Seducing my sex goddess, My Mom

Hi, I’m Siddharth, and my mom’s name is Pallavi. I am here with an .

We are a family of three: me, my dad and my mom. My dad is a normal employee and doesn’t care too much about my mom’s body. Usually, my mom sleeps in the hall, and my dad and I sleep in our rooms.

My mom is a housewife and olive in complexion. She has an appealing body. She is a bit chubby in some areas, but I like it. One thing I love about her is she always wears a saree. Her exposed areas never bore me, especially her back between the neck and above her blouse.

I love her nape (below her neck and above her blouse). It was in junior college when I used to watch romantic songs. One day my mom was sleeping, and I casually slept beside her (facing toward her).

I wasn’t getting any sleep, and my mom casually hugged me and pulled me. It was unintentional, but my face was on her breasts almost. I got a clear cleavage of her. I hugged her back and slept.

That evening I watched some romantic songs, and this time, I imagined my mom. It was one of the best masturbations I had. Then I decided to have a romance with her. I didn’t want to fuck her. I just wanted a sexual relationship.

I started to sleep beside her whenever I had a chance. I like to sleep with her back facing me, and then only I can kiss her nape (neck portion).

One day, I slept beside her early morning, saying that I was not getting sleep. I hugged her behind, placing my hands on her navel and smelling her hair. I enjoyed it a lot. I used to do it more frequently, in the early mornings and afternoons. I also used to move her saree to touch her navel.

One day, I got too horny and placed my hands on her breast and cupped it. I acted innocent. I have this beautiful technique where I match the breath of my mom. And when inhaling, I press the boob and release it while exhaling. This continued for months. I also used to rub my cock against her back.

When she slept facing me, I used to kiss her forehead. I loved placing my hand on her waist curve. It was heaven. I also once rubbed my cock against her pussy. Although she wears a saree, it feels good. My mom thought I was doing it unintentionally. Mostly I used to do this when she was asleep or half-sleep.

But one day, I went overboard. I kissed and licked her nape. I didn’t stop even as she moved away from me. The next day, when I used to place my hand on her, she started removing it. She never talked about this openly. But I got embarrassed and didn’t bother her for the next 2 years.

I completed my junior college and moved to a hostel for my studies. I had to leave my mother. Even though I never bothered her in these two years, I had romanced her twice or thrice midnights when she was asleep. I mostly used to kiss her waist and nape.

My mom trusted me for these two years. In the last year, I had become normal with her. I started hugging her while sleeping. I felt so emotional leaving her. I couldn’t. But I had to. I used to talk with her every day. And it was the festival holidays. I returned home.

My mom was cooking some sweets for me, and straight in went and hugged her from behind, pressed her waist, and placed my face on her nape. It was just love. She was very happy to see me.

In my hostel days, I was introduced to this incest relationship and started imagining my mother. She became my sex goddess. When I returned home, I wanted to fuck her. Now my mom trusts me. So I started moving close to her.

One day in the afternoon, my mom was in bed with me. We talked for a long time. She casually pulled me close, saying, “You may be missing me, right?” She kissed me on my forehead and cheeks. But one kiss rightly landed on the left of my lip. I felt it differently. It was purely unintentional by my mom.

Now I wanted to seduce her in any way possible. It was early morning, and my mom was wearing her saree. Her blouse was not fitting well, it was tight, and she called me to fix it. My dad was there in the hall. But she asked me, maybe because I was near her.

I went and hooked her blouse, taking advantage. I also adjusted her a bit and her panty as well. I pulled it a bit down, saying it was loose. She took it casually.

The next day, she cleaned the house, and I helped her. In between, I cleaned her navel, pretending there was some dust. I also massaged her shoulders when she was watching serials in the afternoon. I used to smell her used clothes and masturbate at night.

One day, she came and slept beside me in the afternoon. We talked for some time about my hostel days, hugging each other. I started to move close and tight in between talks. I touched her everywhere possible. In between the talks, I also pulled out her blouse a bit.

I caressed her waist, and she pulled towards me in between. I knew what I was doing because my dick was touching her. I didn’t wear underwear, and she also felt it. And she turned, facing her back to me. This time I didn’t touch her.

After some time, she used to turn back to sleeping flat and talk about something. The same continued for another time. After that, when she turned, she faced her back to me. I went and placed my hand. She was quiet for some time and tried to turn back.

