The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 30

Vini savored her post-orgasm moments in bliss in the confines of the bodies of our sons. They patiently awaited her return to normalcy. The heavy breathing of the three of them mingled and echoed in the room. The control of the boys in holding onto the juices was praiseworthy.

Real women relish an orgasm. But to effectively make her fuckers explode in ecstasy gives a different level of satisfaction. Expectedly Vini would ensure that she would make them come like never before. The way she was focused on the double factor, she would love them to come together.

At the same time, maybe in her ass and cunt or being the cum addict, she might prefer her mouth. I visualized both fucking me in my ass and pussy and spraying my insides with the hot juices. I wanted to get fucked badly but knew I had to wait.

Vini returned to normalcy with her statement, “That fucked my brains out. Now it’s my turn to melt your boys’ balls into oblivion.” Followed by her characteristic mischievous smile. Bloating smiles surfaced on their faces as they withdrew their cunt juice-anointed tools from her heavily fucked holes.

“Mom, where would you like us to cum?”

“Anywhere you want.”

“Vinita,” Joy reasoned, “Since this is your first threesome, things should be as you desire. You tell us what would be your first preference.”

“Yes, mom, your pleasure is our priority.”

Vini pondered for a moment and said: “Right now, I can’t decide. However, you boys can start fucking me the way you want. When I get into the mood, I will tell you how I want you guys to finish.” By the time she finished her sentence, they had already surrendered their cunt juice-smeared tools in her soft hands.

She grabbed them eagerly and started to stroke them, making them moan. Dexterous strokes made them stiffer. She started gobbling their tools attentively, making them clench their teeth in ecstasy. She admired the magnificent poles and said, “I feel like having both of you inside me simultaneously.”

Her wish made our jaws drop. Oh my god, she was going to have her first double vaginal. It made me jealous as I had never had the same administration. “Can you do it, boys?” She asked them, looking into their eyes as if challenging their masculinity.

“Your wish is our command,” Joy added haltingly, looking at Rick with questioning eyes.

Rick vanquished his doubts. “Mom, if you want us both in your cunt that’s what you will get. But you will get stretched out like never before, and it might be painful.”

“Leave the pain for me to cope with. Boys, fuck me real hard.”

“To be honest, Vineeta, this will be the first time for me,” Joy confessed.

“Same with me,” she honestly admitted. “There is a first time for everything.”
Rick agreed wholeheartedly. “Mom, you will have two cocks in your cunt, and I am lucky that one of them will be mine.”

I could not help commenting, “Vini, I hope you’re sure about it. They’re thick, and that double girth can be very challenging.”

“One does not know until one has done it,” she replied casually.

Rick wondered for a moment, “Mom missionary or doggy positions won’t provide you the best penetration and coordination. Joy, I think we need to bring our cocks closest to each other so that mom can easily put them inside. Joy, I suggest we lie down and let her ride us. We will position our dicks together.”

The mention of the word ride made her eyes flutter with anticipation, and my cunt squirm involuntarily. Damn, this was getting wilder. The boys positioned themselves lying on the backs and moving their groins as close as possible till their balls and the cocks touched each other.

She placed her hands on the balls, adjusted Joy’s balls over Rick’s, and got the two cocks closer to get thick veins rubbing against each other. Both the boys shivered involuntarily at the bi-sexual sensation.

“This is the first time my cock is touching another.”

“Same here, Joy. Let’s give mom the time of her life. Mom, now I think you can accommodate us together.”

“Oh yes, I will,” she made no effort to hide her excitement.

“ Mom,” Joy addressed me. “Make sure you get this moment on your camera.”

“Don’t worry, son.”

“Sonali,” Rick intervened. “You take the close-up, and I’ll get mom’s expressions. Joy will edit the masterpiece.”

All four of us were breaking the boundaries of debauchery. Vini wrapped the twin dicks together and coated them with a generous layer of saliva to eradicate the possibility of any painful entry. She was herself watering copiously and required no more lubrication for her cunt.

Satisfied with the generous coating of saliva, she stood up. She placed her feet beside their waists and above their cocks facing Rick to enable him to capture her first double vaginal experience expressions.

