Rutu and Hari’s Wetness Guide – Part 3

Disclaimer: This is a semi-fictional story based on certain real-life incidents. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental.

But besides the story, read through the lines. This is a guide to having good sexual pleasure with your partner/partners. I will explain how each sexual activity is done, and then you will be able to satisfy your partner with the same.

The one incident in the car was enough to change the life of Rutu and Hari. They were wildly attracted to each other’s bodies and the taste of the heavenly fluids. It was not loving but the pure lust that would heat their bodies even in sleep.

But they had to wait another week to touch each other again. Rutu seduced Hari with her bold and amazing nudes that she clicked for him. She was craving his cock, and she wanted it in her mouth this time.

Another weekend came by, and the horny couple decided to meet up again to excite themselves with another adventure. Rutu had some shopping to do. She needed a couple of formal clothes and lingerie now that she had someone who would unwrap her clothes to feast on her.

They walked into the busiest mall in town. Chit chatted about their life and a coffee in CCD and then set out to shop for her needs. Rutu picked an expensive-looking shop. It seemed genuine and a decent brand where she didn’t have to spend much.

They selected a few tops and bottoms that perfectly fit her heavy figure. They asked the salesgirl to pick up lingerie in red or black for her bust size 34D and extra-large waist. She was going to try out the clothes she picked.

Hari helped Rutu in everything like an obedient boy, and she loved his behavior for being a good companion. She walked into the trial room, asking him to stand guard. But then she had a kinky idea.

“Do you have the balls to try something hot now?” Rutu asked from inside the trial room
“Only if it includes you tasting my milk,” He grinned.

Rutu gently opened the door and peeped out.

“Fair enough, but you will have to repay the debt,” she asked him to come inside.

Quickly Hari jumped inside the trial room. The room was brightly lit with LED lights and mirrors on all 3 sides. Rutu was wearing a red color long party wear that reached her knee. The red dress was very beautiful. It wasn’t exposing anything but looked perfect on her, tightly wrapped around her skin.

She had a voluptuous figure, and the dress squeezed her melons and ass tighter than ever. Owing to the occasion, she wore matching red inners, but a simple one instead of tempting lingerie. She wore a simple pushup bra that clasped her melons with all its might and thin panties which already had a wet spot.

As soon as the door was closed, Hari grabbed her by her butt with each hand on either ass cheeks. But instead of jumping for her lips, she dug his face into her neck. His recently shaved shin rubbed against her smooth skin, and his lips pecked the region, making her gasp.

“You know what you are doing” She grinned.

He kept licking her neck, shifting from one side to the other. His hands squeezed her ass cheeks like a professional chef handling the dough. He lifted her dress from the bottom and rolled it up. Then guided his hand in between them to grab her butt over her panties, but he wasn’t satisfied.

“I want the panties off your buns,” He said, lifting his head from her neck.

Grabbing his neck, Rutu moaned, “Taste my mouth while doing it.” Then she locked her lips with his. Without wasting even a second, he guided his tongue inside her mouth, sharing the taste of the coffee they just had.

Meanwhile, his hands found the boundaries of her panties under the dress. He pulled them down and rolled them through her thighs. It was as easy as peeling a banana leaf from a banana. Within a few seconds, the red panties were on the floor.

“It’s a crime if I keep the bra on with no panties,” She said into his mouth. But she didn’t want to undress completely due to the trial room’s risk. She asked him to locate her strap buckle through the dress behind her.

As suggested, Hari put his hand into her dress through the back opening. He ran his fingers around the edges of the bra till he found the strap buckle. But he was unable to undo it in a flash.

“Your melons are holding it too tight,” He groaned while trying to unbuckle.

“Heavier melons require tighter chains, mister,” She said, slapping his crotch.

But finally, when he undid the strap, he felt her boobs push forward. It seemed like they were hanging freely now. She turned around and smiled, “Good job.”

Then she grabbed her right milk packet and pushed it up. It caused the cup to lift to the neck opening of her dress. Then with ease, she pulled the bra out through the neck and dropped it near the panties.

“Now I have nothing inside,” She grinned.

Hari quickly ran his hand between her thighs and pressed her pussy. She was getting wet but not soaking wet. She kissed his cheeks and looked at him. “You will feed me now,” She said, kneeling in front of him.

She then grabbed his belt buckle and kissed his crotch over his jeans. She knew what she was doing perfectly. Hari happily complied. He helped her undo his jeans, and she unzipped him and spread the cloth wide apart. Noticing his growing bulge, she giggled.

Then holding the elastic with her thumb, she peeled it down to look at his cum shooter. Last time within the darkness inside the car, she couldn’t get a good look at it. But now, she smiled at his dark black semi-erect penis getting wet at the top.

“Stop looking at it,” He was shy.

“I love it,” She groaned and kissed every inch of his dick. He pulled his jeans and trousers to his knee so that even the balls were in the open air. “Let me look at your cum manufacturing unit,” She said, holding them in her hand and squeezing gently.

Hari had neatly trimmed his balls and dick last day since he knew she could not keep her hands off his tool. He watched, embarrassed as she got excited at his private parts.

Then she gripped his cock tightly and jerked him downwards, sliding his foreskin below the head. Quickly she licked the tip and smiled at him.

“You always taste good.” Then she got up. “Wish we had more time to do it here,” She groaned.

“Wait, let me take a look at you,” He said when she was about to open the door. Very happily, she lifted her dress and looked at him. Rutu was very chubby, and that influenced her pussy too. She had a very thick labia that covered her heavenly hole.

Hari plunged his fingers between the labia and spread them apart like sandwich bread. She was wet inside. He pulled his hands, licked his fingers, and kept looking at the ‘W’ shape formed by the skin around her pussy.

Then adjusting their clothes back to how it was, they walked out, except Rutu had abandoned her inners because she hated them when around Hari.

To be continued.

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