Punishment of son is Pleasure for Mom – Part 3

Hi friends, this will be the final part of my story. I hope you enjoyed the last two parts. Continuing with my story where I had left it in the last part.

I intentionally squeezed the chocolate syrup bottle hard. The syrup squirted from the bottle and fell on Mom’s naked butt and thighs. She instantly gave me a look back. I immediately apologized for my clumsiness. I waited for my Mom to react.

I thought that if she didn’t react, then I might get a shot at what I was hoping for. So, after giving me the look, she turned her face away from me. I knew this was my signal to go ahead. I tried to peel the liquid chocolate with my fingers. But I knew it won’t come off that easily as it was too thick as well as sticky.

So, instead of trying to wipe it, I was actually smudging it more all over her smooth, butter-like naked booty. The mixture of chocolate, sweat and water from the ice packs was looking like freshly brewed coffee latte macchiato over her naked butt. The scene was enough to make any man go mad with lust.

She was dead tired from cumming twice in quick succession. She lay still and let me do whatever I wanted. Actually, I must say that she was kind of looking forward to it. When I had smudged the chocolate syrup all over her ass and thighs, I felt my Mom was sneakily looking towards me.

I got a bit scared. Yet I played cool as I didn’t want to alarm her and ruin my entire plan. So I told Mom about not being able to get the syrup entirely.

Me – Mom, I am trying but the chocolate syrup is so sticky. Let’s do one thing. Let’s finish our cold coffees, then I will wipe it clean.

To my surprise, she replied.

Mom – Ok, Uma, let’s finish the coffee. Then, you can wipe off the sticky syrup as you want. I am not going anywhere soon (smiling).

The smile that she gave me was like she was trying to say, “Today is your day, baby. Do whatever you want to do with me.” So taking up the cue, I helped her get up and helped her to sit straight. She took a bit of time to regain her posture. I handed her the cold coffee mug, and we both enjoyed our sip.

But through the corner of my eye, I was trying to ascertain whether she would be ready for the next step forward or not. After we finished up our coffees, I mustered up enough courage and asked her.

Me – Mom, now what about the chocolate syrup problem? You can do one thing. You can lay down again, and I will bring a towel and wipe it off. Otherwise, you will start feeling sticky, and it will be uncomfortable for you.

I was in for another stunner.

Mom – Don’t worry dear, I am not leaving this bed. No need for any towel. Better you use your tongue and clean all those areas thoroughly. Why waste so expensive liquid chocolate on a towel?

Just by saying that, she started to lie down on her belly. She realized that she had completely drenched the bedcover, which needed immediate replacement. She turned slightly towards me.

Mom – Uma, be a nice boy and get a fresh bed cover for this bed. It will be impossible to sleep in this mess.

Without saying a single word, I ran towards the cupboard and pulled out a fresh bedcover from the stack. I was in so much hurry that I didn’t even think of pulling it a bit slowly. Due to my scampering, the entire stack of freshly folded clothes fell on me.

Mom saw all this and started laughing, and I started laughing too. This debacle kind of helped me break the ice. Mom got up from the bed (still naked below the navel). We both helped each other spread the bed cover.

After that, Mom regained her previous position of laying down on her belly and ass facing up. I saw a chance to mould my Mom in accordance with my wishes.

Me – Mom, could you just spread your legs a bit further?

Mom – Why?

Me – The chocolate has trickled down, mixing with your sweat towards your inner thighs. It will be difficult to reach there if you keep your thighs so close to each other.

Till now, she was not facing me. But this time, she turned her head and faced me.

Mom – Ok, dear, as you wish. But it should be totally cleaned. I should not find a single drop of l chocolate syrup on any part of my body.

And saying this, she slightly changed her position. This time, she spread her legs a bit apart than last time. It started giving me more view of my Utopia. The bit more spreading of the legs will also give a bit more access than earlier. So, without wasting any time, I jumped into action.

I looked into her eyes for the last time, asking for permission before breaking every norm set by this society. I found a hint of a so-called smile of approval on her face. I took a deep breath and touched the tip of my tongue on her thundering thigh.

The moment my tongue touched her skin, I could feel a shudder that blasted through her entire body. I didn’t stop for anything after that. I was licking her inner and outer thighs with complete assiduity. Her body was smelling of cum and piss at the same time.

This was the first time I had smelt something like that ever. Yet I think that was the best-smelling perfume in this world. I would like to smell it day in and day out from now on. I was high on this smell, and my eyes were closed. I didn’t realize when I had started to lick Mom’s pussy.

The taste of a chocolaty flavour suddenly changed into a tangy and salty taste. I don’t know what came over me, but I didn’t stop. Instead, I started to lick vigorously, like if I stopped licking, it would evaporate. My head was in between her thighs. I started to lick, moving my tongue till I reached her asshole.

