to the main story.

On Onam festival day, Ajay Nair insisted I come to his house for lunch. I skipped and had lunch in a hotel as usual. I had my afternoon nap, and I heard a loud knocking on my main door. I looked at the clock and saw it was 5 p.m. already.

Tying my lungi properly, I opened the door and saw Sripriya with a covered thali in her hand. She was dressed in the traditional Malayali white saree, the ones worn by Malayali ladies during festivals.

“Chetta (Elder brother in Malayalam), Ajay felt very bad when you didn’t come to lunch. He has gone out and asked me to give early dinner to you. So don’t order food online and taste our Kerala home food for once,” said Sripriya. She came inside and placed the thali on my computer table.

“Why did you bother to bring it up? I would have come myself down to your home,” I said, looking at her back. Sripriya was looking gorgeous in her traditional white saree and matching blouse. My dick stiffened on seeing her bending with her back towards me.

Her panty outline was seen clearly through her thin petticoat and saree material. I could see her thighs and legs shapes. Till now, I had never seen Sripriya in a sexual way. I knew she was happily married, and I was staying here as a stop-gap adjustment.

Sripriya stood straight, facing me, and said, “If you need anything, please don’t feel shy. Just call me or Priya.”

I was looking at her chest. While she was speaking, her pallu slid off from her left breast, showing off her big, voluptuous breast. It was encased in a tight white blouse. I could clearly see her bra outlines from her thin blouse material. Since the bra was lacy, her dark brown areolas and her nipples were visible.

“Chetta,” I came back to my senses, hearing Sripriya speaking to me. I was ashamed of myself ogling at a married lady and said thanks for bringing the Kerala delicacy.

“I need a favour, Chetta,” Sripriya asked me, still standing.

“Please sit. Ask anything,” I said, showing her my bed to sit on.

Sripriya sat on the edge of the bed and, looking up at me, said, “You know, Priya is in her first year of Engineering, and she is very poor in Math. Can you please coach her daily for a few days? She has got her exams next month. She is worried that she will fail in Math and people will blame her and say that I didn’t look after her well. You know I look after her like my own daughter even though she is my stepdaughter.”

As Sripriya was speaking, I was shamelessly looking at her bosom. Her saree pallu had again moved away from her blouse, showing her low-cut blouse. Sripriya’s massive breasts were trying to pop out from the top of her blouse. Her breasts were pressed against each other, showing off her cleavage.

I was mesmerized seeing her gorgeous boobs flesh and her deep cleavage. I saw her looking at me and caught me staring at her breasts. I fumbled and, looking at the door, said, “Sure, I will try to help Priya, but I can’t promise. I have forgotten a lot and don’t know much about the latest syllabus.”

Sripriya, bending her upper body a bit down, said, “That will help her. From today, I will bring dinner, and you needn’t eat that hotel food. I will prepare good food, come and serve you every night.” Sripriya said with a mischievous smile on her lips. I wondered if she was trying to seduce me.

Why the hell? I was 52 and almost her husband’s age. But I couldn’t help but stare at her mammoth breasts flesh, which were trying to pop out of her blouse.

To my astonishment, Sripriya took off her pallu and started blowing air to her bosom using her saree pallu. My cock got erect. Seeing her blouse sans her pallu and both her breasts mounds was a feast to my eyes. I could see her areolas and pointed nipples poking out through the thin blouse material.

“Looks like you are hungry this early in the evening, Chetta,” Sripriya wiped her chest above her blouse using the edge of her pallu. Even I was getting ‘HOT’ seeing her displaying her massive breasts unabashedly.

“No, I will have dinner by 8. If you excuse me, I need to freshen up,” I said, still staring at her breasts. They juggled when she moved her arms when she wiped her chest.

“Go freshen up and come, Chetta. Today, have dinner early for me. I will go after serving you dinner,” Sripriya said, looking in my eyes.

But my eyes were on her fleshy tummy now, which was bare as her pallu was busy wiping her chest. It had two folds, and in the centre was her navel, which was looking sweaty. Sripriya was a slightly busty lady, but she had the curves in the right places. Definitely, she was one hell of a sexy woman.

