Priya, Sripriya And Husband – Part 1

On Sunday morning, Sripriya, around 35 years old, came to my room wearing a white saree. She was looking fresh after taking a bath. Keeping the breakfast plate on the table, Sripriya asked, “Are you going out today, Chetta?”

I said, “No, Sri, I will be here all day.”

“OK, my husband will be home all day. We can have a quickie now and in the afternoon. I will come in the night. We can have a good time till morning. I will leave before my husband wakes up. Priya is studying for a test and won’t disturb us too,” Sripriya said dropping her pallu, began hooking the blouse.

I saw her gorgeous big boobs popping out once the hooks were opened. Lifting her saree and petticoat, showing me her pussy, she said, “See how it’s dripping for your lips. I couldn’t come last night as Ajay slept very late. Come lick me, Chetta.”

I was sitting on the bed wearing just a lungi. Sripriya came forward, bringing her pussy closer to me. I could smell the familiar scent of her pussy aroma. I couldn’t resist and latched onto her pussy with my tongue. I began to lick her pussy from the bottom, splitting her lips, diving my tongue deep inside her.

I grabbed her fleshy buttocks, pushing her mound towards me. My tongue went all the way inside her, savouring her juices. When my tongue tip was diving inside her hole, my nose was grazing her clit.

Sripriya, griping my hair and moaning, said, “Oh, Chetta, what magic do you have in your lips? I get satisfied by your lips on my pussy. When your cock penetrates me, I see stars. I wonder what would have happened to me if you had not come into my life. Oh, Chetta, suck me harder.”

My chin was soaked with her dripping juices. I moved up to her clit and sucked it hard. “Oh, You are killing me,” Sripriya shouted, gripping my hair tightly. The next few minutes, I was bust sucking and eating Sripriya’s pussy. Then I heard her husband’s voice.


Shocked on hearing Sripriya’s hubby, I took my mouth off her pussy and looked up. I saw Ajay Nair standing at the door, fuming with anger. I saw Sripriya trembling like a leaf in the wind. Her face was distraught on getting caught by her husband with me.

She had dropped her saree and petticoat and folded her arms over her breasts, covering her modesty.

“What are you doing with him, bitch? Is one man not sufficient to satisfy you? Answer me, slut,” Ajay hissed in anger.

Sripriya, with a shaky voice, replied, “I-I came to give him breakfast.” Sripriya was on the verge of breaking down.

“Oh, you came here to serve this bastard breakfast. But instead, you were serving him your pussy. Chee! Fucking whore! How long has this been going on? Speak, randi,” Ajay was shaking in anger as he screamed.

I tried to answer and come to Sripriya’s rescue but stopped seeing Priya at the door. Priya was Ajay’s daughter from first wife. She was 20 years old and was studying Engineering.

“What happened, Accha (Father)?” Priya asked her Dad even though she knew what had happened.

“See, Priya, your bitchy mom is having an affair with this scoundrel. You go down. You should not be here. I will handle this bitch and bastard,” Ajay said to his daughter.

Priya came inside, closed the door and windows and switched on the light. She went near her stepmom and hugged her, trying to console her. She was on the verge of breaking down.

“What are you doing, Priya? Just because you call her mummy, she can’t become your mother. She is a bitch and not satisfied with one man. Leave,” Ajay said in anger tone to his daughter.

“You want the whole street to hear you. OK shout as much you can, let them know the truth why mummy came to Uncle’s room,” Priya said in a firm tone.

Ajay hissing said, “Let them hear. I don’t care. Let them know my wife is a bitch.”

“Would mummy have come to Uncle if you had treated and satisfied her properly, Dad? It’s your mistake. You neglected her, and she came to Uncle,” Priya said.

Ajay, slightly mellowing down, said, “I have given her everything. Good house, money and a nice daughter like you to take care of. What more does she want?”

“If you had taken care of mummy like a real man, would she have come here? Money is not everything, Dad,” Priya hit her Dad below the belt.

“Am I not sufficient for this bitch? I should not be talking all these with you. Leave Priya,” Ajay said, showing the door.

