Trapped By Dominating Cousin Sister – Part 3

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I was in a state of shock, seeing my classmates cum friends Ishwarya and Dhanya. One could easily tell they were horny after witnessing our act. Meanwhile, my cousin sister got up and covered herself in a towel and ordered me to wear that panty and gave me a towel to wrap myself.

My friends stopped Archana on her way out and whispered something to her, to which she replied –

Archana: Don’t worry darlings, he is all yours for tonight. Let’s get some dinner, I am starving.

Then we had a scrumptious dinner. Ishwarya and Dhanya took extra care to make sure I was fed well. After finishing our dinner, my cousin sister said, “Enjoy your night, girls.”

And left to her room to rest for the night. Then Ishwarya placed her right hand on my right shoulder and wished my cousin good night. She slowly placed her left hand on my left shoulder and pressed my bare shoulders while asking me if I was ready.

I swallowed some saliva while nodding my head lightly. Dhanya laughed while she tugged onto my towel and pulled me inside the bedroom.

Dhanya made me swirl and sat on the bed while removing my towel in one swift motion. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with my red panty. I was looking at two horny ladies waiting to taste me and use me as they like.

Then Dhanya sat on me and started kissing my lips passionately. I put my hands on her love handles and started rubbing all over her back from there. I slowly put my hand inside her mustard colored top, while she slithered her tongue inside my mouth, making it more intense.

We had to stop as our kiss was blocking me from removing her top. There she was, looking fantastic in a cream-colored bra complimenting her dusky skin tone! She rubbed her ass on my cock as she could feel my cock twitch seeing her in a bra.

I slowly kissed her cleavage and licked my way up her neck, while I placed her on the bed from my lap, making sure I squeezed every bit of her chubby ass.

I looked at Ishwarya who was in awe by our passionate kiss. Her navel was exposed little as she was wearing a tight top. I grabbed her by the waist and placed my lips on her hot navel. I pulled her top a little to expose more of her navel and bit onto her fat less navel like a bar of white chocolate.

Then she moaned as she pulled me up from the bed to kiss my lips. I made sure my hands were on her petite boobs, as we were kissing madly. She moaned “Hmmm” into my mouth, as I squeezed her petite boobs.

I slowly removed her top to reveal her 28C” pink bra. I resumed kissing her while massaging her small ass. Then I removed her shorts to expose her pink panty and made her lay on the bed.

I took a moment to admire the two women in the bed in their matching bras and panties, waiting to be devoured. They suddenly realized they had an almost naked woman beside them and started passionately kissing each other.

I then slowly pressed my twitching cock over the red panty, as I watched the two women make out. Dhanya noticed me and signalled me to come near her to liberate my cock from the tight confinement of the panty. My cock gave her a “Thank You” salute for her gesture.

Slowly, I slid behind Dhanya and removed her panty and kissed her bums. I parted her ass cheeks and kissed her asshole. She shrieked, surprised by my sudden move! I licked her asshole and proceed to give her a rim job.

Dhanya high in ecstasy from my ass licking rolled down Ishwarya’s panty and started rubbing her fingers on her pink lips.

I completed my rim job and started moving up, while completely licking Dhanya’s back and removing her bra when it obstructed my course.

I completed my lick-course at the top of her spine and gave a love bite to her neck. She gave out a sharp moan aroused by the sudden pain, while I pressed my cock on her ass and roamed my right hand on her pussy to find her clit.

Now I could feel that she was completely wet. Her moans started getting continuous, as I rubbed her sloppy pussy, continuing to lick, kiss and bite her neck. Ishwarya sensed that Dhanya was nearing her orgasm and slid down to lick and devour her dusky boobies.

Then Ishwarya guided my left hand to Dhanya’s left boob and started sucking her right nipple. I started making dough on her left mammary and found her nipple and pinched it. Dhanya started moaning loudly and I could feel her legs shaking.

She pressed Ishwarya to her boobies, suffocating her and came a lot in my hand. Then I got kinky and gave my hand to Dhanya herself to lick it clean, which she did with pleasure.

Then I made Dhanya lay down, as she was exhausted and turned my focus to Ishwarya who was standing with a leaking pussy and her pink panties rolled until her knees.

I started kissing her lips as she stepped out of her panties. Slowly, I started licking her neck and removed her bra to press her firm and small boobies.

