‘Reunion’ with hot college professor Vidhya – Part 2

Hi ISS readers, this is Raj again. If you haven’t read the first part, please read to understand what happened in the 1st part.

After my hot college professor Vidhya lad left, I was feeling happy and sad both at the same time. Happy, because the thing which I wanted for many years had happened. But I was sad that I couldn’t complete my session. I badly wanted to release my load. So I raced the car and released all of it in the washroom.

I was a bit disappointed the whole day and was looking toward my cell to check if there was any message from Vidhya. But my bad she didn’t message or call. So at the time when I was about to leave, I texted her, “Sorry for what happened” and asked if she wanted to join me back home. But she didn’t reply.

The next two days went the same. But on Friday, I got her reply.

Vidhya: I didn’t like the things that happened that day. I thought you were a good guy.

I replied to her instantly: I am sorry, Vidhya. It was unintentional and happened in the heat of the moment.

For which she said: Let’s not meet again and end it here.

But I wasn’t going to put down my weapons. I insisted she be my friend at least if she didn’t want to meet and travel together and she accepted that. Days passed and again, we started talking and texting.

It was the month of March, and my college professor planned to travel to her native along with her family. But suddenly she had an important client visit and so she had to stay back alone for a week. Her husband and children already had left for the native. I was aware and was planning to take her out on a date.

It was Thursday when her family left, and I texted her the same night asking if she was free over the weekend or didn’t have any plans. She didn’t reply on Thursday. But on Friday morning, I got her reply –

Vidhya: Yes Raj, I don’t have any special plans. But it doesn’t mean I will join you for any reason.

I replied to her saying: At least we can join for dinner somewhere nearby?

After a lot of tries, she accepted with the condition that she would travel on her own and would leave by 10. Then I booked a table for 2 at the nearest XOYO lounge which was in Thane. I booked it for 8 pm after she informed me of the timing. It was 8:10 pm, I was waiting outside the lounge and I saw my dream girl again after a long time.

Vidhya was wearing a black one-piece which was showing her thighs and revealing her boobs and buts over it. Fuck, she was looking damn hot! At that very moment, I thought to hold my professor and fuck her badly. But I was waiting for the right moment.

We hugged each other and intentionally, I hugged her tightly to feel her juicy boobs. We made ourselves comfortable and ordered food. I asked her if she liked drinking to which she said only 1 pint beer. So I ordered the same for both of us.

The time was running and the weekend fever was at its high. The music started playing and people who were enjoying the drinks and food started moving on the dance floor. We both were smiling and staring at each other like we were waiting to ask each other. Then I broke the silence and asked my sex doll to dance which she readily accepted.

Soon, we both were on the dance floor with many others. The DJ was justifying his role-playing songs all the time. We both were enjoying the time and at the same time, the DJ started playing some romantic slow songs. It seemed the DJ guy wanted to see the couples playing with each other.

It was dark, but with the flashlights, all was clear. Most of the couple were holding and smooching each other. That charged me up and I placed my hands on my hot college professor’s navel. At first, she was just staring at me, but soon, we started moving along with the songs. She continued the same.

I was moving my hands over her back and they finally ended at the upper part of the butts. I was waiting for Vidhya to get charged up, so I kept my left hand, rolling over that portion while my right hand over her navel. She was also enjoying it with a naughty smile. And with it, I placed my left hand over her butt and gave a small press.

I was waiting for Vidhya’s reaction. But she was just enjoying it which gave me the signal. Then I started moving my both hands over her smooth round ass over the one piece. As I started this, Vidhya started shivering and hugged me tightly.

As she was in my arms, I started seducing her. I held her face and gently placed my lips over her lips. At first, she was not responding. But when my tongue started rolling over, even she started responding. We were deeply into smooch now as if there was nobody around us in the pub.

Anyhow, the others were also doing the same in the dim light. I literally ate her lips and sucked her tongue for more than 20 minutes. Then I turned her around and started caressing her boobs all over her dress.

I was already high and my dick was dying to move out. I held her right hand and placed it over my pants to experience the hard rock 8-inch dick. She was shocked, but was happy and was rubbing my dick all over. But in no time, she gained senses and pushed me back and went back to the seat. She was looking a bit shocked and more upset. Then she just ordered me to drop her at her place.

