Seduced by my Driver’s wife – Part 2

Nazia taking her mouth off my cock looked at me with her face smeared with saliva and cum. Smiling, she said, “Thanks for your compliments, Babuji. I enjoyed sucking you. Are you still interested in sucking milk from me?” Nazia said and rose and stood up, taking her breasts off my thighs.

Bending her upper body forward, Nazia brought her right breast, placing the nipple on my lips and said, “Suck me, Babuji. I don’t mind if you want to be my baby for milk. But I will be glad if you suck me as a lover.”

Looking at her, I couldn’t resist myself and took the nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard. Fresh, warm milk flowed in my mouth from her nipple. I found it tasty but not like cow’s milk. Even though I was not applying any pressure on the nipple hard, milk was flowing rapidly.

I was swallowing down my throat. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Nazia applying pressure with her fingers near the areola. I had fallen prey to this sexy siren. Unknowingly, my hands moved up to her hips and embraced her waist, feeling her tummy skin folds flesh.

Nazia pressed her breast to my mouth, making my head rest on the chair’s backrest. My hands pulled her towards me, holding her warm, curvy hips. She had some tummy flesh around her hips and saw stretch marks showing her childbirth. I caressed her tummy on the stretch mark.

My fingers grazed her navel, and her saree folds were just below that. I tried to push my fingers inside to feel her mound, but the tight petticoat came in the way. I pulled my hand back, and her saree fold, which was tucked below her navel, was pulled out.

Nazia’s saree fell at her feet in a heap, and she was standing in an opened-up blouse and petticoat. Nazia was caressing my hair with one hand was hugging my neck with another while she fed me her milk. As she stopped squeezing her breast, milk flow was getting less.

My lips had to work hard to drain her milk out. I was sure of leaving my teeth marks on her tender breasts skin. My mouth had gulped her breasts as much as possible. My hands moved to her back, caught her ass cheeks and pulled her towards me.

I traced my fingers between her buttocks gap and found she was not wearing panties. I tried to finger her, taking my hand down under and feeling her mound.

“Babuji, touch me, my pussy. Feel how it’s throbbing for your fingers. Why are you touching me on the dress? Take your hand in and touch me naked, Babuji,” Nazia said, moaning.

Did I need an invitation? I lifted her petticoat. I placed my left hand on her left ass cheek, preventing the petticoat from falling. My right hand cupped her pussy mound and found her hairy bush, which was already moist. The bitch was in heat like me, I thought.

The middle finger was sliding along her wet slit, and the tip was trying to locate her door to heaven. Finding her pussy hole, I inserted my middle finger in and rotated all around, finding her slushy inside.

“Oh, fuck, fuck me, Babuji. Push your finger in. See how my pussy is leaking for you, Babuji,” Nazia was blabbering as I finger fucked her. My left hand was moving in her ass crack and touching her anus. I found her ass flesh firm and stiff with no extra flesh, perfect ass she had.

While I was finger fucking Nazia, she had her orgasm, and her juices dripped out like a waterfall wetting my palm. “Babuji, I am cumming. Fuck me more, Babuji,” Nazia screamed and her body shivering as she experienced her orgasm. She had pressed her breasts into my mouth, suffocating me.

I had stopped sucking as there was no milk left for me to suck. We both stood still as Nazia was enjoying her orgasm and my finger inside her. A few seconds later, Nazia took her hands off me and moved back, pulling her nipple from my mouth. Standing, saw my hand inside her petticoat finger still inside her.

Bring her right hand down to her pussy, inserting her finger along with mine. She said, “See Babuji, how your bitch is leaking for you. Don’t you want to fuck me with your lund rather than your finger?” Saying she looked at me seductively.

I pulled my hands from her pussy and ass and tried to pull my briefs up, which was at my knees. Nazia bent, pulling my briefs from my legs, and sat on my lap with her legs on either side of my thighs. Nazia’s petticoat was bunched up around her waist, and her firm buttocks crushed my hairy thighs.

Nazia pressed her mound on my upright cock, sliding her slit on the length of my cock. My cock was wedged between her pussy lips, hugged my neck and pulled my face to her twin treasures. She pressed her breasts flesh onto my cheeks, took my hands, made me hug her back and looked into my eyes.

“You made me cum with your finger. I wonder what that monster will do if he penetrates me, Babuji,” Nazia said, showing my cock.

“You can’t take me, so leave now, Nazia,” I said, trying to push her.

“We started half an hour before, and your lund is still stiff and strong. Abdul would have cum in five minutes, too, if he got hard. You are still hard despite your age. Wonderful,” Nazia said, trying to kiss me.

Avoiding her kiss, I said,” My God, half an hour. Suma should be back. Please go.”

Holding her left breast, Nazia said, “This one is still full of milk. Don’t you want to empty it, Babuji.”

“Your baby may need it. Go and feed your baby. He should be waiting for you,” I said, avoiding as she tried to bring the nipple to my mouth.