I held her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger and tried to screw them while they got hard. Then I kissed her left areola without licking her nipple. She pressed my head towards her nipple, which I gladly allowed into my mouth and sucked.

I placed the tip of my tongue on the nipple and tried flicking them.

Then I slowly came down after giving the same attention to her right tit. I was before the most beautiful navel I have ever seen. Not only that, but I was not sure why I was so mad about her navel.

I wildly bit her hip beside her navel. I placed my lips around her navel and tried vacuuming it. Then I slowly placed my tongue tip near her navel and traced it around the circumference.

Now I could feel her grip tightening on my head as I did this. Then I slowly inserted my tongue inside her navel while timing it at the same moment I touched her pussy lips.

I started stroking her navel with my tongue as I spread her vertical lips and rubbed my fingertips along her inner walls. I could hear her moaning out loud and arching her head backwards.

Slowly, I held her petite ass and placed them on the bed and made her lay down. I placed my lips on the mound above her pussy and sucked it gently before kissing her vertical lips.

I placed the flat surface of my tongue on her pussy and lapped it up. Ishwarya’s moans got louder. After that, I placed my hands on her boobs and started tuning her nipples like a radio.

I flicked her clit with my tongue tip and she shrieked. Then I put my two fingers inside her mouth and got hold of her clit with my lips and tried sucking them while she sucked my fingers. Then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy and started swirling.

I was kneading her petite ass. I placed my fingers on her asshole and felt it around the circumference. She got really excited and tightened her grip around my head. Then I slowly inserted my forefinger inside her ass and started licking her pussy faster.

I could feel Dhanya sucking my cock. I got to know she was ready for her next round. Then I gave a slap to Ishwarya’s buttocks and started fingering her asshole faster.

She held my head tightly and came on my face. Then I went up and kissed her lips to give her a taste of her cum. I asked her to lick my face, which she did happily.

Now I turned to Dhanya who was waiting like a puppy near my cock. Which was glazed with her saliva. Then I pulled Dhanya up and lay her down beside Ishwarya. I spat on her pussy and spread it over her lips using my fingers.

Then I placed my cock head on the pussy entrance and slowly inserted my cock inside her pussy. It was so tight, as though she was a virgin. Dhanya could feel her pussy being stretched and shouted in pain and pleasure.

Then I bent forward to kiss her on her lips and pulled Ishwarya to kiss me on the cheeks. I started stroking slowly and got up for a better position, allowing Ishwarya to kiss her and fondle her breasts.

Then I continued giving Dhanya deep and slow strokes for a few minutes. I stopped and changed positions as she wanted to try being on top. Then I laid down and Dhanya got on top, while I gave a hard kiss and caressed Ishwarya’s breasts for a brief moment.

Dhanya slowly settled down on my cock and started jumping. I was going mad feeling her soft butt cheeks on my thighs and grabbed her butt and started slapping them. Dhanya was pumping my cock out.

After 5 minutes, Dhanya started going faster and harder as she was nearing her orgasm. Then I started mauling her breasts using my right hand while my left one was slapping her butt. I pulled her nipples and turned them, making her breasts red. She finally came and rested on my chest. Then I caressed her hair and gave her a kiss before laying her down.

I now pulled Ishwarya and inserted my cock in one go inside her pussy while giving her a hard smooch. My dick went in easily as her pussy was not that tight. Ishwarya gave a loud moan when my entire length was inside her. Then I started stroking Ishwarya at a medium pace while I played with her boobies.

After a few minutes, I changed her into a doggy. I placed my cock on her pussy and teased her by stroking it on the outside of her pussy. Then I took my cock and inserted it into her asshole before she could realize it. I went forward and gave a love bite on her shoulder while she screamed like anything, although it was not her first time.

Then I started stroking her like a mad man as her asshole was tight and was giving me stimulus like anything. I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I placed my right hand on her pussy and started crushing her pussy using my hand and pulled her clit a few times.

I also used my left hand to knead her breasts and started kissing her neck. Now I was on a mission to make her cum with me. Then I pulled her left nipple and started fingering her faster while I pumped her asshole.

The sound of my thighs hitting her ass cheeks was music to my ears. I came with a loud grunt, which I blew into her neck. She also shrieked and leaked her juices which flower to her thighs and mine eventually.

I took my cum splashed right hand and spread them across her belly. We laid down exhausted near Dhanya who was awakened by me cuddling her. All the three of us slowly drifted off to sleep while cuddling each other.

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