Sanskari Girl To Sex Slave – Part 3

Hello friends, my name is Ritu. This is a fictional story where a well-behaved girl turns into a slave of a loan shark due to her brother’s large debts. So now, without wasting time, let’s get to the story.

After the break, all of them fucked each other till all of them were exhausted. All of them slept naked in the hall itself since they were tired. In the morning, everybody got up and got dressed. Vatsal and Ravi told us that it was a great night. Next time, they would invite us to their house.

Tanu was staying here for one more day as she had some work to do in this area. Ramesh was also going out due to some work and will return late at night. So after some time, Vatsal, Ravi, and Ramesh Left.

Now, there were only three of us at the house: Jiya, Tanu, and Me. I don’t know why I did not have a good feeling about this. Jiya told me to get a shower and then come for breakfast. Tanu smiled at me, and they left.

Now, I knew something was going to happen. But rather than feeling terrified or scared, I was excited because something new was going to happen, and all of us were females. So I took a shower. It was so relaxing. I got dressed and then came for breakfast. Jiya and Tanu were already there.

We had breakfast, and then Tanu said, “So this was the girl you were talking about. She is a lot prettier than I thought for a sex slave.” Hearing this, my heart skipped a bit for a second. Jiya said, “Yes, she is very good. Didn’t you see it yesterday?”

Jiya also told me not to worry. Tanu is her closest friend. She is a trusted person. She would not tell anybody, and she already knew that Jiya didn’t have any niece. I just nodded. I wasn’t able to speak anything.

Tanu told me to relax and not to worry this much. Later, while having breakfast, all of us were talking, and I felt more comfortable. Tanu also shared a few of the incidents that she had. After hearing all that, I felt I had not even enjoyed anything.

All three of us sat in the hall after breakfast. Then Jiya told me, “From now on, you will also have to obey every command of Tanu.” I had to accept what other option I had. But Tanu felt like a nice person, and Jiya also told me to enjoy the day.

Jiya ordered me to be in my regular uniform, which is just a dog collar. So I left for my room. I removed all my clothes. I wore that collar, came to the hall and just bowed my head. Tanu commented that it looked nice on me.

Tanu’s Salwar suit got dirty yesterday night due to her son. So she was wearing some of Jiya’s clothes. But they were not comfortable since she had bigger boobs. She ordered me to remove all of her clothes. So I started with the shirt she was wearing.

Tanu started pressing my boobs while I was removing her shirt. She didn’t wear a bra or panty, so her big and bouncy boobs were out now. Now removed the pyjamas that she was wearing. Now Tanu and I were fully naked, and Jiya was dressed.

Jiya left to her room, saying she had some work to do. Then Tanu looked at me and ordered me to lick her hairy pussy. This was nothing new for me. So I just started licking her pussy in a few minutes. She was about to cum, so she pushed my head in her pussy.

She asked me to sit freely, no need to worry. I rested a bit, and then Tanu asked how are the days going here. I answered, “Well, at first, I was terrified. But now I have started enjoying it. This is something I have never experienced.”

She replied, “It is nice that you have started enjoying it. Otherwise, it would be terrible.” We talked and drank for some time until Jiya came back. She was also completely nude. She sat on the sofa and said, “Looks like both of you enjoyed yourselves.”

Jiya said, Looks like your work has become too easy for you now. Let us start doing something new from now on.” Tanu laughed and agreed with Jiya. It was a bit scary, but I was excited to try something new.

Jiya asked me if I was comfortable having sex with anyone. I was shocked after hearing this. She explained that they were planning to go out for a weekend, just the girls. They will be doing wild things.

This was not something I agreed to before I became their slave, so she asked me. I was thinking about what to answer. Should I say yes or no? Tanu told me not to worry. “You are not the only one who will be doing it with strangers. We will also be doing it.”

Then Jiya explained that they do this once in a while. Both of them go somewhere for the weekend and do dirty things just for their enjoyment. The other option she said that I had was to stay here with Ramesh, Ravi, and Vatsal.

So then I thought that it would be better if I went with them rather than staying here with three dicks fucking me. I said to Jiya that I was willing to come with them and obey them. But I was shy or uncomfortable doing it with strangers.

Tanu said, Don’t worry. We will remove your shyness today since you have agreed to come with us.” Then Jiya ordered some food on Zomatto since it was lunchtime, and then she asked me to lick her.

All of us were sitting on the floor, so I just started licking her. Tanu also told Jiya to lick her, and Jiya started licking Tanu. To my surprise, Tanu also started licking my pussy. It was the first time someone was licking my pussy. It was a great feeling.

We were doing a threesome. I was licking Jiya’s clean pussy. She was licking Tanu’s hairy pussy, and Tanu was licking my slightly hairy pussy. While I was licking, Jiya Tanu started fingering me and also licking at the same time.

I was at the top of my mind. I also started licking Jiya faster. In just a few minutes, all of us cum. I cum a lot because it was the first time for me someone licked me this way.

Then the doorbell rang the food delivery guy was there. I stood up and was going in my room to wear something and get food. But Jiya stopped me and told me to get food this way only and not to wear any clothes. Hearing this, I was surprised.

Tanu also said, “This would be the first step to removing your shyness.” I was thinking very hard about what to do. Then Jiya ordered me to do it, and I had no option. So I moved towards the main door. I was terrified. Tanu told me to take a deep breath and not to worry. I would be having much more fun than this.

I opened the door. The delivery boy was shocked he could not say a single word. He was just looking at my boobs and pussy. My pussy was all wet since I had just cum before. I just took the food from his hand and closed the door. My heart was racing.

Jiya said that boy must have had a boner looking at me. She said, “This way, we can tease men. Look from the window. That boy will still be looking at us.” Yes, he was still looking. Well, I also started thinking it was fun.

The boy also got lucky that he saw a naked girl today. So there is nothing to complain about, and he doesn’t even know me. Tanu said, “You will become more comfortable in the future.”

Then, all of us cleaned up and ate our lunch for a change. Now Jiya and Tanu were also naked. I thought it would be only me. We ate our lunch I did the dishes. Jiya asked me to have some rest and pack some clothes. We will be leaving tomorrow morning.

So I packed some clothes and slept for some time. I woke up to hear a doorbell. Ramesh was home early. Jiya asked me to wear some clothes as Ramesh didn’t know that Tanu knew everything. I wore some T-shirts and Pajamas.

All of us talked, then had dinner and then went to our rooms. After some time, someone came to my room. It was Ramesh. He told me to undress and then started sucking my boobs. He said that Jiya was with Tanu, so he couldn’t fuck her, so he came here.

He took his dick and started rubbing it in my pussy. I was just getting horny by this, and then he pushed his whole dick inside my pussy in one go. We fucked a few times at night, and I was exhausted. He left, and I was covered in his cum. I slept covered in his cum as I had no energy to clean myself.

This is the end of Part 3. In the next part, the girls are going on a trip for weekends. What kind of dirty things will they do there? Stay tuned to know.

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