“I have first to feed my big baby and satisfy him. Abdul will take care of the other baby. Please suck me, baby,” Nazia said, forcibly thrusting her nipple in my mouth. I had to open my lips to take her rubbery nipple in. I sucked and swallowed warm milk of hers.

Nazia was caressing my forehead like a mother does when the baby is feeding on the milk. I sensed my cock gripped, and in another instant, it was lodged in a warm wet tight enclave. I wondered how the bitch took me inside her so effortlessly that too in this awkward position sitting up.

Taking her nipple from my mouth, I looked down at our union and saw half of my cock embedded in her warm tight pussy. Holding my chin and lifting my face, Nazia said, “I could take only this much sitting like this. On the bed, I can take you inside me fully. Want me to try that Babuji?”

“No, finish me quickly,” I said with frustration. I wanted my release very badly, and that too, before my wife arrived. Nazia, kissing me on the cheek, said, “Yes, Didi may come anytime. We will do it leisurely when she goes out again.” Saying, Nazia began to ride me, jumping up and down on my cock.

Nazia’s breasts were swaying all over her chest as she rode me wildly. Bringing my hands down, cupping her ass cheeks, I was assisting her in riding me. Her pussy was gripping me tightly. She was rotating her hips, my cock stabbing her pussy in an upward direction and trying to feel her all around.

Definitely it was a wild ride from this horny sexy bitch. My fingers which were under my ass, were feeling her pussy juices flowing out non-stop. Her free hair was dancing on her back as she fucked like a bitch in heat. I was sweating, and Nazia’s face was dripping with her sweat.

Nazia looked tired and rested her body on me. Her breasts pressed to my face while she hopped up and down on me. My cock was spearing all around her wet pussy, and her inner muscles were gripping me tightly and trying to milk my cock.

We lost track of the time as Nazia fucked me relentlessly. I admit again that I never encountered this type of woman in my life. On the outside, she looked like a good housewife, but inside, she was one real slut.

“Babuji, fuck, what a cock. Feels like a steel rod is stabbing me. What a man,” Nazia was howling at the top of her voice. I got worried hearing her screaming. I quickly kissed and shut her mouth. Nazia’s eyes widened as I kissed her. She took my tongue and sucked it, sucked my lips.

I could feel her breathing in my mouth, saliva getting exchanged. I never in my life had thought that I would be kissing my driver’s wife so passionately. We both were crushing our lips and sucking each other’s saliva like sex-crazed dogs.

Nazia’s body was not hiding the pleasure she was having from me, and she was giving me double the pleasure. But with my cock embedded in her and stretching her wide. The ability of me to remain undiminished while pleasure coursed through her.

The gaping open pussy flowed and helped her to fuck me down brutally. She had cum several times. The teasing and caressing of her breasts and nipples was building up to a very large release.

“Babuji,” Nazia gasped. “Are you close?” she asked, taking my lips for a brief second as the waves in her body lashed her.

I nodded, with my eyes closed tight. I was concentrating on my impending orgasm. I needed to cum very badly. I didn’t want my wife to come here at this crucial time and miss my orgasm. With my lips kissing, sucking and biting her tender lips and my eyes closed.

My mind focused on the tight hot valley that rammed down on my cockhead. I felt the pleasure surging upward as I concentrated on my pleasure. I moved my hands on her buttocks and changed her angle ever so slightly, ensuring that her sheath slid over my head incessantly.

My hard grip on her ass stretched her wider. The change in angle made the opening of her spread-wide cunt ride on my cock. It was a new angle for her. It touched new places. And even though this new place was more on the outside of the cunt, not on the inside.

The pleasure that the grinding gave was intense; on some strokes, more intense.

“You are damn good!” Nazia hissed. ” We should have fucked earlier!” she sobbed as unexpected tremors built inside her. Hearing her use a word like ‘FUCK’ and her begging for pleasure helped me.

I felt my cock expand to impossible new proportions. It made the fucking harder for both of us, but only briefly. “Argh!” I growled as I held her ass tight in my hands and pumped her down and up on me. I started to shoot up into her. The pleasure was a crescendo of grunts, noises and squelches in my ears.

Nazia rose as usual to bounce on my cock. It was the wrong moment. My hands flew from her ass to her shoulders and pushed her down. The cunt was plastered to the cock as I released more semen into her. I threw my thighs up to make her rise a bit. And I dropped her down. Nazia let me take over her movements.

Clearly, I knew more. She noticed when I let her down and when I lifted her off. Her mind linked it to the pulsations she felt from the thick pillar embedded in her. She was noting which stroke maximized his pleasure and which stroke caused the maximum surge in semen.

My fingers, as they gripped her ass, were perilously close to her anus. God forbid! But even that gave her pleasure. In fact, everywhere, anyhow, that they were in contact, both of them seemed to be one mass of sensitive erotic touch points.

