Seducing Best Friend’s Sister-In-Law, Isha – Part 2

Hello guys, this is Neil again from Mumbai. This is the continuation of my previous encounter with Isha whom I seduced the night before and she had begged me to fuck her.

So, the next day, I met Isha as we had decided to go shopping together. The moment I met her, she had this naughty smile on her face and I knew what that was for. It was because of the way I had seduced her and made her cum hard for me with just sexting.

Just to introduce you guys to Isha again, she is my friend’s sister-in-law. She was just 23 then and had nice 32C perky boobs on top of a flat tummy and a well-rounded ass.

She looked hot in the red sleeveless top and tight white pants. Nobody would know what a freak she was under the sheets because the way she dressed gave a vibe of her being a sweet innocent girl! But I had seen her last night and I knew what I was going to experience once those clothes started coming off that sexy body of hers.

I instantly hugged her when we met and whispered in her ear, “Last night was so hot imagining you spread your legs for me and masturbating at my commands, I am so excited about tonight. You are going to love what I am going to do to your body in person babe.”

She just grabbed my cock while we were still hugging and said, “Is this going to be in my tight little cunt, babe?” I was so not expecting her to say that and be this kinky in public and it kind of threw me off for a while. I instantly got a hard-on by her behaviour.

We then moved onto continue with our shopping and on every chance she got, she grabbed my cock or spanked my ass or just whispered something really dirty just to tease me. I was doing the same to her.

I guarantee from the way she was behaving that the pussy of hers was already leaking and her panties were soaking wet. But I was only going to know about it later in the day.

Finally, we were done with our shopping and we decided to head to my place since I was living alone. On our way to my place, we just could not keep our hands to ourselves in the car.

While I was driving, she was grabbing my cock from over my pants and trying to bite it. It was a hard task to concentrate on driving while a sexy girl is trying to get hold of your cock and bite it.

So I just forcefully held her hands and placed it behind her seat and ordered her to not move it from there at all.

I picked her purse, which was on her lap and threw it on the back seat. She had a peculiar smile on her face and had already started breathing heavily in anticipation of what I was to do next to her body.

I placed my hand on her right thigh and just moved it up and down on her thigh. She closed her legs because it was too much for her to handle. I hit on her thigh and ordered her to spread her legs and keep it open. She was breathing heavily and loving every bit of what I was doing to her.

Isha opened her legs just enough for me to move my hand to her inner thigh. I started moving my hand up and down on her inner thigh now. I was stopping just before where her legs met (the most sensitive area for any girl).

I knew she was soaking wet there because I was feeling the heat and she was begging me like crazy to open her pants, put my hand inside her panties and finger her tight pussy hole. But I wanted to tease her some more so that by the time we reached my place, her pussy would be ready to let my cock slide in.

I then stopped touching her inner thigh and moved my hand to her waist. I was moving my hand there for a while and then I abruptly stopped touching her waist and put my hand on her boob and squeezed it really hard. Her boobs fit perfectly in my hands. Isha moaned softly because she was not at all expecting me to grope her boobs.

I groped her boob again and told her how amazing it felt. She was in heaven with everything that was happening to her and told me that I was such a tease and that I had turned her on so much that her panties were already soaking wet and now her pants will get wet if I continued teasing her more.

I moved my hand back to her waist and this time, I put my hand inside her top from below and laid it on her bare skin. I was moving it from her waist to her belly button and back. Isha was so turned on that she had closed her legs, arched her back making a perfect curve and her eyes closed.

I moved my hands further up from her belly button to her upper abs and reached her bra. I caught her bra and pushed it up and released her perky boobs. Her boobs were no longer covered with the bra but just her top. She had her eyes wide open in shock trying to understand what I had just done to her.

Before Isha could realize anything, I pinched her nipples hard and that made her moan loudly. I was now circling her nipples with my finger, pinching them and squeezing her boobs. She said, “Babe, I cannot wait to be fucked by you. I am super horny right now. Please touch my pussy or let me touch myself.”

Right then, we reached my place. I said to Isha, “If you want my cock to be in your pussy, then you have to take that bra off and come with just your top covering your boobs. Let everyone notice how hard your nipples have gotten.”

Isha just took her bra off in the car and got out starting to walk while holding her bra in her hand. I loved how confident she was with her body and her sexuality. It just turned me on that much more seeing her walk that way.

The moment we got in my room, I shut the door and pinned her to the wall. I placed my lips on hers and we started kissing like hungry animals. All that teasing that we had done in the car had gotten her super horny. I could feel it from the way she was kissing me. I grabbed her tits from over her top and squeezed them nicely. Isha moaned!

I could feel her nipples getting hard because there was no bra. She grabbed my cock while we were still kissing and started stroking me over my pants. She said, “You have no idea how horny I am for you”.

I threw Isha on the bed (she was surprisingly light) and kept looking in her eyes while I took my t-shirt off. Her hand immediately went in her pants to finger herself. She dipped two fingers in her pussy and took them out to show me how wet I had made her.

I ordered her to stop and as a punishment for touching herself, I spread her legs and gave a hard slap on her pussy. She closed her legs, squeezed my hand between her thighs and moaned with pleasure and pain. She loved her pussy being slapped! She begged me to do it again. She wanted me to just tear her pants off and go down on her.

Sensing that I had teased her enough, I started to unbutton her pants and took it off. Then I took off her panties too. The portion of her panties touching her pussy was soaking wet with all of her juices. I took them off and put her panties in my mouth. She tasted absolutely amazing! I then kissed her to give her a taste of herself.

