Virgin guy’s journey from innocent to stud – Part 2

As you may know, my name is Abhi. Thanks a lot for liking my story and for all the encouraging comments you send me by email. Thanks a lot for it. I am writing my story, from being innocent to becoming a man. This is the second part. If you haven’t read the first part, please read it and come.

In the last part, you read how I fucked Seema, Ajay’s mom, and she told me that she would tell me about future plans via her son in some days. After that, I was again busy in groups talking to other people. Ajay deleted his account, so I thought it was over now and I should forget about it.

After a week or so, while I was sexting with Juhi (a whole different story. Do tell me if you want to hear about it), one unknown person messaged me. He told me that he was Ajay and deleted his account for some personal reasons. Then he invited me to his village and told me that I would have fun if I went there. His village was around 5-6 hours away from my place. I decided to visit there on Friday and told him about it. He said okay.

I reached his nearest station on Friday. Ajay came to pick me up there. We reached his Village in his car. There were many women and girls in the way and I liked some of them. Village girls and women are really cute and sexy.

Ajay saw me and said while laughing, “Wait, at least for some time, we have just arrived.”

I smiled too and we talked about the Village too. Then we reached his home.

His home was not very good. We rang the bell and my friend’s mom opened the door. She looked beautiful in a traditional red saree and she was happy to see me. I was very happy too. Then I hugged her and kissed her cheeks and pinched her ass. She moaned and said, “At least come inside you naughty devil”. All three of us laughed at this.

Then we had lunch and as I was tired, I slept till evening. In the evening, I saw that there was no one in the house except Seema who was in the kitchen doing work. I went near her and hugged her tightly from behind. I started squeezing her boobs and poking my dick in her ass. She started to moan and said,‌ “Stop it Abhi. Someone might see us.”

I said, “I can’t control seeing you.”

Seema: Abhi, wait till the night.

Me: I can’t my sexy lady.

Seema: You naughty boy. Okay, at least close the main door.

Me: Okay, my lady.

I closed the main door and ran up to grab her. I slapped her ass hard 5-6 times. She moaned and shouted every time. I was very horny seeing her as I didn’t fuck after that day. Then I moved her to my side and kissed her lips while pressing her ass. I bit her lips and sucked them. Then I bit her neck and gave her a hickey.

Seema: Don’t do that! Someone may notice that.

Me: It’s not my problem.

Seema: You horny dog!

Me: You have made me very hard, baby.

Seema was blushing. I took her to her bedroom and threw her. on the bed I pressed her boobs hard and bit it from her blouse. She shouted, “Do a little slowly, my baby. I am not going anywhere.” But I tore her blouse and removed her bra too. I started to suck her boobs.

I liked her boobs a lot and was pressing and pinching one boob and sucking on another. I was doing that on alternate boobs. When I was doing this, she was moaning loudly, “Ahhh…Do that, baby. Do it. I like that. Aahh Abhi ahhh. Do it harder. I want it harder, baby.”

I pressed them hard and started to bite them too. Then I went to her navel and sucked it. I did it for 5 minutes. I bit on her boobs and sucked her nipples. I removed her saree and petticoat and then removed her panty too. She was clean-shaven. I was amazed to see her pussy and look at her.

She said: I did it today only for you, baby.

I was so horny and jumped on her. Then I started licking her. I was doing it like a dog, licking her pussy. I was rubbing her clit too. She was moaning loudly. In between, I was pressing her boobs. After doing it for 5 minutes, she squirted. I was amazed to see her moan and squirt. She was like a fish without water. And after she squirted, she was looking so relaxed. I kissed her lips and then removed all my clothes. Then I brought my dick near her pussy and pushed it in one go. She shouted.

Seema: Kutte, aaram se kar (you dog, do it slowly).

Me: Bitch, keep quiet and enjoy.

Then I started to fuck her pussy. She was moaning and I was fucking her pussy and biting her boobs. I was pressing and sucking them while fucking her. We both were on the 7th cloud. She was moaning loudly and I was sure her neighbour must have heard her moan. I was fucking her harder and harder. She was telling me to do it harder. I was doing it harder.

After 7-8 minutes, we both were about to cum. I cummed in her pussy again and after that, she cummed too. We both were exhausted. After 5 minutes, she got up and went to the kitchen, and I lay down.

At night, we were all at the table. I was eating and felt something on my dick, something rubbing. When I looked down, I saw her 2 feet trying to rub my dick. It was so horny moment. My friend’s mom was trying to give me a footjob beside her son. When I saw her, she winked at me. On this, I smiled.

During the whole dinner, she didn’t stop while we were talking. I felt so good.

Then at night, I decided that I would sleep in Seema’s room. I went into the room and saw my princess. When I started to press her boobs, she removed my hands and said –

Seema: You did it some time ago only. Aren’t you satisfied?

Me: Who can be satisfied by such a beauty like you? I can do it all day with you.

Seema: Abhi, wait for today. We will do it tomorrow.

Me: But I am in the mood today.

Seema: You will get a surprise tomorrow. So, be ready for it. And save yourself for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a long day for you. Sleep now.

Me: As you say, my lady.

I was eagerly waiting for the next day for that surprise. Then I slept thinking about what the surprise was.

What do you think will be the surprise? What did Seema have in mind? Stay tuned to know. There is more that is coming up.


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