I had no option left, but to drop her at her place which I agreed to initially. But deep in my mind, I had decided to bang her anyhow today. Then I asked her to follow me to move out from there to which she agreed. I dragged her out of the pub and moved to the parking lot.

The parking lot at XOYO was off 3 floors and my car was parked on the 2nd floor. For some reason, the lights at the parking lot were down. We reached the parking lot. Again, she asked me to drop her off. But I was in no mood to leave her without fucking my doll.

So I asked her if she wanted to smoke. She agreed and I told her to jump back to the seat so that we could enjoy smoking. Then I intentionally increased the AC in the car as I was aware it would make her high. She moved to the backseat and I got inside. She asked for a cigarette, giving me a sexy look. Our eyes met each other as if they were saying, “Leave the cigarette, and let’s bang now.”

Then I took the step. I moved close to her and started smooching her as if there was no tomorrow and so she did. I was pressing my college professor’s boobs so roughly like a beast and wanted to suck those juicy melons. In no time, I unzipped her one-piece and made her on her bra and panty. Even she unbuttoned me and made me half-naked.

Without wasting even a single minute, I held her boobs removing the black lacy bra. Fuck! Her boobs were juicy and fluffy more than I thought. I was enjoying those two kids and she was moaning and holding my hair. At the same time, my hands were rolling all over Vidhya’s panty, near her pussy area. I was intentionally rolling my fingers over the pussy, teasing her more. She was already wet inside.

My fingers rolling made her cum all over her pussy. Now she was begging me to stop. But this bastard had no intention to stop! I kept doing it for the next 15 minutes and then jumped down at her pussy. I removed her wet panty and gave the control of her pussy to my tongue. My tongue was rolling over my horny professor’s pussy teasing and seducing her more. Vidhya was shivering badly and holding me tightly. But after some time, she pushed me back, shocking me.

Now she jumped over me, pushing me back and unzipped my pants removing my 8-inch tool. The moment she removed my undies, my dick hit her face hard, making her more mad.

Vidhya was just shocked watching it. In the next second, she held it and started sucking as if she was sucking an Ice-pop. Her saliva was now all over my dick. My dick was hard rock like an iron rod. She was giving such a blowjob as she was an expert in it. I held her hair and pushed my dick hard into her mouth, making her give me the best blowjob ever. She was completely under my control now.

Then I made her lay on the seat and in no time, she held my dick and pushed it inside her pussy hole. She left a loud moan, “Aaah..” and said –

Vidhya: It is a long time since I had sex and it is the first time I am enjoying such a big dick. It is more than my imagination and expectation. Please don’t waste more time. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard. Bang me as there is no tomorrow.

Me: Yes baby, I will take you to heaven today. Today will be a memorable night for you.

Saying this, I pushed my 8-inch rod inside her pussy and she started crying. For the first couple of minutes, the movement was slow. But then I put the 4th gear, raising the speed. I was banging her like a devil.

Vidhya was rolling her hands over my bare chest area. With every push, she was enjoying the ride more and more. My college professor was in heaven. She was getting the beast of the fuck in her lifetime today. I was ensuring that she was getting the best of the fuck. After about 30 minutes of rigorous fuck, I turned her and made her spread her butts.

It seemed Vidhya never got ass fucked because the moment I pushed my dick, she screamed as I was killing her. But later, she started liking it. Now the entire car was damn cold like we were in Shimla or Manali.

Vidhya placed her hands over the window which was full of fog leaving the hands impression behind. My car was looking like a dancing car now. After 15 minutes of ass fucking, I wanted to cum, but in her mouth. I made her sit on my knees as if she was my slave, made her open her mouth, and released all my load over her mouth and face. More than half, she drank at first and the rest she started cleaning using her hands and sucking, like it was a melted chocolate.

After she cleaned herself, she gave a naughty smile, raised herself, and hugged me tightly. I gave her a tight hug. We slept in the car for the next 15 minutes. Once we were back to normal, she adjusted herself and we both dressed again and jumped on the front seat. She gently kissed me over my cheek thanking me for the most memorable fuck which she have ever got.

Then we moved out from the parking lot and directly moved to my house. We both enjoyed the entire night fucking 2 more times over the night.

That’s it for this part. The next will be how she introduced me to her friends engaging me more with her friends.

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