It was now time for me to eat her cunt. I placed my head between her legs. Isha was trying to push my head on her cunt, that is how horny she was!

I wasted no time and kissed her dripping wet pussy. I started eating her out just the way she wanted. Loved how she tasted! I kissed her pussy lips and sucked her clit! My every move was driving her crazy and she loved every moment of it and was begging me to never stop.

“Suck it dry, baby.. it has been wet for you for a long time now. Keep eating me I am going to cum!”, Isha said.

I knew she was close to cumming so I did not stop sucking her clit and instead, I inserted a finger in her pussy. That was it! Isha moaned loudly and started shaking. Her feet were trembling and now she was begging me to stop. But I continued. She had cum all over my hand and on the bed. She felt embarrassed but I loved what just happened.

I just licked my fingers which were covered with her wetness. She just lay there smiling and all relaxed, watching me lick her juices off my hand.

“I love how dirty you are in bed!”, Isha said.

“Isha, I want you to be dirtier now, come unzip me and suck my cock making it all sloppy and wet”, I said. She just smiled at me and got up.

Next thing I know, Isha was kissing me passionately and exchanging her saliva with me. While doing so, she had started unzipping my pants. She broke the kiss and pushed me on the bed and moved down to nibble on my neck, then to my chest and then to my waist. This wild girl bit my nipple lightly.

After playing around, she finally pulled my pants of along with my underpants. My dick was semi-hard and wished to be sucked by this wild girl.

Isha spat on my dick to make it all sloppy and started sucking me. Her mouth felt amazing on my dick. She knew how to properly use a combination of her hands and her mouth. She was almost pushing me over the edge with all that sloppy sucking.

I asked her to stop because I would have blown my load otherwise. I was rock hard by now and she said while rubbing her sloppy wet hands on her pussy, “Be gentle with my cunt, babe. Don’t break me.”

I said, “I am gonna give it to you slow but deep in the beginning, then gonna give it to you rough and deep later”. Saying this, I ordered Isha to go in doggy position and started touching her cunt and spat on it. I placed my cock on the opening of her pussy and started pushing it in slowly.

Isha: Baby…OMG!! Slow!

I pulled out a bit and then pushed it all the way in. Her pussy was tight and warm. She screamed loudly and cursed me and begged me.

Isha: Fuck, Neil! Slow! Be gentle!

Now that she had taken my full length I started fucking her slowly.

Isha: Baby, come on..FUCK. Baby, play with that pussy.. How good is that pussy baby..Uhh! Fuck me harder with your cock babe.. where did you learn to be so good with your dick baby..umm.

Me: Yes bitch..Do you love what I am doing to your cunt?

Isha: Ahh! Keep fucking me, babe. You know this is the best day of my life.. umm… ahh.. Oh fuck yeah! Baby harder please.. Ramm it deeper..

All this dirty talking had made my cock super hard and I knew she loved it just as much as I was enjoying giving it deep to her.

The scene was crazy. Isha was kneeling on her hand and knees while I was between her legs fucking her from behind while I had grabbed her hips. Right then, I spanked her butt really hard and she loved it. (Who does not love their ass spanked?)

Isha: Yes, babe! Ram it harder..Slap my ass at the same time.

Me: You naughty fucking bitch..Want me to slap it harder?

Isha: Slap it like I am your naughty fucking bitch..teach me a lesson, ahh..Slap the other side.. yes..harder.. see it bounce. Slap me harder baby come on bruise my ass make it like a red peach teach me a lesson.

I loved how she was arching her back while in doggy position just so that she could take the entire length of my cock in her pussy.

Isha: Oh fuck yeah! Darling fuck me. I love you fucking me..ahh! I have never been fucked like this..ahh! Keep fucking me babe and spank me harder. Oh wow, baby, you are so good, you are so fucking good at fucking me..

She was thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. I so wanted her to cum on my cock which was going in and out of her pussy. I wanted to feel those love juices of hers on my cock.

I just pulled her hair so much that we went from being in doggy position to she being on my lap with her back facing me (like a lap dancer). I groped her boobs and whispered in her ear.

Me: I want you to cum on my cock baby. I want to feel your wetness..

Isha: Oh my fucking god.. don’t stop ramming me, babe.. you are going to make me cum. You want me to cum, don’t you? You want me to squirt? Squirt all over that dick of yours!

I could feel that her orgasm was building and she was close. She was now playing with my balls which would have made me nut so I just pushed her down to doggy position again.

Isha: Yes babe..This feels so much better. Keep fucking me. Smack that ass, babe! Smack it hard for me! Babe, don’t stop..I am going to cum..

Right when I was going deep in her pussy at a constant speed, I could feel her legs shake and Isha was suddenly begging me to stop fucking her and stay still. She was cumming. She just jumped away from me into the bed on her back and started slapping her pussy. Looking at her reaction drove me crazy and bought me to the edge.

So I just went close to her and put my cock in her mouth. I just exploded in her throat..and that’s when she started squirting too. It was all crazy and we both were a mess and the bed was a mess.

I just fell beside Isha after I had cum in her mouth. Isha had partly spat out my cum and partly swallowed it. She started eating the cum that was stuck to her face and I went down to her pussy to suck it clean. It was amazing what had just happened.

Later we just lay there beside each other kissing! She was still shaking even after she had long finished squirting. It was a scene to watch for me too because I had never been with a wild squirting girl like her before. It was an amazing mess. I am sure the person who cleaned the room must have understood that someone got fucked really well here.

Isha complimented me saying I fuck really good and that she had never gotten fucked like this ever before.

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