Smooth Cheeks – Part 1

Sanjay rubbed his eyes while waiting to get down from the bus. The bright sunlight of the Monday morning almost felt like knife stabs in his dry and swollen eyes. He had alcohol all night at his friend’s party.

It was Sunday evening, and usually, nobody drinks on Sunday night. Because the next day, you have to leave for the office. You can’t really escape the judgmental eyeballs of colleagues if you enter the office with a hangover.

But he and his friends had plans to visit a hill station. In anticipation of that, theyhad taken a leave of 4 days from their offices. However, the plans got cancelled when Sanjay’s friend had an accident and broke his leg.

Long story short: the rest of them decided to keep the leaves and just be lazy and drunk for the four wasted leaves.

“Bhenchod!” he exclaimed as he got down from the bus. He cursed the sunlight and also his injured friend. As he got down, he saw a young boy being hauled in the bus by his burqa-clad mom. “Ammi! I am not in school anymore. I can get on the bus on my own. I am in college now.”

His mother ignored his protests and made sure the boy got safely on the bus. Sanjay quickly glanced and scanned the boy from head to toe in a couple of seconds that he could. Looking at the boy, Sanjay sympathized with the mother. That boy looked frail and needed someone to take care of him.

Getting back towards his flat in the elevator, Sanjay recollected what the boy looked like. He was fair, just like his mother (as much as he could see from the slit of her niqab). He had cute girly hair up to the length of his neck. He would sway it from one side to another to move it away from his face.

His thin frame was covered in a tight t-shirt. It revealed his nicely shaped midriff and a bit of belly button as he hoped on the bus. Just as Sanjay thought all this to himself, he felt his cock twitch. He was straight. “What the fuck!” He thought to himself as he felt a slight boner in his pants.

But he chose to ignore all that as he opened the door to his apartment and fell on his bed. He threw off his shirt, and he immediately fell asleep. In the city of Mumbai, it’s a luxury if you can doze off on Monday morning in the comfort of your bed. Sanjay wasn’t going to let that chance slip away.

He woke up in the evening. He looked at himself in the mirror. He had not shaved, so there was a slight stubble on his face. He flexed his biceps. He didn’t regularly work out, but there was a good amount of muscles in his biceps and chest. He had a bit of a hairy body.

But it was his belly which made him feel bad. He used to be flat, but now he had a dadbod. All the beer and give him a round but firm hairy belly. Just then, he felt pangs of hunger. He immediately ordered a pizza. While waiting for his meal to arrive, he lit up a cigarette and stood outside his flat in the lobby.

It had a window with a nice view. His upper body wasn’t covered. Just as he was smoking, he heard the elevator stop on his floor. “Got to wear something,” he thought to himself. But it was too late. As the door of the elevator opened, he saw the thin, girlish boy he had seen in the morning emerge from the elevator.

For some reason, Sanjay’s feet stopped. His brain told him that he really should stand there in all hairy bear, shameless form. Their eyes met. The boy’s legs stuttered a bit as if he did not know whether to fight or fly. For a brief minute, both of them were checking out each other.

The boy bit his lip but instantly acted unbothered and walked towards his flat. As the boy walked past Sanjay, he said, “You should not smoke here.” He briefly paused in front of Sanjay while saying this. But in this brief moment, the smell of Sanjay’s sweaty body entered his nose.

Now, Sanjay wasn’t the aggressive kind. He would usually ignore people or cause minimum discomfort to people. This was the Mumbai way. The building in which he lived was not some posh high society place. The building was well built but did not have proper clearance from the Municipal Corporation.

People from all communities lived there, and the rent was low. Nobody cared who smoked where. But the cleaners would visit once a day, so things were not that bad.

“Who the fuck is this little runt to tell me not to smoke!” Sanjay thought and stood assertively in front of the boy. His bare body now pressed against the thin frame of the boy from over his t-shirt. Sanjay said, “OK. I will not smoke.” He then took a long puff and smoked it over the boy’s face.

“Any other thing, you meek little rat!” This scared the boy. His little face turned red with fear. “Sorry, sir,” he meekly blurted out. His t-shirt was now moist with Sanjay’s sweat from his bare belly. This really turned on Sanjay. He suddenly leaned in and kissed the boy’s well-shaped lips.

Then he made the gesture with his hand holding the cigarette, ordering the boy to get back in his home. The boy rushed and rang the bell of his home. “Ammi, Ammi,” he shouted, all the while looking down at the ground. He was too shy to look at Sanjay.

As the boy entered his home, Snajay was still in shock as to what he had just done. “It is almost as if that boy ignited this animal inside me.” The pants had the hardest boner he had ever had in a while. He threw his cigarette on the floor. “Saali kutiya!” (Bloody bitch!) he almost shouted as he entered his home.

But instantly got reminded that the person who made him do that was a boy. A meek one. A cute one. A feminine thing thing.

Please send me feedback. Let me know if you want me to write from the point of view of Sanjay or the thin boy. Or do you want me to continue with the present style?