Rutu and Hari’s Wetness Guide – Part 1

Disclaimer: This is a semi-fictional story based on certain real-life incidents. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental.

But besides the story, read through the lines. This is a guide to having good sexual pleasure with your partner/partners. I will explain how each sexual activity is done, and then you will be able to satisfy your partner with the same.

There are two things a man craves. One is a good meal, and the second is a wet pussy. And right now, Hari had his fingers digging into the second one.

Like all men, after the breakup, Hari started a Tinder account. He matched with a few, but his heart didn’t want anything serious. But his dick wanted to mate as soon as possible. And the woman who was making it leak was Rutu.

Rutu was a working professional like Hari. Both joined recently in their respective companies and were earning well to afford their needs. Both were 24 years old and away from their parents, experiencing freedom, but neither was a virgin.

After chatting for a short two weeks, Rutu finally was ready to meet. Nothing serious, just a casual meal and movie. On a Saturday night, Hari rented a car and waited for Rutu at the Restaurant she wanted to have a non-romantic dinner.

Rutu wasn’t the perfect woman. She was a plus-size with heavy melons. 34D, plump at the belly, and extra-large panties were her figures. But she was more than a feast to his eyes.

Rutu wore a dark blue printed shirt with tiny polka dots that was buttoned except for the first button. To match the shirt, she had a light blue push-up bra. This went well with the formal blue pants she wore with light blue matching panties inside.

Even when dressed in formals, she looked fascinating. She had brown eyes with dark mascara and pink lipstick matching her slightly brown skin tone. Hari wore a plain white shirt joined with blue pants tucked in with formal shoes.

He made sure he masturbated last night to avoid any boner issues. After all, he was going to touch a woman after years. They greeted each other and locked eyes. Even though his eyes met her eyes, he focused on the cleavage that peaked through the shirt.

“You look fabulous and hot,” he said boldly.

“You are handsome too, Hari,” She giggled.

They talked about their life, work, past, and how scared they were to jump into another relationship. For two hours, they talked and giggled at each other like teenagers. Finally, when they left the diner, they were holding hands.

“What are you looking for,” She asked, finally gaining courage.

“Maybe I will work 2 years and go abroad for higher studies,” Hari said

“Oh, not that, I mean in Tinder ” She blushed.

“Hmm, I don’t know, not love,” He said because he was broken into so many pieces by his ex.

It was almost 9. Like what every gentleman should do, Hari offered to drop her home like a gentleman. They got into his rental car. But unknown to Hari, Rutu had an even bigger sex drive. Her pussy needed tender care that her fingers, candlestick, or banana could no longer offer.

She wanted to feel a man, the warmth of a man, his wetness, his sticky juices, and his taste right in her mouth. And for some reason, Hari seems very trustworthy. Because never would a woman spread her legs for an indecent man.

Hari parked the car outside her apartment lane right below a lamppost extending from the apartment compound. He was about to leave. But Rutu wanted to have a good conversation with him. They talked about their college life and planned like a cute couple under the post in the car.

But Rutu knew something Hari didn’t. The lamp would be turned off exactly at 10. The apartment watchmen would switch on the main light towards the gate, leaving them in complete darkness.

“I think I should leave now” Rutu grinned at Hari, trying to undo the seat belt.

“Yes, I hope you had a good time,” Hari said.

“Let me help you with that,” He undid his seat belt, leaned towards her, and grabbed the buckle.

Rutu noticed that he was a good man despite his frequent peaks to her chest. I wouldn’t blame him. Rutu wanted him to look at the melons. But other than that, he didn’t even touch her except while unbuckling the seat belt.

As soon as she was free from the tight hold of her seat belt, she planted a kiss on his cheeks to ignite the burning desire in him. She then closed her eyes and opened her mouth, indicating for him to kiss her. She knew he would fall for it since they were in complete darkness, and he did.

His lips locked her pout lips, and she felt his breath take away her life. That was enough for her to make him submit to her pussy. She started sucking his upper lips like an animal tasting his saliva and her lipstick.

She waited for a few seconds for him to drive his tongue inside her mouth. They started eating each other like horny teenagers. His groin was shaking. His dick started to make a dent.

Noticing this from the corner of her eyes, Rutu took his hand and whispered, “I won’t stop you if you touch me now.”

That was what he wanted to hear. His right hand grabbed her melons and squeezed. She moaned into his mouth. But then she was worried that Hari would only care for them over the clothes.

She separated her lips forcefully from his strong liplock, her lips were sucked, and his lips glistened in her saliva. She moved her hands over her top and undid the second and third buttons, exposing her ample breasts that looked like ripe milk packets.

“Let me guide you, Hari,” Her voice oozed with seduction. She giggled at his wonderstruck expression. She took his right hand and placed it over melons tightly held in the blue cups of her push-up bra. Then smiling, she pulled down the cup of her right tit.

“This is for being a gentleman,” She grinned. Her nipple was shining like a brown cherry over a heap of chocolate ice cream.

“But I like to be wild when near your wet pussy,” He said in a mild cute tone.

“Alright, so there is a wild animal inside this gentleman too. Go on, play with it,” She grinned.

He was no longer interested in her lips. He bent down and sucked her nipple. He felt the hard stiff nipple melting inside his mouth while the breast shivered with excitement. He also felt her hand slither into his thighs and search for his groin.

Hari spread his legs, letting her grab his balls over the pants. His lips sucked her right melon like a baby-sucking nipple bottle. He kept sucking out her life through her nipple.

Rutu pulled his shirt out of his pants and grabbed his belt, even though he was sucking her free melon. He used his free hand to help her unbuckle the pant, and then it was just a matter of a second for Rutu to unzip him.

Her right hand slithered like a snake searching for its prey into his pants and then inside his underwear. She paused when she finally held it in her hand.

“Are you leaking already?” She asked like a slut.

He was not fully hard yet, but his tip was wet and sticky.

To be continued.

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