Start of cuck heaven

This is Rahul 28 from Chennai. My wife is Preethi, age 27. We got married a year ago. I got these cuckold thoughts after reading many swap sex stories in ISS.

Preethi my wife is white, fair, and looks like the Tamil actress Amritha Aiyer. We both are IT Professionals. After some days of our marriage, I started imagining my wife romancing with strangers.

And one day I told my wife about my cuckold fantasy. She slapped me on hearing this, and started to cry. She cried for a long time and that night, we slept without talking a word. The next morning the day started as usual, she went to work and I too went to work.

Every night I started to convince her that this wouldn’t hurt her and I would make sure she enjoyed it and nobody would abuse or hurt her. After a few months, my wife agreed to initiate something but instant sex. I got excited and horny to the core.

Next, I needed to find a trustworthy friend who could love my wife and romance her without abusing or hurting her. I had a recent office friend Varun, who was more trustworthy. We knew about each other. I told him that he had to romance my wife. He was shocked and asked me how I could imagine a scenario like this. I said, “I have had this fantasy for a long period, buddy.”

He said he needed to think for some time.

“Take your own time”, I said.

The next morning, I met him and he told me he was interested. He opened up another thing saying, from our marriage day he was thinking of my wife and fapping for her! He had been fantasizing about her on my wedding night like they were both having sex. I got aroused by hearing this and said, “Let’s not waste time, da.”

After going home, I told Preethi, “You are going to romance Varun”. She didn’t agree and said, “I have known him for a long time as a good friend. How can I romance him? He is the only trustworthy friend. No way! You bring a stranger, this won’t work”.

I said, “This is the best scenario I could imagine. Please do me this favor”.

Finally, she said, “Okay leave, whatever I will do, do it for you, asshole”.

Then I planned to make Preethi and Varun meet at a mall. Preethi asked me what to wear. I have a fetish for tight jeans, silk sarees, and leather dresses. So I asked her to wear tight jeans and tight tees. She was in tight blue jeans where her ass was stiff and her boobs were tightly visible, one could be tempted to suck it.

She asked me how she was looking and I said, “You are looking like a delicious dish for my friend!”

She stared at my foolish kinky thoughts. Then I told Varun to dress like a professional because Preethi liked guys who are professionals. Coming to my friend Varun, he was much much more fairer than me, so Preethi may fall for him.

We went to the mall and waited for Varun. Varun came and Preethi became too shy to face him. We had some casual talks and started to walk. I slowly moved from the middle to the right side so that they both could walk together. Preethi was staring at me angrily, and I begged through my eyes. Slowly, they started to talk.

Varun said, “You are looking beautiful today, Preethi.”

On hearing such things, I was getting turned on. I gave the signal to Varun to hold her hands. Then Varun touched Preethi’s hands and held them. It was heaven to see my wife holding hands with my friend.

Soon, she moved her hands from him. Varun knew my silk saree fetish and he bought a silk saree for Preethi. After dinner, we left for home. I asked Preethi if she liked him. She didn’t say a word and stared at me angrily. But inside, she liked him.

Then they exchanged their numbers and started to chat. Days passed and she got comfortable with Varun in chat.

I planned their second meeting at a Cafe. Preethi dressed in a sexy red dress. This time, I sat at a distance from them. They looked like a real couple sitting at a table, they talked very little and she often was looking at me. While going home, I asked them to stand together for a picture. Preethi was very shy and hesitantly, she stood near Varun. Varun confidently kept his hand on Preethi’s hip. She got confused and didn’t say anything. It was heaven to watch my friend holding my wife’s hip.

Preethi was so comfortable with the cuckold concept now. She liked Varun very much. Then she asked, “When is our next meeting?”

I was glad Preethi was into this. I planned the next meeting in a pub. I asked my wife to dress up in a black leather skirt and red top. Then we entered the pub, and Varun arrived before us. He was in a white shirt and blue jeans. Preethi smiled at Varun. Varun was happy that Preethi started liking him in real life.

Then the music started to play, and Preethi asked me to dance. I said, “You both dance, I will watch”.

They got comfortable. Then Varun took Preethi’s hand and took it to the dance floor. They started to dance together, it was a delight to watch them dancing together. Varun held Preethi’s hip while dancing. She started to enjoy his touches but didn’t show any reaction. Then Varun started to dance romantic moves with her, and they became very close.

He kissed her hands while dancing. My dick got raised, and I couldn’t control it. She was confused and excited at what was going to happen. They danced like that for 10 minutes. Varun got more horny on seeing Preethi in this dress, her perfume, her free hair, red thick lipstick. He finally proposed to her saying, “I love you, Preethi. You are mine, baby”.

She was surprised and delighted to hear this from a person whom she fell in love with, who was more handsome than her husband. She didn’t say anything, and she said his name alone, “Varun I am”. Then Varun told her, “Preethi, I can’t resist kissing you on these sexy red lips, please allow me, I never wanna force you. Preethi very shyly agreed to it.

The next second Varun’s lips were on Preethi’s lips. He grabbed her towards him, held her tight, and pressed her ass while kissing, parallely my dick vomited sperm on seeing this. Varun was sucking her lips heavily. Preethi completely forgot me and gave her lips to Varun.

Then Varun caressed her whole back and didn’t take his hand from her ass. He spanked her ass also. I started to click pictures of their romance. Varun said, “I need you Preethi fully, you are mine”. She let him kiss and didn’t say anything. Then we left the place.

While returning I could see her face full of happiness. Then I thanked her and she left a smile. I soon thought of getting them married temporarily and enjoying this phase. I made both agree to this temporary marriage life. On the day of marriage, she wore our orange wedding silk saree, which was a personal touch.