I felt my foreskin pull back and the cockhead swell. It entered her womb when her ass was plush against my pubis. In this extended position, my cock was deep, with its head at the mouth of her womb. Any shots of sperm were bound to splash deep in her womb.

I groaned from intense pleasure and also groaned in frustration. I wanted my pleasure so much. There was no way I could act on my fears about her pregnancy. I bit, gnawed at her soft lips. Nazia ground her hips round and round on my cock.

Both bodies shuddered incessantly, enjoying the aftermath orgasm. As my cock receded into small jerks and convulsions, my hand left her ass and roamed her back, caressing her. My thumb ran down her spine, rubbing her down, and she felt new waves of shivers, which seemed to make her flow some more.

She smothered my face and forehead in a flood of small kisses. We gripped each other tightly, enjoying the bonding, the comfort and the union of our bodies like only sexual passion could bring.

“Oh my god!” she said loudly, marvelling at the intensity. “Oh my god, it is incredible, Babuji!” she shuddered, feeling the copious cum clogging her and squelching out and down. “Oh my dear god!” she ached as she felt his fingers massage her in the strangest of places, and her body responded.

It subsided. The orgasm ran its course as we both gripped, clawed and held each other. The fog of pleasure lifted from her brain not a moment too soon. As sanity returned, I heard my wife’s car horn blazing, and I was terrified.

“Suma is back. Please get up and leave now,” I begged her.

“Relax, Babuji. Didi takes at least 10 minutes to park the car and bring the groceries inside. I can feel your lund throbbing inside me. Let me enjoy the feeling for a few more moments. I hope you are satisfied with me, but I enjoyed it thoroughly,” Nazia said, kissing my chin.

We both had cum a lot. Our juices were overflowing from her pussy, down her thighs and to my chair. I knew my chair’s leather cushion was spoiled and needed to clean it quickly before my wife noticed it.

“Yes, I too enjoyed it. Now, please get up and leave,” I said with urgency in my voice.

Abruptly Nazia rose from my lap, the slick and my receding cock plopping out from her cunt. She was unmindful that I was still spewing in small dribbles. She pulled down her blouse flaps over her boobs- now wet with my saliva and hooked up her blouse.

Sweat dripped from her forehead, and beads of perspiration on her upper lip looked like small bubbles. She wiped her face with the back of her hand and looked at me seductively. The petticoat was down, covering her modesty.

“Remove the hair from your bottom, Nazia,” I said, looking at her crotch. It was getting damp as her petticoat came in contact with her wet pubic hair.

“Huh! What? You want me to shave or trim it, Babuji,” Nazia said, pressing the petticoat near the crotch, wiping the excess juices from her lips, making the petticoat wetter.

“Shaving is risky. I will get you a new trimmer, and you can do it yourself,” I said. Nazia was wrapping her saree across her waist, tucking the saree folds near her navel. She threw the pallu over her shoulders, thus covering her wet blouse.

Nazia, bending, licked my cock clean off our combined juices. She wiped it using the edge of her pallu. Holding the cock, she kissed my foreskin, which was now covering the head as my cock had shrunk. I saw her taking my briefs from the floor, inserting my feet in, and pulling it up.

I stood up from the chair as Nazia brought the briefs over my ass, covering my wet cock. I took the lungi from the chair and wrapped it across my tummy. We both were presentable now, but the room was smelling of sex. I needed to spray perfume before my wife noticed.

Nazia hugged me and started to cry, placing her face on my chest. Holding her chin and lifting her head off my chest, I said, “Why are you crying now? I already told you that Abdul can come back to work.”

“No, Sirji, I know you will take my husband back to work. I am angry at myself for making my life miserable with my immaturity and foolishness while doing my P.G,” Nazia said, sobbing.

“What, you have done post-graduation, then why did you marry Abdul? He is much older than you,” I asked, hearing her.

“It’s a long story, Sir. I want to share my story with whom I can trust. I was in a relationship with one of my professors while studying First-year P.G., and I got pregnant. My dad came to know about us and threatened to kill my lover if I didn’t stop seeing him.”

Nazia said, “He quickly arranged my marriage with Abdul, who is 15 years older than me. His wife had eloped with a neighbour boy, and I was the scapegoat for that impotent fellow. The baby is not his, as people think. My Abbu said that he would kill all three of us if I deserted Abdul and went with Madhan, my professor,” Nazia said in her story, still weeping.

My Goodness, Nazia was an educated girl and suffering because of her past, I thought. I heard the main door opening and said, “Suma is back. Leave now, and we will talk later.”

Nazia, wiping the tears with the back of her hand, said, “You are the second man in my life, Sir. Abdul is impotent and unable to have sex. No matter how much I try, he doesn’t get hard. Looks like God is making me see hell on earth for my misdeeds.”

And Nazia walked out of the room without turning back. I slumped on the chair, my head spinning, not able to digest what I just heard.

Continued in the next part.

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