Priya and Sripriya – Part 3

I was in the bathroom when I heard the door knock. Thinking Sripriya had come back, wrapping a towel across my waist sans briefs and topless, I hurriedly came to answer the door. When I opened the door, I was not surprised to see Priya carrying some books.

She smiled, looking at me, and said, “Sripriya told me to clear Math’s doubts from you. Is it the right time, Uncle?” While she was speaking, her eyes were on my crotch, which had made a tent despite cumming an hour before seeing the young gorgeous girl standing before me.

Trying to cover my hard-on as much as possible with both hands, I sheepishly said, “No problem, Priya. Come in. Your Mom told me that you will be coming. I will be back in a few minutes. Please be comfortable.” I showed her the diwan where I had fucked her stepmom an hour back and went to my room to dress up.

I came out wearing a T-shirt and lungi (with briefs) and saw Priya sitting on the diwan. The window shutters to the terrace were shut, and drapes were pulled, and the lights were switched on. Priya looked at me and said with a naughty smile, “The earlier dress was okay. Why bother to dress up, Uncle.”

Giving her a stern look, I said, “Behave yourself, Priya. Why did you close the window?”

Priya, resting against the wall and stretching her legs, said,” Because I don’t want anyone to peep through just like someone did when you were with Sripriya. I want complete privacy.”

I knew what she was hitting at. She had seen me fucking her stepmom Sripriya on the very same diwan, and she was peeping at us. Without answering her, I sat on the diwan and took the book which was lying next to her legs. “Tell me which chapter you find difficult to understand,” I asked her.

Priya looked at me seductively and said, “Today is festival. Why bother to teach me? Why don’t you teach me something different now, Uncle.”

I thought Sripriya was a sex-crazy woman, but her stepdaughter was even more sex crazier. I knew what she was hinting at. But I didn’t want to fall prey to this young lady as I was new to this city and State.

“If you are not interested in studying Maths, we will do it some other day when you are interested. I have lots of work to do. I agreed to teach you because your Mom asked me to.”

Priya moved forward, touching her thighs with me, which sent a current shock through my body. Taking her book from my hand, she said, “First thing, Sripriya is not my Mom, but my stepmom. Secondly, I can’t go now as she will tell my Dad that I am not focusing on my studies. Let me stay here for an hour.”

“But what will you do here for an hour, Priya,” I said, looking at her bosom, which was inviting me to grab, squeeze and suck them. Priya was wearing a white shirt and loose, baggy blue jeans. I could see the outlines of her white bra through her thin shirt material.

Since the shirt was tight, her oranges-like breasts were protruding out from her chest. I guessed she should be C cup despite her young 20 years. Priya saw me gawking at her bosom, opened the top button of her shirt, and, blowing air into her shirt from her seductive lips, said, “Isn’t it HOT here, Uncle?”

I saw a glimpse of her cleavage when she blew air on her bosom. I could see both her breasts were pressed against each other, making a nice valley and good for tit fuck. She got on her knees and tried to reach the fan switch, which was behind my back.

In the process, her upper body was over my face, and her cleavage was against my nose. I inhaled her feminine body odour, which was like out of the world. I sensed her stretching her right hand to reach the switch. My nose dived into her opened shirt and touched her naked skin.

My nose smelled her sweaty cleavage, cheeks pressed against her young boobs and found them to be firm. My lips kiss her under boobs. I tried to speak, but Priya pressed her boobs more on my face making me gasp for air. I sensed the fan switched on. I sensed Priya’s hand on my crotch and gripping my cock.

It was too much for me to be attacked by a young girl. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I gently pushed her away. Priya sat back on the diwan but was still holding my cock firmly in her right hand. Trying to pull her hand from my cock, which had got hard again due to the young girl’s.

I said, “What are you doing? What will your Dad and Mom think if they come to know of this? Behave yourself, Priya.”

Priya, gripping my dick harder, said, “Not bad for an old man. I saw you emptying in Sripriya an hour before, and yet you are hard again. How was her dessert, Uncle? I saw you lapping up her juices like a starved dog. Was she that good?”

“Sorry, I made a mistake with your Mom. Please forgive me. I will vacate the house as soon as possible,” I said and tried to get up. In the melee, my lungi gave away and fell on the floor.

