Hot Happy Nina Gets Fucked Hard – Part 2

I looked at Nina. She was delightfully delicious, every man’s dream woman. I held her hands as she brought her face toward mine. I said, “You are mine.”

“Kiss me,” Nina whispered, permitting me, taking me into her body into her hot flesh, a soft invitation to madness and more. And somehow, before we could understand, settle, against all reason, we were kissing. She closed her eyes. I closed my eyes, and the world around us faded.

My hands started working on her body, feeling her hot body over her clothes.  I tried to push her clothes down, feeling her lovey body hot and raw. I grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her hard. She surrendered instantly as she opened her mouth, and I slipped my tongue inside.

We sucked each other lips like this was our breakfast drink. I could have kissed her for days. If she told me to stop, I was not sure I would stop. She stood there matching my kisses with hers as she kissed me back with the same vigor every time. I gave her breathing space.

My mouth came down on hers. And that was it. All the self-control I had exerted over the past weeks went like water crashing through a broken dam. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I pulled her against me. We broke, and we looked at each other like strangers.

Then we again hugged and kissed like we had been lost for a thousand years and finally found each other. My hands flattened against her lovely ass. Nina was up on the tips of her toes, kissing me back as fiercely as I was kissing her. I held her more tightly as she clung to me.

Knotting my hands in her hair, I kissed her neck and her cleavage. Kissing her was mind-blowing, full of that same passion that I wanted, that I had believed, that I’d feel. With Nina in her elements, it was even more to it. I no longer had any doubt about whether this was wrong or right.

It was a culmination of a long journey or maybe the beginning of one. I was awash in the feel of Nina’s body against mine, her maddening scent, and her lips’ delicious taste. That was all that mattered right now. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her.

I ran my thumb along her jawline and down to her throat, my hips pinning her to the wall. I kissed her madly and with intensity. Just the thought and feel of what was happening was incredible. I had never been kissed like that before. We melted together.

Every movement of mine was somehow perfectly mirrored by her. My heart was pounding so hard that I knew she was able to feel it. I was sure her legs were giving way by how she held me, making me push her harder against the wall. I removed her shrug and threw it away.

I pushed down her single-piece dress, standing on her strapless bra and sexy panties. Her boobs were juggling to pop out of her bra, her legs smooth and fleshy. She removed my T-shirt and pant with the same intensity. I could not hold back. I pushed her bra down and unhooked it, snatching it from her body.

Nina did not want me to be soft and gentle. She needed my rough possession, claiming her, branding her, taking her in a firestorm of heat and flame that would end the world around us. All our clothes were strewn all over the room as we stripped each other nude in no time.

Her hot, tender boobs stood out, creating a lovely scene. They stood on her body majestically like the brightest stars. She put her hands on my undies without wasting a second to push them down. The impatience of the way she pulled my undies from my body turned me on.

She was all I could think of, and her lust got her better. I was thrilled as her soft fingers brushed my dick. My dick popped outstandingly firm in front of her mouth, and the way she was looking at my dick, I was excited to the core.

Her soft sensual voice slid over me, and I felt like magic as her fingers ran over my hard cock. Nina moaned, “I want you to fuck me hard, Vinay.” Oh boy, How the fuck was her voice alone able to rule my dick.

My hands were on her waist, and I pulled her to feel my dick. Her hands were in my hair and lips on mine. She threw away my undies as she held me firmly. I glanced back and saw the tiny little string panty on her body. A little strip of thin black material on the legs looked like a distraction now.

I pushed her little back. I looked into her eyes and moved closer to her. I started to roll my fingers on the string of her panties. With every roll, the panty got tighter on her lovely pussy.

She looked at me, and I held the strings and pulled her panty a little up. The small piece of cloth covering her panty was not between her pussy lips. She looked at me in disbelief, and I gave her pussy a gentle slap. Before she could understand, I took her boobs in my mouth to suck them hard.

Nina moaned, “Ahh, Vinay, slowly, you are an asshole.” I looked into her eyes as I exerted little more pressure on her pussy by pulling the strings tighter. I could see her pussy lips under little pressure, and again I slapped her pussy a little harder this time.

I kept the pressure and sucked her boobs intensely, almost biting her boobs one after the other. Nina kept her hands on my head as I toyed with her boobs sucking them. I held the panty and turned her around to look at her lovely ass.

Her panty was struck between her ass crack and whacked her ass, leaving her stunned. Nina abused, “Bastard, I never knew you would be like this, son of bitch.”

It followed with a few more slaps on her lovely ass. I loosened my grip on her panties. Impatience took over me as I pulled down the last piece of clothing on her body, stripping her nude. I threw her panty next to my undies.

The way they looked so small and cruelly forgotten was a beautiful symbol of how much we needed to satisfy our lusts. She rubbed her body to mine, forcing me to hold her ass and push her in me. I thrust back my dick on her sparkling clean, shaved pussy.

