Seducing My Shy Brother

This story took place 10 years ago. My brother worked in Ahmedabad and stayed at an aunt’s home on a paid basis. My Aunt’s only daughter lives in Canada.

The arrangement gives my brother a comfortable place to stay and homely food while working in Ahmedabad. In addition, it gives his aunt companionship since her daughter lives so far away.

After completing my junior college, I moved to Ahmedabad to attend senior college. There were no higher education facilities in my hometown. My Aunt had a spacious house. So, she generously offered to accommodate both my brother and me in her home.

We both stay in my Aunt’s guest room, and her maid takes care of our meals and cleaning. It’s a convenient arrangement that allows us to focus on our studies. We have a comfortable living environment.

Within a few months, my brother and I became more comfortable with each other. We began to share a deeper bond. We would often watch TV shows or movies on my brother’s laptop. We would share the same bed and occasionally hug each other.

We also felt at ease changing our clothes in each other’s presence (except inners). Our close relationship and trust grew. Occasionally, I would catch glimpses of my brother’s morning hardness. It was unintentional yet not entirely avoidable, given our living arrangements.

It became part of our unspoken understanding, a natural consequence of sharing the same space. Rather than letting it create discomfort, we chose to acknowledge the situation with humour and maturity.

When my brother was not home, I used his laptop. Back then, the internet and online streaming services were not affordable. So, I searched for movies that could be downloaded to his laptop. However, one day, while searching for movies, I stumbled upon a folder with porn movies and clips.

I was 19 years old and couldn’t resist watching. So, I clicked on one of the videos out of curiosity. I started watching them secretly. I became more and more drawn to the videos. I began checking them regularly to finger my pussy. Since there was no other option for me to watch porn at the time.

Once, while I watched a video on my brother’s laptop, the battery suddenly died. Despite the interruption, I was already aroused and on the brink of a climax. Instead of changing the laptop, I continued to finger myself. I quickly satisfied my desires within a few minutes.

At night, my brother resumed using the laptop. He discovered that the porn videos were still open and playing. We both ignored the incident and pretended it never happened. It was an awkward and embarrassing situation for both of us.

Now we both knew we were both watching porn from the same folder at different times. There was an unspoken understanding between us. We never discussed it openly. But there was a sense of shared secret and acceptance that brought us even closer as siblings.

I started dropping subtle hints and teasing my brother. I was hoping to fulfil my newfound craving for sexual intimacy. I started wearing loose tops that showed off my cleavage, no longer bothering with a bra. It was a subtle way of teasing my brother and fueling the sexual tension between us.

Despite the growing sexual tension and teasing, my brother and I never took bold steps to act on our desires. We both enjoyed the subtle hints and the shared secrets.

Once I woke up from sleep at night. I found my brother’s blanket was vibrating. My heart raced as I realized he must have been pleasuring himself. I felt a deep longing and an intense desire for him. I wanted to reach out and touch him. But I knew that if I did that, everything would be out in the open.

I changed my position and moved closer to him, pretending to be asleep. I adjusted my t-shirt, ensuring my cleavage was visible to him. This would hopefully help him to be able to pleasure himself. He stopped for a moment to check if I was asleep.

In that brief pause, I felt a surge of excitement and anticipation. My heart raced as I wondered if he would take a bold step and touch my boobs. He hesitated for a moment before touching my breast. I felt a thrill of pleasure go through me.  His touch was gentle and sensual. I could feel myself getting aroused.

He eventually stopped, and I was left wanting more. After a few days, while shopping in the mall, I decided to tease him even more. I casually asked him if he could help me pick out some lingerie, pretending I needed his opinion. The thought of us being together in a lingerie store sent shivers down my spine.

I shortlisted some bold and revealing nightwear and lingerie and went to the changing room. As I tried on each piece, I couldn’t help but think of how my brother would react to me in them. I bought a few pieces that I liked the most after trying them on.

The anticipation of wearing them around my brother was exhilarating. I couldn’t wait to see his reaction when he finally saw me in them.

