Unexpected Pleasure With Cousin’s Wife – Part 5

Hi everyone, this is Sameer again with the continuation of the story.


Within 2 minutes, my cousin’s wife began to release her orgasm. She fastened her grip, and juices flowed from her vagina. I increased my thrust and rammed hard. Juices were fully flowing from her vagina. “Puch” “puch” noises were coming like a rhythm to the sex. It made much mood and thrusting harder and harder. I felt like I was about to unload a gallon of sperm into her vagina. Suddenly, I heard footsteps.


I quickly pulled my dick from Rekha’s vagina and entered the bathroom. Rekha adjusted her nighty and stood near the door, just like waiting for me to come outside. It was Lakshmi.

I forgot to tell you about Lakshmi. She had been working at my uncle’s farm for the past 4 years. I have known her for 2 years, when I visited my uncle’s home and farm. When they have full work at home, then they call Lakshmi for help. Because of the function, cousins, and after continuous sessions with Rekha, I didn’t notice Lakshmi that much.

Lakshmi was in her early 40s, with not too dusky skin, a bit fair, yet she maintained her figure well (maybe because of hard work in the farms.) Her measurements were approximately 36-32-38. Lakshmi called Rekha and informed her that aunty was calling her for lunch. Rekha said she was waiting for me.

Then Rekha and the maid Lakshmi went to the ground floor. After that, I came out of the bathroom dressed, and went to eat lunch. Now, Lakshmi had spoiled my fuck session. Aunty, uncle, and Rekha were already eating and when I came to the table, Rekha was smiling because of the previous session. My dick was still hard, and I was rubbing it while looking at Rekha.

Finally, we finished lunch with those sexy signs and disappointment. Aunty took Rekha took her room and they were chit-chatting. Then uncle sat on the couch and rested. Lakshmi was cleaning the utensils. I turned around, adjusted my dick, and went to clean my hands and left to the penthouse.

I just went there, laid on the bed and was browsing, seeing hot pictures, and porn videos. Soon, my dick gained hardness. I knew no one would come to this room except my cousin’s wife Rekha. So I took my dick from the shorts and held it in my hand. It was a bit sticky. I had left the bathroom without cleaning it, got dressed, and came for lunch at that time.

Slowly, it became fully fully hard. Rekha’s vagina juices were attached to my pubes and I was rubbing them on my dick. I didn’t want to masturbate and waste my sperm. I wanted to unload all of it in my cousin’s wife’s vagina. Then I fell asleep unknowingly.

I woke up after the nap, feeling thirsty. I saw the time, and it was past 4 pm. My dick was semi-erect, and I had to pee. Also, it was sticky. So I went to take a bath, undressed, and left the bathroom naked.

I had a cold shower and came out. I didn’t find the towel, so I increased the speed of the fan and stood there. My dick was semi-hard and I was trying to shake it left and right. The door was partially opened and I went to close it. Suddenly, someone applied external force and the door was fully opened!

It was Lakshmi holding tea in her hands. I was shocked by that. She was in shock too. The tea cup slipped from her hands and tea fell on the floor and some of that spilled on my feet too. I jumped because of that. Then I came back to my senses, wrapped my t-shirt, and covered my dick with it. She said sorry and went outside and stood there.

I dressed myself and started to pick up the broken cup pieces. Lakshmi heard that noise, came inside, and started to pick those cup pieces along with me.

I said sorry to Lakshmi and told her I should have locked the door. “I thought no one would come so I didn’t lock it,” I said. Lakshmi just smiled a bit and told me, “You should have locked the window too.” I was struck by those words and asked if she saw everything? She was standing outside before I got out of the bathroom and had seen everything. She also told me that she came when I was asleep, with my dick exposed. I asked her not to tell this to anyone.

She was laughing and picked up all the cup pieces and threw them in the dustbin. I requested to the maid again and she said, “If I was supposed to say to anyone, I would have said about your fucking with Rekha.”

I was left speechless. Woh! I didn’t know she saw us. Then I held her hands and asked, “You didn’t come near the room, how did you get to see us?”

She said, “When you pressed Rekha’s ass, I saw it while coming out from the kitchen and I went back after seeing that. Then when Rekha came to called you for lunch, I knew something would happen, and I followed her quietly. When she entered the room, I slowly came near the window and watched everything.”

She was smiling but I had a chill in my bones. Lakshmi said, “Not to worry about that, I won’t reveal it to anyone. And it is common for married women that after 5 to 6 years, husbands lose interest in them. These women have to take care of their needs. Some will get a chance and some won’t.”

She further said, “That was a great fuck and after many years, I have seen someone’s sex.”

By hearing her words, my dick became hard. She was about to leave and I followed her. Then she turned back and told me that she wasn’t leaving and just wanted to get a mop to clean the floor. So I went back and sat in the bed.

She returned with a wet mop in 2 minutes and started to clean the floor. My dick became hard by seeing her figure. When she moved her hands, I just got a glimpse of her boobs from the side and those were perfectly round shaped. There was silence in the room and I was fearing a bit and also seeing her body and enjoying it.

Lakshmi then looked at me and I looked here and there. She knew what my intentions were. Then I said sorry to her that I shouldn’t look like that. She said, “No need to say sorry, and a single dick always finds a place to look.” Her words made me laugh. She laughed too. I wanted to take our conversation to the erotic phase.

So I trying to ask about her life and ask her about any affairs or crushes she got. She said she didn’t have any affairs, but had urges and controlled them. I just asked without thinking, “Didn’t your husband fuck you?” Then I realized my mistake and just kept silent. She looked me in my eyes and said they used to have sex once or twice a month. My dick became fully hard and was poking from the shorts. She saw the bulge and blushed.

Then I told her how she maintained her body well and started to flirt with her. Lakshmi knew what I was thinking and was smiling. She cleaned everything and was going to leave. Then I held her hand and pulled her toward me. I asked her directly, “Don’t you want to have sex with me?”

Lakshmi was silent, and I started to hold her and pressed the servant’s boobs. She resisted and tried to leave. I held her with full grip and said, “This would be quick, no one would know.”

I turned her around and placed both my hands on the maid’s huge boobs. I slid one of my hands inside the blouse and pressed it from the inside. Lakshmi moaned, “Ahh..”

Then I removed my shorts and placed her hand on my hard dick. I bent a bit, kissed her neck and ear. She was holding my dick with full force and pressing and stroking it. I removed her saree from the top, held both her boobs, and pressed them. She was leaning on me and placed her body weight fully on me.

Slowly, I unhooked her blouse and freed her boobs. Those were of light dark color and the areola was fully dark and she had large poking nipples. I was squeezing them and pinching the nipples. Then I turned her toward me and kissed her cheeks and below the neck. I held her boobs and tried to suck one of her nipples. It was salty because of her sweat.

I rolled my tongue around her boobs and licked all the sweat and started to suck and play with nipples. She was enjoying, closing her eyes, and making noises. I was circling my hands all over the body and reached to her butts. She had huge butts and I slapped on them. I held these beautiful butts in both hands and pressed them.

Then I pulled the milf Indian maid toward the bed and lifted her saree. She had no panties and only a petticoat. She had good thighs and a hairy vagina. I touched her vagina and she was shivering for that. It was quite a mess there. The fluids were flowing from her vagina and I placed my middle finger inside it. My finger felt the warmth of her vagina and she was circling her tongue and biting her lips. Then I went near her and gave my dick in her hands. She started giving me a handjob and I was fingering her vagina.

Then we heard a car sound and we parted away!


This sensual story will be continued.

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