Seducing Natasha aunty and hammering her – Part 1

Hello readers, this is Shobu (name changed). I am about 5.10, muscular build and hit the gym 5 times a week. I am 27 years old and doing business.

This is the story of my aunt Natasha (name changed).

My uncle does stay out of state due to his business sometimes. My family includes my parents and a younger brother. My aunt is about 48 years old. She has one child who is a girl, my cousin Shika who is 18 years old and is currently pursuing BBA from a different state. My younger brother is also pursuing BBA from the same college. We stay about 8 km from my uncle’s place, so I go and stay with my aunt and sometimes she comes to stay with us when uncle is out of state.

About her, she is about 5.7, has long legs, and is not that fat. She has an okay figure for someone to be married for so many years but has huge melons. She is 38-32-38.

Starting the story, I didn’t have any bad intentions toward my aunt but one day when I was at her place, I was watching TV in their bedroom. Uncle and aunt went out to the market. I accidentally found a strange thing, a pump in the drawers. I had never seen that thing before.

After a couple of months, I came to know that it was called a ‘penis pump’. After searching on the internet, I found that it was used to maintain a hard-on. That made my mind to think that aunty was unsatisfied with her sex life. These thoughts changed my mind and I started to masturbate thinking of her.

After a year, my uncle went out of state again and this time, I went to her place for 10 days. When I went there, I started to masturbate more after finding and holding my aunt’s panties and bra. It was getting out of control, so I thought of a plan.

After a couple of days, I told her that I had to go to my friend’s place for a night and would come back early morning. She hesitated a bit but eventually agreed. This was when my plan started. I kept the bolt open of her bedroom’s window before leaving. I slowly went inside through the window and hid myself under the bed, waiting for her. I turned off the lights too and kept the dim light open.

When she entered her bedroom, I grabbed her from behind. I had grabbed her around the waist and throat very hard. “Just take it easy,” I said in a slightly raspy voice.

She went utterly still. “What do you want?” she asked. I guided her over to the bed. She couldn’t make out my face and would have no way of describing me later. She could see that I was a bit taller and well-built, but that was all. She had no idea if I was Shobu.

When we reached the bed, I pushed her down on it and loomed over her.

“Take off your clothes,” I told her in a raspy voice. To my surprise, my aunty quickly began to undress without resisting at all. So I moved a little closer, breathing loudly. Now that her eyes were getting used to the dimness, Natasha aunty discovered why she couldn’t see my face. I was wearing a mask.

Aunty removed her dress, leaving her in just her bra and panties. She had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen, and she didn’t object to it. She unhooked her bra and threw it off. Her melon-shaped tits wobbled out of their confinement, firm and thrusting.

I breathed in sharply and moved even closer to gawk at her jugs. I pushed Natasha onto her back and sprawled beside her, fondling her tits. My hands were hot and sweaty and rough. I explored her breasts, rubbing the large nipples into a stiff erection. Then I drew back and said, “Take off your panties.”

She quickly slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. I went motionless as she tugged down the garment and tossed it away. I gawked at the brown curls of her cunt. She was not shaved completely. Natasha aunty moaned with embarrassment.

My eyes seemed to glow as I ogled my aunty’s superb tall body. I began to undress. In the dim light of the bedroom, I caught her eyes widening as I lowered my jeans. I wasn’t wearing any shorts, she couldn’t help gawking at my fat dick. My cock was about seven inches long, but it was terribly thick.

I crawled onto the bed and swept her into my arms. My body was hot and sweaty with lusty excitement. I kissed her hard, pushing my tongue deep into her mouth. My cock rubbed eagerly against my married aunty’s cunt. My hands explored her body, caressing her tits and the curl-patch of her bush.

I suddenly crawled onto her, my hard chest pressing down her big hot tits and my knees moving her thighs apart. I sank between her thighs and pressed the head of my cock against her cunt. I grunted and pushed hard with my dick. The head of my dick slammed against her cunt, and aunty gasped with pain.

I pushed and groaned, trying to pop the big head of my cock into her, but it was no go. Her cunt was too tight.

“Slowly, please”, she moaned.