“Joy, I hope you won’t mind missing my expressions on my first entry.”

“Your backside view is equally exciting.”

“I will turn around to give you my front-side view too.” The confidence level was remarkable and made me shudder, but I was dutiful enough to focus on the double dicks awaiting their entry inside Vini’s cock hungry cunt. At the age of 45, we were exploring the sexual revolution of the wildest nature.

Vini lowered her waist, pointed her parted cunt towards the meatpoles cautiously, and paused as the tips touched her pussy lips. She clasped them with her palms so that the two poles conjoined and the bulbous heads rubbed against each other glowing furiously.

She gave a gentle nudge downwards and groaned loudly. The two heavy dick heads of great proportion entered her cunt. She continued the downward movement till the two heads were immersed in her canal of ecstasy. The expression on her face defied all familiar descriptions.

It was an amalgamation of slight fear, apprehension, sheer lust and total surprise. “Oh my God, I can’t believe both are inside me. Sonali, I can’t believe I am doing this. I have never been stretched out like this before.”

“Of course, dear, not every day one takes two cocks in.” I tried to sound reassuring though I was doubtful whether she would achieve our goal. Hrithik and Joy were quite generous in girth.

Both, put together, would be at least five and a half inches in circumference. Both are 7 inches long and touching 8 in their highest state of excitement. It was the equivalent of a solid wrist of a muscled male wrestler that was about to enter her pussy.

I had seen one or two double-vaginal porn scenes, but this was reality. And none of us were professional pornstars.

“Mom,” the concerned son in Rick surfaced naturally, “If it is painful, we are ready to withdraw,” which was vocally supported by Joy. Vini put their worries to rest.

“There is no pain, though the stretching out is overwhelming. Son, Joy, since I have taken the heads, I am going the full distance-even if there is pain. No pain, no gain. Guys, you lie down and keep it up. Let me do the rest.”

Vini’s confidence was reassuring even to the guys and me. Watching two cocks conjoined to live in the flesh sparked various unknown feelings inside me. Vini lowered down, and the massive cocks slipped inside. Heavily stretched cunt up to halfway, making her sigh in pleasure instead of the expected pain.

The mixed sounds of guttural grunts from her mouth and the squishy emissions from her cunt reverberated in the room. The remaining length was immersed in the depth of her pussy, grinding the crotches firmly against the entrance. Her long cunt lips trembled vividly as they clasped the cocks.

The expression on her face was a blend of achievement, surprise, and sublime pleasure. Blowing all her apprehensions of pain into oblivion.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed exasperatedly. “Sonali, I can’t believe I’ve taken them both Inside Me. Damn, this feels entirely different.”

Joy and Rick applauded her generously on an unprecedented achievement. This is how one can set limits by keeping the cunt and the mind wide open.

“How does it feel, Vini?” I couldn’t help enquiring.

“There aren’t enough words to describe – definitely out of the world – so filled up, so bloody stretched. I may cum again. Just the entry is so fulfilling damn. The ride is going to be earth-shattering.”

The insides of my pussy had been squirming now and then. But when I heard her words, my pussy churned rather violently, creating a puddle in my canal. I could visualize myself with two rock-hard dicks embedded in my pussy. Yes, I would go through it once Vini was done.

“Time to make the boys explode in ecstasy.” she smiled mischievously. She lifted her pelvic region, enjoying the downward slide of the double poles. She stopped at the base of the dick heads. She paused for a few seconds. She continued the up-and-down movement.

Starting with the gentle speed trying to get hold of the perfect rhythm and grip. Within a minute, she shifted gears to gain momentum. By the end of the second minute, she attended the usual riding speed, which kept increasing with every downward thrust. The third minute made the boys yell in bestial pleasure.

“Vineeta,” Joy shrieked, “how incredibly tight your cunt is gripping my cock. Fuck us, Vinita, as hard as you want.”

“Damn, mom, your cunt feels like heaven. Yes, mom fuck us to your heart’s content.”

“I will keep fucking until you guys explode inside me like a volcano.” On the completion of the sentence, she started to fuck at the utmost speed and tremendous energy. As if she had been fucking two dicks throughout her life. The groans and growls of the boys grew louder.

