Secret Sex Story – Part 1

I am a 30 years old unmarried guy. Professionally, I work as a service engineer and travel a lot inside and outside the country. This happened a few months ago. I was at a site near my hometown. I was there for a month.

Talking about my appearance, I look decent with good looks, physique and height. I am 5’10”, white, with dark hair. I work out whenever possible to maintain my body, and I normally keep my beard well-trimmed and groomed. Overall, I look attractive and not going to lie. I have been with many girls.

With work pressure and all, I was very busy and had little time to date a girl and lure her into my bedroom. So, I used to date a girl and have fun casually, so I have a fake account. It has been a year now that I haven’t met any girls from Tinder.

This story starts with a Tinder match. I was in the final week at the site, and as usual, I was looking for someone to sext on Tinder. It was 11 that night. My underwear was already down to my knees.

My semi-hard cock was out in the air, and I was trying to make conversation with a few girls. But I was failing. No one was willing to talk dirty, and with frustration, I pulled up my underwear and was about to sleep.

I was about to lie down when my phone beeped. It was a tinder notification for a new match. My cock, which had gone soft, raised a little with the hope of talking dirty with this new match.

It was a 19-year-old girl with a tinder name ‘Stranger.’ It was a fake account, just like mine. I sent a hi and got a hello instantly. First, we just talked about normal stuff before I got impatient. I told her I was on Tinder for online fun and might take it to real life if we both got comfortable.

She said she was on Tinder for the same but was unsure about the idea of meeting in real life. I was okay with that, as I wanted to have some online fun before I went to sleep. We started sexting, but she wasn’t good at it. She said it was her first time sexting and told me she was a virgin.

But she was putting in the effort, and that was making me horny. We continued sexting while talking about other stuff in between. I was horny, underwear again down to my knees and stroking my cock gently as precum oozed out my tip.

She masturbates a lot which she mentioned while sexting. She told me she likes to put three fingers inside her pussy while rubbing her clit. I would love to put a huge cock inside my pussy. She said as we continued sexting.

I was drawing my juice oozing from the tip all over my cock. Making it wet and slippery as we reached the climax of sexting. I was getting so horny that I told her I would love to show her my cock.

She initially ignored it but later said we could not send pictures on Tinder. On that, I told her maybe we could talk somewhere else. She hesitated at first, but I managed to convince her to connect on snapchat.

She didn’t have snapchat. So I told her to make a fake snapchat account where we could talk and send pictures and videos. She agreed to it, and we connected on snapchat.

I sent her a snap where I was drawing precum from the tip to my shaft before gently stroking my cock. I have a huge cock, almost six inches long, with a nice thickness. She instantly replied after looking at the snap.

She said she would love to suck it dry, push it deep inside her throat, and give me a sloppy blowjob until I cum inside her mouth. That made me so hot. I could feel her excitement and how much horny she was.

I told her I would love to fill her mouth with my cum before putting my dick deep inside her pussy. We were still talking dirty when unexpectedly, she sent a snap. With so much excitement, I opened her snap.

She breathed heavily. I could see her bra covering her huge tits. She looked chubby, and that made me even more excited. Breathing heavily, she took out her boobs from her bra. Her nipples were hard and dark with small areolas.

I grabbed my cock hard and stroked it as I looked at her snap. She pinched her nipples as she moaned a little. Her moans started growing as she pressed her boobs. She arched a little and shivered with a loud moan at the snap’s end.

That was her orgasm. I felt as if I stroked hard. Within a minute, I released my cum. The orgasm was so strong that a few drops flew across and landed on my chest. I was breathing heavily as I came. I managed to take a snap of that and send it to her.

She said she would have loved it so much. If that flying cum had landed inside her mouth. She would love to drink all that after we fuck like crazy. She sounded so slutty with all her words. As we were both tired, we decided to sleep and continue doing it whenever possible.

Nothing happened the next day as she was at her cousin’s place. The next morning, she sent a snap. It was her in a bathroom at her cousin’s place. She was unbuttoning her shirt and flashing her tits. They looked bigger than before. I could see her chubby belly, her navel.

It was so hot that I got hard instantly. She grabbed her tits and pressed them. She pinched her nipples before pressing her boobs in a circular motion. I couldn’t help as I recorded myself getting naked and stroking /incest/uncontrollable-cock-my-sexy-stepmom/”>my uncontrollable cock gently. I sent her where she could see my whole body without a face.

She said she would eat my dick at night and left, telling me she had some work to do. I also went to work after that, waiting for the night to come quickly.

This much for this part. Stay tuned to know what happens next and if you have any suggestions or want to talk with me, contact me at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”f88b8c978a818f8a918c9d8acac8ccc0b89f95999194d69b9795″>[email protected]. (both email and google chat).