I rolled off her. Lying beside her, I reached down and slid my hand into her crotch. Aunty blushed. I petted the curly hair of her cunt and then parted the lips to expose the lump of her clit. I pressed a fingertip against her joy button and began to rub. She gasped.

Suddenly and miraculously, she felt the hottest sexual pleasure of her life. She moaned loudly. It seemed uncle never had touched her joy button which became an advantage for me. She had never touched herself there and she hadn’t realized what a powerful source of pleasure her clit could be.

I could feel my touching was just right, a steady gentle massage of her supersensitive bud. She tried not to let me know how excited I was making her. But slowly, her pussy responded to my massage, growing hot and moist and swollen. I could notice her cunt starting to leak hot sticky juice onto his hand.

Aunty had never felt so violently horny in her life. Her pussy was swollen now, hot and ready, and her cunt was leaking thick steamy cream. It seemed uncle never had made her so aroused. She couldn’t help it, she was slowly drifting into a dazed state of lust. Her long legs fell open wider and wider.

I moved my fingers lower in her wet pussy and caressed the lips of her cunt. That felt delicious too. She couldn’t stop the steady creaming of her hot box. Then she felt my finger rimming the very mouth of her cunt, zipping around and around, making her whole belly melt with horny arousal. Her legs dropped open even wider. She hated herself for her mindless lust, but by then, her pussy was stronger than her conscience. She only wanted that fiery pleasure to continue.

I eased just the tip of my finger into the juicing little mouth of her cunt. I then slid the fingertip in, perhaps an inch and held it there, gently stroking the satiny slick wall of her cunt. Aunty stifled a blissful moan. That small presence in her cunt felt so nice.

I began to move my stiff finger up and down, up and down in her wet creamy pussy. Natasha aunty just couldn’t help it, she moaned hoarsely and soaked my stroking finger with hot cunt-cream. Her pussy gripped and squeezed my probing finger, seeking more delicious friction. It seemed she was this excited for the first time in her life. Uncle seemed to just satisfy himself or was not good in bed.

She wanted something stiff and hard in her cunt. I whipped my finger out of her cunt and climbed onto her again. I sank between her thighs and pressed the swollen head of my prick against her juicy cunt. I pushed in and this time, it got in. The way she moaned it seemed it was the sensation she had been wanting all her life. I was feeling my aunty’s cunt slowly stuffed and filled with thick hard cock. Her hot and ready cunt yielded and relaxed, easily taking my fat cock, and she felt a gradually mounting pleasure.

I could feel my cock-head touching her womb. I was all the way into her, fully stuffing her tight pussy. She felt the most intense sexual excitement of her life. I began to ball her, working my cock deep and hard and fast in her juicy box. Natasha aunty felt her whole body flushing with horny pleasure, and to her astonishment, she loved the deep rough thrusts of my thick hard cock-meat. She creamed hugely around my prick, and she couldn’t hold back her cries of pleasure.

“Yes, yes yes..don’t stop..” she gasped.

I could not believe my ears. Nothing could bring her down now. She let herself go completely, clawing the bed, letting her legs fall wide open to take my pounding prick as deep as she could. I hammered my aunty even harder, slamming my hard cock again and again in her juicy hole. The noise of our fucking became obscenely loud and wet, but even that lewd sound excited her. A whole new part of her was being born, the part she had hidden and ignored for so many years.

Her whole body seemed to explode in dizzying pleasure, and she realized that she was coming, coming for the first time in years. She couldn’t control the violent writhing of her body, and her convulsing cunt gripped my cock hard, squeezing and milking it. I yelped and filled her pussy with steamy cum.

Her lust satisfied, we stayed on the bed for some minutes as we were breathing heavily and I was ready for another round. So I went on top of her and surprised her. I thrust hard in her pussy and she gave a cry of astonishment as she felt my hard cock again filling her pussy. She screamed as I pulled out and then thrust back into her again. I left it there for a few moments. She felt the pressure of my balls against her box.

Natasha started to moan again, she was finding herself doing things she had never dreamed of doing. I began to pull my cock out of her and then slammed it into her with such force. There was nothing gentle about my strokes. Aunty had never been fucked like this before. I pulled out of her each time while rubbing my cock head against her clitty. Uncle had never done that.

