Reunion with Komal Bhabhi – Part 1 (Hot lingerie shopping)

Hello and namaste to all the ISS readers and writers. I am Saurav writing about one more real experience that happened to me in college. Surprised and happy that most of you who read my stories have texted me and received positive reactions throughout.

I hope to get more reactions to my stories. If you haven’t read my other experiences, please check my other stories from my profile and read every story.

Before going with this story, I will take you to a short yet interesting flashback that happened in my 1st year of Engineering, maybe the best thing that happened in my life. Losing my virginity, that too to a bomb like Komal bhabhi.

I still get hard imagining her body, her curves, her ass, and the memories of when we had sex. Oh, can’t forget it. Before reading this story, it is important to read my first-ever story on the ISS titled, “” which was also my first-ever experience of sex. Without that story, this wouldn’t get interesting surely, so make sure you read that story before this one.

Alright, back to the current situation. I had lots of sex, funny and erotic as well. But there is always a special feeling for your first sex experience. I couldn’t forget it. I was intimidated by bhabhis and was waiting for chances to get my chance with the elderly women I met.

These things went on continuing and I did fuck a few until I reached my final year of B.Tech. (Those stories in between will be added as well).

The Odd Sem had campus placements. But I decided not to attend any of them because my mom forced me to do a Master’s graduation degree in Bengaluru itself. Honestly, it sucked. Both mom and dad work abroad and I was getting fucked up here, with my elder brother about to get married and then later got to fuck his wife while I kept on studying, shit I didn’t like. There was a lot of distance between me and my family, so I was never a family man.

A few days into the semester, again those projects ate up my mind. Classmates begging for ideas was all I could see.

On Friday, I bunked the class and wanted to take a day off, as it wasn’t nice to sit in a class with a boring professor. I reached a supermarket near my flat, where I decided to get some goodies for myself. It had all the items available for daily use and also was walk and pick. So I wanted things to eat and some other items too, where my family didn’t give a shortage of cash though.

As I was walking by, I saw a hot lady in a shaded blue chiffon saree, a bit on the transparent side, talking to another woman with a kid. Man, that back was so fucking creamy. Thoughts of running my hands on her and undoing that fancy thread made me horny. That milky back made my cock run and the thing for bhabhis wasn’t a bad thing at all, particularly for this sexy lady in a saree. So I thought of getting a peek at her more.

Thinking so, I walked toward her cautiously. In ten seconds, I got a glimpse of her face.

For fucks sake! Komal bhabhi!? A coincidence cannot be written like this. What a script written, amazing.

She was still glamorous, the same old luscious darling. Oh my! I decided not to look at her, and I escaped. Then I quickly carried my stuff to the counter to bill them. Just when I was about to get out of the place, there stood Komal bhabhi.

Komal: I cannot believe it!

Her eyes lit up with delight when she saw me.

Komal: Hey, Sam darling! What are you doing here? I missed you so much!

Saying so, she kept her belongings aside and hugged me tightly. There were a couple of people around us who watched us hug and hear her. I acted as if I was embarrassed.

“Hey, you look so lean”, she said while massaging my shoulders and continued, “Forgot everything about bhabhi, isn’t it?”

Sam: Haha bhabhi, how can I forget you? (I said smiling).

Komal: Surely you did, you just never contacted me after you left our place.

Sam: Umm, you know, family..

Komal: Enough of your explanations.

Komal: Let us not talk here, come out.

We got out of the place and it was noon. She forced me to lunch and then asked me to accompany her to a shopping mall. We had a conversation while taking a stride in the mall.

Komal: So, how’s your college going?

Sam: It’s going fine bhabhi, last year, kind of stressed, but can handle it.

Komal: Where do you even live? You didn’t even call me after you moved out.

Sam: Well bhabhi, I thought you were busy.

“Busy and me?”, she tapped my arm and continued, “I was bored and still am, you didn’t even drop me your number, haha.”

Me: Haha, bhabhi. By the way, how is Kiran bhaiya? Hope he’s doing fine.

Komal: Yeah, he is doing great. He is in Qatar right now. Got a good development in the Software field.

Sam: Very good, bhabhi. You live in a place far from here, right? If my map memory is right.

Komal: Yes, but I shifted recently. Taking care of maa ji and it is easy to travel as family members are closer here. Costlier flat for a costlier job, Kiran gets paid well so he shifted and now it’s way cooler (she laughed and said).

“Haha, a happy couple you both are,” I said.