Priya left her mom and went close to her Dad, face flushed with anger. She said, “What did you say? Are you a MAN? Let me see how close you are to a man.”

Saying Priya pulled her Dad’s vesti (white lungi). Before Ajay could recover, she pulled his cock out from the briefs. She said, “You call yourself a man, Dad. Look how big is your cock, one inch or two at the most. When was the last time you got it hard, Dad? Was it with my real mom? OK, let me see how fast you can get hard when your daughter is jacking you?”

Ajay was stunned upon hearing about his daughter. There was disbelief in his eyes, seeing his daughter jerking to get him erect in front of his wife and me. He tried to push his daughter away, who was adamant about getting her Dad hard. I saw Ajay looking down as Priya shagged him.

Her breasts were shaking violently inside her thin T-shirt as she was not wearing a bra. Sripriya had regained her composure, seeing Priya coming to her rescue. She was looking at her as her stepdaughter jacked her Dad.

“Stop it, Priya,” Ajay said, moaning. But his voice was shaky, and he didn’t try to pull his cock back.

“No, I want to see if you can get hard. If you get hard enough to fuck mummy, I promise that she won’t come to Rajesh Uncle again. Get it hard like a man, Dad,” Priya said, intensifying the hand movement on her Dad’s cock.

“OK, stop, I admit, I can’t get hard like before. She can sleep with anyone. I don’t care. Please leave me,” Ajay said, admitting his failure.

Priya taking her hand off her Dad’s cock said, “So admit your shortcoming, Dad. How many times I have seen mummy trying to get you hard by giving a handjob and blowjob. If I suck you, maybe you will get hard. Isn’t it, Dad?”

“Don’t humiliate me more, Priya. Let her do whatever she wants with Rajesh. I don’t mind,” Ajay, accepting his defeat, said and was about to leave.

“Wait, wait, Dad. I sensed your cock stiffening up a bit when you were staring at my tits. Will you get erect if you see my tits, Dad?” saying Priya lifted her T-shirt and removed it from her shoulders. Standing topless showing her magnificent boobs to her daddy.

Priya was standing before her Dad in just an elastic boxer shorts. Ajay couldn’t believe his eyes as his daughter was proudly showing him her breasts.

“How do they look, Dad? Or have you forgotten what tits look like? When was the last time you saw mom’s tits? You want to see them now. Mummy, come here, let Dad see your tits. Maybe he will get hard seeing both our breasts,” Priya said and signalled Sripriya to come closer.

Sripriya hesitatingly went and stood next to her daughter. Priya removed Sripriya’s hands from her chest, baring her boobs to her Dad. Now Ajay was staring at his wife’s and daughter’s breasts, looking helplessly. Priya held her Dad’s two-inch cock again and began to jerk him harder now.

Due to her hand movement, her firm tits were swaying all over her chest. Her Dad was staring at his daughter’s breasts, heaving up and down.

“You can touch them if you want to, Dad. I don’t mind. I just want to get your dick hard and want you to fuck mummy right here. Maybe you can touch your wife’s boobs too if she allows you,” Priya said, pulling her Dad’s cock harder.

To my surprise, I saw Ajay’s hands moving up and took each of his wife’s and daughter’s breasts in his hands. Priya was smiling when her Dad cupped her breasts along with her mom’s.

“That’s like a good boy. Your cock is getting hard a bit now, Dad. Press both our boobs hard and enjoy yourself, Dad. Mummy, hold Dad’s balls and massage them. He may get hard quickly and may mount you if you are ready. Oh, what a dumb fool I am. I know you will be ready for a good fuck. I can see your cum on Rajesh Uncle’s face. Isn’t it, Mummy,” Priya said, looking at Sripriya.

Sripriya blushed, caught her husband’s balls in her right hand, and started massaging it gently. Ajay got busy squeezing both his wife’s and daughter’s boobs and was groaning as his daughter jerked him violently. Priya had changed the whole scenario with her bold and gutsy behaviour.

She got her stepmom and me off the hook. I had to admire this young girl’s guts with the way she handled her Dad from going violent.

