Ranjana and Rekha’s sensual Indian lesbian sex story

Ranjana experienced a sharp shooting sensation in her breasts when she got up in the morning. She ignored the pain she continued doing her morning chores to be able to reach on time to her work. She worked as a maid to make two ends meet in some flats of an apartment building where wealthy retired people lived.

Her husband worked as a security assistant in a security agency. She somehow managed to finish her work and returned home at two o’clock. She then took a bath. The hot water running over her breasts seemed to have some soothing effect.

She had experienced similar pain when her breasts produced more milk than her children could drink. The milk used to leak from her nipples. She then ate her lunch and waited for her children to come home from school.

As she lay down, she heard a knock on the door. It was her very close friend Rekha. Rekha was a widow with two children in college. Since her husband had left some money, she was a tad better off than Ranjana. She was having an affair with a married man who supported her family with some money.

Ranjana told her about her pain, and Rekha offered to take her to a doctor in the evening. Rekha came again in the evening and took her to a lady doctor. After examining her, she said it was probably due to excessive milk-producing hormones that are now at play due to more fertility.

There was nothing to worry about. She advised having a gentle warm towel massage on the breasts that Rekha offered to do for Ranjana. After reaching home, Ranjana made some water warm and took a towel into her room. Rekha followed her.

Ranjana lay on the bed and unhooked her blouse, and took out her breasts from under her blouse. Rekha sat beside her. Rekha bent over and slowly put a wet and warm towel on Ranjan’s breast. She noticed that her breasts looked engorged as if they were about to squirt milk.

She jokingly said, “Ranjana, what is the matter? Your boobs look so full of milk. Are they still giving milk? I wonder how they are still small, round, and haven’t sagged yet, although your son drank your milk till he was ten. Is he still drinking your milk?”

Ranjana smiled, and she said, “Your boobs are good and bigger than mine. Let me see them,” as she moved Rekha’s pallu, exposing her blouse and huge deep cleavage. Rekha asked, “Do you want to see them?” Ranjana nodded yes.

Rekha unhooked a few hooks at the bottom and lifted to show her left boob. Her boob was much bigger than Ranjana’s and a little darker with a flatter nipple in contrast to Ranjan’s whiter breasts and pointed nipples. Ranjana put her palm on Rekha’s boob and gently pressed it.

It was the first time she had ever done with another woman, but it gave her a good feeling and arousal. She lifted Rekha’s other side of the blouse and freed her right boob. To very much to her surprise, Rekha allowed all this to happen.

Rekha put the wet towel away and slowly slipped down while Ranjana turned toward her such that her boobs were in Ranjana’s mouth. Ranjana immediately put her lips around Rekha’s right breast and started sucking it while playing with her left breast.

Rekha helped Ranjana press her left boob by putting her hand on Ranjana’s hand. Rekha hugged Ranjana while Ranjana hungrily sucked on Rekha’s orbs. Rekha put her hand over Ranjana’s breasts which were very hard now.

She started gently massaging them while Ranjana continued to satiate her hunger for breasts. After a while, Rekha pushed Ranjana away and tucked her breasts inside the blouse. Ranjana was surprised. But Rekha then positioned herself on the bed and asked Ranjana to put her head on her lap.

Ranjana did just the same. Rekha held Ranjana’s head to her breast and lifted her blouse. She offered her breast to Ranjana’s hungry mouth just like a mother breastfeeds her baby. Rekha was overwhelmed by the sudden surge of maternal affection for Ranjana. But it was equally giving her the arousal.

Ranjana grabbed the opportunity and began sucking the breast as she was rewarded with milk. After ten or so minutes, she made Ranjana change to her other breast. Ranjana sucked the other breast of Rekha just as greedily as she did the earlier one.

Rekha then started touching herself and squirming while Ranjana was still at her breast. She gently pushed Ranjana away and removed her saree, petticoat, blouse and everything. She lay on the bed totally naked. She began rubbing her clit.

While Ranjana got busy again, sucking those big boobs of Rekha while her boobs were out of her blouse. Rekha attained orgasm after some time. But Ranjana was still on her job sucking Ranjana’s breasts. Rekha was no longer feeling aroused. But she let Ranjana continue to suck her breasts.

She asked Ranjana, “What happened to the pain in your breasts?” Ranjana said, “I don’t feel the pain. It’s gone now.” She checked her boobs. Rekha said, “Your pain is gone but see what you have done to these.”

She pointed to her nipples which were now swollen and sore due to Ranjana’s continuous sucking. Ranjana felt shy as she tucked her breasts back into the blouse. Rekha got up and wore her clothes.

Ranjana kissed Rekha on her cheek and said, “I want to share a secret with you today. I drank my mother’s milk till I was eleven. I used to suck her breasts even after my children were born. I enjoyed the same after a long time today.”

Rekha hugged Ranjana and once again to her breast. Ranjana felt the same motherly warmth. She pulled her boob from Rekha’s blouse and sucked it before putting it back. Rekha said, “I loved playing your mother’s part today. I would have loved it even more if I had milk for you.”

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