OMG, what was happening here? I was ogling at a married woman’s body, and she was trying to seduce me. But the question was, who was going to blink first and make the first daring move? Definitely, I couldn’t, as I was in a new place.

I couldn’t afford to lose my dignity because of one affair with a married lady, however sexy she may be. I hurriedly went to the attached bathroom and locked the door. Parting the lungi folds, pulled my hard cock out from the briefs and tried to piss.

To my dismay, my cock got harder, and I refused to pee. Tucking cock back in the briefs washed my face and came out. I saw Sripriya standing near the table. The thali was uncovered and was waiting for me. I sat on the chair and saw some sweets and rice items on the plate.

Without speaking, I started to eat. Sripriya was standing to my left, very close to me. It was not helping me as I could smell her body aroma and the heat, and my damn cock was not going down.

“How is the food, Chetta?” Sripriya asked, bringing her body dangerously closer.

“Good,” I murmured as her bare mid-riff was close to my left arm. Sripriya’s waist was narrow. The curve at her hips and tummy folds was a sight to behold.

“Then have this too,” said Sripriya, pressing the right side of her hip to my left upper arm. I was shocked to feel her warm body heat as her tummy was pressing to my arm. My hand, which was close to my mouth, shivered, and I dropped rice down to my lungi.

I was annoyed at myself for behaving like a damn fool in front of this sexy siren. I tried to get up to go to the washroom to clean my lungi. “Don’t worry. I will clean it. You have the food, Chetta,” Said Sripriya, bending began to pick up the rice from the lungi.

I was in a dilemma as her breasts were dangling close to my face, and her hand was dangerously close to my hard cock. She would come to know that I was aroused if she moved her hand a few inches higher. And that happened, too, as she began to pick up the rice from the top of my crotch.

My cock stiffened even more. I was damn sure she would know I was horny. To my dismay, her saree pallu fell from her shoulders down to my lap. Her blouse-clad breasts were in front of my face. Without bothering to cover her blouse, Sripriya was busy cleaning my lungi and was feeling the hardness on my lungi.

I inhaled the strong female odour emitting from her body and stared at her breasts. They were popping out from the top of her blouse and her deep cleavage.

“You have got a big one, Chetta,” I heard Sripriya saying and looking at me, staring at her twin treasures. I tried to get up but was trapped in the chair. And Sripriya did the unthinkable.

Sripriya pressed her breasts against my face and gripped my cock in her right hand, and looked at me for my reaction. I just stared at her as I was shocked, to say the least, as she made her first bold move.  My nose was in her deep cleavage, chin and cheeks, feeling her soft breasts flesh.

“Feel them, Chetta. I saw you staring at them. It’s right in front of you. Ok, let me help you,” Saying. She began unhooking her blouse expertly using only her left hand. Her right hand was trying to fish my cock out from my lungi and briefs.

My cock was out from my briefs. Sripriya held it firmly at the base and parted her blouse flaps after unhooking. I saw her lacy bra from close quarters. They were unable to hold onto her huge breasts as most of her breasts were popping out from the sides of the bra cups.

I could feel her thumb caressing my cock tip, smearing her fingers with my pre-cum as her hand held my cock tightly in her palm. Sripriya’s cheeks were brushing mine.

Bringing her lips close to my ears, she whispered,” Chetta, your Kunna (Cock in Malayam) is big and think. Oops, I mean your penis. What do you call it in Kannada?”

What can a man do or say when a sexy slut is holding your cock and talking in a vulgar way. My lips were brushing her soft cheeks. I said, “It’s called Tunne (Cock in Kannada)” While I spoke, my lips kissed her cheek, and I licked her wetting her cheeks.

In turn, Sripriya kissed my earlobes and said, “Don’t you want to do something, Chetta? I am burning like hell and leaking after seeing your Kunna…oops, Tunne. Please, Rajesh.” Saying she began sucking my earlobes.

This was too much for me. Wiping my right hand on my lungi, brought both my hands up and cupped both her breasts on the bra firmly. Sripriya held my head in her left hand and pressed my face to her bosom while her lips were kissing me over my face.