Her asshole was already moist from trickling water from ice packs. Yet I felt my Mom’s hand immediately pulling on my hair when I started to lick her ass. Her hand felt like a signal to ravage her inner more, and exactly I did that. I probed my tongue further down her ass.

Mom – No more, no more, please.

Suddenly she started pushing my head towards her pussy again. I obliged as I didn’t want to upset what was already on the right track. I immediately shifted towards her pussy. I wanted to lick her clitoris. But as she was facing down, it was not that easy.

Then I mustered up enough courage and tried to turn my Mom in a belly-up position. Initially, she was a bit reluctant to roll over. But my persistence paid off, and she rolled over to face me. At first, her eyes were closed, and she had turned her head to the side.

Without wasting much time, I attacked her slightly swollen clitoris.

Mom – Ahh, it’s been so long. Please continue.

The pink flower-like clitoris started to quiver from the love it was getting from me. She started to wriggle more freely this time as she was facing up. I was very observant not to make her cum again so fast. If that happened, then she might not have any energy left in her to go further with me.

So I stopped licking the clitoris, and I got up a little. I was looking at her, but she was on a different trip altogether. After around two minutes, she looked at me, and her eyes were begging to take matters further. This time I was adamant that she should be the one who should take the initiation.

She was looking at me when I rolled over and fell flat on the bed as if I was tired.

Mom – Uma, what happened? Why did you stop?

Me – I am tired of bending over and cleaning those areas, Mom. It has started to hurt me in many places. I really need to relax now.

She looked at me and my rock-hard dick through my boxers. After thinking for about a minute or so, she said.

Mom – No issues, dear. You have already done enough. Now I can be of help to both of us.

She gave me a seductive wink. She then stood up on the bed and knelt on my face. The sudden change in my Mom kind of took me by surprise. But out of curiosity I asked her.

Me – Mom, what are you doing? Do you seriously want me to clean your insides?

Mom answered.

Mom – Yes, dear. Your cleaning technique is very rare to find these days. So, let me get myself cleaned properly. (Winking at me).

Saying this, she sat with her already-drenched pussy on my face. Just a few seconds later, my tongue started playing with her swollen clitoris and vulva. She started a rocking motion and slow gyration on my face to facilitate the cleaning process better.

After just a few gyrations, I could sense that she was getting excited again. She was kneeling on my face without holding anything for support. I jerked her from below, and she slightly lost her balance. She held my thighs for support. When she held on to my thighs, my pecker was making a tent in my shorts.

I was hoping that she would hold it instead. When she was trying to regain her posture, I gave a second jolt. But this time with a slight extra force. Then it happened what I was hoping for. Her right hand landed just at the base of my already hard dick.

I was praying that her instincts to get the better of her, that exactly happened. This time, she did not change her posture. But her hand grasped my dick over my boxers. It felt immensely good, I must say. But still, as you can understand, it was missing flesh-to-flesh contact.

This was about to change very soon. When she was holding my dick, I started to lift my ass. This motion suggested to her that I wanted my pants to be pulled down, and she did just that. With a swift motion, she pulled my boxers down to my knees till where her hands were reaching.

But while pulling it down, she took utmost care so as not to hurt my dick as it was so hard and I might feel pain. My dick was in full glory of 7 inches. She held it in her hand and was slowly stroking it. I didn’t want her to stroke it vigorously.

This whole ordeal was taking too much of my willpower just not to cum prematurely. So I could not take it anymore and motioned Mom to get down. She did not understand why I was motioning her to get up. So she got up from my face but was still kneeling on the bed and asked me.

Mom – What happened? Why did you stop? Were you uncomfortable?

Me – No, Mom, but I can’t take it any further. Now, I need your help desperately.

Before she could understand anything, I got up and knelt on the bed just behind where she was kneeling. I gave a shove at her blouse-clad back, and now she was on all fours. She now understood what I was going to do next. But she just stopped me for a second and asked.

Mom – Uma, what you are going to do next is a taboo. So think before you do anything. After this, neither of us can undo what will be done now. You can’t speak of it to anyone in this world, not even to your future wife. If you can promise me that, then you may do the unthinkable with me, and I am ok with it.

Me – Mom, I have loved you and will always love you. If you want proof, then I can now also promise you that I won’t get married to anyone and will always be loyal to you only. But I promise that I won’t say anything about it to anyone in this world till my dying day.

This instilled a sense of extreme closeness in her. Without turning, she caressed my cheeks in affection. Then, she regained her doggy position. She then wiggled her beautiful ass at me as a tease. She was inviting me to ravage her pussy as she had been really thirsty for so many years.