Priya quickly pulled my cock out of my underwear. Pulling it hard, grimacing at me said, “If you try to escape by vacating, I will have to tell my Dad how you fucked his horny wife this evening, that too on Onam festival day.”

I saw her thumb tweaking my cockhead, smearing pre-cum to her palm. Her free left hand was cupping my balls, making my cock angry in her soft hands. I looked helplessly at the young, sex-starved girl. She was willing to go to any lengths to get what she wanted.

Accepting my defeat, I said meekly, “So what do you want me to do?”

“That’s like a good boy, oops, sorry MAN. First, I want you to eat me just like you ate Sripriya’s under her saree and rest. I will tell later,” Priya said and rubbed her palm on my cockhead, taking more of my dripping cum in her hand.

Releasing my cock she licked my cum off her palm and said, “You taste good, Uncle. It’s time for you to taste mine.”

Priya sat back against the wall, spreading her legs wide. She got busy unhooking her pants. I just stared at her audacity, trying to remove her dress in front of an old man.

She looked at me and said,” Are you so eager to see my pussy Uncle. I won’t disappoint you. But first remove your clothes, whatever you have now.”

The young girl was being bossy with me, which I hated, and I hated her guts. I removed my T-shirt and pulled my briefs down. I stood stark naked with my cock pointing at her face. I saw her pulling her zip down, lifting her ass. I pulled her pants down her buttocks and sat down.

The young bitch was not wearing panties, and I saw her clean-shaven pussy. Her lips were big enough.  Her slit was already wet, and her clit was out of its hiding place and was looking like a small nipple.

Parting her pussy lips using her hands, Priya said, “Hurry up, Uncle. My pussy has been eagerly waiting for your mouth since I saw you sucking and fucking that slut Sripriya.”

I looked at Priya Nair, who was sitting eagle spread with her pants down, exposing her dripping pussy. Her body was sweaty due to excitement or humidity, shirt was wet, clinging to her body and showing off her breasts.

Holding the bottom of her pants, I pulled it from her legs and threw it on the floor. Looking at her breasts, I said, “Show me your tits, Priya.” Priya gave me a look and said, “I thought you would never ask Uncle. It’s my pleasure to show you my tits.”

She began unhooking her shirt. After removing all the buttons, her hands went to her back, fumbling with her bra hook now. Bring her hand back to her shirt, parting it and lifting the bra cup. She said, “There you go, Uncle. How are mine compared to that bitch boobs.”

I was impressed to see her C-cup breasts standing proudly on her chest without any sag. Aureoles were light brownish, and nipples were sharp and pointy. Priya tweaking both her nipples, said, “Hurry up, Uncle, you can see and feel my tits later. My pussy is waiting for you to suck.”

Placing my hands under her knees and lifting her legs off the diwan, I got between her thighs. Priya placed her legs on my shoulders, holding my hair pushed my face down to her crotch. My face was feeling the heat emitting from her pussy, and her slender legs were pressing me down.

The gap between her thighs was narrowed down. Her legs were on my shoulders, and her pussy lips were closed. I struggled to bring my hands down to her pussy, parting her bottom lips gave a long lick to her moist pussy from bottom to top, tasting her juice.

As I expected, she was tasty. I gave a few more licks, dipping my tongue in her wet slit. Priya screamed out loudly as I licked her young pussy sucking her yummy pussy honey. I was careful not to go for her clit but was diving my tongue in her love hole and extracting honey from her pot.

My hands moved up her body, cupped both her breasts, and squeezed them hard. To my surprise, I found them hard like a rock despite being such a horny girl. I knew she did not have much experience in sex or not allowed boys of her age to play with her twin treasures.

If she had been fondled, her breasts would have been softer by now. I was worried if she was still a virgin. Who the hell bothered as long as I got what I wanted from this young horny bitch.

Priya was holding my head and pushing my face down to suck her pussy faster. I tweaked her nipples for a few minutes, making her moan louder and brought my hands down to her back. Cupping her small round ass pushed her towards my face. My face was smeared with her juice, and my nose was nibbling her clit.

“Yes, Uncle. Suck me. I knew you were a wonderful pussy eater when I saw you sucking Sripriya. OMG, use that tongue. Dig it deeper. Still more, fuck my pussy with that tongue. Oh, I am cumming. Drink it.”