Their cocks shone brighter with the pouring cunt juices. Due to the profuse watering fresh sloppy nasty sounds emitted every time she pushed down. Along with the boys, Vini also became vocal as she started distorting In utmost pleasure.

“This is out of the world. Why didn’t I try this earlier? Boys, fill me up with your hot, heavy loads. You guys might make me come again. Yes, Shonali, I am sure I am going to come again. Boys, don’t worry. I will not stop until you spray my insides with your hot loads.”

“Mom, keep fucking as hard as you can. The way you are going, I am close.” Rick somehow managed to finish the sentence between his wild groans of ecstasy.

Joy was not behind either. “Vinita, your cunt never felt this good before. With the speed you are fucking, I don’t think I can hold back more. Hope you are enjoying it.”

“Enjoying? Damn, I must be in heaven with two cocks in my cunt. I want you guys to come together and hit the innermost depths. Oh God, it feels so so damn well to fuck you guys. Oh, something wild is going on inside me. Sonali, something big is churning in my stomach. Sonali, they will make me come again, it seems.”

Needless to add, her sentences were interspersed with yells of animalistic primitive nature. She rode with an unbridled frenzy. The increasing squelching sounds from her pussy indicated that she would explode in another orgasm.

Even my cunt watered profusely and filled my entire body with a feverish sensation. The next minute all hell broke loose. The riding speed reached its optimum, which shattered the control of the boys. As if to grant her wish more fulfillment, the boy started yelling like skewered pigs in uncontrollable ecstasy.

“Oh, mom, you have never ridden so fast. Dammit, mom, you’re going to make me cum real hard.”

“Ah, Vineeta, I can’t hold back anymore. I am going to cum.”

“So am I. God, this is sheer heaven.”

Then the boys yelled that they were shooting their loads. I could tell they were coming exactly at the same time. The first splatter in the depth of her pussy triggered Vini’s second massive orgasm. They spewed out the thick hot cum jets and sprayed her insides.

Vini started yelling like an extra-terrestrial beast continuing her relentless thrusts. The sounds of her cunt thrusting down were indescribably nasty and obscene yet sweet to the ears. Then she shuddered like never before and started squirting copious amounts of cunt juice.

But, as promised, she kept riding to squeeze out the last few drops from the two young cocks. Their extreme orgasm was a sight to behold, and I did well to capture it with steady hands. Hats off to Rick, who managed to keep the mobile focused on Vini’s face to capture her expression.

She continued pumping up and down in a frenzy. The boys gasped and begged her to stop. She obliged by plunging their exhausted tools deep inside her. Resting her palms on the bed and arching her back to keep painting like a bitch in the heat.

The chests of the boys were also given like a blacksmith’s bellow. Vini was the one to break the silence. “Sonali, it felt so good it still feels good, these two young cocks pulsating together inside me and slowly diminishing in size. Damn, what a mess we have made.”

The abdomens of the boys are already smeared with the mixture of Vini’s pussy juice and their man’s juices. I wondered how much more would flow out from her double-dicked pussy as both boys came in generous amounts.

When one man sprays inside a woman’s cunt, it is an extremely satisfying sensation for her. Vini had her cunt sprayed with two. No wonder she had come rather hard. Not every day is a woman blessed with two cocks in her cunt together.

She enjoyed the sensations till her bosom subsided to normalcy along with the boys. I focused on their genitals, anticipating the unprecedented amount of juices dripping out from her cunt once she got up. When she did, my jaws dropped to realize that the word dripping was an understatement.

The moment she raised her waist, volumes of cunt juices made their way out with the force of a mountain brook. The loud, obscene gargling sound it made created a historical scene. The first three installments were enough to camouflage the flaccid dicks of the boys. It made a mini puddle on the bed.

Vini shrieked, “Sonali, I have never felt better with so much juice flowing out of me. I got to taste this heavenly concoction and not let it go to waste.”