There was a slight dim in her face. But she covered it up and said, “Yeah..Yeah, Sam.”

“You messed up bro,” I thought to myself. To change moods, I asked, ‘Will we go on walking for the rest of the day or do you have plans bhabhi?”

Komal: Arre baba of course I do. Let’s get us some clothes!

So we went to the Max store in Orion mall. There were a lot of clothes to be opted for, which I had less interest in, to be honest. I wanted to leave because I still remember fucking Komal bhabhi and I didn’t want to repeat it. She forcefully got me some nice tees and she got a salwar for herself.

“Phew! Finally, I can leave,” I thought.

So making sure I left early, I said, “Bhabhi, guess I’ll have to leave now, I have assignments.” She tapped on my shoulder and said, “No Sam, I have more things to purchase, don’t say no,” so she pulled me along with her.

We reached a lingerie store named Zivame, which was pretty popular in Bangalore. We went in. Two girls kept on staring at me. I hid my face a tad bit down, where my saree-clad Komal was busy checking out the innies. Funnily enough, I did touch two or more pieces of brassiere, since I was still in the habit of feeling new tees whenever I go shopping.

My bhabhi picked a few sexy lingerie, wore them, and went to trial, where I was hard checking out the posters. Soon, I heard bhabhi’s voice.

“Sam, just come here, I need your help.”

I looked around and saw one of the two girls ogling at me. She knew exactly what Komal said. Given the size of the shop and nobody else being there, it wasn’t tough for the shop ladies to spot me and Bhabhi.

“Coming” I sent softly as I creaked open the already left open trial room door. I went inside and saw bhabhi standing in front of a mirror, without her dark blue blouse but in a lacy violet bra. Fuck, fuck, fuck! My dick couldn’t just handle the sight!

She stood there trying to adjust the hooks, as it was a tighter fit. The thing is, her titties were bigger than the last time I saw her. It grew perfectly hot, and I could notice her large pink areolas trying to peek outside the cup and wink at me. Man!

“Hmm, strange”, she muttered softly. ‘”This is the size I always wear. Wonder why it isn’t fitting. Sam, try to hook this up?”

“Yeah, sure,” I nervously uttered. I struggled for a while before I let it go.

Sam: Hmm, seems like they aren’t the right size.

Komal: Yeah, but still..

“How are they?” she asked.

“Mmmm aah good… eh… good bhabhi very go..od,” I stammered.

“Oh, you know bhabhi’s size, don’t you?” she asked.

I remembered how bhabhi got seduced during my first sex! Oh man, she never forgot!

Sam: Ummm, not sure.

Komal: Let me try the other stuff I’ve brought

“Ah I am gonna wait outside, bhabhi,” I said and closed the door before she could reveal her titties naked to me.

“Oh man, I need to jerk off’,” I thought and I saw sales ladies staring at me.

“Naavu nodidvi sir neev yenta madudi yendu” (Pardon I’m bad in Kannada) (Translates to: We saw what you did there!)

I didn’t understand much (Wicked smiles). I smiled and waited for bhabhi as we left. Komal purchased two items which I didn’t notice and then we exited the mall. Just about to exit, one of the saleswomen came to me and said, ‘You both look hot together, come once again next time’ and shared her card.

Bhabhi couldn’t stop smiling and thanked her, just before I could clarify the situation. I thought, “Bruh, I was wearing a college bag on my shoulders, wasn’t it enough?” and I thought again, “Maybe bhabhi looked younger.”

After a few minutes, I said: It was nice meeting you bhabhi, will meet you next time.

She, however, wasn’t pleased. “No way, Saurav! You’ve been so close and you want to go now? Please check out my new apartment! Please!”, she insisted.

Sam: Maybe another time? I have college duties.

Komal: So, when are you?

Sam: Umm…

Komal: This Sunday, no options.

Sam: But umm…

Komal: I said no NOS.

Sam: Hehe, alright.

Komal: Give me your number before you forget.

Komal: I know you won’t come on your own.

Then I shared my number with Komal, with which she shared the address. She was delighted and gave me a peck on the kiss before she left.

Then I went back home and noticed the houses weren’t too far, just 4 km apart. I rolled back all the memories with Komal and thought she became a conservative housewife since the petticoat was tied way up, not revealing her hip when I saw her in the shop.

“Damn, she is still hot though”, I thought to myself. With a day more to go, I was thinking maybe it was time to fix the sexual part and be friends.

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