Priya clamped her legs across my neck, pushing me down. I sucked her juices which were dripping out in full force. I drank as much as I could and knew my diwan was going to be soiled again, first with her Mom and now her daughter.

After recovering from her orgasm, Priya took her legs off my shoulders, placed them on the diwan, and lifted my head, holding my hair. Seeing my cum smeared face, she began to laugh out loudly.

“What happened, Mole? (daughter in Malayam)?” I asked innocently.

Priya bringing her face close to mine began to lick my face with her tongue stretched out, tasting her cum. Licking my cheeks and chin, giving me a look, Priya planted her lips on mine. I was tasting her upper lips now, which was more softer and sweeter.

She thrust her tongue into my mouth. I sucked eagerly, tasting her sweet saliva. Our lips were crushed against each other, our saliva dripping out from the corner of our lips. My hands were pressing her firm breasts gently while we both kissed like sex-starved lovers.

My cock was being gripped tightly by the young girl as we both kissed, exchanging the saliva. The kiss went on for a few minutes, and I had difficulty breathing, so I pulled my lips from hers.

“That was some wild kissing, Uncle. Thanks for kissing and sucking both my lips and satisfying me thoroughly.” Priya said, jerking my cock, “Poor thing, I forgot about your big brother. Shall I suck it, Uncle.”

Ripping her shirt from her shoulders and pulling the hanging bra down, I pushed Priya on the diwan roughly. Priya was startled when I used force for the first time. But she was looking at me wide-eyed, waiting for my next move.

I got on top of her now naked body in 69 position with my enraged cock hovering over her face. My face was buried between her slender thighs. I quickly inserted my middle finger in her pussy and caught her clit in my mouth.

“Amma, slowly,” Priya shouted while I finger fucked her and sucked her enlarged clit, making her go mad. “Suck me gently, Uncle. I won’t go anywhere till you throw me out. I will be your slut and come running to you whenever you call me.”

Priya was blabbering. I had to shut her mouth, or her stepmom would come running upstairs to hear her screams. I moved my hips until my cock found her soft lips and pushed it down, showing my intentions. I felt Priya’s soft tiny hands on my cock and took my cockhead inside her warm mouth.

Knowing that she would take good care of my cock, I got busy fingering her pussy and licking and sucking her clit. I now inserted my forefinger and was invading the young girl’s pussy as I wanted. The juice was flowing abundantly from her pussy, wetting my fingers.

Priya had taken my cock deep in her mouth, and her tongue was licking my piss slit as she sucked me. I knew she was a better cock sucker than her stepmom despite her young age. Her young, firm breasts were crushed under my tummy, and our bodies were soaked in sweat despite the fan running at full speed.

I lost track of time as we both pleasured ourselves by sucking each other’s privates. Priya was fondling my balls as she sucked me. I was triggering her G spot with my fingers. I knew she would have screamed if her mouth was not stuffed with my cock.

I even tried to finger her anus, which she objected to by wriggling to show her discontent. My face was again smeared with her cum as she came again with full force.

After a few minutes, Priya took my cock from her mouth and said, “Uncle, I am tired, and my lips are aching. Can we please stop?”

I was plundering this young girl’s pussy with my mouth for almost half an hour and knew she must be really satisfied with my lip service. I got off the diwan, standing on the floor, and pulled her up. She stood on the floor, literally shaking like a leaf in the wind.

I embraced her tightly with my hands cupping her firm, round buttocks, trying to stop her shivering. Priya, too, hugged me with her arms behind my back and her face buried in my chest.

When Priya regained her composure, she looked at me and said, “I must say you are one good pussy eater, Uncle. No wonder my bitchy stepmom opened her legs for you to fuck after you sucked her.”

She saw the clock on the wall and said,” Oh God, it’s already 7. I need to go, Uncle.” And hurriedly left my embrace and started picking up her clothes.

“What, are you going to leave me like this, Priya?” I said, showing my still erect cock to her.

Priya, wearing the jeans, hooking it, said, “Sorry Uncle, Sripriya will complain to my Dad if I go late. I, too, want to get fucked by your monster, but I want to do it leisurely without any hurry.” And wore the shirt without a bra.

Handing her bra to me, she said, “Keep this as a souvenir. I saw you keeping Sripriya’s panties after you pounded her. After you fuck me, you can keep my panties.”

Continued in part 4.

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