Aunty could feel shivers each time I moved. She couldn’t deny it, it was better than anything she had ever experienced. She had never dreamed that sex could be so much fun. She felt my tongue into her mouth with fury. This time, she was rubbing her tongue back against mine. She felt the butterflies in her belly and she knew she couldn’t last much longer. She started twisting her head from side to side as the low moans escaped her throat. She could feel her body shaking so badly that she was afraid she was going to shake my cock out of her. She bit her lips as another orgasm nearly ripped her apart.

She cried, “I am coming. I am coming!”

I never slowed down, even as the last cum went through her. She could feel me pounding her harder. I filled her with a gallon of cum. She had never felt so much. I kept thrusting and filling her with my cum until we fell into exhausted sleep.

When aunty woke the next morning and found me in bed with her, she was horrified. She remembered how I had seduced her, all too easily the night before, and how once we started fucking, she couldn’t seem to get enough. It was as if she were making up for all her long frustrating years without satisfying sex. She had wanted it so badly.

Natasha aunty blushed with shame as she recalled her wanton behavior. She felt terribly guilty about it all. She began to shake my shoulder to wake me up. I blinked and stared at her and said, “Good morning.”

Her face reddened, but she did not say anything. I hopped out of bed, full of energy, put on my clothes and left.

During breakfast, I kept looking at her pleadingly, silently asking her when we could get together again. Aunty avoided my eyes. After I finished eating, I looked at her and she could feel my eyes burning holes through her clothes. I held her hand and took her in the bedroom, it seemed she was horny as well as she didn’t protest this time too. It seemed lust overtook her again.

I told her to take off her clothes and she was undressed in a second. She saw my eyes going all over her body, almost touching her big tits with my fingers.

Aunty moved closer and this time, my fingers ran lightly over her nipples. My fingertips brushed her nipples like fire. She could feel them growing stiff. I bent my head forward and she felt my breath against her tits. It made her shiver. She didn’t try and pull back as my lips opened and I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth.

I caught the nipples between my teeth and pulled back on it. She could feel herself trembling all over. I opened my mouth wide and sucked at her boobs. I could take so much of her titty into my mouth she never imagined. Certainly, my uncle hadn’t ever managed.

My aunty bent forward and tried to force ever more of her tits into my mouth. I was biting gently at her titty and letting my tongue run over her rigid bud. She pulled back and my mouth went to the other. At the same time, I brought my hand up to massage her another tit.

She whispered softly, “I have never felt so weak.”

My other hand spread her legs and she felt my fingers playing in the hairy bush. She moaned out loud when one of my fingers stabbed into her pussy. My mouth was tugging at her hard nipples again. I pushed another finger into her pussy hole and began working them in and out. She could feel her clitty getting itchy.

I noticed she started to move her ass in response to my thrusting fingers. She was moaning loudly. I moved my lips from her tits down her belly. Aunty could feel my tongue playing around her navel. She shivered and tried to escape from the new kind of feeling I was giving her. It was strange.

I held her down and kept licking her navel. She twisted again as she felt my tongue move down to the top of her cunt. I was rubbing my fingers against her clitty, and it made her crazy. Uncle had never been able to give her this.

My fingers came out of her pussy and she felt my lips touching the insides of her thighs. Now my breath was blowing against her pussy. She knew she was going to explode. My tongue began to rub up and down her cunt and her ass started shaking wildly. She couldn’t control any of the movements of her body. She felt wicked as she moved her hands up to caress her tits.

Natasha was moaning loudly. She was going to go out of her mind. Her stomach felt fluttery. She screamed as my tongue probed the opening between her pussy. She had never felt like it. My tongue moved easily into her cunt and she felt it flicking at her clitty. She felt her ass jerking against me.

My tongue slid into her deeper and I left it there for a moment. The feeling was delicious. She felt herself starting to move against my tongue, I was fucking her with my tongue. Her clitty rubbed against the edge of my tongue.

“Ah ah ah..” she gasped for breath.