My mouth got busy and licked and sucked her breasts on the bra wetting it. Placing both my thumbs under her bra bottom elastic, I pushed the cups up, freeing her big melons from the tight confines of her bra.

As my face was too close, I couldn’t see her areolas or nipples. But I licked and sucked her breasts wherever possible. Sensing my anxiety, Sripriya cupped her left breast and brought the nipple close to my lips.

“Easy, take it easy. Suck it, Chetta. It’s all yours,” Said Sripriya, placing the nipple between my lips. I saw her nipple for the first time, which was ¾” long and good for sucking. Without wasting much time, I took her rubbery nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard.

“Aah, Chatta, yes, suck me,” Sripriya was moaning and jerking my cock slowly while I sucked her nipple. My left hand embraced her fleshy tummy, pulling her towards me while my right hand got busy squeezing her right breast hard.

Sripriya moved her body, bringing her right breast to my waiting mouth. Now I was sucking her right breast and pressing her left breast, which was wet with my saliva. She was caressing my hair as I sucked her, pulling her body towards me.

I badly wanted to see and feel how horny she was. So I dropped my right hand from her breast down to her mound and cupped her pussy on the saree. Sripriya’s body trembled as I pressed my palm on her mound, my middle finger trying to locate her slit through her saree, dress and panties.

I wanted the damn clothes on her body. Brought my left hand down to her navel, felt her saree folds tucked and pulled it out from her petticoat. The saree fell at her feet, and Sripriya stood up, taking out my mouth from her nipple. I looked at Sripriya.

She was in seminude, blouse open, bra cups pushed up, and her saliva-coated breasts were all in full glory. Her tummy was sweaty, and her white petticoat was tied firmly way below her navel. Her white panties waistband was poking out, and a few of her pubic hairs too.

Sripriya was still holding my cock looked at me, and said, “What took you so long to respond, dear. I was hitting on you for the last few months, and you ignored me. Am I not beautiful, Chetta.” I felt a mild tension in her voice as she spoke.

I was looking at her crotch as she was speaking. I saw a small gap in her petticoat where the cord came full circle, which was right above her mound. I could see her white panties covering her pussy mound and saw a dampness.

Yes, she was horny for me. Inserting my hand inside the gap of her petticoat and cupped her pussy, feeling her moistness.

“Look how my pooru (Cunt in Malayalam) is leaking. Don’t you want to drill it with your weapon, Chetta?” Sripriya said, gripping my cock harder and biting her lower lip.

“No, I had tensions in the workplace and couldn’t observe you closely. I didn’t want any unnecessary complications as you are married. Am I a fool to ignore such a gorgeous woman,” saying I pushed my middle finger into her slit. Her panties got struck in her wet slit.

Sripriya’s body trembled when my middle finger moved up and down her slit feeling her moistness. My free hand went behind her back and cupped her ass. One hand was moving up and down her ass crack while my other hand was moving in her slit.

Her hand was holding my head and pressing on her fleshy tummy. My right hand moved her panties aside. My fingers were playing with her pussy lips which were slick, showing how horny she was. I penetrated her pussy with my middle finger and began to finger fuck her.

Her pussy begged for more. I added another finger inside her while my thumb was playing with her clit.

“Chetta, oh fuck. I want more, Chetta,” Sripriya was pushing her hips, trying to fuck my fingers. I finger fucked her for a few minutes. Sripriya’s body got stiff, and I knew she was experiencing her orgasm. She came on my fingers, wetting her panties and my fingers.

I stopped finger fucking her and allowed her to calm down. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and looked up at her. Sripriya, who had closed her eyes, opened and looked at me shyly. I raised my hand and showed her my fingers, sticky with her cum juices.

She blushed, and her eyes widened when she saw me licking my fingers, tasting her cum. She tasted different even though it was salty.

“Did you like my juice Chetta?” Sripriya asked with a wicked smile.

“It’s yummy. Wonder how it tastes from the source,” I said, licking my fingers.

Sripriya looked amused when I said that. Biting her lips, she said, “Do you really want to lick me down there, Chetta?”