I didn’t give her any space. She was tightly held between my body and hand. After some time, she turned, facing back. I took my time and moved my hand to her navel, smelling her hair. I then started to kiss her nape (the neck area). I also changed my hand positions and caressed her hair.

Anyone seeing us would say we are making out. I kissed her nape thrice, and she enjoyed it. She said, “You are blowing air here,” showing at her neck with a smile. I replied, “What to do? It’s too hot!” She was quiet. I moved her hand with my face and kissed her again.

I was in heaven. Then she moved again, but I didn’t stop. Then there was a phone call, so she had to get up. Then finally, I kissed her back and pressed her waist as she got up.

The next day everything was normal. She was not vocal about it. In the early morning, I slept beside her. But I just romanced her and didn’t go overboard as my dad was sleeping in the room.

That afternoon, she wore the saree she bought for the festival. She was gorgeous.

Pallavi: How’s the saree, son?

Me: It would be better to tie it a bit lower, ma!

She was shocked as I said it. But she just smiled mischievously. She went out to market that evening, so I had no chance of seducing her.

On the festival day, she wore the saree. She tied it a bit down, and her navel was exposed. It was almost a green signal for me. But I didn’t do anything as my dad was home.

The next day, he went to the office. I asked my mom to wear the saree again. She refused, and I forced her to wear it. Surprisingly, she changed her dress in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. She came to my room wearing a petticoat and blouse and wore a saree in front of me.

I couldn’t resist and went near her and tried to touch her. At last, I hugged her from behind and inserted a saree into her petticoat.

Pallavi: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: You are just making it slow.

She laughed and said, “You can’t wait, huh?” And she turned to me and opened her hands wide, “Here, I am! Are you happy now?”

I hugged her immediately, and she was expecting it as well. I held her, moving my hands onto her waist and pressing it hard. She moaned and pushed me. I know she’s enjoying it, but she thinks about morals.

As I took the lead, I went closer, and she said to stop this. I was quiet and waited, then I kissed her cheek, but she didn’t object. I placed my hand on her waist and increased the intensity of the kissing. She enjoyed it but suddenly pushed me and ran into the other room.

I followed her, and she was standing there. I hugged her from behind and kissed my favorite part, her nape! She was breathing hard as I went down to her waist. I kissed her bangles, hand, blouse, neck and ears.

This time she couldn’t resist and turned towards me, and I kissed her lips. It was intense and continued for 5 minutes. Then I slowly moved from the breast area to the navel, removing her saree pallu with the face. Then I held one end of the saree and rolled her as the saree came off her.

I hugged her tight, and we fell to the floor. I was unhooking her blouse. She helped me. Then I sucked off her nipples and boobs on the floor. Then I lifted her and made her fall on the bed. With shyness, she turned backward. From behind, I hugged and opened her petticoat and removed it.

My mom didn’t wear a bra or panty, and she was nude completely. I asked my mom to undress me. She stood naked and undressed me. She was shocked and excited to see my 9-inch tool.

I still couldn’t believe the scene. My sex goddess is naked and undressing me. She kissed my chest and other areas as she undressed. I asked her for a blowjob, but she was not ready.

So I pulled her onto the bed, kissed her pussy, licked it hard, and ate all of her for 10 minutes. She was completely wet as she never masturbated.

Then I placed my dick into her pussy, and she was very shy. I rode her pussy for almost 10 minutes, and I came to climax. At last, I cleaned her pussy with my tongue and asked her to do the same for me.

She was not ready. But I forced, and she did so (but not that great). I got a hard-on instantly and fucked now in her ass in the doggy style. She said she had never had anal sex, and she liked it. She moaned like hell, and I had to stop her and hit her. I was scared my neighbors would hear them.

At last, I went to sleep, and my mom went to the bathroom. I followed and romanced her in the bathroom for a while. Then I also took a bath. Meanwhile, my dad was home.

The next day, I left for my college. I was completely satisfied and talked to my mom every day as usual. I don’t know what will happen when I go home again. I hope she will have sex with me. I can’t wait. I will post the next part of style=”color: #3366ff;” href=”/incest/the-mother-saga-part-1/”>the mother saga when it happens.

Siddu and my mom Pallavi, signing off!