I took them to a private hotel. Preethi was looking too sexy in that silk saree and Varun was in ethnic wear. Then I pulled the pallu and gave it to him to tie. They both were happy. My wife was looking at me in guilt. I didn’t bother about it. He tied the knot to my Preethi.

Then I gave my house key to Varun. I wanted them to be husband and wife in my house. Prepared the first night for them in our bedroom. I told them I had placed cameras all over inside the house to get horny on seeing what they were doing.

They moved into the house, and Varun entered into the first night room. Preethi brought milk with her and sat beside Varun. Then she said, “I love you Varun, but also Rahul”. Preethi was a bit upset and guilty too. He made her comfortable by saying, “See this is just temporary, soon you will return to Rahul”.

I was watching everything through the camera and was recording too. Preethi lay in bed. Varun was too horny having a white sexy friend’s wife in bed. She was looking too hot in that silk saree. He smelled the saree in her ass. Then he slowly lay beside her. Her ass was facing him. He initiated by saying, “Everything will be okay baby”.

Then he slowly put his hands on Preethi. She was still shy. Varun slowly went much closer and his body was touching her body, no gap in between them now. Then he started to kiss her ears and put his hands on her white belly.

She stood and went away. On seeing this, I called them and asked what happened. Varun told me the situation, and then I spoke to Preethi and said, “This is completely okay Preethi, you are doing it for me and this is not at all a problem. I want you to enjoy it with your new handsome boyfriend”.

She understood and she said, “Okay no problem”. Now she was facing the wall and said, “Now my body is yours, Varun, come on take and eat me”. On hearing this Varun’s dick went very hard. Then he went near her and on his knee. Started to smell and kiss her ass on the silk saree itself. On watching this on camera, I became nude and started to stroke my dick.

Varun kissed from toe to head on Preethi’s back. He hugged her from behind and pressed her navel belly. She too became moody. Then he turned her and hugged them from the front. His body was touching her body without a gap, he could feel her boobs. While hugging he pressed her ass and spanked it.

Then he said, “Preethi you have a great ass. You are such a beauty. Rahul is too lucky to have your body”. Preethi smiled back. At that moment, Varun said, “Forget Rahul and kiss me Preethi”. Then she forgot me and started to kiss him. They both aggressively kissed each other. Then she kissed his face fully, removed his dress, and made him nude.

She was still in a saree. She kissed him badly putting her hands into his hair and pulling it. Then Varun removed Preethi’s pallu and made her stand with a blouse. She was too hot to handle. Her white body was killing. He started to press her boobs in a blouse, and Preethi was moaning, “Varun ugg Varun ahh Varun”.

He then kissed her on the neck and threw her on the bed. She was laying in a silk blouse and petticoat. He was nude. Then he went above her and rubbed his dick on her body over the blouse, navel, and petticoat. They again exchanged a lip lock. While kissing he was rubbing his dick on her body as if having sex. Then he removed her petticoat and stood. Now she was in a blouse and the rest was nude.

He knelt and started to put his face on her ass, smelled it, sniffed it, and started to lick and bite her ass. Then he found the asshole and started to lick harder and harder. She was moaning heavily saying his name Varun, ah Varun, Ah Varun. He licked her ass for 15 minutes and ate her ass completely.

Throughout this, she was wearing high heels. Her movement on the floor with the sound of heels was too hot. Then Varun lay on the bed facing up. Preethi’s face was on his face. Varun licked her and Preethi was adjusting herself by G-spot. Now both got up and stood. From behind Varun removed Preethi’s blouse.

My wife’s 34d boobs were hanging now. Varun sucked it and pressed it harder and harder. It was round tight still white. While standing he again went down and this time he went to her pussy. Her pussy was hairy, he started to lick on the clitoris. Preethi went out of the world and started moaning heavily, “Ah ahhhh ahhh Varun ah no ahhhh yeah..”

He didn’t stop and was licking faster and faster. Her pussy became wet. Then he stopped and stood. They both were nude. They hugged each other. That was the heaven feeling seeing my wife and my friend hugging each other nude. His dick and her pussy were touching without penetrating.

Then he took her near the mirror and hugged and showed her. She became shy and hugged him much tighter. Now Varun bent Preethi towards the mirror and took his dick and stood in a doggy position. He penetrated inside her without a condom. Before the first pound, he said, “I love you my white wife Preethi”.

He started to pound her, and she was like, “Ahh hmm hmm. ahmmm..” Then he raised the speed. Preethi too moaned heavily, “Ahhh ahhh ahh Varun, don’t stop ahhh, Varun, Varun, Varun, I love you”. He was riding her like a horse in control, pounded her for 10 minutes and he released his sperm inside her.

They both were happy and exchanged smiles. Preethi had never given me a blowjob. On seeing Varun’s dick, she tied her free hair in a ponytail, knelt, and started to take his dick inside her mouth. She sucked like a mad dog. He again released his sperm into her mouth, and she drank it fully.

On seeing this on camera, I fapped already four times. Now they hugged and slept together that night nude. From the next day, Preethi became like a housewife to Varun, serving food in his mouth, kissing his forehead, and cooking for him.

At night daily, he banged her in a silk saree leather dress and tight jeans due to my fetishes. They started tearing dresses and I kept ordering dresses for them. Later they had sex on the bus, train, car, and romance in public. When we met outside, they exchanged love and liplock. It was a delight for me to watch them like that. I hope you enjoyed the story.

So sorry to reveal here that, I am married but the story I am telling is a fiction. I don’t want to spoil it as fiction before starting itself.

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