So I positioned myself to align my dick at her pussy gates. With a swift thrust, I penetrated my Mom’s pussy. Even though her pussy was already wet twice within a few hours. My dick glided beautifully inside her quite tight pussy. But she shrieked in pain because my 7 inches pole might have hit her cervix.

Mom – Uma, my dear, please be a little gentle on your Mom baby. I haven’t had a dick in me since your father died. Most importantly, I haven’t had a dick inside me this thick and this long. So I am begging you, my love, just be a little kind and a little slow on this old hag.

Me – Sorry, Mom, extremely sorry for my impatience. I will remember not to be such a brute. But I would like to disagree with you on what you said to me now.

Mom – And what would be that?

Me – you said that you are an old hag. I take offence to that. You are the most beautiful lady I am happy to be with. So please refrain from using that kind of word in front of me.

Mom looked at me from her side, and she was smiling. Then slowly but steadily, I started my thrusts into her already lubricated pussy cave. Sometimes my dick hit her cervix, to which she reciprocated with a cute moan. I was holding her ass when I was thrusting, and I was on which cloud I didn’t know.

I wanted to hold her nice soft boobs. But it as it was clad in her bra and blouse, it was difficult. I was so desperate to hold those melons that I tore her blouse from the backside with full force. She kind of gave me an angry look and said.

Mom – What the hell did you do, Uma? This was the only matching blouse to that saree. Now you have ruined it completely.

Me – Don’t worry, Mom. I will turn this city upside down to get you a better matching blouse for your saree. I will buy you a much better saree than that. I promise. I am really sorry I couldn’t hold back. I really wanted to hold your soft, squishy melons in my hand right now.
Mom – ok, dear. What has been done has been done. Now go ahead and free those melons you were talking about.

I reached for her bra hooks from the backside and opened it with a two-finger swap. The moment the bra straps dropped, Mom’s melons got loose. I helped those bra strings to drop down further. Now, we both were completely naked.  Her melons were dancing with much-awaited freedom from being captive.

Now, I wanted to put those chocolate-coloured areolas in my mouth. I was taking her to a place of heavenly feeling. I stopped my thrusting and climbed down the bed. Mom also straightened up during this break and was looking at me as to what I was up to.

I ran towards the dining table and brought back a dining chair. I placed it near the bed and sat on it. While sitting on it, I pulled my Mom’s hand, and she understood what was coming next. She cooperated fully by sitting on my dick. She sat holding my dick so that it didn’t slip out.

She made a garland of her arms around my neck, holding me. I put my hand on her soft, plump ass, and I was squeezing it. I had put my mouth on her nipples and was sucking it like a baby. She was enjoying the attention she was getting all-round.

I started to bite her hard nipples playfully. I might have gotten carried away by it because Mom playfully slapped me and said.

Mom – (looking into my eyes with mock anger) Uma, stop biting it like you want to tear it from my breasts. It’s hurting, dear. Go slow, please. I am not going anywhere.

Me – Sorry, Mom, I got a bit carried away. It has been ages since I have sucked on these chocolate-topped milk jugs.

Mom – (Now laughing). You naughty brat. You used to chew my nipples like it was chewing gum when your small teeth had started coming out. Looks like that habit is still well awake to date.

Me – It is very difficult to erase a muscle memory, I suppose, Mom.

We both laughed while she was still riding me. After some time, I could feel that she was getting tired. She was the one who was doing all the work, and I was sitting on the chair as a king. When I was small, she was the one who used to carry me in her lap.

Now, it was my turn to make her feel like a baby. I stood up from the chair and took both her thighs in my arms. I was holding her in mid-air while my dick was still inside her pussy. I had always wanted to try that pose because I used to love watching it in movies.

Even though she was a bit on the heavier side, I made her jump on my dick for about five minutes. Then I laid her down on the bed while my dick was still inside her. It was time to end this session as I was nearing climax. So we came to the world’s favourite pose, that is, the missionary position.

I was also kind of mildly dyspnoeic, I must admit. Even though I was a gym guy, I had not deadlifted for months. This sudden exercise took a toll on me. Anyway, I laid my Mom down on the bed. While I was still inside her, I caught a few breaths and then started to pound her pussy faster.

Mom understood that I was about to climax, so she also cooperated with me fully. After about 10 to 12 minutes of thrusting, Mom gave me a beautiful wash of my dick by cumming like a fountain again. This was the breaking point for me, too, and I cum deep inside her.

I can’t justify the feeling by wrapping it in words. There are absolutely no words in any damn language that can aptly do it right. So I leave it to you to understand my feelings.

Completely exhausted, we both slept. I was sleeping on top of her, and she didn’t complain. We woke up around 2 hours after the entire episode. My Mom looked at me and said.

Mom – Uma, you have been a very good son till now. But what transpired between us today, you have to step up more and be a better ‘man of the house.’

I was happy to be called the man of the house.

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