Upon reaching home, I mustered up the courage and asked him, “Hey, do you want to see what I bought today?” He quickly replied, “Sure, let’s have a look!” I nervously wore each piece of lingerie, one by one. Each time I stepped out in a new piece, I could see the desire in his eyes.

He admired the way the lingerie accentuated my curves. Wearing seductive nightwear while pretending to sleep. I knew he would take advantage of the opportunity and pleasure himself while I was asleep. So, I strategically positioned myself to provide a tempting view.

I pretended to be asleep, feeling my body tingle with excitement. I felt him move closer. As he touched my breasts, I could feel myself becoming wet with arousal. The forbidden pleasure of the situation heightened my desire. I eagerly awaited his next move, hoping for a more intimate exploration.

I couldn’t hold back my moans any longer. I let out a soft whimper. He froze in surprise. He realized that I had been awake the whole time. I looked into his eyes with a mix of desire and curiosity, unsure of what would happen next.

With a mischievous smile, I whispered, “You know, I’ve been awake this whole time. And I must say, I’ve been enjoying every moment of it.”

He replied confidently, “I know it. The way you teased me earlier, I felt you enjoyed it as much as me. I can’t resist you anymore. But it’s important to explore our desires through foreplay and intimate moments and not indulge in full-on sex.”

Feeling the wetness between my legs, I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. I leaned in closer, pressing my body against his. I whispered, “I want more than just foreplay. I want you inside me.” Feeling the intensity of the moment, I guided his hand beneath my nightdress, encouraging him to explore further.

His lips met mine, and his touch traced the curves of my breasts. I could sense his eagerness to fulfil my desires. Feeling the throbbing desire in my little pussy, I couldn’t wait anymore. I gently guided his hand down, urging him to touch me in the most intimate way possible.

He was surprised once he felt wet and said, “Wait, are you sure about this?” I closed my eyes, pushed his hand and whispered, “Yes, I’m sure. I want you to make me yours completely.” As his hesitation melted away, he slowly entered one finger, indulging in the pleasure of my wetness.

I moaned, “Ah, Bro! Come on, don’t stop now,” and said with excitement, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.” Feeling his finger inside me, I could sense his growing desire. With a mischievous smile, I whispered, “How about I give you a hand with that?”

I was hinting at his erection. I reached down and stroked his muscular-length dick, matching the rhythm of his finger inside me. His dick was a decent size and shape, with a big dickhead and smooth skin all the way down. I stroked him in sync with the rhythm of his finger inside me.

His moans of pleasure filled the room, fueling our desire for one another. In just a few minutes, he couldn’t contain his excitement anymore. With a low groan, he released his hot, white liquid into my eager hand. In a breathless voice, he said, “That was incredible.”  He lost all his energy.

He removed his finger from inside me and kissed me goodnight. He promptly fell asleep, leaving me aroused and unsatisfied. Feeling frustrated and unsatisfied, I hugged him tightly, letting my desire show. I slipped my hand between my thighs, fingering myself to find the release I craved.

I eventually drifted off to sleep. My mind was still filled with a desire for more satisfaction. In the early morning, I woke up to his hands gently caressing my boobs and teasing my nipples. This reignited the desire that had lingered the night before.

As I woke, he said with excitement, “Good morning, beautiful. I couldn’t resist waking you up like this. I hope you’re ready for round two.” In a mischievous smile, I answered, “Sure, brother, but don’t indulge in intercourse.” He wrapped his arms around me from behind.

I was feeling his morning wood pressed against my ass. He whispered, “I can’t wait to feel you again,” he pulled me closer. After guiding his fingers into my pants, he applied a little saliva to his fingers as my pussy was not very wet. When he was fingering my pussy, he entered his fingers inside my pussy.

He touched its most sensitive area, causing waves of pleasure to wash over me. I moaned in ecstasy, urging him to continue exploring and satisfying my desires. Feeling his skilled fingers exploring my virgin depths, waves of pleasure surged through my body, building towards an exquisite climax.

With each gentle touch, he stimulated my most sensitive areas. He was igniting a fire within me that I had never experienced before. My moans of ecstasy grew louder. I surrendered to the overwhelming pleasure, finally experiencing my first orgasm at the hands of his skilled fingers.