Skandgiri hills trekking leads to hot sex in Bengaluru

Hello Guys, Rihan this side. I am sharing my true experience. This story is about when I went trekking to SKandagiri Hills (near Bengaluru).

Rihan woke up early that morning, feeling excited for his upcoming 5-hour trek to the Skandgiri Hills, which was about 100 km from Bengaluru. He had booked a group online to go there, and he was eager to meet the new people he would be sharing the experience with.

As he arrived at the meeting spot, he was pleased to find a small group of people. He was even more pleased when he noticed Anjali, a girl from the same city, in the group. He smiled and struck up a conversation with her, eager to get to know her better.

The group started the trek with high spirits. As they ventured through the scenic hills, the group talked and laughed, taking in the views and enjoying each other’s company. After a few hours of walking, they finally reached the top of the hill.

The view from the top was breathtaking. The sun was slowly setting, and the sky was painted in shades of orange and red. The group was silent for a few moments, taking it all in.

After a few more moments of admiration, the group started to make their way back down. But this time, the pace was much slower. The group stopped frequently, talking and sharing stories with each other.

Rihan and Anjali walked together, talking about their lives and dreams. As they got to know each other better, their conversation flowed easily, as though they had known each other for years. As the trek went on, Rihan couldn’t help but flirt a little with Anjali.

At one point, Rihan needed to use the restroom, and as he searched for a bush to pee behind, Anjali caught a glimpse of his penis. She couldn’t help but tease him a bit, which only intensified the flirtatious atmosphere between the two of them.

When the trek was over, Rihan and Anjali found themselves sitting next to one another in the group bus. They continued their flirtatious banter, but they both knew that they couldn’t do anything more than that.

That night, after they returned home, Anjali sent Rihan a text saying that she wanted to drink. Rihan, without hesitation, rushed to Anjali’s house in HSR, sector 7. He brought along 12 beer cans, and the two of them settled into the living room to watch a movie on Netflix.

As they watched the movie, Anjali slowly began to edge closer and closer to Rihan. Soon, they were so close that Rihan could feel Anjali’s breath on his neck. He could feel her heart beating rapidly against his chest, and he knew that he wanted her more than anything.

Rihan slowly leaned in and kissed Anjali. Anjali was also waiting for Rihan to make the first move. Without any hesitation, she kissed him back with such passion that it made Rihan want her even more. He pulled her closer to him, and their kiss grew more passionate.

Anjali then began to unbutton Rihan’s shirt, and she ran her hands all over his body. Rihan felt an intense heat in his body, and he wanted Anjali even more. He then began to unbutton Anjali’s shirt, and as he ran his hands all over her body, he felt her heart beating even faster.

Rihan then picked Anjali up and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her all over her body. As he kissed her neck and shoulders, Anjali moaned in pleasure.

Rihan then moved down her body and began to kiss and lick her stomach. He then moved further down and began to kiss and lick her inner thighs. His tongue felt so good against her sensitive skin, and Anjali moaned louder and louder as Rihan pleasured her. She wanted Rihan to go further down on her.

Realizing what Anjali wanted, Rihan then moved his head further down and began to lick and suck Anjali’s clitoris. Anjali gasped in pleasure as Rihan pleasured her pussy with his tongue. She could feel her body trembling as Rihan brought her closer and closer to the edge.

After a few minutes of intense pussy licking, Anjali finally let out a loud moan of pleasure as she reached her climax. Anjali lied on the bed motionless for a minute. Meanwhile, Rihan moved up and kissed Anjali passionately. He then position his hard dick at Anjali’s pussy entrance and slowly entered her pussy. After waiting for a few seconds for Anjali’s pussy to adjust to the size of his dick, Rihan slowly began to thrust his hips and fuck Anjali. Anjali moaned in pleasure as Rihan moved in and out of her.

Rihan then increased the intensity and speed of his thrusts, and Anjali could feel her body trembling with pleasure. After a few more minutes, Rihan reached his climax and cummed inside Anjali.

Anjali had wanted more. She had wanted to keep the excitement and pleasure going. She had started kissing and licking his chest, then slowly making her way down to his crotch. She had started sucking his dick, feeling the pleasure as she did so.

Rihan had been enjoying every second of it and was moaning with pleasure. Anjali had been taking her time, exploring every inch of him with her tongue. She had been working her magic on him, making him cum once again.

After a few moments, Anjali had been feeling satisfied and they had both fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Rihan and Anjali then said their goodbyes and went their separate ways. The memory of the night they shared would stay with them forever.

Author’s note:

I am 29 years old. If any girl from Bengaluru wants to meet me, mail me at . We will see where it will go further. You can even become the part of my story.