Finally, I started eating her pussy in long, deep strokes of my tongue. I ate her as if I was hungry for her cunt. She felt me slowly beginning to her clitty. My tongue began to jab into her a little faster, moving around the inside of her pussy as lightly as a feather. She could feel the heat in her belly growing to a fire.

Her ass was jerking from side to side and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to control herself. Her juices had started to flow into my mouth and she could hear me making swallowing noises. She reached down and grabbed my head with both her hands.

I slid my hands underneath her and grabbed her large ass. My tongue seemed to stab deeper into her molten pussy.

“I am going to cummm..” she moaned. “Fuck me, please..”

Aunty screamed as loud as she could as the fires of pleasure nearly ripped her body apart. She thought she was going to go out of her mind. I kept my tongue inside her until I felt her stop trembling. Then I slowly moved my head away.

She rolled over on his back and started to undress. I was already hard and I caught her gawking at my fat prick.

“You are so big,” she moaned. I was happy with the compliment.

I put my hands in her hair and started pulling her face toward my cock. She knew what I wanted. “I had never done this before,” she said. I pulled her head closer and I could feel her breath blowing against my cock. Her lips touched my cock gently. She let her lips press snugly against my prick and she drew her head up and down.

Natasha aunty could feel me trembling and my fingers pulled even tighter at her hair. I made her go down to my balls and press her lips against the base of my cock. She began to lick my thick cock with her tongue. In a few minutes, she had my cock covered with her saliva and I could feel a fire in my balls. She hadn’t touched my cock yet. Now, she took the base of my cock in her fingers so that she could hold the thick cock head up to her lips. She swallowed nervously as she felt the pressure on the back of her head.

She opened her mouth and felt my cock head sliding out her tongue. My cock head was inside her lips, and, for the first time, she had a cock in her mouth. She hollowed her cheeks as she slowly moved her head down and took all of my cock into her mouth. She strained to get my cock into her throat. She wanted to take it all.

I was moaning with excitement. I grabbed her head and made her move up and down on my prick for a few minutes. I took my cock out and spread her long legs so that her wet cunt was easily reached.

Natasha felt me on top of her and she felt my hard cock pressing into her cunt hole again. This time, I pushed my cock into her slowly, and she felt her body start to churn with new excitement. She had never been so horny before.

I slammed my cock the rest of the way into her and her body jerked with his force. Aunty nearly blacked out. I pulled out slowly and then rammed into her again. I began to fuck her with long, delicious strokes. She wouldn’t have thought she could get hot so soon but she could already feel her tits growing swollen. She raised up and started rubbing her nipples against my chest.

She moaned, “I love it!”

My hands gripped her ass cheeks and I began driving my fat prick deeper into her pussy. I could feel her squirming against me and I knew I had lit her fire again. I bent my head down and kissed her mouth. Immediately I felt her tongue stabbing between my lips.

“Fuck me with you big cock,” she moaned.

I made her turn quiver on her belly and come to her knees like doggystyle. She felt my stiff cock probing her pussy once again. She moaned as I rammed my prick back into her cunt.

I reached around her body and cupped her tits. She knew she was turning into something crazy. She had not behaved this way with her husband and she couldn’t understand what there was about me that made her act this way now. I turned her into a crazed animal. She was willing to do anything for me. She began to moan as I fucked her a little harder and faster. I was gripping her tits roughly, but she didn’t care.

Fuck me harder. You’re going to make me cum, she cried.

I was really giving it to her, slamming my cock into her so deep. She loved every inch of my fat cock. She was pushing her tits against my hands and humping back against my thrusting cocks violently as she knew how. She could feel her juices soaking his prick as the fires started through her body.

“I am coming,” she moaned.

My aunty humped back again and she felt her body start to explode in pleasure orgasms. The feelings rocked her body again and again and she felt weak and helpless when the last orgasm passed. She felt like sleeping for a month.

I turned into an animal as I rammed my huge cock into her pussy. She could feel her entire body shake with the force of each of my powerful thrusts. We could hear the sounds of my balls slapping her.

She felt me stabbing deep into her pussy and she felt my cum gushing into her pussy. She had never thought she could like the feeling of cum shooting into her so much. But she did like it.

I will share the next adventures we enjoyed for a whole week and how she got pregnant again after 18 years.