“Hurrah, I got my Dad hard. Come on, Dad, fuck your wife in front of her lover,” Priya said, releasing her Dad’s cock. Seeing his cock, I laughed inside. It was a mere three inches long, and mine five inches when flaccid.

Removing her mom’s saree and petticoat, and getting her nude, Priya pushed Sripriya on the bed beside me. Holding her Dad’s cock she brought him and pushed him on top of her mummy. She removed her shorts and got laid beside her mom.

Ajay looked at his naked daughter while Sripriya was trying to push her husband’s hips up to hold his cock. Priya saw her Dad staring at her pussy.

She said, “Daddy, you can see my body later. Now raise your hips so I can hold your dick and show direction to mom’s pussy. You might have forgotten where it is. Lift your ass, Daddy. Mummy, spread your legs wide and get ready for your husband’s cock to enter you,” said Priya pushed her Dad up, placing her hand under his tummy.

Ajay obliged his daughter to raise his body. Priya was quick to hold his cock and, pointing it at her mom’s pussy hole, screamed, “Push, daddy push. Mummy should scream when you enter her.”

Ajay lowered his hips, and his cock disappeared into Sripriya’s pussy. She let out a small moan as her hubby penetrated her. Was it hard for Sripriya to take a small cock of her hubby’s when she had taken 8 inches of mine?

Sripriya placed her hands on her husband’s buttocks and pressed him down. Ajay was grunting and fucking his wife in small strokes, looking at his naked daughter.

“Uncle, come and fuck me. I want your cock in me now,” Priya said, pulling my lungi and baring my cock.

I looked helplessly at Priya and her Dad. Ajay was shocked, turned, and saw my fully erect cock. His eyes widened, and he said,  “What are you doing, Priya? Not you, too. Look how big he is. Please stop, don’t do this in front of me.”

“What shall I do? I am horny and need a cock in me. Do you want to fuck me, Daddy?” Priya asked her Dad with a mischievous smile. The whole room was silent. Ajay stopped fucking his wife and looked at his wife and then at his daughter.

Sripriya was beaming when she heard Priya challenging and welcoming her Dad to fuck her. Looking at Ajay, she said,” I don’t mind if you want to fuck Priya. We can fuck later if you get hard again.” There was confidence in her tone now.

Ajay licked his lips, got off his wife, and stood before his naked daughter. His cock was smeared with his wife’s juices. Priya, grinning, said, “Hop on Dad. You will get a tight pussy to fuck. You won’t regret fucking your daughter, trust me.”

Ajay looked at his wife, who smiled at him. Priya catching her Dad’s cock, pulling him towards her, said,” Don’t worry about your wife. Uncle will take good care of her. If you don’t want Uncle to fuck your wife, I will leave you and fuck him instead.”

Saying she pointed her Dad’s cock to her pussy and said, “What do you say, Dad?” Ajay looked at his wife, my cock and then at his daughter. He said, “They are already fucking. I don’t know if Sripriya will have a good time with Rajesh while I enjoy you.”

Priya moving her Dad’s cock in her clit said, “Good, now push, penetrate me. Let your cock feel how good your daughter’s pussy is.”

I saw Ajay lowering his hips and entering his daughter’s tight young pussy. He was grunting as he penetrated Priya. His sweat fell on his daughter’s face. Priya was smiling as her Dad entered her tight channel and signalled me to take care of her mom.

Looking at the Dad and daughter mating, I came near Sripriya. She took my cock and said, “Fuck me, Chetta.” My body took over my mind as my cock penetrated her moist pussy. I looked at Ajay, who was busy fucking his daughter in slow strokes without even looking at us.

I thought sex had no barriers. Mom and son, Dad and daughter doesn’t matter when it comes to sex. I started pounding Sripriya harder. Taking almost 7 inches of my cock out and ploughing in her again. Sripriya was screaming as I fucked her relentlessly.