“Of course, I would love to, only if you allow me and are really interested in getting sucked,” I said, looking at her.

Sripriya, bending down, inserted her hand in her petticoat and pulled her panties down to her knees. Looking at me, she removed it from her legs and said, “Who doesn’t want to? You are most welcome to lick and taste my juice directly from the source as you wish.”

Looking at her white petticoat, I said,” Do I have to suck your pussy or your pavada? (Petticoat)”

Sripriya gave me a strange look and said, “Why, aren’t you a man enough to lift my petticoat and eat my pussy Chetta?”

Damn, the bitch was challenging my manhood. Embracing below her buttocks, I lifted her off the floor and made her sit on the table with her ass on the edge. Sripriya was startled when I did that but cooperated by stretching her legs wide. Holding the bottom hem of her petticoat, I raised it, baring her legs and thighs and bundled it near her tummy.

I saw her sacred womanhood for the first time. She had neatly trimmed her pubic hair. Their lips were opened up, showing her vaginal opening. The slit was moist as she had cummed minutes before, and her clit was out from its hood, inviting me.

“Are you just going to stare or do something?” Sripriya said.

Looking at her, I brought my face between her thighs, feeling her warmth. Stretching my tongue, I licked her pussy from bottom to top. Her lips moved aside, allowing me to savour her cum juices. I felt Sripriya’s hand gripping my hair as I moved my tongue up and down her pussy slit.

I took care not to touch her clit as I knew she would erupt if I attacked it in the beginning. It was for later. Sripriya widened her legs more, giving me more room to eat her. I opened her lips using my fingers and dipped my tongue inside her love hole and started tongue fucking her.

I could feel her legs shivering as I devoured her pussy like a sex-starved man. “Yes, suck, Chetta, use your fingers, please,” Sripriya was screaming at the top of her voice. I inserted two fingers inside her and started finger fucking her while my lips were sucking her enlarged labia.

Finger fucking her, I sucked both her lips and knew it was time to take care of her sensitive clitoris. So moved my mouth up and gave a few licks to her clit. It was like a small bud. I took it in my mouth and sucked it hard.

“Aiyo, you are killing me, Chetta,” Sripriya shouted.

I took my mouth off her clit and, looking at her, asked, “Shall I stop eating you?” My fingers were still inside her pussy, but I stopped finger fucking her. I saw a wild desire in her eyes when she pushed my face down to her crotch.

She said, “I will kill you if you stop now. Start eating me, and I will do whatever you ask me. Please, Chetta, suck me.”

Smiling, I got between her legs and took her clit in my mouth. I sensed her dropping her petticoat on my head and pressing my face down to suck me harder. I was trapped inside her petticoat, and it was too dark. I chewed wherever my lips went.

I might have bit her bottom lips, too, while I finger fucked her. My fingers were creamy with her flowing juices, and I was trying to lick her cum. I don’t know where all I licked and sucked her in the darkness covered by her petticoat.

“Chetta, I am cumming,” Sripriya shouted, and I knew she was about to discharge again. Pulling my fingers out, I latched my lips on her pussy, and she came like a volcano. My face was flushed with her cum, I tried to suck her cum as much as possible, but she had a big one.

It overflowed down, and I knew her petticoat would be a mess with her sticky cum. Sripriya’s orgasm subsided, and she released her grip on my head. Giving a few licks to her pussy I took my head out from her petticoat. Sripriya laughed, seeing my face, which was sticky with her cum.

“Look what you have done,” I said, trying to lick her cum from my lips.

“Sorry, Chetta. I don’t know what happened to me. Never in my life, I have cum like this. I should say it’s because of you, I came so much. You are a good pussy sucker,” Sripriya said and wiped my face using her petticoat.

“You said you will do whatever I ask. Do you still want to keep your word,” I said, looking at her for a good nice fuck with this sexy horny lady.

“No, Chetta, Priya is in the house and may come up searching for me. I will keep my word and come tomorrow evening. My husband will be at the office, and Priya will be at college,” Sripriya said, cleaning my face.

Continued in part-2

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