Seduced by My Daughters – Part 3

Hi, this story is about a father who was seduced by his two daughters’ beauty. I always compare women in the story to actresses, so think of someone when reading the story.

Read the previous part to understand the story.

I just stopped Janvi from giving me a dry hump like Khushi did. I know Janvi must be frustrated. I closed my eyes and acted like sleeping. After a few minutes, I could hear them talking.

Janvi: Khushi, how does it feel?

Khushi: Sis, it was amazing. I think I reached an orgasm.

Janvi: What?

Khushi: Yes Janvi.

Janvi: I want it too.

Khushi: Don’t worry, you will get it in the morning.

Janvi: But I can’t wait till morning.

Saying that, Janvi opened my lungi and started giving me a blowjob. I think Janvi has become an expert in giving blowjobs. It was amazing. After 15 minutes, I cummed inside her mouth. She drank it all as usual. Khushi didn’t give me a blowjob.

Janvi: Are you not going to suck Papa’s dick?

Khushi: I feel so tired, Janvi.

Janvi: OK then.

Janvi hugged me and slept. I also slept after a few minutes. The next day, in the early morning, I felt like I was smothered. I woke up to see Janvi was already on top of me, chewing my lip. Khushi was still sleeping. Janvi saw me waking up.

Janvi: Good morning, Papa.

Me: Good morning, sweaty.

She kissed me again on my lips. It felt like a dream. My daughter was dry humping on my dick, and I lost my control again. I grabbed Janvi’s ass and started squeezing them and pushing her hip upward so that I could feel her pussy even more.

Khushi woke up and said what are you guys doing. I came back to my senses.

Me: that’s enough for today.

Janvi: I need more, please, Papa.

Me: No, enough for now.

Janvi: OK

After some time, I planned to take a bath and relieve myself. I entered the bathroom and latched the door. Poured water over my body, suddenly the door was banged.

Khushi: Dad open the door

Me: What is it, honey?

Khushi: open the door, Papa.

I thought it was urgent. I wrapped a towel around my waist. I opened the door. Both of my daughters are standing in front of the bathroom with only towels around their body. I got an instant boner. Dad, let us bathe with you.

Me: No way.

Khushi just barged inside the bathroom.

Janvi: We used to bathe together when we were children.

Me: Yes, but now you two are grown.

Khushi: So what? Are we not still your babies?

Khushi acted like a scarecrow.

Me: OK, let’s bathe together.

We have a big bathroom with a bathtub, like in luxury hotels. Janvi and Khushi were using hand shower, I was in the shower. I could see their towel got fully wet clinging to body.

My dick is raised inside my towel. I couldn’t hide it anymore. Khushi came near me.

Khushi: Put soap on my back, Papa.

She let go of her towel. Khushi was fully naked in front of me. My mind gone blank, and my manly instinct kicked in. I took the soap and started rubbing her back. Her back was smooth like butter. It has been ages since I bathed with my daughters. Now again, my Khushi is fully naked in front of me. Janvi filled the bathtub and went inside, taking a bubble bath.

I was rubbing Khushi’s back. My dick was standing straight, touching Khushi’s ass. I was using both my hands to rub soap. I moved my hands from her back to her underarms. I couldn’t control myself. I slowly moved my hand to her boobs.

I squeezed those boobs as I was rubbing soap over her boobs. After a few minutes, Khushi grabbed my left hand and placed it on her pussy.

Khushi: Rub soap here as well, Papa.

My mind was already taken over. I didn’t think twice. I started rubbing her pussy lips while pressing her boobs with one hand. I felt like fucking her right now. Khushi made a big moan.

Khushi: Ahhh, Papa.

That sound lowered my sex hunger, but I couldn’t stop. I continued to rub her pussy. The feeling of fucking her was gone. But my mind was not fully in my control.

While rubbing Khushi’s pussy, Janvi came out of the bathtub and came behind me.

Janvi: Papa, I will rub your body with soap.

Janvi started rubbing my back, she came very close, and all of a sudden, Janvi grabbed my dick with her right hand and started rubbing.

Me: what are you doing? Stop it, Janvi.

Janvi: I am helping you clean your private parts, Papa, just like you cleaning Khushi’s private parts.

Now I am really in a bad situation. I can’t say back to Janvi. She made a perfect checkmate. I accept her move and let her put soap on my dick.

Me: OK, you can rub my dick.

Janvi came closer. I could feel her boobs pressing over my back. At the same time, Janvi was giving me a handjob pretending to be cleaning there. I inserted my index finger inside Khushi and started fingering her.

After a few minutes, Khushi came. She was squirting.

Khushi: Aah, Papa!

She collapsed in my hands, and after a few seconds, she regained her energy and got up.

Janvi: Now put soap on me, Papa.

Khushi went to take a dip in the bathtub. I turned around, seeing Janvi fully naked. My towel was already useless, so I let it go showing off my dick for the first not while.

I rubbed soap over her boobs while Janvi was still pretending to be cleaning my dick. I squeezed those boobs, which were bigger than Khushi. After a few minutes, I felt like cumming,

Me: Enough, Janvi, it is clean now.

Janvi: then rub soap on my private part like you did to Khushi.

I turned Janvi around and came close to her. My dick was above her ass, squeezed her boobs a few more times. She slowly brought my hand toward her pussy and started fingering. She was dripping wet.

In my mind, you are just wasting your daughter, that’s all. Nothing wrong with it. As I was fingering Janvi, Khushi came behind me and hugged me. Without any notice, she grabbed my dick and stroked it hard. I was already on the edge of cumming.

After a few more strokes, I came all over Janvi’s back and ass. Meanwhile, Janvi also reached an orgasm and cum all over my hand.

We all bathed together in the shower a little more time and came out of the bathroom. Thats when I went into a guilt trip. I was feeling so bad for fingering my daughters. Not only that, I cum on Janvi.

I will tell the story in the next part about how I overcame my guilt trip and had another sex session with my daughters. I will only continue the story if you guys ask for the next part. Bye.