Nina moaned. Nina broke. Nina wanted more. We moved together, holding each other as she sat on the sofa. The small personal room was a little dark. I was sure our minds were darker, dirtier, and naked.

Invitingly she smiled at me. Her lusty eyes looked at me as her prey, inviting me to surrender as her sexual slave. She was staring at my dick, and her eyes pooped out, looking at its size. I again kissed her neck, moving towards her lips. She moved her hands on my hair, caressing them.

She pulled me back in a lip lock. This time she started with small sucks on both my lips. She took them together, kissing them madly, intensely and wildly. Nina was magical, just unbelievable. I wondered how she played with my lips and what she would do to my dick.

I moved my hands to squeeze her boobs gently. I kept caressing, squeezing and playing with them as she kissed my lips. She broke the kiss looking into my eyes. She kept moving her lips closer to my lips again, just sexually inviting me.
I kissed her back, pushing her onto the sofa.

I could keep kissing those delicious, juicy lips for the whole day. We tried to take each other’s lips and mouths as much as possible. We choked for breath as we broke from the passionate, intense kissing session. I pulled her on top to feel her whole hot body, her boobs crushing on my chest.

Her warm, soft pussy crushed my hot dick under its weight. My hands moved to her lovely ass, squeezing them gently, feeling their softness. My fingers rolled sensually on her back, moving down to her ass crack and rolling between both her ass cracks smoothly softly.

I licked her ears as I kept rolling my fingers on her lovely ass and ass crack, slapping on her ass once in a while. I pushed her up. I could see her lovely hot boobs hang in the air. As she rose, I changed my position to take her in my lap. I hugged her tightly as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

She sat on my lap, and my firm dick was placed right above her pussy. I pushed her ass, firming my hard dicks feel oh her pussy. Nina moaned. My heartbeat increased, and my hands trembled in sheer excitement and delight. I grabbed her boobs and rubbed my face in them.

I lifted them, kissing, sucking and licking them one after another. She moved just a little to sit more firmly, feeling my hardened dick. I kept sucking her boobs and nipples intensely as she closed her eyes. I relaxed her head back, enjoying the delightful sensations.

I could not get enough of her boobs as I sucked them one after the other. I squeezed them between my hands and rolled my tongue in small circles on her hardened nipples. Nina moaned delightfully, “Oh mama, yes, Vinay, don’t stop, keep doing it.”

She caressed my hair and pushed my head on her boobs. She rubbed her ass to feel my hard dick on her moist, soft pussy. Sexual lust has its force over our minds and heart. It breaks all barriers even between unknown people, making them things we never imagined.

Nina proudly looked at her boobs as they stood there majestically. She took them in her hands to squeeze them and juggle them. She dropped her boobs from her hands to wipe her fingers on her nipples.

Nina looked in my eyes as I pushed back a lock of her hair falling on her face. She moaned in pleasure, unable to hold back her whimpers of pleasure. I took both her nipples one after the other in my mouth to chew them, squeeze them between my fingers and lick them slowly.

My hard squeezes on her hot boobs made her mad. My every squeeze made her raise from my lap and firmly thrust back her pussy on my dick. I kept gently pinching her nipples and followed it by licking her nipples in circles. That drove her crazy, and she bent her head back, enjoying the pleasure.

Her boobs swung and swayed in the lustful atmosphere of the room.  Nina grabbed my wrists to pin me down on the sofa. I could not do anything but lie there and enjoy the view of her lovely boobs crushing my body. Nina rested her hands on my chest, making it easy for her to keep balance.

She started to brush her fingers on my nipples. I loved the delightful feeling of her soft buttery fingers against my hot skin. She gently dug her nails into my chest as she raised her ass. A little bit of pain enhances the whole joy of pleasure.

She moved slightly to position her pussy on my dick, getting its feel on her sweet hot pussy hole. Nina slipped her fingers down, feeling my meatballs in her palms, rolling her fingers on them. She moved back her fingers on my dick to hold it firmly and rip back the soft skin on my dick knob.

She rolled her soft fingers a few times on my dick knob. She moved up to kiss my body, sensually rubbing her hot boobs all over my body. She offered her hot delicious boobs in my mouth, allowing me to lick her nipples. She rubbed her boobs on my body a little firmer, moving down.

Her scintillating moves made me mad at her and beg for more. She moved down up to my dick, rubbing her boobs and again moved in the reverse direction. She grabbed her boobs to give my dick a feel, rubbing them on my dick. She moved her boobs aside to take my dick knob in her mouth.

She moved up, rubbing her boobs on my whole body and stopped to kiss and lick my lips softly. Only to move down again, rubbing her boobs and lips on my whole body. Her intense actions, hot bold antics and desire for sex raised my hunger and dick by several notches.