I heard Priya saying, “Look how your wife is screaming. Have you made her shout like this while fucking? You make her scream while you shout at her, not while fucking. How is my pussy, Dad. Is it tight enough for you? Should I bring my friend Sabrina to fuck. She, too, has a good tasty pussy. Do you want her?”

“No, Priya, you are sufficient for me. Sripriya’s is a bit loose,” Ajay said.

“My naughty daddy. Mummy has become old for you now, and your daughter is fresh. OK fuck me hard and make me scream like mummy daddy,” Priya said, laughing.

It was a relief for me and Sripriya to see Dad and daughter bonding while having sex. I was busy pounding Sripriya’s hapless pussy. Her big breasts were swaying as her body shook wildly. Five minutes later, I slowed down allowing Sripriya to regain herself and looked at the other couple mating.

To my surprise, Ajay was still going strong on his daughter. Priya was staring at her Dad. He had placed his hands on Priya’s boobs and moved his cock in and out of her pussy. I saw disbelief in her eyes as Ajay fucked his teenage daughter, and he was enjoying himself.

“Dad, where had you stored your energy all this time? I admit yours is small, but you are hitting my G-spot again and again. You made me cum twice. You are a wonderful fucker. I love you, Daddy,” Priya raised her upper body and kissed her Dad on his lips.

Ajay blushed when his daughter kissed him, and he, too, kissed her back. Priya said, “Are you ready to fuck your wife now, Dad?”

Ajay looked at his daughter and then at his wife. Sripriya invited him with her hands stretched out, and I stopped fucking her. Priya said, “Look, Dad, Mom is inviting you. Go, fuck her like a man and make her scream.”

Halfheartedly, Ajay pulled his cock from his daughter’s pussy. Which man can get down from a sexy girl like Priya and her Dad Ajay was no exception. I pulled my cock from Sripriya’s pussy and stood up. He went to his wife and was about to mount her.

Priya said, “Dad, let mummy ride you now. I, too, will ride Rajesh Uncle. Both the men just lie and enjoy the fuck show by the Nair ladies.”

I came near Priya, and Sripriya slept in my place. I got laid in Priya’s place. Priya quickly mounted on me, placing her knees on my sides. Holding my cock in her hand, pointing it at her pussy door said, “Sorry, Uncle, I kept you waiting. Are you ready to take me in?”

Holding her curvy hips, I said, “You know that I am always ready for you. Take me in and ride me as fast and hard as you can, Priya.”

“Is it, my poor Uncle? I will satisfy your little brother as much as I can,” said Priya lowering her body and swallowing my cock effortlessly. She was about to ride me.

We heard Sripriya speaking,” Priya, your Dad is soft again.”

We both turned to the other couple and saw Sripriya sitting on her husband’s thighs, holding his two-inch flaccid cock. Ajay looked at his daughter helplessly.

“Oh shit shit, not again,” Priya said in disgust.

“Don’t desert me now, Priya,” I said.

“Have patience, Uncle. I won’t leave until you cum in me. First, let me help my Dad and see what the problem is,” Priya said and, bending a bit, took her Dad’s cock from her mom. It was flaccid again down to two inches from three erect inches.

Priya began to jerk her Dad again with my cock stuffed inside her. She jacked her Dad for a minute, and his cock showed no signs of revival. Priya was getting frustrated, and she looked at me, making a face.

“I will get my Dad erect and come back in a jiffy, Uncle. Please bear for a few minutes,” Priya said. Before I could reply to her, she got off me, pulling my cock out of her warm pussy.

She sat beside her Dad and, holding his cock asked him, “You were hard a few minutes before when you were fucking me. How did you lose it all of a sudden?”

Ajay, cupping Priya’s right breast, said, “I don’t know Priya. Please help me.”

Priya saw her Dad playing with her tit and tweaking her nipple. Looking into his eyes, she asked,” Tell me honestly, do you want to suck my breast, Daddy?”

Ajay sheepishly grinned and nodded. Priya sighing said,” What will you get by sucking my tit. You could have sucked Srileela Aunt’s tits. You could have sucked her milk.”

“What, Leela is also involved in this?” Ajay said, pulling his daughter’s nipple showing his eagerness to suck her.

