Secret Sex Story – Part 2

Sadly, she wasn’t online at night. She had left a message though that she had to go to her relative house for a few days and it was urgent. I had no one to talk to for a few days. After completing my work at the site, I came back home.

It was Friday night. I was finally on my bed. I was hoping for her to be online, and she was. I asked her if she was at her own home or her relative’s. She was at her own home and told me she really missed me. I missed her too, and I told her that.

I also told her I missed her boobies and would love to press them just like she did a few days ago at her cousin’s home. We started sexting. I sent her a snap of me jerking off, making my cock as hard and slippery as possible.

I rubbed the tip, grabbed hard on my cock, and let precum ooze out of my cock.  I showed everything to her. “I want to be your whore. I want you to fuck me like a slut,” she said. I could feel her excitement in her texts. She sounded intense.

I felt she wanted to fuck me. She wanted to ride my cock until I filled her cunt with my warm cum. She then sent a snap. She started with her boobs. She was breathing heavily. This time, there was no bra; her boobs were open in the air. Her nipples looked wet.

She made her fingers wet and rubbed them on her nipples. She then showed me her navel and chubby belly before finally showing her hairy pussy. She spread her labia, giving me a clear view of her love hole and clit.

“Do you want to lick it?” She asked after sending that snap. I would love to lick it until you beg me to fuck you, to put my cock deep inside your dirty cunt, I replied. She sent me another snap. This time, she was whispering in it while spreading her pussy.

“Mmmm, you want to put your cock in here? Please come and fuck me. Please put your dick inside me,” she whispered. She showed me her dirty cunt. I was getting so hard. I stroked my cock, and grabbed my cock tightly as I moved my ass to make it look like I was fucking my hand.

I recorded everything, and just like her, I whispered too. “Do you want me to fuck you like this? Push my dick deep inside your pussy? Will you be my slut?” I was about to cum. Her snaps were too intense for me. I wanted to cum hard.

She then sent another snap. This time, she was fingering her pussy, moaning hard, moaning my fake name as she pushed three fingers inside her. I want to be your slut. I want you to fuck me like a whore, she moaned and then shivered as she reached her cum.

I could see her breathing get heavy. That was enough for me to have one of the best orgasms ever. I didn’t even have to touch my cock. The cum rushed out of the tip so intensely that I just lay down and watched my cum drop down on my chest, neck and the bedsheet.

I couldn’t record that, but I told her about it. I stained my bedsheet, but it was worth it. She was glad I cum like that. We then said goodnight to each other and went to sleep. I slept so well that I only woke up the next day with knocks on my door.

It was my little sister and our cousin. They are of the same age, maybe 19-20. I let them inside. My sister told me they had come to clean my room. I usually stay out at the site. So my sister usually does the cleaning of my room. I left the room for them and went for breakfast.

The day went by, and at night, I texted her. She was online. We did the same thing as we did last night. The next day, we were sexting and sending snaps, and she asked me how I felt about incest. I told her I like it in stories and movies but don’t know how I would feel it in real life. I told her I had never thought of it.

Then she said she has a cousin brother who has been living with her family for many years. She said she fantasizes about him and feels like she is talking with him when we talk. I don’t know why but I thought about my cousin who came with my sister in the morning to clean my room.

But I hadn’t even noticed how she looked. I told her I had a cousin sister who came to my house today. Then she asked me to imagine her as my cousin when we sexted. Now in our snaps, we start whispering about a brother and little sister as we show our private parts to each other.

I don’t know why but I found that exciting and tempting. For a week, we talked as if we were cousins while sexting. Then came Saturday. I woke up in the morning and went to the kitchen for breakfast. There, I had my sister with our cousin. I sat behind them on a chair.

They were preparing breakfast when I started looking at my cousin’s back. I recalled everything I talked about with that Tinder girl as I looked at my cousin.
She was short, maybe just 5 feet which I had never noticed before.

She was wearing tight denim shorts. On top, she had put on a pink crop top. I could see the back of her milky thighs from behind. But what caught my eye the most was her bubble butt. The shorts were tight so that I could see the shape of her big butt.

Since the crop top was short, I could see her love handles from behind. I don’t know why but I started getting hard looking at her like that. Then my cousin turned around. “When did you come, brother? Do you know what we have prepared for breakfast today? Pancakes,” she said in a bubbly voice.

I had never noticed her that much, but I found her bubbly that day. What I noticed more about her was her body. I could see her navel. She was chubby, and she looked curvy too. As she walked, one could see her boobs moving.

They were that huge. And her chubby cheeks, I wanted to bite it right there when she turned around and looked at me. We had a little chat as we had breakfast. I had never talked much with my sister and our cousin before, but I stayed with them and talked a lot that day.

But as wrong as it is, my motivation was to get a glimpse of my cousin’s boobs and ass. I wanted to fuck and didn’t feel inappropriate about anything at that point. At night, I told that Tinder girl about how she looked and what I felt. We continued our regular session and slept after we both had orgasms.

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