Nina sat back, holding my dick in her hands, gently tapping it on her wet inflaming pussy. She started to rub my dick on her pussy by tapping, giving me a feel of her hot lovely burning pussy hole for the first time. I kept my hands on her boobs, feeling them and squeezing them softly.

Nina sat on my dick. She wrapped her legs around my waist, kissing my lips passionately caressing my hair. She held me firmly from the back of my neck as we licked our lips. I could feel her body heat rising as her boobs pressed firmly against my chest.

I held her boobs in my hands to lift them. I took her one boob in my mouth to suck it gently. I placed my hand on her other boob and squeezed it softly. I held her nipples in my fingers. I twisted them as my mouth played with her other boob sucking it softly.

I took the whole flesh of her boobs in my mouth to release it again. As her nipples came near my teeth, I bit them softly. Nina moaned loud. “Yes, Vinay, don’t bite hard. Oh god.”

We were basically in a sphere of youthful lust, love, light and warmth. The rest of the world disappeared. It was better than I ever could have dreamed. It was that thing I had been looking for, that love mixed with the rapture of horny sex.
Sex was lovely. Sex was sublime.

Sex was flesh and cock and suck and fuck and cum. This morning sex was starlight. Sex was oxygen. Sex was us, and we were beautiful, beautiful and perfect in each other’s arms. There was no stopping as our bodies united to drown in a new world of pleasure.

Her hands moved on my dick, ripping back the soft skin on the knob. She placed my long hard dick on her burning pussy. Our breathing got heavy in excitement as she moved her fingers a few times up and over the shape of my generously-sized member.

My dick was eager and desperate to get deep inside her pussy. Her every touch made it twitch and throb. It was super-hot, thick, rigid desperate to release its juices in her deep cave within no time. She tried to take my entire dick in her pussy in a deep, piercing push, but she stopped halfway.

It was a little tight little painful. She stopped and pulled out gently. Again in a softer push, she tried to take my dick deeper. My dick pierced her pussy lips with a little effort and moved in.

Nina was getting restless, desperate and intense to feel my dick in her hole. She adjusted the position of her ass and moved a touchback. I used my 2 fingers to spread her pussy lips. She could swallow my full dick in her lovely hot hole in a firm, hard push.

Oh, bloody damn, what an absorbing feel it was as my dick penetrated deep in her hole, breaking and stretching her pussy hole to the maximum. Nina was immersed in the thrilling feel as she closed her eyes. She relaxed her head on my shoulders as she enjoyed the sinking feeling of pain.

It was a damn bloody painful insertion. It was fascinating to watch her erotic facial expressions. Her boobs hung down as she placed her hands on my chest to relax. I wanted this naked body forever against mine, her scent and weight, the way she flexed and moved.

Holding on to my chest, she gave a little satisfied moan. She began to pump me gently, working inside that soft opening and stretching her pussy slowly. She took me deeper and deeper.

No power in the heavens could have made her look better than how she pushed and withdrew my dick from her burning hot pussy. I squeezed her boobs hard, and my fingers crushed her nipples to make her mad. Nina moaned loud.

She tilted her head back, looking towards the ceiling. Her expressions described how desperately she wanted a long hard dick in her hole. Keeping my dick firmly saddled in her pussy, Nina bent forward.

Her hot boobs and my bare chest are touching. She started to move her ass slowly. It was crazy how I could feel her nipples brushing against my skin as she bounced slowly.

To make the pleasure even better, she started to lean forward just enough to put her boobs in my mouth. I moved my head forward to take her boobs in my mouth. She moved back to maintain her balance. She kept her hands on her boobs and started to bounce on my dick.

Wow, what an incredible view it was. She kept touching her boobs to cup them in her hands while she bounced gently and smoothly. She played with her nipples between her fingers and tried to lift her boobs to lick them.

Nina grabbed my hand and sucked on one of my fingers. Her expressions made me imagine what it would be like to thrust my dick in her mouth. Nina moaned again, “Vinay, what has thrust in me.”

Nina kept raising her body and started to pump my dick a little faster. I tried to grab her boobs and kept swiping my fingers on her nipples. Nina closed her eyes and kept increasing her speed as she got into her rhythm. Her small gentle moves now turned into deep, longer and harder strokes.

She moved her hands back on my legs as she increased her speed and moaned loudly. Her boobs looked majestic as they shook heavily and flew in all directions under her incredible humping. I could feel my pressure building as she humped me faster and took my dick deeper.

Her lovely boobs jumped in unison as she kept the pressure of humping on my dick. We tried to hold back ourselves, but in a few fast and furious strokes, both almost came out at the same time. Our whole body was drenched in sweat on top and our juices below.

She picked a napkin kept aside to clean her pussy, and, in a flash, I rolled her and turned her around. I was sleeping on her feeling her hot body.

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