Priya bit her teeth by saying Srileela’s name. She said, “I said as a matter of fact. I can see you are eager to suck me. OK, come, my baby, feed on my tit.” Saying Priya, bending her upper body, placed her nipple on her Dad’s lips.

Ajay quickly sucked it in his mouth and started making slurping noises like he was sucking milk from his daughter. Priya got busy jerking her Dad trying to wake up his sleeping cock.

“Priya, are you going to come to our room every night to get your Dad’s cock erect so he can fuck me,” Sripriya asked her daughter, making a face.

“I don’t mind helping my Dad daily to fuck his sexy wife. What if he wants to fuck me instead of you, mummy,” Priya said, jerking her Dad, allowing him to suck her nipple by bending her body bit down.

“You sleep with your daddy, and I will come up to sleep with Chetta,” Sripriya said, trying to pull her daughter’s leg.

“Daddy, don’t bite my tit. Suck it gently. Why this damn cock is not getting hard, it was hard a few minutes earlier,” Priya said, chiding her Dad.

“Suck him, Priya. He MAY get hard quickly,” Sripriya said, smiling, looking at her Priya’s helplessness.

“Maybe that’s a better idea. I will suck his cock, get him erect quickly and go back to Uncle. He is waiting for me,” Priya said. Lying on the bed with her crotch near her father’s head, took his flaccid cock in her mouth and began to suck him.

Ajay looked at his daughter’s pussy which was close to his face. He roamed his hand on her trimmed pussy area and tried to open the lips. Holding the lips in his fingers, Ajay pushed his forefinger inside her, pulled it out and sucked it tasting his daughter.

He did this a few times while Priya was sucking his cock earnestly, and Sripriya noticed this.

“Maybe your Dad wants to suck you too, Priya,” Sripriya said, pulling Priya’s cock off her Dad’s cock.

Priya staring at her Dad, said, “Do you want to suck my pussy, daddy?”

“Yes, yes, Priya. You have a tasty pussy. I may get hard quickly if I suck your honey,” Ajay said eagerly.

“Damn, does my cum taste like honey to you? What more is left for you to explore my body? Let’s do this also. Lie on your side and suck me while I suck yours. Let both mom and Rajesh Uncle watch Dad and daughter having oral sex,” Priya said, winking at me.

I knew I and Sripriya were out of trouble now. But seeing Dad and daughter having oral sex was a bit difficult to digest. Ajay slept on his left side and Priya too on her left side. I saw Ajay opening the pussy lips of his daughter wide and thrusting his tongue in to suck her juices.

Priya was wriggling her ass as her Dad dived his tongue deep inside her hole, trying to flush out cum. He was literally licking his daughter’s pussy like a dog.

“OMG, what are you doing, Daddy? Oh God, you are making me cum again. Oh, I am cumming, Daddy,” Priya shouted and pressed her mound on her Dad’s face.

Ajay was sucking his daughter’s cum as it poured out from her pussy. Priya saw her Dad’s cock stiffening and took it inside her mouth. She kept the whole 3 inches of her Dad’s cock in her mouth and was sucking him, trying to get him harder.

Sripriya once looked at my throbbing cock and her husband’s cock. It was in her daughter’s mouth, and she sighed. Once the juice was cleared, Ajay took his daughter’s clit in his mouth and sucked it hard.

“Daddy, stop, stop. Your dick is hard now, and mummy can take you inside her. I have to go back to Rajesh Uncle. Stop, daddy,” Priya requested her Dad.

Ajay stopped sucking his daughter. Priya got up and sat beside her father. Holding his cock, which was 4 inches now said, “You are bigger than before, Daddy. Did my pussy arouse you so much? Tell me honestly.”

Ajay Nair gave a lick to Priya’s pussy again and said, “Yes, Priya. Your pussy tasted really good. I wanted to suck you more, but you stopped me.”

“Rajesh Uncle has been waiting for me for a long time. Poor chap, he needs a pussy to fuck,” Priya said, pointing at my erect cock.

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