She parted her legs wide with her palms beneath as if to receive holy offerings and squeezed her cunt muscles. The subsequent bursts of cum expulsions made slapping sounds o her palms filling them with bountiful volume. She held her arms close to her face to inspect the handful and gasped in awe.

“Oh my God, I can hardly contain this in my hands. I have to taste this heavenly mixture.”

My eyes popped out along with the boys. She raised her palms and let the semen and cunt cum cocktail pour into her wickedly open mouth. She gulped it down her cum addicted throat. She let out the longest sigh of immense satisfaction and announced proudly, smacking her lips.

“That’s got to be the best protein shake I have ever had. Ah, there is still some left.”

She started licking her palms and fingers to wipe them clean, leaving not even a minuscule amount of cum cocktail on her hands. Somehow Rick managed to speak, “Mom, I’ve no words to express how hot you looked when you gulped our cum.”

Vini’s smiled back mischievously. “You have to take the credit, son. You are the one who tutored me on the beneficial properties of hot young cum loads.” She inspected the absolute mess on their crotches and the mini cum pond trying to decide whether or not to have a go at it too.

She eventually applied mercy on those and spoke, “I think we all need a shower and the bed requires fresh sheets.” She got down from the bed, eagerly followed by the boys on her way to the washroom.

“Sonali, do record my first bath with two men.” I felt a tinge of jealousy as Joy was following her like a devoted puppy. But it gave me solace by reasoning that even though she had superseded me by taking two cocks together in her cunt.

I have had the pleasure of being bathed by two men on numerous occasions by my son and my husband. Vini took the lead by lathering the boys with soapy hands and clenching the cocks with both hands. They returned the favor by soaking her together.

They showered full attention on her boobs, with Joy grabbing the left with both hands and Rick her right. She stroked their soapy cocks simultaneously. The drenched soapy bodies sliding on each other was an ethereal sight. The boys applied soap on them and worked out their chests.

Clasping her between them, rubbed it on her body, turning her intermittently so that both accessed her boobs in equal proportions. Her expressions were evident of the extreme pleasure she derived from their efforts. I highly recommend this for all female leaders.

If you go for a threesome with two men, follow up with a joint bath after the sex. The slippery bodies of two men sliding together all over you and your soapy hands rubbing their cocks, only a woman can understand the level of gratification.

Eventually, the trio dried up and emerged from the bathroom in available robes. We took places on the bed and decided to celebrate Vini’s double penetration debut with more champagne and my fish egg pakora. Joy and Rick volunteered to cover the responsibility leaving us to converse.

“Vini, that was a stupendous debut!”

“Really, it was Sonali. The two dicks in my cunt were the best. I think you should also try it out today.”

“Today?” my questioning tone could not camouflage the excitement entirely.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want to do it.” she smiled mischievously at me.

“I do want to do it,” I confessed, “but today is your day.”

“Let’s make it our day.” she proclaimed. “You have provided me with your son and made my dream come true. Now I want to see you do the same. We’re best friends, Sonali. It is befitting. We both experience it on the same day. I want to see you do it in front of me.”

“Oh, Vinita, you are so generous.”

We brought up the topic of Mrs. Gupta and her two sons. She wondered whether she would be doing the same with her sons. I commented that it would be a waste if she didn’t. The boys returned with the itinerary.

Champagne with caviar is considered the best combination. But my fish egg Pakoda can outshine the best caviar in the world.

When we had consumed half the bottle, Vini came straight to the point, “Boys, why don’t you get hot with Sonali and warm her up? I would love you to give her the same treatment you just administered me.”

Rick’s eyes lit up immediately, and it looked at me inquiring. I felt that characteristic feminine coyness overpowering me, and lowered my eyes.
Vini laughed out loud. “Oh my god, look at the shy bride. Joy, any comments on my suggestion?”

“Rather magnanimous proposition, I should say.”

“Motion passed with full majority.” Rick’s eyes were all over me.

I took a comfortable position with my back on the bed rest at her directions, and the boys snuggled close. Champagne, pakoda and the anticipation of being taken by the two created a feeling of deep sensuality within me.

As we sipped on the third Goblet, they started caressing my thighs. It restarted the churning sensations down below.

Sonali and Vinita will be back.